“He really didn’t mean it;” America’s Jews back Obama’s Marxism over Israel’s survival

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 When Barack Hussein Obama suggested a suicidal return to pre- 1967 borders as the way to lasting peace for Israel the politically uninitiated assumed America’s Jews would turn on him and withdraw their support for his re-election.  This silliness lasted for a few weeks until prominent elected Jewish Democrats visited Jewish old age homes and other meeting places to reassure them they had not really heard what they heard and saw.

 Rahm Emanuel, one of Obama’s favorite “Jewish policemen”, was called in to do damage control and actually said, “That statement [Obama’s 1967 border remark]does not mean a return to 1967 borders.”  The great Groucho Marx line, “Who are you going to believe; me or your lyin’ eyes?” comes to mind.

 Gallup certifies what we knew was coming

 Now that several months have passed since Obama told Bibi Netanyahu that Israel’s suicide would be his best course of action, the few American Jews (overwhelmingly registered Democrats) who expressed some measurable disapproval of Obama have wiped the spittle from their eyes and returned to the Democrat plantation.

  Gallup’s most recent poll tells us the “great escape” of Jews from Obama’s trance is over. The survey found the level of support versus disapproval of Obama among American Jews is statistically the same today as it was in March.

 Just before Obama’s “suggestion”, American Jews supported Obama 61/34.  After some sagging in Jews’ support for his re-election all is forgiven.  Today that same measure is 60/32 in favor of Barack Obama’s re-election despite of the fact that he has expressed more unabashed hostility toward Israel than any other president in American history.    

 Religious Jews versus secular Jews on Obama

 The good news here is at least religious Jews approve of Obama far less than secular Jews do. Just 51% of Jews who attend services weekly approve of Obama with 39% disapprove of him.

 The bad news in these numbers is that religious Jews are only about 1/3 of all Jewish voters so the bottom line is still:  being Jewish still means voting Democrat without regard for anything but the furtherance of Marxism.  

 The day may come when America’s Jews turn away from the Democrats, but there is nothing on the horizon that is likely to make that happen anytime soon. If telling Israel to drop dead didn’t turn America’s Jews against Obama who knows what, if anything, ever will?

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  This day in history July 19, 2011

 1993: Democrat President Bill Clinton announced the Don’t Ask, Don’t tell policy for gays in the military.

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21 thoughts on ““He really didn’t mean it;” America’s Jews back Obama’s Marxism over Israel’s survival”


    1. This site supports the freedom loving democracy of Israel. I support the feeedom loving people of the nation of Israel in their struggle against world wide Islam's attempts to crush freedom whereever it can be found. What part of that is hard for you to accept?


      Take your garbage somewhere else.
      May the Lord Bless & Protect Israel & the Jewish people.

      By the way, you're a real scumbag.

  2. What is sad is that American "jews" mostly fall into the category of JINOs Jews In Name Only) or JBAOB s (Jews By Accident Of Birth) these so called Jews who vote for obama are as Jewish as Huma Abedin. They do not observe the sabbath, the laws of kosher or anything else Jewish. They support abortions, euthanasia, and have more love for the poor starving people of Gaza than for their brothers in Israel who suffer daily rocker and mortar attacks daily. If these obama supporters are Jews, than the Pope is a Muslim

  3. Do not equate American Jewry to their distant brethren, the Israeli Sabras. It's comparing apples and oranges because they are THAT much un-alike!
    American Jewry does not suffer the same trench warfare, trauma, and tsuris which keeps the collective mind and body of Israeli Jews alert and wary to the nuances of political shifts which could affect their very existence.
    For the most part American Jewry has, in my opinion, become complacent and lazy compared to their distant kin. They aren't concerned with survival; they are too Americanized for such concerns. They can't relate to the fact that their brothers and sisters in Isreal lead a more dangerous existence. I can even imagine such comments from them as "S0?, Who asks them to live there?" The "collectivist" mentality of American Jewry however is still extant, up to and including Progressive redistribution and varying degrees of Socialistic sedition.
    Davide, in the above post, has very ably pointed out that American Jews in Name Only (JINO'S ), and Jews by accident of birth (JBAOBs), have had their priorities altered and skewed over time in this country. To their detriment, I might add.
    I have had Jewish friends tell me that they're not "practicing Jews' or that they aren't a MOT (member of the Tribe), and I always ask , "Why not?".

  4. May I please refer you all to an excellent article on this very subject which, I have discovered is of great concern to practicing Jews both here and abroad. They call the problem "Peoplehood".
    Go to http://.forward.com
    There you will see an article entitled "The real problem with peoplehood", by Daniel Septimus (July 15 '11)

  5. aw nuts! This is my worst nightmare in posting; getting a website address nailed down correctly!
    Please try :http://www.forward.com
    my punishment is fifty lashes with "twizzlers" for that one folks!

  6. Oh Hell's BellsI Have no idea why the the above instructions won't take us to the website.
    Just Google "The Jewish Daily Forward " or enter a Google search for Jewish American News Sources.
    The reason why I am even proposing looking at Jewish News web sites at THIS POINT, outside of Daniel Septimus' article, is to suggest that you do multiple posts of "Coach's article at these various sites.
    We can then express both our support and concern for issues with which many of the older members of American Jewish communities also find important .

  7. A possible explanation is that Charity and Justice are the same word in Hebrew which confuses equal justice with social justice. Social justice cares not for the reasons of bad consequences no matter how well deserved, it just helps the loser and takes his side. I understand the "Peace Now" Marxist movement in Israel has been given a new name by the Israeli majority- "IDIOTS". Speaking of Idiots, Raymond and Mad Angel, stupidity and ignorance is a disease that permeates the Democrat and half the Republican party.
    How dare you criticize the great Coach Collins. The Coach is always right.

    1. "S.N.", such a revelation as yours could very well be one of the most interesting aspects of this enigma !
      Let me be sure that I fully understand you though.
      Are you saying that it is entirely possible that a multi-generational inability by American Jews to regard, and treat as separate, the singular Jewish word for Charity and Justice could be responsible for what seems, on the surface, to be an appalling lack of self-survival skills and voting strangeness ?
      How, then would that explain the healthier society of Israel ? Have these people managed somehow to un-jumble and separate the meanings ?
      It seems like a belief system that, when applied to ones voting practices, dictates that American Jews needs must support "the under-dog" , lest their own safety, security, and well-being one day be challenged without support from their fellow Americans.
      This comes across to me as a very sad mixture of a lack of trust, fear and guilt. It would also explain why we have so few great Jewish Statesmen capable of supporting individual rights.
      (As an aside, I would encourage all American Jews to read Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" for important lessons in the differences between Altruism and Self-interest. Self-interest is not a "negative" quality to be throttled by anyone or any government. Instead it is to be encouraged for a healthy society, bent on protecting its' individual and property rights. Also, Rand believes there is no such thing as true Altruism, because in the very act of giving "selflessly" there are feelings of beneficence and pride in one's accomplishment which benefit the donor; and this constitutes self-interest or self-gratification. This is not a negative either. It is just miss-named Altruism ).
      We "Wendy-Whitebreads", living in the same country as our Jewish brothers and sisters; exposed to pretty much the same daily stimuli and aggravations, would consider the meanings of Charity and Justice as being MORE than a little disparate.
      Since this last Administrations' rise to power we have all been witness to the sneaky manner in which Obama continually tries to manipulate and maneuver us into believing that there is no difference between "Equal Justice" and "Social-Justice". Most Americans find such tactics odious and a "sure-kiss-of-death" to freedom.
      A factor which I believe strongly plays into this whole issue is one which affects both Christians and Jews in America. And, to a much lesser degree, our Jewish friends in Israel.
      It is the distancing of us from our respective religious tenets by government, and government endowed agencies and learning institutions ( or should I say indoctrination centers ), which strives for a "blah-ness" and a lack of individual "starch" to make more easily controlled.
      Now, because of your posting, I can understand a bit better why American Jews may be more vulnerable to this political ruse.
      Doesn't stop me entirely from feeling anger toward them for such blind loyalties however. Their actions imperil us all.
      Thank you "S.N." for such an eye-opening post !

      1. This problem which I like to call the "Crimson Plague" is not exclusive with Jews. It is a mental condition that eases the insecure, usually the young. I doubt if many Jews who are politically active as leftists even know Hebrew. I think it was Churchill who said if you are not liberal when young you have no heart, but if you are not conservative when mature you have no brain. Jews have such an extreme and lengthy history of insecurity they have an almost ingrained liberal tendency. It takes time and enough betrayal awareness to fade as with the majority in Israel. But then again this is my guess. Not being an expert, I may be wrong but I expect a similar change here when it is safer not to be a Democrat.

        1. Two questions "S.N.": The term "Crimson Plague" , how did you come up with that expression? It's an interesting pairing of words.
          Also: Why isn't it "safe" to be a Republican (presumably ) now ? Does all this insecurity to which you refer actually make American Jews afraid of being anything BUT a Democrat ?
          Is there so much pressure exercised by Jewish communities to conform ?
          It sounds rather like American Jewry ( as a whole not as individuals necessarily ),could be likened to teenagers just learning how they may best escape the dominion exercised by both the parental and community requirements and strictures over their lives; but are still "clue-less" about how to form their own concepts and "game plans" as individuals. They've always had that Collective security; like a society within a society, to guide and nurture them. Would it be fair to say that?

          1. I would say so. This is a common trait of any minority but more so in one that has had over a thousand years of always being in the minority with discrimination from tyrannies that would, after a period of tolerance, take away whatever achievements, wealth and population growth acquired. The talent, hard work and sacrifice is repeatedly in vain due to a discrimination that would rise up again and again as is happening in Europe today.

          2. How ironic it is that, with all rights and freedoms most of us will lose, and have lost, under this current administration, that their continued support of this man Obama defeats, and makes a mockery all of the hard work, wealth and sacrifices made by the Jewish communities, and by us gentiles as well.
            Overt tyranny such as we have witnessed these past few years from Obama and Congress has only one outcome (sooner or later). Capitulation or revolution. I see no happiness in either option.

          3. Hi Joanne,
            We live in an ocean of irony. Barack Hussein Obama’s namesake father (Democrats are not upset about how he changed from Barry Soetoro or the authenticity of his natural birth requirements) came from a tribe that did well from being Moslem slavers. Those Africans that were followers of Islam were not abducted by white men as shown in roots. The black Moslems captured and provided the white importers who conducted business at their ships on the coast. Moslem slavery was practiced for over 1,000 years and according to Black African historians the captured either became Moslem or were castrated and enslaved. The Democrats are historically notorious for being anti-black. Wilson an early “progressive” was a terrible pro KKK bigot. Civil rights bills by Republicans were constantly defeated by Democrats. Yet, despite all this, black support for the Democrats is even higher than among Jews. It is also interesting to note that the Judeo Christian principles the morality of which founded out nation is based on two sister religions which because of common origins are both people of the book. It has evolved and realized from the hostility toward them that it is incorrect to call Christians Gentiles. Religions that have a different origin (Hindu, Shinto, Islam etc.) would be more correctly seen as religions by Gentiles. To Moslems both Christians and Jews are people of the book and infidels. Take heart the truth, despite abuse by the leftists and their minions, may yet show up and set us free with a huge turnaround as it did after Wilson with the landslide for the Republican Harding.

          4. Warm regards S N !
            Youch ! I imagine the men-folk of our country would be most sympathetic toward the fate of those suffering the ancient Moslem "alternative to slavery".
            Also, the women of our country should never feign ignorance of, nor disgust with the loathesome and brutal abasements committed by both early and present day Moslems against our sex. The fury and outrage must be forever etched in our minds and hearts.
            What an interesting morsel of lore regarding the slave-trading of Barry Hussein's father's tribal ancestors. Perhaps the "Enslaver-in-Chief " living in America's White House is merely acting on old tribal imperatives. (God forbid that I should give him any more excuses for his crass and anti-American behavior !).
            He is, figuratively speaking, castrating, emasculating and making weak, all those who refuse to become slaves to his Ukases and dicta. He even has BO appointed, unconfirmed by Congress, and taxpayer funded, GOONS/THUGS he calls Czars to commit (sub-rosa), the necessary dismantling of bothersome laws causing temporary inconvenience to the goals and timing of his master-plan.
            For those who have been enslaved by their own fears and trepidations (American Blacks and Jews) it must be extremely difficult to imagine or trust that there are better alternatives to that which has been served up to ALL Americans by this administration, and many of the prior Democratic admins.
            If the Republicans would quit "shooting themselves in the foot" and begin to behave as true minimalists of Federal power, instead of reaping the greedy windfalls of Democratic excesses, as well as promulgating a few of their own outrages, then perhaps they may stay in power long enough to convince ALL Americans, not only Blacks and Jews, that life actually can be better when citizens are left more to their own devices and quests for success.
            My personal hope is in the continued growth and confidence in the true Tea Party-types who have shown a willingness to boldly attack both the Rs and Ds for their gross mistreatment of the American people, the Constitution, and the rule of law.
            I stand corrected in my use of the word Gentile. Thanks for the broadened definition.
            I am forever amazed by the erudition and common sense displayed in the writings of so many "Coach is Right" commentators. And you, S.N. are a great educator of us all. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.
            We can all pray, on bended knees, that truth will reveal itself to us,and that we can then go about the business of setting ourselves free.

          5. Hi Joanne,
            Thank you for such a great compliment. In all modesty let me say that you are absolutely right in everything. Harry Truman once said, "The only thing new is the history you don't know". But that was at a time when Journalism was not part of show business and knowledge of history by politicians was mandatory. Another Democrat, Daniel Patrick Moynihan said "Every one is entitled to their own opinion but no one is entitled to their own facts" but there are no longer Democrats like that. Half the Republicans are no better. Journalism has become the captive of show business. Now we have Journalists who refuse to report the truth and attack those who do.
            Twenty years ago an old school ABC reporter friend of mine complained to his agent about how untruthful his fellow Journalist were and was told to realize he was part of show business and get over it. I pray with you and include that the Fraudident usurper be removed and all his appointments and signed bills are declared invalid, subject to review by a legal successor who determines which laws BHO signed are invalid unless a veto is overcome. I know this legalizing the Constitution is a lot to ask for but I’m praying.

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