Why those “in the shadows” will not become citizens

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

At this point we are losing our battle against Barack Obama’s Democrat Voter Importation Scheme. This is not to say that we will not eventually regain our sovereignty and control our borders once again; America is too great to ultimately collapse under Obama’s attacks no matter how vicious.  The fact that the Uniparty’s Ministry of Information had to post the latest Reuters-Ipsos survey showing Obama’s support at just 37%–and tried to hide it on a Saturday yet–shows we are making progress. The fact that Uniparty’s Big Business wing – the U. S. Chamber of Commerce felt it was time to lie by denying they “were ever for amnesty” says we are making progress in this battle which we will ultimately win.

Nevertheless, when the dust settles we will still be plagued by hundreds of thousands of new illegal aliens, many of whom will be children carrying deadly diseases and their parents’ “anchor baby” dreams. There will be thousands of hard core M-13 criminals who will turn the streets of Democrat controlled cities into bloody battlegrounds. There will also be thousands of illiterate laborers who will steal jobs from the dwindling pool of minorities who want to work.

We are constantly being pressured by both the Democrat and Republican wings of Uniparty to provide amnesty so that millions of illegal aliens who have snuck under our fences can “come out of the shadows” presumably so they can become “Oswaldo and Harriettas.” As the lie goes these people will “pay a fine, and pay back taxes before becoming eligible for citizenship.”  Aside from the fact that this is a Fairy Tale, why would any illegal alien want to become a citizen when, without being tax paying citizens, they are already getting: free school if desired; free public housing; free EBT cards; free medical care; free clothing (from private charities); in Massachusetts a free car and the list goes on?

These illegal aliens will get all the free stuff they want just for showing up to illegally vote Democrat every November. So why should they ever want to become citizens and thus become tax paying suckers?

As the song from Westside Story goes, “Everything free in America,” except of course for American citizens.   

Sources: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/07/17/Chamber-of-Commerce-We-ve-Never-Supported-Amnesty


The smell of fear coming off Mark Begich can be picked up even on the “outside”

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Mark Begich is the Democrat Senator from Alaska because the Democrats smeared the good name and reputation of Ted Stevens, the Republican who held the seat until 2008.

Stevens was savaged by the Democrat controlled media and criminally charged with being corrupt. Although he was pretty much cleared before the election, the people of Alaska decided “better safe than sorry.” In Begich they got worse not better and plenty to be sorry about.

Begich delivered not for Alaskans but for Barack Obama and Harry Reid when he joined in the sneaky Christmas Eve passage of a bill the Senate Democrats made believe was the bill on Obamacare that was sent to them. That was a lie, but like all Democrats they lied to ram through socialized medical care merely because they could and our Marxist President ordered them to.

Now, four years later with exactly one passed bill under his belt – yes, you guessed it, a Post Office renaming–Begich is facing the consequences of his ineptitude. As one of the most vulnerable Senate Democrats, Begich is grasping at any campaign theme he thinks will end his political-approval free fall by fooling 50% plus one Alaskans.

Just as other Democrats invent imaginary friends who tell them to raise everybody’s taxes to make us all rich, Begich has invented imaginary conversations with Obama in which the president has been a “pain in his ass.”

Putting aside that Democrats are against all energy projects except fake green ones, the White House, which wouldn’t know the truth if it bit its occupants in the ass, backs up the Begich fairy tale about acting on various oil projects because the senator pushed them to act.  This reminds us that Begich is friends with Santa Clause, who he is proud to point out, is one of his supporters.  Yes the man legally changed his name to Santa Clause.    
Yet, it gets better. With nothing else but the Post Office rename to point to, Begich is running spots reminding voters that he will be running against a Republican from “the Outside” which is what Alaskans call the rest of U.S.    

His website shows he really doesn’t stand for anything apart from his re-election, fighting against the War on Women the Democrats insist Republicans are waging and Oh Yes, he doesn’t like the Koch Brothers.

Begich can still win. He is after all a member of Uniparty and Uniparty can always savage the Republican nominee who at this point looks like Dan Sullivan, Alaska’s Attorney General. The primary isn’t until August 19th.  If Sullivan, who is a strong conservative, should win, the Uniparty will probably try to savage him. Let’s hope Alaskans choose wisely this time around.

Source:  http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/senate-democrats-reelection-pitch-to-alaskans-im-a-thorn-in-obamas-side/2014/07/13/a6a7c60e-083a-11e4-a0dd-f2b22a257353_story.html

Why would PPP ask McDaniel voters if they would support CSA in 2nd Civil War?

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins
Why would an honest polling company ask Chris McDaniel’s supporters if they favored a second Civil War and if so, which side they would support? These are the questions one has to ask after reading Public Policy Polling’s (PPP) report on its survey of Mississippi voters on the U.S. Senate race between incumbent Republican Thad Cochran and Democrat challenger Travis Childers. What was the purpose of these questions? Who paid them to ask these questions and why?
Public Policy Polling (PPP) is a Democrat polling firm based in Raleigh North Carolina. Thad Cochran’s team has strong connections to Democrats; some of them have been acknowledged, but others have been forced into the open when uncovered by McDaniel’s team.  
In the past several cycles, PPP has polled local and national races; with mixed results. Although they have, at times posted unreliable results in local races during the early months of a cycle, PPP has been accurate in their final projections. Those who understand polling recognize that this suggests PPP’s polls are for sale when they think they can get away with selling them.

PPP is adept at writing dramatic headlines so their, “Cochran up big in general, McDaniel supporters still mad” is nothing new. Nevertheless, it begs the question: Is Cochran really up “big?”
Their survey was taken between July 10 and 13th meaning its respondents knew nothing about the mountainous 10,000 pages of Cochran voter fraud evidence Chris McDaniel’s team has amassed.  It is unlikely that many of them had seen the riveting press conference McDaniel’s team held as they outlined, but did not reveal, the case they will bring against Cochran’s campaign.
Consequently, we must ask: What do the numbers actually say?
PPP’s characterization of Cochran’s lead as “up big” is a stretch. He is a longtime Republican in a very Red state with just 40% support.  There are no other incumbents in the country with 40% support that can be described as “up big.”    
Mississippi has a Republican to Democrat voter registration ratio of 63% to 37%. PPP says Cochran is supported by just 39% of Republicans and an extraordinary 58% of the state’s Democrats – certainly a suspect claim.  
The combination of his supporters from both Parties gives Cochran only 46%.  Keeping in mind that 37% of Republican voters are “undecided,” his re-election is no sure thing, let alone an indication he is “up big.”   
The Cochran PPP team felt it necessary to smear and discredit McDaniel’s supporters for a reason. Maybe this is bought and paid for psy-ops to demoralize the Right and elect a Unipartiest once again.           
Source: http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/pdf/2014/PPP_Release_MS_715.pdf           

South Florida protests the offloading of illegals

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Obama Lies,” “Impeach Obama” signs were held high by protestors this weekend in the Make Them Listen nation ALIPAC demonstrations against the off-loading of illegal Central American migrant children into American towns and neighborhoods.  At the West Palm Beach, FL I-95 overpass, a veteran wearing camo and combat boots held high a large white bullhorn and blasted out over the railings to southbound drivers how he felt about what Barack Obama is doing to the vet’s beloved America.  As the bullhorn blared out chants, patriots lining Okeechobee Boulevard answered in cadence to calls to stop the dumping!

Americans for Legal Immigration-ALIPAC.us-organized two days of citizen activism to bring awareness to people about the dangers of America’s open Southern border.  The informational picketing took place from Seattle to the east coast with the largest number of protests in CA, TX, and FL. Another vet came up to this reporter, gave a kiss and hug with a big THANK YOU greeting.  He handed me a figurine with the Alamo, a Church, and a large cross depiction along with a big American flag.  He said he couldn’t stick around because he didn’t want to be on camera, but he wanted us to know how grateful he was for us also fighting for our country!

Broward and Brevard County Florida citizens are now learning of the large migrant surge to hit their school districts just as the new school year begins.  Contracts between the Florida Children and Family Services and federal agencies are setting in place the logistics for initially housing 50 children with a larger influx possible.  Many of these children coming in from rural and tropical regions in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala will challenge local school districts because many do not even speak Spanish, let alone English.  The last minute search for people able to translate the various tribal and regional dialects along with the usual chaos of the first few weeks of school will task even the most efficient of districts!  St. Lucie County has four F schools and three D’s, so clearly this Treasure Coast district is unable to take care of its own students.  Taking care of the Central American children is looming as a near impossible hurdle to mount.

US House of Representatives 18th District Candidate Calvin Turnquest expressed fears of a medical breakdown in our area.  A minority Republican, he said, “I’m a legal immigrant,” as he waved high the American flag out over Okeechobee Boulevard! Having immigrated from the Caribbean, Turnquest became a US citizen the legal way. He believes closing our Southern border and making all would-be US citizens follow our rule of law is crucial to America’s dynamic. His wife, a medical doctor, has made the Congressional hopeful very aware of the exotic diseases now threatening South Florida.  Right now there are over 350,000 migrants, illegals, UACs, and Visa holders in Southern Florida area.  Over 15% of the Honduran population lives in America, primarily in our tropical climate zones.  This latest migrant surge, says Turnquest, has brought with it undiagnosed and untreatable diseases such as the super TB strain his wife describes. South Florida is literally   a petri dish ready to spread its bio-hazards far and wide as Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) may be unknown carriers.

A print reporter told me that farmers knew over two months ago that “something was going down and it was going to be bad.”  She covers Florida agricultural news stories and is privy to certain insider information, for instance, it being utter nonsense that the Central American migrant surge just happened to appear on the shores of our Southern border.  Translating the logistics that various governments had to have expedited now becomes the worry, expense, and trauma of this worst of the worst of unfunded mandates!

Explaining the dangers of Sharia Law Part Eleven: More Muslims equals more violent attacks

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

World wide experience has established that when an area that has not had Muslims living in it begins to be flooded by Muslims, violence ensues. The rough progression of Muslim population growth and its correlation to violent attacks on non-Muslims starts when they reach a population percentage of about five percent.

At that plateau they begin to stir and organize. Shortly thereafter they start to make demands on the non-Muslim population as if they have always been there and are a historically oppressed minority. They will begin to patrol the streets in seemingly aimless patterns which in reality are far from aimless. They are searching for easy targets to carry out stealthy attacks upon.

They will follow dog walkers and determine the sneakiest way to kill the dog without the owner realizing it. When their population grows they will walk up to dog owners and kill their dogs without hesitation.

Sweden is a country that is slowly committing mass suicide by allowing more and more Muslims into its midst. In Sweden the Muslim population has now hit the five percent plateau. Several days ago a band of Muslim savages severely beat a Swedish Jew because he was displaying an Israeli flag from his window. The man who is an American Rabbi has experienced incidents of hate from Islamists gangs (they are way too cowardly to act alone) before. His car has had the word “Palestina” carved in it and someone spit in his face after calling him a “damn Jew.”    

In the latest incident the Rabbi’s window was smashed with rocks and when he went outside to confront the men who apparently threw them he was set upon and beaten by a gang of approximately ten Islamists.

Fortunately the Rabbi survived, but unfortunately the Swedish government is just another cowardly victim waiting to be harvested by Islamist savages.

America has approximately a 1.3 % Muslim population. Their demands to live here but submit only to Sharia law have already started. If you live in an area controlled by Democrats who will fight to introduce Sharia Law to your city, county or state move while you can.      



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