Younger people who are clueless about Islam’s dangers threaten the life of our nation

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Younger Americans who are content to live in mom’s basement and play video games represent an emerging problem for America’s long term survival. A recent YouGov survey of American attitudes toward Muslims shows lots of disturbing statistics including only 47% who think Islam is more violent than other religions. Yet incredibly, 34% actually think Islam is about as violent as other religions.

Of course, the worst news is that among the “mom’s basement” crowd, 9% say Islam is LESS violent than other religions while 42% say it is about the same as other religions!

At the other end of the age scale, those 65 and over see Islam as more violent than other religions by a 65/22 ratio.  

The good news is that 59% hold an unfavorable opinion of Islam, but where are the heads of those 18% who see these savages in a favorable light?    

The question of how to confront the vicious disease that is Islam is yet another important issue that must be dealt with by the “adults” among us. As usual, Democrats both in and out of government are siding with our enemies. Their kiddie voters, who know nothing because of the poor quality of education they are receiving in government schools, think anything they don’t see on The Daily Show or TNZ is meaningless.

They think that being liberal will impress the seventh century savages who want to kill them. Unfortunately for future generations, they are both the group that is the least aware of the dangers of Sharia Law and the group that will inherit our nation in just another twenty years.      

When joined with the ever present Democrat under class which will grow exponentially as future Democrats continue to walk over our now non-existent southern border, the Democrat kiddie voters will preside over the end of America. They will get the Sharia Law slavery they deserve, but along with that we and our children and grandchildren will suffer as well.

We cannot give up the fight. We must confront Islam and its useful idiot, kiddie supporters whenever an opportunity presents itself. We may yet be swallowed up by Sharia but let’s not go down whimpering and hiding in our basements.       



The ugly history of the Democrat Party: Part Twenty Three


This installment names some of the most well-known criminals in recent time as Democrats and the history of the Democrats’ use of voter fraud starting with the election of 1876 .

 Chapter Seven: Democrat Criminals

 John Wayne Gacy was a Democrat, homosexual rapist and murderer.

Gacy was perhaps the most revolting murderer in American history. He was convicted of committing dozens of homosexual rapes and murders and was eventually executed for his crimes. Gacy killed 33 males, most of them teenage boys. He used his position as a Democrat fund raiser to move in high Chicago Democrat circles.

In 1978 Gacy was such a prolific Democrat fund raiser he was able to have his picture taken with Rosalynn Carter. It appears in Clifford L. Linedecker’s Gacy book, “The Man Who Killed Boys.”  Court records show Gacy had already been raping and killing teenage boys for six years when he posed with fellow Democrat Rosalynn Carter.

Apparently the Democrat Party’s greedy demand for contributions overrode any thoughts of vetting people who would be standing next to and touching the First Lady of the United States. How could the Secret Service be so lax? Yes, how could it? [1]

Democrat Michael Skakel is a Kennedy and a murderer

In 2002 Michael Skakel, a cousin in the Kennedy family, was convicted of the 1975 murder of a 15 year old neighbor girl.  In a delicious bit of irony former Los Angles detective Mark Fuhrman, the man who was mocked and reviled by O.J. Simpson attorneys Barry Scheck, Robert Shapiro and Johnnie Cochran because he admitted under oath to once having used the word “nigger” in writing, was able to put the case together and “help” timid, local authorities convict Skakel.  Skakel got 20 years in prison for a murder he thought he had gotten away with. His subsequent appeals have all failed. [2]    

Bernie Ward is a Democrat and a trafficker in child pornography.

During his twenty years of spewing hatred for conservatives and Republicans on the air waves of San Francisco, devoted Democrat Bernie Ward was both an ardent supporter of lopsided Leftist operations like John Podesta’s Center for American Progress, Democracy Now and Common Dreams and a trafficker in child pornography. Ward worked for then Representative Barbara Boxer from 1982 to 1985. In 2008 Ward was sent to federal prison for trafficking in child pornography. Although it was disputed by them, the chat room blogs used to convict Ward contain paragraphs in which Ward claims to have had sex with his own children.  [3]

Nancy Pelosi’s father Thomas D’Alessandro jr.

Nancy Pelosi was born Nancy D’Alessandro. Her father Thomas D’Alessandro is generally thought of as the most corrupt mayor in Baltimore history. During his first term, started in 1947, the Mafia was running wild in Baltimore. There is strong reason to believe this was due to D’Alessandro’s personal friendship with Charles “Lucky” Luciano. When Pelosi talks about a “culture of corruption” she knows what she is talking about. [4] [5]   

 Neil Goldschmidt is a Democrat and serial child rapist. (a truly disgusting S O B)

In May 2004, Goldschmidt who is a former Governor of Oregon and former Carter Administration Secretary of Transportation confessed to serially raping a 14 year old girl over a three year span in the 1970s. Goldschmidt was the boy wonder 30 year old mayor of Portland when the rapes started. Only the Oregon statute of limitations saved Goldschmidt from conviction and prison. 

In its coverage of the rapes, the Democrat cheerleading, Oregonian the state’s most influential newspaper, made a fool of itself by continually calling the serial rapes an “affair.” That was of course neither legally nor morally possible given the ages of Goldschmidt and the 14 year old girl or the power Goldschmidt had as mayor at the time.

Subsequent revelations pointed to the fact that The Oregonian  had the story much earlier but, of course, was not about to publish a story about a Democrat child molester.  All the while, as Goldschmidt was committing his crimes, the local Democrat Sheriff Bernie Giusto and literally dozens of other people surrounding Goldschmidt knew what was going on. How could they not notice the mayor slipping away during his “work day” several times a week?

They did nothing because Goldschmidt was/is a Democrat. When he heard about the rapes a close friend of Goldschmidt’s admitted his first thought was of the damage such a revelation would do to Goldschmidt’s political career.

Goldschmidt confessed thirty years later while being vetted for an Oregon State job. Dozens of people knew what he had done and Goldschmidt knew it would come out. Why didn’t it come out when he was supposedly vetted by the same Carter Administration that let Gacy shake hands with Rosalynn Carter? Democrats lying and covering up for each other: that’s why.

The victim

At the start of the series of rapes, the girl was a straight A student a Portland’s St. Mary’s Academy. As the rapes continued she dropped out of high school. 

The 14 year old girl who was Goldschmidt’s victim saw her life disintegrate after the molestations. She has since led a life that has included dozens of arrests and a stretch in federal prison.  There is no indication that the National Organization for Women (NOW) has ever tried to help the victim or make a statement condemning serial child rapist and Democrat Goldschmidt.  [6]

 Mel Reynolds is a Democrat and a convicted child rapist.

In 1992, while campaigning for a Congressional seat from Chicago, Mel Reynolds committed a series of rapes of a 16 year old girl who was a volunteer in his organization. Later that November he won and became the Representative for a heavily African American district.   The national Democrats recognized what they had in Reynolds even as a freshman.

Proving once again that politics is the most important qualifier to be either elected or selected for Democrats, with the help of fellow eventual Chicago felon (pardoned by Bill Clinton) Dan Rostenkowski, Reynolds was (as a freshman) placed on the powerful House Ways and Means Committee – a position New York Democrat Charles Rangel would later show is where the REAL crooks reside in a Democrat run Congress.

On May 13, 1994 Reynolds was ABC’s Peter Jennings guest and called a “Person of The Week” for his outspoken support of two women in Chicago who were organizing to fight child molesters.

The gleeful and sickeningly liberal Jennings observed that Reynolds wanted to make child molestation a federal crime.

On August 20, 1994 the law caught up to Reynolds and he was indicted for the very crime he brazenly demanded should be a federal crime.

On Election Day 1994, Reynolds was of course reelected with a huge vote. His supporters apparently chose to believe Reynolds’ claim (always used by corrupt minority Democrats who are uncovered) that the charges were “racially” motivated.

Fortunately, a jury did not believe him and on August 22, 1995 Reynolds was convicted of 12 counts including one that involved child pornography. In well-established Democrat fashion, it took until October 1st for him to resign (gotta get that last check).

During the investigation of Reynolds, a wire-tap recording surfaced. In it Democrat pervert Reynolds was presented with an opportunity for a three way sexual encounter involving “Theresa” a fictitious 15 year old Catholic school girl. Upon hearing this Reynolds gushed, “Did I win the Lotto?’ “and begged for pictures of ‘Theresa.’”  [7]

Reynolds was sentenced to five years in an Illinois prison, but was expected to be released after serving half of that based on “good behavior” as an inmate.  

A second investigation conducted while he was in prison ended in his 1997 conviction for bank fraud and other white collar crimes.

N.B. Remember Reynolds was placed on the House Ways and Means Committee as a freshman.

There was no early release from the first sentence and he got 78 months in federal prison on top of the original stretch.  Without even making an application for a Presidential pardon, Bill Clinton commuted his sentence as he was leaving office.

Within two days of his release, Jesse Jackson stood up at an African American church service and publicly hired Reynolds to be a “prison reform coordinator.”

So Democrat Mel Reynolds, convicted of repeatedly raping a young girl who was working for him, was pardoned by Democrat Bill Clinton who took advantage of a young woman working for him and upon his release was given a job by Democrat Jesse Jackson, a man who at that very moment was paying off a woman who worked for him after giving birth to his out of wedlock child.

What could make all of this more Democrat-hypocritical?  During the time Clinton’s ugly conduct was being exposed, Jesse Jackson was Clinton’s “spiritual advisor” even at the very moment he himself was carrying on his affair with the woman he impregnated.  Jackson paid off his mistress with taxpayer money – our money.  This is what Democrats think of women. [8] 

 Chapter Eight: Some history of the Democrats and voter fraud

Joseph Stalin, a man many Democrats have admired over the years, once said this about elections, “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”[1]

A discussion of Democrat Party voter fraud should include this brief story.

On Election Day in 1968 as a young New York City Police Officer, I worked my first “election duty” assignment. I was posted at a very old church in an old neighborhood in downtown Brooklyn. Standing at the front door in my shiny new uniform, I watched voters come and go. At one point that morning, a man stepped up to talk to me. Looking at him I guessed he was in his mid-80s, but his sturdy gait and strong voice conveyed a certain air of authority so I was not surprised when in a strong voice he said, “You know officer when I was about your age I did election duty at this very place. The only difference was that I was here for exactly the opposite reason you are here for. You see my job then was to stand where you are standing with a bag of silver dollars handing them out to everybody who came to vote.”

We exchanged a few pleasant remarks and he left. He didn’t have to tell me he was handing out silver dollars to Democrat voters; in early 20th century Brooklyn that was understood.   

 The 1875 Tammany Hall New York City Naturalization Frauds

In 1874 and 1875 Tammany Hall hatched a scheme to fraudulently naturalize thousands of new immigrants to register them as new Democrat voters. 

Analyzing the 1875 New York State Census (New York State conducted its own census during years ending in 5 until 1925) The New York Times reported in 1876, “The one fact that while in the first sixteen wards (excluding the twelfth) there are reported 7,732 less inhabitants than by the census of 1870, while in the same wards there are reported thirty-six thousand more voters that were registered the year before (1874), settles the whole matter. But how do they make this astonishing increase in voters, it may be asked. We answer: By putting down every foreign-born male over twenty-one years of age as a voter; the manifest purpose being to furnish them with dead-men’s papers or boldly-forged certificates of naturalization, and bring them to the polls to vote for  [1876 Democratic Party Presidential candidate Samuel] Tilden  and Reform.”

In the Electoral Wards studied (the 1st to 16th) by the New York Times, the population by Census in 1870 was 450,018, and the population as reported in the 1875 New York State Census was 442,386 for a DECREASE of 7,632. Nevertheless, the Times observed, “The Tammany leaders, determined to get full control of the State, caused fifty-thousand men not yet naturalized or under age to be returned as qualified voters…The facts exposed in this article conclusively show the reasons why Tilden and the Tammany “Reform” party bear such a bitter hatred to all registry laws, supervisions, challenges, iron-clad oaths, and every act, person, and thing that has a tendency to expose and prevent the infamous frauds in which that party was conceived and brought forth, and by which it lives, and without which it long ago would have died the death of a knave, and been buried out of the sight and memory of honorable men.”

On October 25, 1874 the New York Times reported, “The number of persons who have taken out their naturalization papers during the past four weeks, up to yesterday, the last day of nomination, in preparation for the ensuing [local] election, are, as accurately as can be ascertained, as follows:

Superior Court: 1,900

Common Pleas: 1,400

U.S. Courts: 89

Total: 3,389” [2]

After the 1868 Presidential Election which was won by Ulysses S. Grant, Senator John Sherman had this to say about the fact that Grant lost the vote in New York City: “[Democratic Party voter fraud was] of greater magnitude even than denial of right to vote to colored people.” [3]

In the 1870s under what was called “The First Mississippi Plan”, Mississippi Democrats won elections with fraud and intimidation of Black voters. Blacks attempting to vote were assumed to be Republican voters, so they were often shot on their way to the polls. In the 1880 Presidential Election, 2 of every 3 Blacks failed to vote in Mississippi and of those actually voting half voted Democrat in an open manner presumably to save themselves from attacks. When the fraudulent results of the 1880 election were certified in Mississippi that year, the Republican Governor fled the state. [4] 

The original Florida 2000

During the attempted theft of the presidency by Al Gore in 2000, remember how the Democrats kept fraudulently referring to the Republicans having stolen the election of 1876?

They knew the public schools run by their pals in the various teachers unions didn’t teach the truth and they rightly counted on their media cheerleaders to smother the truth as they always do. Here is what the Democrats, their union masters and the media don’t want you to know.    

During the Democrat’s attempt to use voter fraud to steal the Presidential election of 1876, the Democrat National Chairman, New York Congressman Abram Hewitt sent John Hoffman, the former governor of New York, to the South where the results from South Carolina, Louisiana and Florida were in doubt.

As the Harper’s Weekly explained at the time, Hoffman had orders “to buy or count” one more Electoral College vote because the Democrat Samuel Tilden and the Republican Rutherford B. Hayes were tied at 184 votes each.  By way of background, the magazine reminded its readers, Hoffman had been elected governor of New York State with the voter fraud help of the New York State Democrat Party Chairman, Samuel Tilden. [5]

In 1878 in Phillips County, Arkansas the Democrats claimed to have gotten 66% of the vote when just two years before Republicans had carried the County by 1800 votes in the Presidential Election. The results were brought about by pervasive Democrat Party voter fraud and fierce suppression of the African American vote. In many African American majority counties no Republicans won state legislature seats that year. [6]

Democrats’ scheme blows up in their faces

In 1878 the Democrats’ controlled the House of Representatives. They used their position to conduct an investigation of “Republican voter fraud” in the 1876 Presidential Election.

Although they intended to use the process to embarrass Republicans, nothing of the sort could be discovered or even fabricated. To counter the Democrats’ corrupt plans, The New York Tribune published an expose describing how the Democrats used a series of “coded telegrams” which the paper’s staff had deciphered. The telegrams were exchanged between 1876 Democratic candidate Samuel Tilden’s nephew William T. Pelton and other Democrats. The messages proved the Democrats attempted to bribe key election officials in an effort to steal the Presidency of the United States.   

In the same way 2000 Democrats mocked and lied about George Bush claiming he was “Selected not elected” Rutherford B. Hayes was called “His Fraudulency” by Democrats during his term in office. Nervy people aren’t they?

The Potter Committee

All of the Democrats’ charges of fraud led to a committee being formed in the House under the leadership of New York Democrat Clarkson N. Potter. Predictably the Democrats stepped in it again. Potter’s investigation went nowhere because it was based on Democrat lies. This cover up led to The New York Tribune’s investigation heating up.

The man at the other end of William Pelton’s messages was named as the editor of the Democrat controlled New York World, Manton Marble, and election officials in the three contested Southern States.   

 The Tribune revealed Marble’s code name was Moses and one of the election officials was code named Fox. To insure its 19th century readers would accept the authenticity of its story the Tribune carefully explained how it had come upon the story and received the code breaking cipher. The Tribune’s series of stories compelled the Potter Committee to investigate the telegrams and their secret messages.

By January 1879 Democrats, Samuel Tilden’s nephew William Pelton and Smith Weed of South Carolina were forced by the evidence to confess that they were involved in a bribery scheme to steal the 1876 election for Tilden. [7] 

The 2000 Democrats were no different than their 1876 grandfathers – crooked corrupt and willing to subvert the true will of the people of America to feed their greedy demands for riches and power.

America’s first female arrested for voter fraud

While the Republicans can rightfully claim the first woman elected to serve in the House of Representatives, the Democrats can claim a “Female first” that suits their character just as well.  The first woman in American history who was arrested for voter fraud was Denver Colorado native Mrs. M.A. Ratcliffe, a Democrat activist who on, April 9, 1901 voted in a precinct she was not registered to vote in.[8] 

Chicago and the Democrats’ “Corruption Tax”

Any discussion of Democrat Party corruption has to center on Chicago because they are so totally intertwined.   

Chicago did not become the cesspool of political corruption that it is with the rise of Barack Obama. It has been a blot on America since well before the days of Al Capone in the Prohibition era 1920s.

The original crooked Democrat who controlled Chicago/Cook County was an Irish immigrant named Michael “King Mike” McDonald.

His rise to power included leadership in Chicago’s Democrat Organization and by 1873 his four storied gambling house and saloon was known as the “unofficial City Hall” because of the high traffic of political business carried out on its upper floor. The building was also known as “the store” because it was where payoffs could buy anything. McDonald was known as “King” throughout the City. 

In 1873 a coalition called “McDonald’s Democrats” elected its own pocket Mayor Harvey Colvin. While McDonald’s mayor was in office, King Mike put together Chicago’s first organized crime syndicate that included gamblers and Democrat politicians.  Along the way from King McDonald to the 20th century, Chicago’s Democrat machine became sophisticated under “Bathhouse” John Couglin and Michael “Hinky Dink” Kenna – two Aldermen that turned the Levee section of Chicago into their private fiefdom.

To streamline their money making operation, McDonald and Kenna ran what was called the “First Ward Ball” which was an annual “fund raiser” attended by a variety of criminals ranging from safecrackers to politicians and actual prostitutes.

By 1909 the Ball had become so well attended that it had to be held in the Chicago Coliseum and brought in more than $50,000 a year which was used for, among other things, voter fraud operations.  So brazen and smug was Coughlin that once when he was accused of corruption he demanded a retraction not because of the charge, but because the document mistakenly claimed he was born in Waukegan, Illinois instead of Chicago.    

Coughlin’s partner in crime, Democrat Alderman Michael “Hinky Dink” Kenna, operated a saloon and used it as a base for doling out free meals to rank and file Democrats who sold their vote to him for a beer and a ham sandwich.  

Kenna apparently taught his heirs to be as dishonest as he was. When he died he left $33,000 for a fancy mausoleum to serve as his final resting place. With Kenna safely dead, they screwed him into the ground beneath an $85 tombstone and walked away with the rest of his money. [9]   


This material comes from my book, Crooks Thugs and Bigots: the Lost Hidden and Changed History of the Democrat Party, but if you cannot wait to read more of the history of the Democrat Party.

If you don’t know the truth all you’ll have are Democrat lies.

I’ll send you a free PDF of my book write me at



The ugly history of the Democrat party: Part Twenty Two

Early Black Historical Figures were all Republicans 

This installment deals with the forgotten Black Republicans of the post-Civil War era and early 20th century and the damage Democrats have done to America’s cities. Those who assume that African American’s civil rights leaders have always been Democrats are simply wrong. In the 19th century, when they were given a chance to be publicly involved in the political phase of their struggle for their own freedoms, EVERY African American leader stood with the Republican Party. They knew their interests would be best served by membership in the Party that fought to free them from slavery, not the Democrat Party that fought to keep them in chains.

Here is a list of some of the real heroes of freedom all Americans should know about regardless of race.     

Ida B. Wells

Ida Wells was the leader of the fight against the Democrats’ lynchings of African American men throughout her life. Ida was a journalist suffragette Civil Rights activist and Republican.  [1]

W. E. B. Dubois

Dubois was one of the co-founders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in 1909. The NAACP was founded as a direct response to the vicious attacks against African Americans by the Democrats’ Ku Klux Klan. Dubois was a Republican. [2]

Brooker T. Washington

Washington was the President of the Tuskegee Institute one of the leading African American colleges of the 19th and early 20th centuries. He was also a driving force in the use of tooth brushes for better oral health. Washington was a Republican.  

“There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs – partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs” Washington said correctly anticipating the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  [3]

 Frederick Douglas

Douglas, who served in Republican U.S. Grant’s administration once said, “I am a Republican, a black, dyed in the wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress.” [4]

Harriet Tubman

Tubman was known as the “Moses” of African Americans. She personally led approximately 300 slaves to freedom during her nineteen daring trips into slave holding territory where she would have been murdered on the spot if discovered. The danger Tubman faced was greatly increased by the Democrat passed and enforced Fugitive Slave Law. Harriet Tubman was a Republican. [5] 

Carter G. Woodson

Woodson was the father of “Negro history Week” in 1926. He was quoted as saying “Switch parties if you are not being represented.”  Also instrumental in the establishment of the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History in 1915, Dr. Carter G. Woodson was a Republican. [6]

Mary McLeod Bethune

McLeod Bethune was the founder of a school for African American girls that became Bethune-Cookman College in Daytona Florida. She was the leader of the National Council of Negro Women. When she was appointed Director of the Division of Negro Affairs of the National Youth Administration Bethune became the first woman ever to lead a federal agency.  Mary McLeod Bethune was a Republican. [7]

Philip Randolph

Randolph was a labor leader. He organized a march on Washington in 1941 and another in 1963 where Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech was delivered.

Randolph once said, “By fighting for their rights now, American Negroes are helping to make America a moral and spiritual arsenal of democracy. Their fight against the poll tax, against lynch law, segregation, and Jim Crow, their fight for economic, political, and social equality, thus becomes part of the global war for freedom.” A. Philip Randolph was a Republican. [8]

George Washington Carver

Carver was the leading agricultural scientists of his time. He is credited with developing more than 300 uses for peanuts and 118 uses for sweet potatoes. He founded the George Washington Carver Foundation. Carver was a Republican.[9]

Hiram Rhodes Revels

Revels of Mississippi was the first African American United States Senator. He served as a Republican.  He was the president of Alcorn State University. [10]

Blanche Bruce

Bruce was a Republican United States Senator from Mississippi and the first to serve an entire term (March 4, 1875 to March 3, 1881). [10]

Jackie Robinson

In 1947 when Jackie Robinson played for the Brooklyn Dodgers he became the first African American to play Major League Baseball. He campaigned for Richard Nixon and worked in the administration of Republican Governor Nelson Rockefeller. The General Manager of the Dodgers who hired Robinson was Branch Rickey. Both men were Republicans. The Democrats who ran other teams did not hire African American players for years.

The thoroughly liberal Democrat City of Boston was the last city whose team, the Red Sox hired an African American player. That was in July 1959. [11] 

Democrat quotes about African Americans and other minorities

Lyndon Johnson quotes: “I’ll have them niggers voting Democrat for the next two hundred years,” said after signing the 1964 Civil rights legislation made necessary by the barbaric treatment of African Americans by Democrats for the preceding 130 years. [12]

“I think one man is just as good as another so long as he’s not a nigger or a Chinaman. Uncle Will says that the Lord made a White man from dust, a nigger from mud, then He threw up what was left and it came down a Chinaman. He does hate Chinese and Japs. So do I. It is race prejudice, I guess. But I am strongly of the opinion Negroes ought to be in Africa, Yellow men in Asia and White men in Europe and America.”   -Harry Truman (1911) in a letter to his future wife Bess. [13]

Chapter Six: Damage done by Democrats to America’s cities

This section lists Democrat bosses who helped ruin America’s cities and damage our entire nation. [1]

Government sources list the ten poorest cities in America with populations of at least 250,000 (as measured by the percentage of residents living at or below the federal poverty level) as follows:

1. Detroit at 36.4% has elected Democrat mayors continually since 1961.

2. Cleveland 35% has elected two Republican mayors since 1941.

3. Buffalo 28% has elected Democrat mayors continually since 1965.

4. Milwaukee 27% the last Republican mayor left office in 1908. Since then the town has actually elected three mayors running as Socialists – yes Socialist!

5. St. Louis 26.7% has elected Democrat mayors continually since 1943.

6. Miami 26.5% save for one; Miami has never had anything but Democrat mayors.

7. Memphis 26.2% has elected only Democrats.

8. Cincinnati 25.7% has elected Democrat mayors continually since 1985.

9. Philadelphia 25% has elected Democrat mayors since 1952.

10 Newark New Jersey 23.9% has elected Democrat mayors since 1907.

Democrat Bosses

Tammany Hall, the incubator of corrupt Democrat bosses 

 Tammany Hall’s first Boss was the treasonous Aaron Burr. Along the way from Burr’s days to the Civil War, Tammany Hall grew in power and wealth – most of which was dishonestly acquired.

From 1865 to 1871 the “Tweed Ring”, as they were called, swindled the City of New York out of somewhere between $75 and $200 million. Tammany Hall was the name of the Democrat club that, with the brief exception of the LaGuardia period, ran New York City for one hundred years until the 1970s.

Although the Democrats did everything they could to bring about the defeat of the Union Army and Navy in their war to preserve the United States as one country, Tammany Hall’s Democrats had no trouble stealing the millions of dollars the war generated.

Because of the Erie Canal, the North was able to trade with Chicago and the Midwest throughout the Civil War. The money from this trade kept England and France from sending troops to join the Confederates and made New York State truly the Empire State as the richest state in America. Those riches found their way into thieving Democrats’ pockets in both Albany and New York City the financial hub of post war America. 

Tammany’s first mayor

In 1854 Democrat Fernando Wood was the first Tammany boss to become the City’s mayor. This election set the stage for the ascension to power of William “Boss” Tweed. 

Wood was a Copperhead or “Peace Democrat.”

Fernando Wood actually called for New York City to secede from the Union before Mississippi the second state to secede. As early as January 7, 1861 two days ahead of Mississippi, Democrat Wood delivered a speech to the City Council proposing that New York City become a free, unaffiliated city-state.

Calling the United States government a “venal and corrupt master,” Wood, whose city was at the very center of organized Democrat crime, wanted to leave the Union.

In spouting this line Wood was delivering on his campaign platform which was pro-Southern, pro-slavery and built on economic opportunism. At that point in history, New York City was sending the federal government 86% of all of its tax receipts. 

Becoming a city-state would keep all of those millions of dollars at home and make them more easy to steal by the Democrats. 

New York City was living very well on the backs of Southern Democrats’ slaves. Fully forty percent of all the money spent by European merchants as Dixie’s cotton passed through New York went to the City’s merchants via any number of fees.  The fashionable Brownstone homes of the era were built on the institution of slavery and the Democrats in Manhattan had no intention of helping Abe Lincoln destroy their racket.

Secession was the kind of talk which was readily received by the Democrat controlled New York City. Lincoln was hated in New York and in fact was the target of many Democrat dirty tricks in the City, all designed to derail his candidacy.

Wall Street’s Democrats actually staged brief “Panics” that disrupted the nation’s economy then “leaked” stories to the willingly “blind” Democrat media saying the disruption had been caused by fears of a Lincoln victory.  The Democrats in the media ran with these stories to stir up fear of Lincoln’s plans to put an end to slavery.

The racist liberal who ran the New York Herald, which was the City’s largest most influential newspaper,  warned working class White men they would have to compete with 4 million emancipated slaves if Lincoln was elected and put in a position to free them. 

The Daily News which was run by Benjamin Wood the mayor’s brother warned that a Lincoln victory would mean, “..we [New Yorkers] shall find negroes among us thicker than blackberries swarming everywhere.” New York Democrats under Wood’s leadership forced others to “swear loyalty to the White race.”

 When Copperhead Democrat financiers threatened to stop buying federal war bonds the Republican publisher of the New York Tribune called their bluff and urged the government to sell its bonds directly to individuals.

The Copperhead Democrats even considered forcibly taking over the Brooklyn Navy Yard but gave the scheme up before it could materialize. [2] [3] 

The reign of Democrat Boss William M. Tweed included his leadership of both the New York County (Manhattan) Democrat Party and his position as the “Grand Sachem” or leader of Tammany Hall. It began in 1860.  Tweed will be revisited, but George Washington Plunkett’s Tammany Hall career must be examined in order to understand the Tweed years. 

Plunkett was a Democrat, New York State Senator whose power base was Tammany Hall. Plunkett was so corrupt that he eventually had no conception of right and wrong. Plunkett actually publicly made a distinction between “honest graft” and “dishonest graft.”

Plunkett once described the difference between honest and dishonest graft by saying “… for dishonest graft one worked solely for one’s own interests, while for honest graft one pursued the interests of one’s party, one’s state, and one’s personal interests all together.”

Plunkett was a practitioner of “insider” land purchases. He would get his Democrat pals in the City government to secretly draw up plans for a park or some other public works project using eminent domain confiscations to condemn privately owned land (often that meant Republican owned land) making it available for public use.

By the time the plans became public, Plunkett and other Democrats would already have bought up either the land itself or in the case of a new public park, the adjacent property.  Plunkett classified this type of crime as “honest” graft.

Conversely, buying the land THEN having your Party build a project next to it would be “dishonest” graft according to the morally challenged Democrat Plunkett.

Selling public service jobs was another source of “honest” graft for Democrat Plunkett. Not surprisingly Plunkett hated the concept of Civil Service jobs.  

When Plunkett was pressed to defend his life of crime in the Democrat Party of 19th century New York State politics, he is famous for responding, “I seen my opportunities and I took ‘em.”[4]

Boss Tweed

When William Magear Tweed was the boss of Tammany Hall, Manhattan’s Democrat club, it became an actual criminal gang.

He got to the top of the corrupt Democrat operation by buying votes with honest taxpayers’ money. Tweed sold patronage jobs and used tax dollars to create as many of them as he could. These “make work” jobs went to his supporters – period! 

Tweed is most well-known for his part in the construction of a new New York County courthouse. The project began in 1861 and cost a staggering $13 million. It included spittoons that cost the City $100 each and the finest marble interior money could buy.  One carpenter who “worked” on its construction was paid $360,751 (in mid-1860’s dollars) for a month’s work in a building containing very little wood. A plasterer who also “worked” on the building got paid $133,187 for two days “work.”  Both kicked back most of their “pay” to Tweed and his Tammany Hall gang.

Eventually Tweed was convicted of stealing more than $25 million from the honest taxpayers of New York City and died in 1877 in a federal prison in lower Manhattan. [5]

Tammany Hall temporarily gets cleaned up

The Reverend Charles Parkhurst

By the 1890s Tammany Hall’s corruption had become so pervasive that doing something to counteract it became a matter of the life or death of the City of New York.

Since there was no appreciable Republican political presence in the City, leading the fight to clean up New York fell to private citizens. The mantle of leader in this fight was assumed by the Reverend Charles Parkhurst, a Manhattan pastor.

Rev. Parkhurst was revolted at the fact that the Democrats who ran Tammany Hall had co-opted the City’s police and made them their graft collectors. The police were immune from investigations because the only ones who could investigate them were exactly the people who wanted them to continue shaking down bar owners, pimps, gambling house operators and other criminals. As long as the Democrats in Tammany Hall got their cut they were happy with the arrangement and so were the cops.

Parkhurst successfully appealed to the Republican controlled New York State Legislature for help. Clarence Lexow, a Republican State Senator from Nyack, a small town just above the City, was selected to chair a committee which would carry his name. The money for the Lexow Committee was appropriated, but the Democrat Governor Roswell Flower vetoed it!

At the urging of Parkhurst and Lexow, the City’s Chamber of Commerce put up the funds and the Lexow investigation got underway. The Lexow Committee proved that at the direction of Tammany Hall’s Democrats the police were engaging in voter intimidation and voter fraud as well as the usual shakedowns.

One of the most obviously guilty, yet uncooperative, witnesses was William Devery a New York City Police Captain. Because of his stonewalling he was demoted by Teddy Roosevelt, the lead member of the Police Supervisory Commission at the time.

When the consolidation of New York City (into its present form), became official on  January 1, 1898 Tammany Hall Boss Richard Croker made certain Devery was appointed the first Police Commissioner of the new 7000 man city police force.  Once again, it was business as usual for the Democrats and their Police Department.

The stink of corruption emanating from Tammany Hall and the Police Department incensed the honest people of the City. An October 1898 Haper’s Weekly magazine contained an extensive description of how all of the good the Lexow Committee investigation did was already gone. It told of the return of “business as usual” and increasing rates of crime under the Democrat controlled Tammany Hall’s strangle hold on the City.

In the interval between the Lexow investigation and 1899, Republican Teddy Roosevelt had become Governor of New York State. With the help of a Republican controlled Legislature he set about once again cleaning up the crime and corruption that engulfed the City of New York under the Democrats of Tammany Hall. [6]   

In October 1900 Harper’s Weekly published another article revealing the extent of the corruption of Tammany Hall and the City’s Police Department. The title “The Cost of Tammany Hall in Flesh and Blood,” was dramatic, but it delivered on its promise.

It described the increased death rates from the filthy conditions the poor were allowed to live in under the “Party of the Little Guy.”  The furor it created once again put Democrat William Devery under investigation for voter fraud.  Something had to be done and the Republicans acted.

As he was leaving office to become William McKinley’s Vice President, Roosevelt signed legislation that forced Devery out of office by eliminating his job. As soon as Teddy was gone, the Democrats of Tammany Hall appointed Devery the Chief Inspector making him the ranking member of the uniformed force. It was Democrat Party business as usual once again.   

Finally, the results of the somewhat more honest election of 1902 put Tammany Hall temporarily out of power. They were defeated and William Devery, the Democrat’s Graft -Collector-in-Chief, was finally forced out forever.  Unfortunately Boss Richard Croker snuck away and lived out his days as a wealthy man in his home country of Ireland. [7]  [8]

The Political Machine of Frank Hague of Jersey City, New Jersey terrorized honest citizens from 1917 to 1947.

Democrat Frank Hague was the mayor of Jersey City New Jersey which he ran like an ATM machine.

It has long been a fact that one of the most corrupt states in America is New Jersey. Picking New Jersey’s most corrupt city is an endeavor which would consume far too much time for our purposes. The easiest route to discovering the worst New Jersey has to offer is to examine Democrat Boss Frank Hague who ran Jersey City for thirty years.

As a young man at the turn of the twentieth century Frank Hague worked for local Democrat bosses leading a squad of goons who would beat up anyone who threatened their power.  At 21, voter fraud put Hague in the office of Ward Constable. His knack for getting Democrats elected soon became well known. He quickly had a sheriff’s job paying triple what honest workers made.   

Hague was a perjurer who falsely testified in a criminal case, but among the Irish Democrats who supported him this made him a hero.

To keep his lucrative position as the custodian of Jersey City Hall, Hague had the aldermen who would be voting on the measure beat up. Hague kept the job.

While the trademark of Hague’s reign was, of course, voter fraud he was, as were all Democrats and especially those of his time, an opponent of civil rights.  He would regularly have political opponents beaten by either his own private army of thugs or the Jersey City Police Department.  He even had idealistic Princeton University students who descended on Jersey City to act as poll watchers beaten up. Some were hospitalized; all were sent packing before the end of the day.  

The John Longo case

A persistent opponent of Hague’s within the Democrat Party was John Longo. The first time Longo challenged Hague he was arrested and a Hague appointed judge sent him to prison for nine months. The next time Longo crossed Hague six Hague stooges gave fraudulent testimony to convict him again. This time he went to prison for 18 months on orders from another Hague appointed judge.  Hague was never shy about his opinion of himself and would regularly say, “I am the law,” and “I decide; I do; Me!” [9]

James Curley

Democrat Boss James Michael Curley served four terms as Mayor of Boston: 1914-1918, 1922–1926, 1930– 1934 and 1946-1950.

Curley was so notoriously corrupt he was the subject of a popular movie “The Last Hurrah.”

The first time Curley ran for office he was defeated by rival Democrats using voter fraud. To punish him for even trying to be elected they got him fired from his job as a grocery delivery man. Curley won the next time and began his political life.

As most Democrats (then and now), Curley had no respect for law or qualifications to be hired to a public service job.  He was caught taking a Post Office job exam for a supporter coincidentally named Curley but not related to him. Curley spent two months in jail.

As is usually the case when Democrats serve time, this episode actually increased Curley’s standing with his basically dishonest supporters. 

In 1947 while the serving mayor of Boston Democrat Curley was sent to federal prison for mail fraud. Undaunted, he neither resigned nor suspended himself, but famously continued to function as Boston’s mayor while in prison. Democrat President Harry Truman, himself a product of the corrupt Prendergast Democrat machine of Kansas City, ordered Curley’s release after just five months. Truman later granted Curley a full pardon. Democrats do things like that.   [9] 

Tom Pendergast

Tom Pendergast was the corrupt Chairman of the Jackson County Missouri Democrat Club. During his reign which lasted until he was sent to prison for income tax evasion in 1939 Pendergast enforced his iron grip on Kansas City politics with beatings, shootings and of course voter fraud.  

In 1934, he was directly responsible for putting the racist former Klansman Democrat Harry S. Truman in the Senate.  The stink of corruption was so heavy in Kansas City at that time that even though the support of the Prendergast machine virtually guaranteed election, three other men turned Prendergast’s offer of endorsement down before Truman accepted his support.  

 Truman was so obviously in Prendergast’s pocket that he was regularly referred to as “the Senator from Prendergast.”

 During Prohibition Pendergast bribed the police to allow his alcohol and gambling businesses to flourish.  He bribed politicians to see that his concrete company was always awarded government construction contracts.   

In 1934 Mafia thug Charles Carrollo became the leader of Kansas City’s Mafia family with the help of Prendergast and the City’s Democrat Police Chief Otto Higgins. By 1939 the Secretary of the Treasury sent IRS agents to question Prendergast, Carrollo and Higgins. The questions led to all three being convicted and sent to federal prison.   

Even from prison, Prendergast was able to swing the 1940 Missouri Senatorial election to insure Truman’s re-election. After serving 15 months in Leavenworth, Prendergast returned to Kansas City and lived quietly until he died in 1945. Knowing it would cost him nothing politically, Truman attended Prendergast’s funeral.

Few Democrat city bosses have been so obviously connected to organized crime and fewer still could claim to have placed their man in the White House.     

Holding back the count report: Democrat Voter Fraud 101

To insure Truman would win the Democrat Party’s 1934 state wide primary Prendergast held back the results of his Jackson County kingdom until all of the rest of the state’s results were reported. When the results were given to Prendergast showing Truman down 96,000 votes only then did he release Jackson County’s numbers. Truman won by the ridiculous count of 137,000 to 1,500 and no one challenged the result.

Prendergast was a gambler and a big loser. He lost so regularly that the graft he was getting from the Mafia was not enough to keep up. His greed finally put him in prison.  [9] 

Eugene Talmadge Georgia Democrat leader

Eugene Talmadge was a classic racist Democrat political leader. His political career started with his election as the State of Georgia’s Agriculture Commissioner in 1926. Talmadge was corrupt from the start and was criticized (but not charged of course) for using state funds to pay for trips to the Kentucky Derby.

When he was accused of stealing $20,000 his answer was, “Sure I stole it! But I stole it for you.” 

Talmadge was a racial bigot who disliked Franklin Roosevelt because he surrounded himself with African Americans.

While he was the Governor of Georgia in 1941, Talmadge wanted the Georgia University system to deny the reappointment of Walter Cocking as a dean of the University of Georgia because Cocking was critical of the poor quality of the state’s African American colleges.  When his wishes were disregarded, Talmadge fired the members of the university’s board that had voted in favor of Cocking.  This move so incensed the Southeastern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools that it stripped the white schools in the Georgia State University system of their accreditation. 

More than a segregationist and racist, Talmadge was also an admirer of Adolph Hitler calling the Nazi madman “a mighty fine man.”

While there is no evidence that Talmadge was a member of the KKK, a 1954 book “I Rode With the Ku Klux Klan” by Stetson Kennedy contains an accusation that Talmadge used the Klan as enforcers to keep African Americans from voting in 1946.

The story goes as follows: Newly released FBI files tell of the lynching of an African American during the campaign of 1946. Eugene Talmadge was running for re-election and decided to stand by while the lynchings took place knowing they would enflame race relations in Georgia and help him win.

There was a fight which led to a serious injury of a White farmer at the hands of an African American sharecropper.  In the subsequent FBI investigation Talmadge was reported to have admitted to J. Edgar Hoover that he would offer immunity to anyone “taking care of [that] negro.” 

In his reaction to this story, a Georgia history professor observed, “It’s fair to say he’s one of the most virulently racist governors the state has ever had.”[9]

Richard J. Daley, Boss of Chicago from April 20, 1955 – December 20, 1976

In 1966 Daley was approached by Martin Luther King with a request for help in integrating Chicago’s white neighborhoods. Daley was very pleasant and agreed to the plan in writing. Daley ignored the agreement and is credited with delivering a serious setback to the Civil Rights Movement.

In August 1968 the Democrat National Convention was held in Daley’s Chicago. With the Viet Nam War as the main issue the streets of Chicago quickly became lawless and violent. 

Democrats were torn apart as they had been in 1860. When it came time to nominate George McGovern as the Democrat Presidential nominee, Senator Abraham A. Ribicoff of Connecticut added a line to his prepared speech.  He added: “And with George McGovern as President of the United States, we wouldn’t have to have Gestapo tactics in the streets of Chicago,” then actually suggested the convention be suspended and moved to another city. At that, while many attendees cheered, a television camera caught Democrat Richard J. Daley the mayor of Chicago, saying the words, “Fuck you, you Jew son of a bitch.”

During the 1969 Chicago Columbus Day Parade, Daley marched next to Eco James Coli, a suspected labor racketeer with a 24 year arrest record covering hijacking, assault and battery, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and grand larceny (for which he was sentenced to eight to ten years).  Coli was also the subject of a homicide investigation involving the murder of a Republican politician.

A Chicago Teamsters’ Union official for 20 years, Coli had to be well known to Daley although he denied any knowledge of who was walking next to him and the Governor of Illinois. 

In 1960 Democrat Daley helped John Kennedy steal the presidency from Richard Nixon with help from Mafia family head Sam Giancana.

Soon after the 1960 election won by Democrat John Kennedy by a wide Electoral College vote, but one of the smallest popular votes in history, an investigation was conducted by Federal Special Prosecutor Morris Wexler. Kennedy won Illinois by 8,858 votes out of 4.7 million cast.

Wexler reported he found “substantial” fraud and misconduct in an astounding 1,367 precincts within Chicago. The report cited the acceptance of votes from unqualified voters misread voting machine counts and suspect tabulations. Evidence that Democrats bribed voters with free lunches and other inducements was uncovered. These inducements included shots of whiskey for flophouse residents who were driven from polling site to polling site to have them vote for Democrat Kennedy and all down ballot Democrats over and over.

In one precinct, voters asked where to deposit tickets for drawing for hams. In another, a precinct captain handed out slips of paper entitling voters to free lunches.

The Democrat controlled government of Cook County (Chicago) fought and obstructed the investigation at every step of the way.  The investigators lodged charges against 667 Democrat Elections officials; all but 3 of the cases were dismissed by a Democrat judge. The remaining three were convicted of election law fraud felonies.


This material comes from my book, Crooks Thugs and Bigots: the Lost Hidden and Changed History of the Democrat Party, but if you cannot wait to read more of the history of the Democrat Party.

If you don’t know the truth all you’ll have are Democrat lies.

I’ll send you a free PDF of my book write me at


Florida’s Bishop Barbarito says nothing as liberal, Pro-Choice Democrat claims to be a good Catholic

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

How weak and hypocritical is Palm Beach diocese Bishop Gerald Barbarito for refusing to respond to the conflicting claims of Democrat Congressman Patrick Murphy that while being “Pro Choice,” he is also “CATHOLIC.”

With a $FIVE million campaign war chest, the 31 year old Murphy moved into District 18 just in time to take advantage of a shameless voter fraud scheme which unseated Lt. Col Allen West in 2012. Now, Murphy is hoping Irish-Catholic given and surnames will convince gullible  Catholics to vote against a great Italian American, Republican Carl Domino, a 27 year career Navy veteran of active duty service in Viet Nam and now in the Reserves. Domino’s vast experience both as an investment manager, small business employer, Florida legislator, better qualifies him for this office than the carpetbagger from Fort Lauderdale who was arrested in a South Beach episode several years ago just at Lt. Col. West was preparing to deploy into a hot war zone.

Is Murphy thinking that voters will choose him him, even though he is nothing but a poseur? How disgraceful that Bishop Barbarito and the diocese should remain silent and let Murphy get away with his deceptions.

This is pro-life month in Catholic churches.  As I drove into our church parking lot yesterday morning, hundreds of pink and blue flags were waving on both sides of the entry to represent the thousands of innocent babies whose lives were snuffed out by abortion.  As Catholics we are organized, solicited, warned to be pro-life; that the RIGHT TO LIFE is the one right that trumps all others. In fact, this notice appears every Sunday in our bulletin:  “October is RESPECT LIFE month and is also the month of the ROSARY.  THE RIGHT to LIFE TRANSCENDS ALL OTHER RIGHTS COMBINED,” as quoted from the writings of Bishop Felipe J. Estevez, St. Augustine, FL.  So why are we hearing nothing from the Military Trail Diocese?  Why does Bishop Barbarito remain silent, allowing Murphy to play an evil trick on District 18 voters?

Though praiseworthy, posting esoteric notices in church bulletins once a week hardly has the same effect as actual words and statements from the good Bishop.  Listen to this double speak in our bulletins:  “Candidate Positions on Catholic Issues…Gubernatorial race and US Representative race District 18: there is one candidate who agrees with the Catholic position on the 5 important issues and ONE WHO IS AGAINST the Catholic position.  Please research.  For information on where the candidates stand on important Catholic issues, you can go to the Florida Catholic Bishops website at www.flccb.or and click on the Candidate Questionnaire Project.”   Huh?  Does this Texas, two-step rhetoric take the place of honest, sincere words spoken aloud to everyone in hailing distance by the leader of Palm Beach Diocese Catholics?  I don’t think so.

So not only is Republican Carl Domino being outspent by the special interest millions at Murphy’s disposal, Domino is not getting a fair shake because of the code of omerta from the Diocese.  The forty days for Life ends just two days before this crucial mid-term election on November 4, a scant few days away.  Prayer and witness sessions are being held in front of local abortion mills.  But statistics quoted in our church bulletins are yet again, just so many words.

What we really need here is some face time from a Bishop who is remaining sadly silent on liberal Democrat Patrick Murphy; a politician   who calls himself a Catholic while declaring “I Am Pro Choice” all over the Sunday political talk venues.  Murphy entered Congress just two years ago with a personal income of his own (not his rich daddy’s) of $205,682. Today, Murphy has admitted to a staggering hike in income and net worth of $3,185,011. (1)  This huge spike represents a “1,449% increase while in comparison, the American citizen’s median yearly income features a net worth DECLINE of 0.94%!”   Murphy now ranks as the “102 wealthiest representative in 2012.”    You can find this information at this same source in which Murphy boldly claims his religion to be “CATHOLIC.”

Murphy ads are running ad nauseam in the Treasure Coast of Florida.  Many of these slick productions are gratis area Realtors.  Maybe the fact that the hypocrite sits on the very powerful US House Finance committee, which puts him in direct contact with Realtors, lawyers and wealthy PACs has something to do with Murphy’s huge ad buys.  You think?

So here we have a candidate openly seeking to trade on a typically Irish Catholic name, openly listing his religion as Catholic, openly saying “I am Bi-partisan, independent” while statistics clearly reveal him to have voted with Obama-Pelosi over 82% of the time, (2).  And we have this same hypocrite telling all of us, “I AM PRO CHOICE.” 

In November, voters must remember that Silence is Consent!

SOURCE: (1)  (2)


Democrats find themselves represented by dimwits in their fight against shutting down Ebola flights


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Democrats are impervious to embarrassment. They will dive to the deepest depths to attack anyone or anything that threatens Barack Obama their king.  

With the Ebola crisis growing by the day, common sense dictates that serious steps starting with closing down flights from Ebola hot spots, have to be taken to protect Americans. Predictably, of the forty one Congressional representatives demanding this be done only three are Democrats.

Nevertheless, knowing that closing the borders to air travel will almost certainly lead to closing all of our borders, a group of power hungry, Obama worshiping Democrats are mocking the idea. They know that if the southern border is closed they will HAVE to vote for tough and effective measures to keep it closed. They know that doing so will shut off their supply of new Democrat voters; and they know that once the border is closed it will be very politically difficult to open it any time soon.

Of course no Democrat wants the southern border closed. They don’t give a damn about America, so what the erasure of our borders might bring means nothing to them. They would be content to grab everything they can as our ship of state capsizes and sinks. Their problem now is not what they want, but who is carrying the message for them.

There are few, more stupid and embarrassing Democrats than Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas. Though this dunce thinks Neil Armstrong landed on Mars, timid Democrats are counting on this jackass to keep the Ebola flights coming.  

Speaking in classic Democrat mumbo jumbo, Lee has commented, “I don’t think we gain anything by spending our time talking about quarantines. We don’t have an epidemic, and for that reason I don’t think that calling for a quarantine of countries answers the question. We have to turn internally and look at our own selves and make sure our health infrastructure is where it needs to be.”

Another classic Democrat dimwit, Gwen Moore of Wisconsin used the meaningless derisive phrase, “quick fix,” to reject shutting down the flights which is the first obvious step to controlling Ebola.  

With truth and common sense arrayed against them, it’s not easy being a lying Democrat these days. But knowing what they are, it is up to us to push them aside and save ourselves. Contact your Representative and make your message clear, “Shut down the flights, and shutdown the borders!”



Conservative Blogging from Coach Kevin Collins