The value of getting Obama off a golf course for fifteen minutes


By Kevin “Coach” Collins 

Last night Emperor (by his own description) Barack                     Obama I publically challenged the validity of our Constitution. The man with no credentials who was elected by the greedy to steal power and wealth from American citizens has finally made good on his promise to “fundamentally change America.”

 His illegal and unconstitutional royal edict granting amnesty to criminals he knows will vote Democrat, constitutes the most sweeping pardon of criminals in our history and probably out does Jimmy Carter’s pardon of Viet Nam draft dodgers.

 While it is easy to think that this edict was generated by the Chauncey Gardiner-like character who resides in the White House this is not at all the case. This drastic step’s origins’ go back to the Democrats mid 1960s recognition that they no longer appeal to the average White American voter and needed a new reliable stream of greedy voters to keep them in power.

Lyndon Johnson’s very redundant “civil rights” laws gave the Democrats the Black vote for fifty years, but time and demographics are proving that Blacks are aborting themselves into a smaller and smaller bloc. Something had to be done to create a more permanent solution to the Democrats’ “greedy voter” problem.

Importing them from South and Central American cesspools has become their answer; but elections and their consequences have regularly gotten in the way.

Thus Obama really had no choice but to grant amnesty. When you need greed the best direction to look is south.       

Using a distorted interpretation of an 1890s Supreme Court ruling designed to keep Democrats from denying Black children born to former slaves from voting, Obama gave amnesty and pardon to about 4.1 million people who are even vaguely related to someone eligible for citizenship.

He then pardoned about 250,000 so called “Dreamers” who now do not have to be deported in spite of their parents’ crime.

He then offered the obligatory lies about more border security, said he would raise the salaries of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers he will need to make this edict work and dispensed with wait time penalties for illegals trying to get a “Green Card.”

He added  some immigration changes paid for by the US Chamber of Commerce in order to make it harder for purchased Republicans to effectively fight his edict. The net result is clear.

With this edict Emperor Barack I has sealed the fate of Black Americans and consigned them to a permanent status as second class minorities; and the best part of this for him and the Democrats is that they are too dumb to realize it so they continue voting Democrat.

The Democrats have won future elections for years to come by getting Obama off the golf course for fifteen minutes.   

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What You Might Not Know About The Army-McCarthy Hearings

In light of the recent death of Irving Peress, I dust off this one I did back in 2007…

I must admit that I was unaware just how deep the calumny against Senator Joseph McCarthy was until a friend of mine, supposedly an arch-conservative, invoked the infamous Joseph Welch line

“You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

to decry the unfair treatment of a current political figure. My friend did not realize that Welch’s statement was no more than bluster, and has been forever (and successfully) quoted out of context—a context that has apparently been lost to most.

The exchange between Welch and McCarthy—especially the above line uttered on June 9, 1954—has been immortalized in the Leftist archives as what finally brought down the senator. In fact, this assessment is a gross oversimplification of what actually occurred, and deliberately obfuscates what led up to it.

Joe McCarthy first took on the Army establishment in earnest with his blistering March 14, 1951 speech blaming General George C. Marshall for losing China.

“When Marshall was sent to China with secret State Department orders, the Communists at that time were bottled up in two areas and were fighting a losing battle, but that because of those orders the situation was radically changed in favor of the Communists. Under those orders, as we know, Marshall embargoed all arms and ammunition to our allies in China.”

“He forced the opening of the Nationalist-held Kalgan Mountain pass into Manchuria, to the end that the Chinese Communists gained access to the mountains of captured Japanese equipment. No need to tell the country about how Marshall tried to force Chiang Kai-shek to form a partnership government with the Communists.”

At the time, there was considerable public uproar over what seemed to be an almost systematic losing of the peace. Indeed, Dwight Eisenhower, a close associate of Marshall during World War II, not only resoundingly condemned Truman, but refused (some say with reluctance) to defend Marshall’s postwar policies during his successful campaign for the presidency.

As it is, there is hardly unanimous agreement on the supposed greatness of Marshall as a military leader. Critics point to his complicity in a Pearl Harbor cover-up; his orders to MacArthur that exacerbated losses at Bataan; his humdrum Army career until playing politics with the Roosevelts, and being promoted over hundreds of more senior and arguably more qualified men to Chief of Staff; his constant favoring of the Soviets, especially at Yalta; and his virtually unique status as receiving such high rank with almost no combat duties on his record.

Many also wonder how Marshall, who had been relieved of the command of a regiment by Douglas MacArthur [the Inspector General reported that under one year of Marshall's command the regiment had dropped from one of the best in the army to one of the worst], would be placed by Roosevelt in command of the entire United States Army six years later.

In 1953, McCarthy focused his attention on the Army Signal Corps, former home of convicted atomic spy Julius Rosenberg, as well as Joel Barr and Alfred Sarant who both defected to the Soviet Union upon Rosenberg’s arrest. McCarthy was following-up a request from Fort Monmouth’s commanding general, Kirke B. Lawton, although an alleged espionage ring was never found. Even so, a considerable amount of damaging evidence was discovered, and much of Monmouth’s top-secret operations were moved to Arizona soon after.

Then came Camp Kilmer, NJ, and the case of Army Captain Irving Peress, a New York dentist who had been drafted into the army in 1952 and promoted to major in November, 1953. Peress had declined to answer questions about his political affiliations on a loyalty-review form, and took the Fifth Amendment 20 times when questioned by McCarthy. On the very same day, Peress requested and received an honorable discharge, from commanding officer General Ralph Zwicker. Surely, this looked like a cover-up.

McCarthy summoned General Zwicker to his subcommittee on February 18, 1954, and the general, on advice from counsel, refused to answer some of McCarthy’s questions and reportedly changed his story three times when asked if he had known at the time he signed the discharge that Peress had refused to answer questions before the McCarthy subcommittee.

In frustration, McCarthy compared Zwicker’s intelligence to that of a “five-year-old child,” and said he was “not fit to wear that uniform.” This was not to endear the senator to the Army or a segment of the public, who were simply not prepared to accept that serious problems existed in the military—even after the Rosenberg case. Plus, it was to change the entire momentum whereby McCarthy would be put on the defensive.

The Army was determined to get McCarthy, far more than they were determined to clean up their act, it appears, as the Peress matter seemed to disappear from sight. Big-time Boston defense lawyer Joseph Welch was hired, and jumped on the foolish activities of McCarthy aide Roy Cohn to secure favored treatment for recently drafted former McCarthy aide David Schine.

It was only after Welch grilled Cohn for hours that McCarthy countered with an attack on Welch aide Fred Fisher, who had been a member of a Communist front organization, evidently for longer than he had originally admitted. But the far-from-telegenic McCarthy would prove no match for the polished New Englander, and his popularity would fade. Aware of the damage he had done, Cohn resigned.

McCarthy was certainly not without his faults, but hardly deserved the media treatment he received, nor does Welch deserve to be lionized for his part in preventing a proper investigation of the Army at such a critical time.

Obama thanks New England for its support with a finger in its eye


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

New England is beyond a doubt the most socialist section of the country. For all their talk about “Boston Strong” and “Hearty New Englanders,” they are the most committed supporters of Democrat liberals. Last Wednesday their loyalty to Barack Obama was rewarded with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) crushing blow to New England’s cod fishing industry.

Obama’s henchmen at NOAA placed a, “six-month ban on most cod fishing off New England this week and are threatening to cut next year’s catch by up to 75 percent.” Given the extent of the damage this ban will do, observers have estimated that it will destroy the livelihoods of people in and out of the fishing business throughout the deep blue region.    

The cynically timed, post-election NOAA edict, which takes effect immediately, shuts down fishing from Provincetown, Massachusetts to the Canadian border. No cod trawling may take place in the Gulf of Maine until April 30, 2015.

On hearing of this crippling announcement from Obama’s NOAA, a Gloucester fisherman gasped, “It’s all over! I’m done. My grandfather’s done it, [cod trawling] my father’s done it. I brought my kids into doing it.”

Now stuck in Obama’s web, he explained that his craft is not equipped to continue operations. His boat, which he uses to haul in between 700 and 2500 pounds of cod a day, is too small to make the round trip far enough away from NOAA’s clutches  to continue normal operations.  

This assault on New England’s economy is nothing new; their allowable catch was cut by 77% in 2013.  The liberal suckers in the region should have known better but of course they just can’t figure out the connection between voting Democrat and seeing their lives destroyed.   

Recent history shows that the federal government has issued wide fluctuations in its estimate of the size of the cod schools off the coast of New England.  As usual the Obama Administration uses whatever numbers it thinks it can get away with as it tightens its grip on every aspect of our economy.

By reflexively voting Democrat, the dupes in New England empower their tormentors to walk all over them.


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Run by Al Sharpton, Comrade de Blasio’s New York is a gift to Republicans that will keep on giving


 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

When the dust from the wreckage Barack Obama has turned the Democrat Party into begins to settle, the left will start to look for a candidate to “save America” in 2016.  As has been expressed on this page several times, the messes of New York City’s Working Families Party/Democrat/Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio and Al Sharpton have made will be a heavy load for the Jackass Party’s standard bearer.

Comrade de Blasio, who was elected with virtually no White support, was swept into office by greedy minorities who think that seeing the earned wealth of other people is the same as actually being entitled to share in it.

The Comrade has no regard for anyone except Sharpton, the race baiter made into a de facto Deputy Mayor by the incompetent de Blasio. He has also unilaterally promoted his former lesbian, porn star wife to a position from which she exercises the powers of a Deputy Mayor as well. Mrs. de Blasio employs an assistant who was appointed by Sharpton. The woman has a live-in boyfriend with a rap sheet that includes drug dealing and murder charges. None of that matters to de Blasio.  This is why he can be so valuable to Republicans in 2016.

He represents a perfect picture of what America would look like if Democrats are given power over our lives again. Bill de Blasio ran into the White House immediately after his election and pledged his allegiance to his Fuhrer; he would shine Obama’s shoes if he was asked to.

With forty of the fifty one City Council seats held by the loony Left Working Families Party the Comrade can do anything he wants; and he doesn’t care about anyone or anything but the demands of Al Sharpton.

The latest squirts of puss shooting out of his Working Families Party Council include two particularly loony Left bills. One would force police to get permission from those they have arrested before they can search them; and the other would make it a misdemeanor punishable by a year in jail for a police officer using a choke hold. Of course there is no provision to punish a criminal who uses a choke hold on a cop.

De Blasio and his WFP comrades will keep this up. Let’s hope the Republicans are smart enough to point to New York City as the Ghost of Democrat Control Future. They failed to make the collapse of Detroit a campaign issue in 2008 and again in 2012, but here’s another chance to get it right.  


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Nancy Pelosi reveals the GOP conspiracy behind Democrat midterm disaster


By Doug Book, editor

Countless politicos and media pundits have offered what each believes  the real reason for the drubbing Democrats took on November 4th.  A few mavericks even suggested the impossible–that Barack Obama’s policies were to blame for the carnage rather than his Blackness.

But leave it to San Francisco’s brainy congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi, to provide the indisputable skinny on a midterm catastrophe which strengthened the GOP hold on the House and robbed Harry Reid of the Senate. As Nancy explains it, “to succeed, we must inspire, educate and remove obstacles to participation. Only by changing our political environment and broadening the universe of the electorate can we build a strong sense of community and an economy that works for everyone.” According to the Pelosi-English Dictionary, Nancy is claiming that the Democrat loss was caused by “voter suppression.”

Wanting very much to retain her leadership position in the House, Nan explained that the results of the midterm had nothing to do with voter mistrust of Barack Obama or the far left direction in which she herself was leading the Democrat minority. Even the laughably bogus claims Pelosi has made time and again to the American public played no part in the holocaust. The fact is there were simply not enough votes to put Democrat candidates over the top. And the reason? Republicans were preventing Democrat voters going to the polls.

Not that Republican backers had decided to emulate the well-meaning, well armed Black Panther poll watchers of 2008. Rather, Pelosi claims the GOP conspiracy began in 2012 with Republicans filing “frivolous” contempt of Congress charges against A.G. Eric Holder, “…the person who [was] assigned to stop the voter suppression in our country.”

The congresswoman didn’t exactly explain how the filing of Contempt of Congress charges against Eric Holder for his refusal to provide information on the DOJ role in Fast and Furious could prevent people from voting. As a matter of fact, the issues appear completely unrelated. But Pelosi certainly deserves credit for spot on, post-election analysis in which she shrewdly connects Democrat losses with a shortage of people voting for Democrat candidates.  The agility of the Democrat mind is a remarkable thing to behold.

Phony claims of a Republican War on Women also suffered a richly deserved death on Election Day as pro-life Senators replaced that body’s pro-abortion crowd and the votes of married women went to GOP candidates by a  54%-44%  spread. Of course, Nancy claimed these unfortunate, anti-abortion numbers were also a result of voter suppression.

 As a rule, Midterm elections have found wealthy, white, conservative, married voters dominating the polls. The question is whether the Republican Party will give conservative voters the necessary reasons to turn out in even greater numbers in 2016. If so, Nancy Pelosi may be shrieking about far more than voter suppression 2 years from now.


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