The ugly history of the Democrat Party: Part Sixteen


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

This installment continues by exposing how Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt were Communist lovers both politically and physically; how FDR pulled the dirtiest most disgusting stunt a Democrat had pulled to that time.    

 During Roosevelt’s second term, American sentiment against involvement in Europe’s war grew. Most Americans were opposed to entering a war. Over estimating his mandate in foreign policy as he had in domestic affairs, Roosevelt allowed Britain to convince him to violate our clearly drawn neutrality laws which prescribed keeping a distance from the combatants in Europe and Asia. [37]

As a Democrat and dictator Roosevelt did not see any reason to follow laws he didn’t like. The Neutrality Acts were just such laws. Moreover the British convinced Roosevelt to establish the first peacetime draft in American history in 1940. [38] 

As Democrats, the Congress felt they were above the law as well and helped him violated the laws they themselves passed. When Roosevelt sent war materials to Britain in exchange for lease rights to their naval bases, he violated both American and international laws.

Any of his violations of neutrality could have provided grounds for Germany and or Japan to legally declare war on America. Roosevelt’s hubris put America in immediate danger of being dragged into war when we were nowhere near ready to fight.

Roosevelt’s orders to our naval personnel to report German ship movements to the British could have meant war as early as the fall of 1940 as well.      

Putting his motives aside, Roosevelt, as today’s Democrats do, governed against the will of the American people in his conduct of foreign affairs in the lead up to our entry into World War II. The things he did set dangerous precedents for future presidents and very likely set the stage for Lyndon Johnson’s conduct in regards to our entry into the Viet Nam War.   [37]   

The Media and Roosevelt

The 1930s and wartime America media deliberately avoided showing pictures of Franklin Roosevelt in a wheelchair which underscores how sycophantic it was when it came to protecting their president’s image. The media was described as practicing “self-discipline.” That media “self-discipline” only extended and only still extends to Democrat Presidents. Have we seen pictures of Obama smoking? [39]  

Roosevelt was stricken with polio in 1918 and was largely confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Keeping this secret was a decision that the paternalistic media made on behalf of a Democrat president they saw as a God sent savior. They treated the American people like children because to them Roosevelt’s image was more important than telling the truth.       

Because of Roosevelt’s infirmity he could not sneak out for a quickie rendezvous. He had to put the women who sexually serviced him on the federal payroll so we could pay for them.  

Roosevelt’s sexual escapades were also covered up by a willfully blind media. His “secretary” Lucy Mercer was a mistress the media “didn’t know about” until he was dead for fifty years.[40]

Roosevelt kept another mistress that was also “unknown” to the media until he was long gone. His mistress/secretary Marguerite “Missy” LaHand “worked” in the White House. She was regularly seen walking around in her nightgown in full view of Roosevelt’s staff, his wife Eleanor and even his children. [41] [42]

Eleanor Roosevelt, the president’s wife,  was an obvious bisexual who slept the night before Franklin’s 1933 inauguration, not in the arms of her husband, but in a room at Washington’s Mayflower Hotel with an openly lesbian journalist. 

She carried on a rather clear and open relationship with the cigar chomping lesbian, but of course no one in the media noticed her affair. The sapphire ring on Eleanor’s finger during her husband’s inaugural ceremony was given to her by her lesbian love, Lorena Hickok who was lovingly called “Hick” by Eleanor Roosevelt.

Ignoring Eleanor’s voracious appetite for bisexual coitus could be construed as being polite to the First Lady “What happens behind a married couple’s bedroom…” and so on. Nevertheless, the “cover up” help the lapdog media willingly provided to their Democrat gods actually served to cover up a Soviet Communist spy ring’s penetration of the Roosevelt Administration. [43]

Joseph Lash, Eleanor Roosevelt’s Communist lover

In 1935 as head of the Student League for International Democracy (SLID), Joseph Lash brokered a merger between the Soviet Communists of SLID and another Communist front group, the American Student Union (ASU). He was a well-known Communist activist and author whose ties to the Communist Party USA were open and equally well known.

In 1939 Lash was kicked out of the Socialist Party for “Collaborating” with the Communists.      

 In 1935 Lash wrote a magazine article describing SLID as a Communist front functioning on America’s college campuses whose male members used sexual seduction to recruit female members. This fact becomes significant in the context of his relationship with Eleanor Roosevelt.

 When Lash and other Communists were called to testify before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, (HCUAA) Eleanor Roosevelt is known to have counseled them as to how to “answer” the Committee’s questions. 

 On the day Lash testified before the HCUAA Eleanor attended the hearing to express her solidarity and support for the well-recognized Communist.

Initially Lash was being verbally pummeled by the Committee. This lasted until Eleanor Roosevelt the wife of Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was sitting knitting in a back row seat of the hearing room, moved to the front of the room. Her purpose was clearly to intimidate the Committee into pulling back.

 In spite of Eleanor Roosevelt’s presence the Committee Chairman Texas Democrat Martin Dies kept the upper hand and began to make points damaging to Lash.

 Nevertheless the pressure of having Eleanor Roosevelt staring at the Committee Chairman soon became too much and the security of the nation soon gave way to Party loyalty.  The questions turned to “softballs” as Democrat Dies pulled back.

With the questions turning to mush thanks to Eleanor’s intervention, Lash became emboldened and immediately turned surly. Still in the witness chair, he mocked Martin Dies with an impromptu song about the man’s drinking habits.

 When the hearing was over Eleanor invited Lash and other Communists to dinner at the White House. This gesture led to a closer “friendship” between Lash and Eleanor although Lash was married to Gertrude Wenzel Pratt who was later identified in the Venona files as a Soviet KGB operative. So close were Eleanor and Lash that she put him on her personal payroll. This bears repeating: a known Communist was on the payroll of Democrat Eleanor Roosevelt the First Lady of the United States.

She was obviously another Democrat who showed no respect for her position as First Lady which was given to her by the American people, not the divine fiat of her megalomaniac husband.

 Lash and Eleanor were close enough that she tried to intervene on his behalf when he attempted to secure a commission in the United States Naval Reserve. Fortunately he was turned down. Subsequently he was drafted into the Army.  

These facts make the 1943 Federal Bureau of Investigation memo about an Army Intelligence “bug” picking up Eleanor Roosevelt, the First Lady of the United States, having “sexual intercourse” with Joseph Lash, a known Communist, in a Chicago hotel room all the more stunning.

The tape, the meeting and the death warrants

The stink from that memo traveled upward until it brought about an emergency secret 10 PM meeting at the White House. Those at the meeting besides Franklin Roosevelt were Thomas Watson, a trusted friend, and Harry Hopkins, his chief adviser, who was also later revealed by the Venona files to be a Soviet spy.

Once Franklin had heard the recording and reviewed the report that accompanied it, he ordered Eleanor into the room and the others out. Witnesses reported hearing a loud argument between the First Couple.

At 5 AM the next morning Roosevelt called General “Hap” Arnold the Chief of Staff for Military Intelligence of the Army Air Corps and ordered him to the White House. Roosevelt then personally ordered General Arnold to see that Lash was transferred to a combat zone in no more than ten hours. 

What is most stunning about this episode is that Roosevelt did not stop there. According to numerous sources, Franklin Roosevelt, the Democrat who was the “Champion of the little people” went much further by ordering that anyone who had firsthand knowledge of the affair be immediately sent to duty in the South Pacific to be made to fight “until they were killed.”  

By any interpretation of this shocking incident, Democrat Franklin Roosevelt sent men to die for the “crime” of having embarrassing information about him. Clearly this man thought he was an Emperor. [44]

Roosevelt lies to African Americans then lies again

During World War II the United States Military was not integrated. African Americans were not allowed in combat units. At one point African American community leaders asked Roosevelt to change the policy and allow integration of the races in our military. Roosevelt, ever the double talking Democrat, told the group he would change the policy.

When enough time went by for the petitioners to realize there would be no changes in the segregationist policies in the Armed Forces, they returned to the White House to again appeal to Roosevelt for relief. The response they received was classic Democrat treatment of minorities.

Roosevelt’s defense of his duplicity was, “…. since we are training a certain number of musicians on board ships-the ship’s band-there is no reason why we shouldn’t have a colored band on some of these ships because they are darned good at it.”  In other words Roosevelt, the Democrat champion of America’s downtrodden minorities told the group of African Americans seeking to serve their country in military uniforms to form a Minstrel Show! [45]

Roosevelt’s Communists

Because he is the patron saint of the American Left, any discussion of the Administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt – FDR- has to include a review of the Communists he had working for him, and there were plenty of them! The information can’t come from within the American media’s community because it is not capable of honestly talking about their god.

Examining the list of names drawn from the Venona Papers, which was the code name the Soviet Union’s spy network used in its undermining of America over a decades long period, is the only way to get to the truth.

Here are at least some of the Communists who successfully masqueraded as Democrats when they worked for Roosevelt.[46]

Whittaker Chambers was a Communist.

Chambers was recruited to the Communist Party by Harold Ware. Chambers did not work in the Roosevelt Administration but his activities brought him to a relationship with Alger Hiss who did. It is interesting to note that Chambers willingly gave up Communism after he became disillusioned with it when his spy handler demanded his wife abort their first child.  J Edgar Hoover proved Chambers was a homosexual and this too moved him along toward his becoming an active Christian by the end of his life. [47] 

The following members of Franklin Roosevelt’s Administration were proved to have been Communist by a review of the Venona Files a secret document only opened after the fall of the Soviet Empire. [48] 

John Jacob Abt was a Democrat and a Communist.

In 1933 Abt joined the Agriculture Adjustment Administration as the General Administrator of the Works Progress Administration part of Roosevelt’s “New Deal.”  Shortly after starting work, Abt joined the Communist Party and the Ware Group, a Soviet spy ring working in the United States Government. When Ware was killed in a car accident in 1935 Abt married his widow.

In 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald, John Kennedy’s murderer, requested John Jacob Abt be appointed as his attorney.

“I want that attorney in New York, Mr. Abt. I don’t know him personally but I know about a case that he handled some years ago, where he represented the people who had violated the Smith Act, [which made it illegal to teach or advocate the violent overthrow of the U.S. government] . . . I don’t know him personally, but that is the attorney I want. . . . If I can’t get him, then I may get the American Civil Liberties Union to send me an attorney.”[48] [49]


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A Look at Ebola

Ebola virus disease (EVD) was first identified in 1976, in what was then called Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo).  The name comes from the Ebola River, a tributary of the Congo River in central Africa, where the majority of EVD epidemics have occurred.  However, recent outbreaks are now in Western Africa, and involve major cities, as well as rural areas.  WHO pegs the average EVD case fatality rate at around 50%.  Outbreaks in the past have logged case fatality rates of 25 to an astonishing 90 percent.

Recently, symptoms of this dread disease have been well-publicized.  Indeed, the virus seems more like the lurid creation of a sci-fi writer than a real-life pathogen.  Massive hemorrhaging is caused by its diabolical ebolavirus glycoprotein.  Normal coagulation mechanisms are defeated, neutrophils (a type of white blood cell, important in immune function) are short-circuited, and cytokines (responsible for the inflammatory process) are unleashed.  The end result is that the sufferer is being killed in multiple ways.

Some authorities add that even if you don’t have blood dripping from your eyes, your leaky blood vessels can be enough to cause shock and then death.  WHO advises early supportive care with rehydration and symptomatic treatment to improve survival.  While there is currently no licensed therapy proven to neutralize the virus, a number of blood, immunological, and pharmaceutical agents are under development.  Two potential vaccines are now undergoing evaluation.  Notably, the virus can be killed quite easily with chlorinated water.

As of this writing, patient zero in America–Thomas Eric Duncan–has died, and at least two health care workers associated with his case have been diagnosed with Ebola.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have been roundly criticized–and rightly so–for their handling of the Ebola matter.  However, the politicization and flagrant injection of political correctness into public health is nothing new, and is hardly confined to the CDC.  Many will recall that during the AIDS hysteria, for reasons of “privacy,” the death certificate did not always reflect the actual cause.  But such misrepresentations of the cause of death were already occurring in the 17th century.  According to journalist/author Kathryn Schulz, the practice was sufficiently common in 1930s New York City, that in addition to the death certificate, a confidential medical report of death, which included the true cause, was also issued.

For the worst case scenario of politics mixing with public health, see Mengele, Josef.

Infection control guru, and friend of this column, Lawrence Muscarella, PhD offered several insights during a recent conversation.  He questions the whole notion of the CDC “working with” hospitals.  In accordance with federal guidelines, the CDC must be called in by the hospital, so the relationship might just be a bit too friendly to be effective.  More than that, Muscarella has always challenged the “everything is rosy” hospital-acquired infection self-reporting that is virtually never audited by an independent third party.  As such, how do we know that we’re being told anything near the truth about Ebola?

Consider the sad business of Superbug carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (CRE) infections at Pittsburgh’s UPMC Presbyterian Hospital.  In November, 2012, the facility began investigating 18 cases of CRE infection, that were eventually traced to a contaminated medical device used in Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP).  Apparently, some of these patients died, but officially, none of the deaths were “directly related” to the CRE infection.  Inasmuch as CRE is fatal in 50% of cases, how likely is it that none of the 18 succumbed to the superbug?

Muscarella also reminded me of two instances in which the water supply of VA medical centers (Iowa City and Pittsburgh) were contaminated with Legionella.  At the Pittsburgh VAMC, 29 patients were diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease, and at least two died.  Records indicated faulty maintenance procedures.  At Iowa City, patients were not warned of the situation, presumably because it was “under control.”  Heck, they even trotted out “experts” who assured everyone that “Legionella bacteria pose little risk to young, healthy people.  The germs are most likely to sicken people who are elderly and frail, especially if they have immune-system problems or are smokers.”

Hello?  Think that description might fit some (even many) VA patients?

An anonymous Iowa City VA staffer revealed that he and some co-workers now drink bottled water at the hospital, and found out that there have been at least 23 positive test results for the bacteria.  The Des Moines Register attempted to get a confirmation of this number, but were rebuffed with a bureaucratic CYA response.  Bear in mind that in many cases, record-keeping at VA medical centers is far superior to what goes on at other hospitals.

Now, for the scary part.  We have heard from individuals at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, where Thomas Eric Duncan died–and other facilities–that they are not adequately trained to deal with Ebola.  But, other than its horrific symptoms, there is nothing magical about that virus, or how it is transmitted.  After all, there are only three methods of pathogen transmission:  Contact, droplet, and airborne.  For some organisms, one or more methods may apply.

Does this mean that they are not trained to handle such as CRE, tuberculosis, and measles, either?  Has the specter of Ebola suddenly shined–at long last–a dazzling spotlight on hospital infection control?


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Now here’s a surprise, Democrat Kay Hagan bribed a judge to get a favorable ruling for her husband

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 A Washington Free Beacon report has revealed the fact that North Carolina Democrat Senator Kay Hagan nominated a state court judge for a position on the federal bench as a quid pro quo for a favorable ruling for her husband.

As a Democrat there was no need for Hagan to be cautious in the construction of her conspiracy with Superior Court Judge Calvin E. Murphy. The dirty deal was concocted in 2009 when Democrats had a corruption headlock on the Tar Heel State. Hagan’s husband Charles “Chip” Hagan was a managing member of a corporation called Hydrodyne Industries LLC (HI) at that time. HI was suing a North Carolina regional water authority for effectively stealing water from HI.  

When the case came to Judge Murphy’s attention Chip Hagan’s firm was suing the authority and demanding millions of dollars to settle the matter. This is where the Democrat Senator comes into the picture. 

On Oct 14, 2009 she nominated Murphy for a lifetime seat on the U.S. District Court for Western North Carolina.  Nine days later on October 23, 2009 Judge Murphy ruled in favor of Chip Hagan’s firm. The ruling allowed Democrat Hagan’s husband’s firm to shake down the Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority for millions of North Carolina taxpayer dollars.  

When the stink of the deal surfaced, both Democrat Hagan and Democrat Murphy had to run for the cover of a secure hiding place. Caught with her hand in the taxpayers’ pocket, Senator Kay Hagan had to stiff Murphy and withdraw the nomination. 

But Murphy’s ruling could not be reversed. He had sold his ruling and now some Democrat had to pay him off. Enter the crooked former Democrat Governor of North Carolina Bev Perdue.  

Democrat Perdue appointed Murphy as a “special superior court judge for the North Carolina Business Court. His “job” is handling “complex business cases.” As Democrat Perdue was leaving office in disgrace she reappointed Murphy on her last day in office.  

Democrat Senator Hagan’s defense is that Murphy didn’t get the seat because she withdrew his nomination and besides she didn’t know that her husband’s case was before Murphy.  This is like a shoplifter claiming to be innocent because she returned the item after being caught. Let’s hope the voters of North Carolina don’t buy this non-sense.


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How many American lives will be threatened by 7th Century ignorance and agenda driven politics

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

The cleansing of all bodily orifices of dead Ebola victims by relatives of the same gender is a big factor in the uncontrollable spread of this deadly disease in West Africa. Yet our corrupt media refuse to fully vet this principle cause of contagion thereby allowing silence to spread the hemorrhagic disease.  Ancient burial traditions, so deeply rooted in the native culture that government authorities are unable to bridge the gap of distrust, really are big factors because healthy relatives are required to put their hands into the Ebola bodies, still warm, just after death.  And commonly known is the fact that a just deceased body, still holding warmth as life’s last vestige, is highly contagious!

“In many areas of West Africa, ritual cleansing of the corpse prior to burial is a sacred/sacrosanct tradition,” says Dr. James Childs, Yale zoonotic specialist. (1)  “Irrespective of the risk posed to family members, it is difficult for authorities and public health officials to intercede on established cultural customs.”  Even the politically correct WASHINGTON POST is reporting that a still warm body right after death is highly infectious. (2) 

Family’s cultural practices and religious beliefs require that a family member “of the same gender should WASH the body” before the family and villagers can bury their dead.  Bleeding from bodily orifices is a characteristic of Ebola; however, the relatives continue to follow ancient prerogatives that conform to centuries old cultural imperatives.  Naturally, you can deduce how such customs contribute to the spread of this pandemic, now estimated to be claiming at least 10,000 lives each month in certain West African regions.

What needs to be noted here is the fact that President Obama has ordered US Army line troops, on alert for instant call up, into these deadly regions.  Is this being done to once again prevent members of the military from voting?  This theory is out on the web.  One retired military officer told Fox News this week that the Army has many highly qualified medical troops, units, and personnel that could have been activated for this very mission.  But speculation on the web suggests that, perhaps, these on call troops, 4,000 strong, are being sent over to prevent their votes being cast this November. It is very like Democrats to engage in such blatant corruption.

Also, a not widely reported fact concerns the highly sophisticated Army device known as FILM ARRAY, an instrument that within minutes could have detected the Eric Duncan Ebola infection. The treating hospital had it.  So why wasn’t it used? The military news site Defense One says, “Doctors could have simply turned on a toaster-sized device called the Film Array and gotten a diagnosis within minutes!” (3)

Apparently “Federal regulations” stopped medical personnel from using this invaluable device, developed by the US Army for just such need.  Guess who is taking all of the heat now for not catching the Duncan diagnosis?  Certainly not the federal government, but rather, the over-worked and under-valued hospital employees.  The two infected nurses themselves even have been blamed.  And why was the second nurse so quickly moved into the federal treatment center?  Would the feds be better able to control the messaging if they had her under their control?

So in an odd sort of way, average Americans are in a similar position to residents of West African villages who refuse to listen to   government officials who tell them to give up their ancient burial practices.  When the citizenry no longer trust their own government or its media propaganda agents, even though lives are at stake, who really is to blame?





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