“You need someone like me in Washington,”: Romney’s curious timing in his support for abortion

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

During a September 2002 meeting with NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts Willard Romney made this implied promise, “You need someone like me in Washington.” 

Both Willard and the baby killing ghouls of NARAL knew what was being discussed. He was running for Governor of Massachusetts and clearly looking past his anticipated victory to a day when he could stop pretending he cared about pro-life issues and show his true devotion to their “cause” from the White House.

Romney made it quite clear that NARAL would have a friend in the State House and eventually in the White House if they helped elect him as Governor; which they did.

Sucking up to the baby killers,  Romney said, once he ascended to the White House,  he would  be a “good voice in the [Republican] party [for promoting abortion]” and he reminded them his “moderate” views on abortion have been, “widely written about.”   

Keeping his promise

When Romney delivered for his baby killer friends he did so in striking fashion.

 On December 8, 2005 as Governor of Massachusetts, Romney took a major step toward breaking down and defeating the pro life movement in the Bay State. It is no secret that in most parts of the country the Catholic Church stands as the main obstacle to abortion and related activities. In a direct frontal assault on the pro life doctrine of the Church he ordered that Catholic hospitals and other faith based medical care facilities  be forced to dispense “morning after” contraception pills without regard for anyone’s personal rights of conscious. 

It is interesting that Romney picked this date to announce his attack on Catholic pro life values because December 8th is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, a day when Catholics celebrate life.

True to his promises to the abortionists in 2006 Romney passed his universal health care plan now known as Romneycare because it became the model for Obamacare. The language of the bill included increased state funds for abortions and Planned Parenthood was named as an overseer of the plan.

Romney choose April 12, to sign his assault on the pro life movement, a time when Catholics and other Christians were preparing to observe our holiest of holy days.  April 12, 2006 was the Wednesday of Holy Week leading up to Good Friday and Easter the most important day in Christianity. 

 Once is a coincidence; twice is a pattern and we can’t trust Willard Romney’s “patterns” of support for abortion and the pro death forces.

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