“Paging Dr. Perry, paging Dr. Perry, there is an outbreak of heartlessness”

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 When Texas Governor Rick Perry first uttered his now famous remark about those who are against in state tuition for illegal aliens being “heartless” he was surging in the polls. He looked like the conservative White Knight that would slay Willard the Evil RINO.  No one had any real idea of how much harm he had done to himself or how quickly his stance on the issues would cause him to fade to black.

 Perry has literally fallen from front runner to single digit “also ran” in a matter of weeks.

 Over the years we have seen candidates who few really tough races fail nationally or in state wide races because their opponents were of the same mind on key issues. These candidates don’t bother to do their homework and often assume “that issue” won’t come up.

 He Perry done some homework he might have found a way to plausibly defend his in state tuition for illegal aliens, but he didn’t. Had he would have found surprisingly strong resistance to the policy.

 An IBD/TIPP survey shows by 69%/22% people don’t want this expense. It is opposed by Democrats 58/32 Republicans 73/20 and a whopping 74/15 among Independents.

 Even minorities are against Perry on this issue with Hispanics going 54/28 and Blacks 80/12 opposing this policy.        

 What makes Perry appear more clueless are the results of a February University of Texas survey on in state tuition for illegals. It found 59% of his fellow Texans including 43% of Democrats are against the policy. 

 A more recent Rasmussen poll found a startling 81% of likely voters don’t want their money spend to provide in state tuition rates for those who are in our country illegally. Just 12% say it is a good idea.

With these numbers as a back drop it is no wonder that “Doctor” Perry’s “heartless” crack resonated so deeply as a sharp insult with so many likely voters. It is no wonder that virtually overnight Perry has gone from run away favorite to life support.     

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2 thoughts on ““Paging Dr. Perry, paging Dr. Perry, there is an outbreak of heartlessness””

  1. You'd think that sooner or later Republicans would understand that embracing liberal positions is NOT what voters want them to do!! I've never understood what prompts these dummies to make such stupid policy decisions. Are they just that clueless? Do they believe everything that comes out of the mouth of Chris Matthews? The Republican base was depending on Perry to be an actual conservative, not a McCain/Romney clone and he screwed it up ROYALLY!!!!

  2. But Coach, didn't you point out in your November 21st 2010 Article ( "Border Security is now over, Picking Napoltano is a sick joke") that it was the FEDERALES, Our own meddlesome anti-American Homeland Security Agency which gave the States no choice regarding in-state tuitions to illegals? Because Napolitano vetoed an Arizona bill to bar paying in-state tuition rates to illegal; that affected all other States as well, including Texas. The Texas legislature was coerced into allowing in-state tuition rates to illegals.
    By the way, where is it written that Homeland Security has any "say-so" when it comes to College tuition rates? This is another example of Obama using his "flunky" Czars instead of his Constitutionally mandated Cabinet position dedicated to Education!
    The only thing I find so Un-Texan about that act is that Texas has pretty much led the country in telling the Federal Government where to "get off" with its' mandates and intrusiveness. Perry was ready to kick another Federal program out of Texas just prior to the campaign opening.
    Why cave to the Feds on Education?

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