“Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth” ended Friday

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

“Speaking truth to power?” Bull spit!

Abraham Lincoln said, “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” The left repeatedly said, “Speak truth to power” Now the media mocks them both with its obvious silence about Porkulus because it’s a socialist Democrat spending bill.
Worshiping Obama has reduced the Left to bootlicking imbeciles. Porkulus proves these hypocrites were never interested in “speaking truth” just embarrassing Bush.
The media and Hollywood have no “truth to speak” to their Dear Leader. They won’t mention his “transparency” lies; or not allowing Congress or us to read Porkulus.

For years these self-righteous skunks brayed “Speak truth” to Bush. They vowed to impeach him for non-existent censorship. Now their Dear Leader tells them to shut up and they play dead. These hate filled creeps won’t be “Speaking Truth to power” anymore with a Marxist in office instead of an actual American.
Let’s remember what these un-American creeps said/did during Bush’s years and what they have said/done now.

Henry Waxman never stopped investigating Bush’s phantom crimes now has nothing to say.

Paul Krugman lied about our economy when it was expanding he’s now a Porkulus cheerleader.

New York Times “Spoke truth” to Bin Laden warning he was being wire tapped, but can’t find “Truth to speak” to comrade Obama about a redacted bill.

Idiotic Al Gore, “Speaks truth” only at Republican power and blindly supports a bill no one could read.

Move-on, where’s their “Speaking truth” about forcing us to accept a bill no one has read?

Braying jackasses Helen Thomas and Keith Olbermann loved “Speaking Truth” to Republican power. Now they’ve shut up in praise of Porkulus.

Pelosi has brayed “Not one Republican voted for this bill!”
That’s a “Truth” we can speak next election cycle.
It will make a great campaign spot to feed the lemmings when they come out of their comas and look for somebody to clean up the Porkulus mess.
Dennis Kucinich deserves mention here for his constant embarrassing efforts to impeach Bush for fighting to keep us safe. Where is his “Speaking truth” to Dear Leader because he was forced to vote for a bill he was not allowed to read? That is an actual impeachable offense but this dimwit doesn’t understand that; he only see Dear Leader and gets a tingle down his leg.

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