Marco Zuckerberg and Mark Rubio: amnesty’s two indistinguishable amigos


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Mark Zuckerberg and Marco Rubio have become amnesty’s two indistinguishable amigos. They have morphed into Marco Zuckerberg and Mark Rubio.   

You’ve heard the radio spots and seen the television ads featuring Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio talking about the dire need to do something about the “immigration problem” not “illegal immigration” but immigration.

During a minute’s worth of huffing and puffing Rubio tries to bulldoze past any logical objections to erasing our borders with faux tough talk designed to impress us with his credentials as an “insider’ who KNOWS more than we do.

Rubio’s media crusade is funded by liberal Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg.

To impress us Rubio uses buzz phrases like “conservative immigration reform” “Tough border triggers” and “no giveaways for law breakers.”  That putting these words in Rubio’s mouth is not only breathtakingly insulting to true conservatives, but simply not true shouldn’t resonate with a liberal like Zuckerberg but Rubio has been “playing a conservative on TV” long enough to know better.

These spots betray a gross under estimation of conservatives.  Zuckerberg probably believes conservatives marry their sisters and are far less intelligent than he is, but Rubio apparently thinks conservatives are pining for a way to suck up to Hispanics the way White liberals sucked up to Blacks and elected Barack Obama.     

A new report from Public Policy Polling a Democrat firm shows Rubio is self-immolating with these insulting spots. Conservatives who once saw him as an acceptable GOP nominee for president in 2016 are running away from him in obvious disgust over his decision to do Chuck Schumer’s bidding by erasing our borders.    

During the period May 6 – 9 when asked about Rubio as the Republican’s 2016 nominee “very conservative” and “somewhat conservative” respondents supported him at 17% and 18% respectively. That’s down from 26% and 22% from these groups just a month before.

The supreme irony of Marco Rubio’s foolishness is that Hispanics, who hold themselves aloof from participation in our civic life and wait for the best “goodies” package offer before deciding who to support, are naïve enough to believe Rubio’s tough talk and don’t like it.  His support among Hispanics has fallen 5% in the same period.

At this point only wild eyed liberals like Zukerberg believe these spots can erase our borders. Nevertheless, a cunning liberal like Schumer might be using these spots as an opportunity to destroy the foolish Mr. Rubio’s chances of ever running for president.

Blurring the lines between “amnesty amigos” Marco Zuckerberg and Mark Rubio will not end well for the Senator from Florida.


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8 thoughts on “Marco Zuckerberg and Mark Rubio: amnesty’s two indistinguishable amigos”

  1. Coach Collins:

    I find it quite interesting that you are using the ‘Rubio for President’ in your otherwise excellent commentary, when you must know that Marco is not a Natural Born Citizen. Thus, he is not eligible to hold the office of POTUS.

    Charlie Rush
    Silver Point, TN 38582

  2. Just a little reminder of Rubio ever running for president. He is ineligible. Period. He is not a natural born American citizen. Have we all given up on our Constitution?

  3. @C. Rush @Jerry G—

    Tell me you guys are not serious about the Constitution. Ever since the Civil War it has not meant squat. Great sentimental value, however.

    AND…this also proves my contention that the presidency is essentially a symbolic office. Our Constitution has been trashed since 1861, but just maybe people will care about it when it comes to qualification for president? MAYBE.

    Tell me what’s more important: Being concerned over this country turning into a Leftist dictatorship, or where our presidents might have been born? Or, how about separation of powers…as in “You really meant to call this Healthcare bill a tax, but you didn’t. No worries, I’ll fix it for you.”

    Ever hear about polishing the brass on the Titanic?

    1. Michael D.
      Obama’s birth place is the “broken window” of his persona. Once we started fixing “broken windows” crime began to go down. Running down this scandal is therefore well worth the effort.

  4. @Coach–

    I was commenting on the others’ obsession with the notion that Rubio could not become president. As if the Feds have been following the Constitution on anything for the past 100 years.

  5. After arguing with a communist law professor for over a year, I found that the combination of the attitude that the Declaration of Independence has no legal basis in the Constitution and that the Constitution is a “living, breathing” document, the former attitude is where the problem lies.
    I wrote a paper called “Ignore the Declaration, Pay the Price.” In it I challenged the reader on this critical point:
    We want to play politics, but at its core, its spiritual warfare. The Declaration is the moral, spiritual and philosophical base of the Constitution. Deny that and anything goes.
    Ho hum. Kinda boring.

  6. RE. to article:

    “Tough Border Triggers”

    left out by Rubio ‘s rant are signs now posted at crossing areas inside our border ( in AZ) in Chinese.
    In case you’ve forgotten; that’s the same China that’s hacking our once secure military protocol.

    Under this plan by madmen, only 60% of the border will be secured.
    Countries with terrorist ties continued to cross here ,all Intel reported to Dep.t of HLS since 2005.
    The punishment to us and to you : 36 ex, fiat orders against our law enforcement agencies ( State and Fed) to stand down.


    AZ elected Senators , Flake and McCain, Gang of 8 members , backed by the Chamber of Commerce lobbyist met their match recently.
    At a town hall meeting in Chandler, AZ held by Senator McCain he began his amnesty rant.
    The good citizens of Chandler were so enraged that Senator McCain was forced to leave.
    This area of metro PHX had several stash houses busted in middle class neighborhoods . 50 and 60 people stripped down, starved, and held in unspeakable conditions .Added to drive by shootings , one beheading murder , drug related bust , kidnappings, transport conduit busted, and I’D fraud ring busted.
    This price tag for protection is paid for by the citizens of Chandler. They don’t have short memories.
    John go retire to your ranch above Sedona and Sen. Flake we all know you’re career in politics is now over.
    We don’t have short memories either.

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