Coach is Right Friday Short Stories

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

1.) Michelle Obama: Global Warming Is The New Civil Rights Movement

Fighting global warming is this generation’s “revolution,” said Michelle Obama to students at Oberlin College during the Memorial Day weekend, just like Martin Luther King Jr.’s civil rights struggle during the 1960s.

“Climate change, economic inequality, human rights, criminal justice -– these are the revolutions of your time.” “And you have as much responsibility and just as much power to wake up and play your part in our great American story. Because it is absolutely still possible to make a difference. The great moments of our history are not decades in our past; they’re happening right now, today, in our lifetimes.”

Of course, among those “great moments” has been the fight against global warming, global cooling, “climate change,” “progress on LGBT rights,” and “16 million people who finally have health insurance,” although that insurance has been computed by some to have cost $50,000 per insured.

“And today, it is no longer remarkable to see two beautiful black girls walking their dogs on the South Lawn of the White House lawn. That’s just the way things are now.”

My Opinion: Since when is fighting a war against something that doesn’t exist a revolution? To compare global warming to MLK is disgusting. I remember MLK and the man represented much of what all Americans should be. But Barack, not so much. As to Obama’s legacy, we have unemployment rising, middle class salaries going down the tubes, an unconstitutional health program that even now will be destroyed by an honest ruling from the Supreme Court and increased student aid subsidies but with no jobs for graduates to pay it back. And yes, 12 million new jobs were created which are unfortunately part time, low paying and mostly going to illegals. Yes, Barack and Michelle have done so much for this country. Or should I say TO this country.


2.) Dartmouth to host ‘Memorial Day Blackout’ to honor ‘black lives lost’

As the Dartmouth College campus community on Monday marked Memorial Day – a national holiday that honors and respects military men and women of all racial backgrounds who have died in the line of duty – students and scholars were alerted to another Memorial Day observance at the Ivy League university.

An email sent to the campus community on Monday afternoon announced a “Memorial Day Blackout” that stated “in memory of the black lives lost this year, we ask community members wear all black tomorrow.” The message ended with the hashtag “#AllBlackLivesMatter.”

The email was sent via the campus events listserv by the Women of Color Collective. The group did not respond to an email from The College Fix seeking comment.

My Opinion: Women of Color Collective, a socialist organization always angry about something. Memorial Day, originally Decoration Day, was started to pay homage to those who have fallen on the battlefield. It is not a happy day, for everyone that gave his last for this country is someone’s father, son, husband, daughter or wife and will be sorely missed. For me it is a day to go to different graves of friends that have lost their life. I brought some of these men home, talked to their families and suffered a loss beyond measure. To try to commandeer Memorial Day for the race baiting, agenda-du-jour of the left is a disgrace.

But then, isn’t it interesting that the left should use Memorial Day in an attempt to lend meaning and importance to its agenda? That a crowd with nothing but contempt for the American military should make such use of the day meant to honor those who fell in battle marks not only the hypocrisy of liberals but the despicable nature of their character.


3.) It figures: Dem who voted to pass Obamacare calls it ‘deceptive’ and wants to lead charge to ‘fix’ the law

The Associated Press actually managed to report that the Affordable Care Act isn’t really “affordable” and doesn’t even “care” that much about its insureds. Now it seems the Dems that voted for ObamaCare want to lead the charge to “fix” the law (read: throw a ton more money at it).

Rep. McDermott, who voted to pass the ACA, even admits that it’s deceptive:

After paying premiums, many low and middle-income patients still face high costs when trying to use their coverage. There’s growing concern that the value of a health insurance card is being eaten away by rising deductibles, the amount of actual medical costs that patients pay each year before coverage kicks in.

Since virtually all U.S. residents are now required to have health insurance by President Barack Obama’s health care law, McDermott said Democrats have a responsibility to make sure coverage translates to meaningful benefits.

“We’ve got some 17 million more people covered … but they can’t access the care they seem to be entitled to,” McDermott said. “It costs too much to use the care. That’s the deceptive part about it.”

My Opinion: The Obamacare law doesn’t do any of what it was ostensibly supposed to do, so now we’ll have to throw another trillion dollars at it to make the law “work.” And by all means, let’s allow those who deceived us once to spend billions more to deceive us again (those paying attention weren’t deceived the first time but were unfortunately outnumbered by morons and one corrupt Supreme Court justice.

Why does this sound so familiar, could it be that what the Republicans said about Obamacare is coming to pass. It was backed by Democrats, passed by Democrats. The one thing it wasn’t is read by Democrats. It was San Fran Nan that said, “You have to pass it to what is in it.” Wasn’t this the administration that promised all bills would be put online for three days before any vote? Has anyone seen any bill online? It didn’t do what it was supposed to do and Democrats knew that before the vote. You can keep your doctor? NO. You can keep your policy? NO. Just who is making money on this?

Rep. Jim McDermott, one of the most thuggish and corrupt of congressional Democrats, laments the cost of ObamaCare, saying “That’s the deceptive part about it.” But your people wrote the law, Jim. And it was exclusively Democrats that voted for it. And now you are admitting that ObamaCare is deceptive! That may be the first honest remark Jim McDermott has made in years; a little too damned late, but honest.


John Velisek USN (Ret.)

Twitter : #sjspecialist


A Look At Kratom–Fear mongering and regulatory zeal to beat the band

According to Google Trends, interest in the search term “Kratom” has increased sharply from 2011—by a factor of three. Insider blogs note that it trends higher than many other supplements. What’s more, vastly conflicting descriptions of its benefits and side effects are all over the Web, along with troubling reports of adulterated versions of the substance being sold online. Not surprisingly, eager beaver regulators have jumped into the fray.

But what, exactly, is Kratom? Formally known as Mitragyna speciosa, it is a tree that grows from 3-20 meters (10-66 ft) tall, native to Southeast Asia. The plant is a member of the Rubiaceae family, which also includes coffee. Kratom leaves have been used for hundreds of years by locals as a stimulant in low doses, a sedative in larger doses, an anti-diarrheal, and pain killer. This botanical has achieved a certain popularity in the US as an analgesic, taken as an alternative to over-the-counter and prescription pain meds, especially for patients suffering from conditions such as multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia.

There are also indications for anxiety and attention deficit disorder, as well as addiction treatment. In a 2008 paper published in Addiction, entitled “Self-treatment of opioid withdrawal using kratom,” the authors note that the botanical “attenuates potentially severe opioid withdrawal,” and this finding has been echoed by such authorities as Pascal Tanguay of the International Drug Policy Consortium.

Sadly, Kratom has also achieved a certain notoriety, based on exaggerated, ratings-bait newscasts, alleging that it is dangerous and potentially addictive, frequently featuring local law enforcement officials or drug counselors comparing it to heroin and to trendy synthetic drugs like bath salts, K2, and Salvia. More often than not, however, media horror stories are conflating naturally occurring Kratom—boasting a near-perfect safety record—with spiked or adulterated Kratom. The adulterated versions include synthetic compounds, or additional alkaloids, and can be dangerous.

Indeed, some of these adulterated versions are being touted and marketed as a “legal high.” Unscrupulous addiction treatment centers, not to mention overzealous regulators and legislators, have used this situation to promote their dubious claims. The media fires are further stoked when it is mentioned that Kratom is a mu-opioid agonist, which sounds impressive until you discover that chocolate, coffee, and human milk itself also fall into this category.

As if that weren’t enough, numerous media outlets continue to report that Kratom is on the DEA list of Drugs and Chemicals of Concern, even though it was removed months ago. In a celebrated case, Palm Beach County, Florida was all set in April to mandate warning signs at shops that sell Kratom, invoking the DEA list reference. Finally, the county commissioners did the due diligence to discover, as a DEA spokeswoman confirmed with the Palm Beach Post, that the botanical is not on the “Concern” list. Rather, the agency catalogs it among the many substances currently under study.

Prominent among these research efforts is the work being done by University of Mississippi pharmacy professor Christopher R. McCurdy, under an NIH Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence grant.

“A lot of people who become addicted to methamphetamine, cocaine, or even heroin truly want to quit,” McCurdy said. “They begin with recreational use and don’t think they will become addicted, but soon get to the point where they almost must take the drug to survive, because withdrawal is so intense.”

McCurdy’s initial findings involved mice addicted to morphine. Results indicate that Kratom’s most abundant alkaloid—mitragynine—shows activity superior to methadone in the mouse withdrawal assay, and that carefully created chemical variations may provide an alternative to methadone in treating addictions to opiates.

As he stated, “Mitragynine completely blocked all withdrawal symptoms and could provide a remarkable step-down-like treatment for people addicted to hardcore narcotics such as morphine, oxycodone, or heroin. The compound has been known for years, but we’re working to come up with an improved synthetic analog or a better formulation of the tea for testing in humans.”

So, Kratom is a natural substance that treats pain and eases drug addiction. Sounds like it’s time for the regulators to back off the legit vendors, and focus on the adulterators.

Obama’s Middle Eastern treachery and treason

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

In 2008 we elected a President that promised to transform the world. Well he has. And the results are dangerous at best. The Middle East is now a cauldron of flame and death for Christians and Muslims alike. It was Colin Powell who said “if you break it, you fix it.” Obama has broken it, but there is little chance he’ll fix it because he sees nothing wrong. Of course he blames others, Bush most of all. Has anyone ever heard Obama blame Carter, who with Zbigniew Brzezinski let the Iranian Revolution play out with the same indifference to results that Obama displays now?

Obama showed his true colors during the Iranian Revolution of 2009. When the people of Iran wanted change and the opportunity to prevent the existence of today’s nuclear Iran presented itself to the United States, Obama did nothing. There are no estimates of how many Iranians died as a result of Obama’s refusal to help build a free nation. Perhaps it was because he thought that is what Bush would have done, perhaps it didn’t poll well among disciples of the left, but the inaction of our President led to another generation of Iranians being forced to live under a brutal a regime that they did not want.

Of course there is one nation for which the Obama Regime has already been an active participant in the attempted forging of regime change. Obama seems willing to try anything which might take down the government of Israel. For decades the United States and Israel have formed a bulwark against the aggression of Middle Eastern nations. Working together and with partners such as Egypt they have succeeded in bringing some semblance of peace to the Middle East.

Today, Obama never mentions Israel unless it is to demand Benjamin Netanyahu sacrifice the nation and its people to Islam. Happily, Netanyahu and most Israelis ignore Barack’s “peace initiatives,” realizing that at best the American president does not have the interests of Israel at heart; at worst that he is a Jihadist intent upon the destruction of the Jewish state.

When George Bush left office, Iraq, while not a paragon of democracy, was at least reasonably stable. Libya had come to terms and was no longer considered a major threat to the region and millions of Iranians were ready to depose the government they loathed. Enter Obama and not only were the interests of Middle Eastern people ignored, the United States assisted the enemies within their midst. Surprisingly the United Arab Emirates had placed the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) on their terrorist watch-list, but Obama refused the UAE’s choice. After all, terrorist nations and groups like the Muslim Brotherhood are an integral part of Barack’s cabinet, not only influencing but directing his way of thinking towards the Middle East.

“Operation Decisive Storm” launched By Saudi Arabia with 5 other Middle Eastern Countries including Sudan, Egypt, and Morocco, has been having an effect on the Houthi rebels in Yemen. Yet Pentagon officials were caught by surprise, having been informed only hours prior to the start of operations. Why? Because those Middle Eastern countries, in fact very few countries in the region, trust the United States.

When America’s “red line” in Syria was tested and found wanting, Obama immediately claimed to have never proposed it, never supported it. He will not lift a finger to do battle against Iran or Islamic Jihad. The bombing we are doing now is ineffectual and that’s the way Obama wants it. If the treachery—indeed the treason– of Barack Obama is not revealed and ended by a resolute Republican-led Congress, United States-based supporters of ISIS will soon number in the thousands. Terror attacks in America will make 9-11 look like a scheme of children.

John Velisek USN (Ret.)

Twitter: sjspecialist

A $15.00 minimum wage is the greedy taking advantage of the unskilled with the help of the Democrats

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Raising the wages of low to unskilled workers to $15.00 an hour will only help the Democrats and the extortionist unions who “represent” these workers. If low level salaries are doubled to $15.00 an hour, causing half of a shop’s workforce to be fired, the unions are way ahead. They will just double the dues for the remaining workers and not lose a cent in income. Better still, when employers fire half their workers just to survive, there will be half the number of members to bother union thugs with demands for services. The unions will still be able to grease the Democrats.

Anticipating this huge increase in labor costs, some employers are beginning to replace pricey employees with machines. This will enhance their bottom line and make no mistake, the unions will be very pleased. Unions are run for the benefit of union officials and Democrats not their membership. Given that all three benefit at the expense of the low skilled workers, the drive for a $15.00 an hour minimum wage may be pushed by a coalition of unions, employers and Democrats. It will be workers be damned. Their only job, as always, is paying union extortion and voting Democrat.

The only danger for unions is if employers should fire every worker and go fully automated.

A handy example of this is the way drinks are sold at the United Center in Chicago where the Bulls play. The arena has gone “service employee free.” Alcoholic drinks are sold from vending machines called a “DraftServ.” Bartenders are a thing of the past in Democrat/union run Chicago’s basketball arena. Drinks are uniform and no tipping is required or even possible. This means more sales and more profits.

On the fast food front, McDonald’s has responded to the “Fight for Fifteen” with its own move toward automation. The restaurant chain has seen its revenues fall at an alarming pace and asking it to pay more to workers who are already not worth what they are making now is a losing proposition. McDonald’s answer is sharply reducing its staff and labor costs by having machines take burger orders.

It is all clearly a matter of the greedy taking advantage of the unskilled with the help of the Democrats.


Democrat propagandist Ken Burns reminds us of how self-absorbed liberals are

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Recently, documentary film maker Ken Burns was the commencement speaker at a college graduation. As he spoke he reminded us that liberals are always angry and dissatisfied with America and never pass up a chance to say so.

Here are some random thoughts about his speech.

Among other subjects in a predictable assortment of tripe, Burns essentially apologized for being White as he stood with a smug, self-assured look while hitting his applause lines. His apology represents a favorite liberal ploy of giving away something that they don’t own. My right to apologize or not apologize for something is mine and mine alone.

He babbled about “Black lives matter” while not whispering a word about the majority of Black murder victims dying at the hands of other Blacks. The make-up of Burns’ audience was revealed by the huge drop off in applause when Burns followed up with “all lives matter.” The brothers and sisters don’t want to hear that.

He used a familiar, liberal line about how “Almost weekly a Black man is killed by the police” without including a word about the circumstances. He also failed to mention the fact that Blacks kill dozens of times more Blacks than are killed by cops. He said nothing about the savagery that is visited upon Blacks by other Blacks who belong in prison as he bemoaned the number of Black men in prison. He said nothing about the fact that his hometown in New Hampshire is less than 3% Black and hundreds of miles from the nearest Black ghetto.

Burns referenced the Civil War and told his student audience he was drafting them into the “Union Army.” He didn’t mention the fact that the Union Army had to free the great grandparents of his audience at gun point from the Democrats who ran the plantations then and still run them today.

He alluded to “plantations” and “company stores” still around today but never mentioned that it is Democrats, his Party, that hold Blacks as captives in nightmarish lives and lie to them about who is responsible for their misery.

He had nothing good to say about America and chose to hold the hands of his minority audience cautioning about the world outside of family and school being scary.

Burns typifies what is wrong with the Left. They have no understanding of actual human nature and are determined to see the world as they want it to be rather than as it is.

Burns and people like him are eager to convince graduating minority students that their world is essentially the same as the one their slave ancestors lived in. Such is the reason that Burns and fellow race hustlers are the problem not the solution.


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