We have much to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 As dark and hopeless as things looked when Obama’s statists rammed through their phony Obamacare package of attacks on our liberty, here we are eight months later celebrating one of the greatest political turnarounds in American history. We have much to be thankful for today.

Counting our blessings is still easier here in America than in any other country. Even the poorest Americans eat meals many around the world only dream about.

We have a Bill of Rights and a full Constitution to protect us thanks to our Founding Fathers. Because of the foresight of those great men, we have the legal and moral tools we need to prevail against even the worst of these tyrants. Other societies don’t have anything like our Bill of Rights and would never be “granted” one by their ruling classes.

 America: One of God’s favored countries

 America is clearly one of God’s favorite countries, so we will succeed in making things right again. The stunning fall from favor of Barack Obama and his Marxist Democrats is proof that the Hand of Providence has not forsaken us. God has not abandoned America, and for this blessing we must be grateful.

America is still the country the world’s people want to come to; she is still the country God has favored because we are His instrument for working His will.

We now have undeniable signs that our ‘stand up and fight’ resolve has not only won back the House and hundreds of state level offices, has put us well on our way to restoring our America to greatness once again.  We have proved our national swerve to the left is survivable because we are NOT a people attracted to socialism.

Our dark days are by no means fully behind us. The damage caused by putting a Marxist enemy of freedom in the White House is far from over. But as Churchill said: “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end, but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

By God’s grace we have plenty of food and clean water for healthy lives; we have a political system that allows us to regroup speak out and win converts to our ideas.

Our big victories on November 2 prove this.

We still have a long way to go but there is much light in the tunnel.

 This day in history November 25

1783 The last British troops left New York City three months after the signing of the Treaty of Paris which ended the Revolutionary War.

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Is Torsella’s nomination as U.N. envoy an Obama bribe payoff? It sure looks like it

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 Try as it did, the Obama Administration was not able to arrange a primary free path to reelection for Arlen Spector in return for his defection to the Democrat Party in April 2009. 

  Spector’s return must have been engineered with some degree of certainty that Obama could deliver on his promise. Nevertheless two Democrats, Congressman Joe Sestak and private citizen Joseph Torsella, announced they would make primary runs against Spector.   

  Obama got rid of Torsella first. After a “sit down” with his old friend Governor “Fast Eddie” Rendell, the Pennsylvania businessman apparently took a deal.

  Sestak, however, would not budge. He refused Obama’s offer stayed in and won the primary against Spector then lost the general election.

 What became of Joe Torsella?

 Last week after eighteen months we got an answer to the question of: what happened to Joe Torsella? He is Obama’s new nominee to the position of United Nations envoy.

This nomination to United Nations Envoy sure smells like a political payoff.  The position is so unimportant it has remained vacant since Obama took office.  While we are paying him, Torsella will be partying on Broadway for the next two years until we vote Obama out of office.

   Joe Torsella is supposed to go to the U.N. to “reform” it. That would be a neat trick since he has not one minute of experience with the United Nations.  But he’s a loyal Democrat and he obviously does what the Party tells him to do. What else matters?

 This nomination once again reminds us that Obama has a total disregard for genuine credentials as a prerequisite for appointment in his Administration.

 Last week when Torsella’s nomination was announced, the Philadelphia Daily News observed “[Rendell had]…recommended Joe [Torsella] to the White House for a number of positions…. after Torsella dropped out of the Senate race.”

Even the Democrat cheerleaders in the media smell a rat in this one.

 Was Joe Torsella’s  nomination the result of an “exhaustive nationwide” search for the best qualified candidate?  You decide.      







This day in history November 24

 1963: Lee Harvey Oswald is murdered by Jack Ruby in the basement of Dallas Police Department headquarters on live television.

 Remember we have work to do. Join your local TEA party and Republican County Committees to make sure real conservatives get our nominations.

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To aggressively combat Soviet like Democrat voter fraud deem ballots “found” after 48 hours fraud

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 Soviet Dictator Josef Stalin is reported to have said, It’s not the votes that count. It’s who counts the votes.”  Democrats have been using this tactic to steal elections long enough; it’s time put an end to these un-American attacks on our liberty.

 Congress has to deem ballots “found” 48 hours after polls have closed, in federal elections, to be legally considered fraudulent and put the burden of proving otherwise on those who “found” them.  “Finding” ballots that magically appear and swing elections to Democrats has to be made a thing of the past. This is not how American elections should be decided.

 With numbing repetition over the last decade we have witnessed close races go to Democrats when “additional” ballots were “found” days and sometimes weeks after Election Day.

 Each election district in America has someone assigned to it. Accepting the assertion that ballots, whether cast on Election Day or cast via mail, can get “lost” stretches what can be expected of honest adult behavior.  How often can your dog eat your homework?

 Over the past several years Florida, Connecticut, Minnesota and Washington State to name a few, have given us headlines like:

  “500 uncounted ballots found in Palm Beach County;”

 “Bag of Uncounted Ballots Found in Bridgeport;”

“171 uncounted ballots found in Ramsey County [Minnesota]”; and

 “Uncounted ballots discovered in Washington State.”

   These “miraculous” discoveries never seem to help Republicans. The Left’s

 ‘We’ll keep counting until the Democrat wins’ approach to stealing elections just can’t be tolerated anymore.  

  What to do?

It’s time for our conservative Republican House to take action to protect the integrity of federal elections and set a standard for State’s to follow as they conduct their own elections.

We can and must pass legislation legally naming these miraculous “discoveries” the frauds they are.  We have to immediately begin the process to legally turn the tables and force the Left to defend each of these ballots before they can be accepted and counted.  

If government can tell us a letter dropped into a post box is immediately deemed to have been legally received by the addressee, it can deem ballots “found” days after the polls have been closed for 48 hours to be fraudulent.

If government can tell us we must sell our property and move because we have to yield to eminent domain, it can deem ballots “found” days after the polls have been closed for 48 hours to be fraudulent.

Forty eight hours is plenty of time to cover legitimate oversights; any longer has to be construed as fraud and treated as such.

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 This day in history November 23

 1863: the Battle of Chattanooga began. Over the next three days, Union forces drove Confederate troops away from Chattanooga, Tennessee, into Georgia, setting the stage for Union General William T. Sherman’s triumphant march to the sea.

 Remember we have work to do. Join your local TEA party and Republican County Committees to make sure real conservatives get our nominations.

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Terry v Ohio says TSA agents have no right to the searches they are conducting


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The 1968 U.S. Supreme Court decision Terry v Ohio should put an end to the outrageous behavior of our TSA agents. The Terry case provided guidelines for police to “stop and frisk” those they deemed to have just committed a crime, are committing a crime or are about to commit a crime. Nevertheless, the Court  tempered this new authority with a requirement that the police also have “reasonable suspicion” to justify such actions

The basic elements of Terry v Ohio are that a Cleveland Police Detective ( Martin J. McFadden) who was patrolling in plainclothes, observed three men loitering in the vicinity of a jewelry store. Relying on the experience and intuition he developed over his 38 years as a police officer, McFadden determined that the trio was preparing to rob the store so he stopped them and frisked them. The search revealed that two of the men were armed with handguns. McFadden placed all three under arrest. Until “Terry” police were empowered to stop and search suspects only after a crime had been committed.

 All were found guilty, but they appealed their convictions up to the U.S. Supreme Court. After almost five years of legal maneuvering their convictions were upheld as justifiable based on McFadden’s established knowledge and experience regarding the identification of criminals even before they had committed their crime. 

The Terry decision was not a complete “green light” for those in law enforcement to violate the 4th amendment with total impunity.  As agents of government, Police officers must determine the existence of “reasonable suspicion” about the criminal nature of the person[s] being observed.  Such “reasonable suspicions” must be based on “specific and articulable facts.”  Agents of the government may not act on a hunch.

This is the salient point as Terry v Ohio relates to the intrusive searches being carried out by Transportation Safety Administration (TSA). These TSA agents are employees of the Department of Homeland Security which makes them government agents and therefore bound by “Terry.”  

 Private security officers

It is an established fact that private security officers are not bound by the Terry v Ohio guidelines. A security guard is allowed to search someone on the property he/she is guarding on a mere hunch of wrong doing. 

Given the sharp differences between the ways “Terry” rules apply to private guards and TSA agents, there appears to be no grounds for the type of vague and unsupported “hunch searches” TSA agents are doing everyday without cause.

Almost all of these searches would fall victim to Terry v Ohio as they should.     

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This day in history November 22

1963: John F. Kennedy was murdered in Dallas Texas by Lee Harvey Oswald who later murdered Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit. Kennedy’s murder led to the swearing in of Lyndon Johnson as the 36th President later that day.

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The media’s “omerta” (code of silence) on Obama’s past


By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

  In 2010, a donation of $450 was given to Democrat causes by one person, David Obama, according to the Huffington Post’s Fundrace website.  He is President Barack Obama’s half brother by Barack Obama, Sr. and third wife Ruth.

 Fundrace reveals five people having an Obama surname gave $11,399 to Democrats, namely Michelle, Barack, Susan, Martha, and Kenneth, a “university professor.”    Nevertheless, this total differs from the total arrived at by adding:   $450 from David Obama; $6,900 identified as last name Obama donors; $2,300 given to Hillary campaign by Barack Obama; $2,300 given to Hillary campaign by Michelle Obama. These numbers add up to $11,950.

 Another website, the Obama Interactive Family Tree, prepared by Chicago Sun-Times political editor Scott Forneck, reveals that Barack Obama indeed does have a half brother, David, “youngest son of Barack Obama, Sr., and wife Ruth.” 

 Forneck’s yeoman’s job and detailed research, does not show any siblings with given names of Martha, Susan, or Kenneth.

 An AOL search of these three names shows “no matches,” and a faculty search for Kenneth Obama says “no matches found” at Illinois Institute of Technology, the identification on the Fundrace site.  Similar searches for Martha and Susan at companies listed as their employers showed “no matches.”

 First wife Kezia and the President’s father had two sons, Abongo and Abo Obama, also half brothers of Barack jr .  The President’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, is the second wife of Barack Obama, Sr., both now deceased.  After their divorce, she married Lolo Soetoro and gave birth to Maya Soetoro Barack’s half sister.  Another half sister Auma Obama recently wrote a book entitled “Life Gets In The Way,” but who are these people?

 According to the Forneck ancestry research, a distant grandfather of the President was Owiny, known as a “Luo warrior and a leader,” who “helped defeat Bantu armies.”   An attempt to cross check the Fundrace Martha, Kenneth, and Susan Obama donors against names listed on the Federal Election Commission website, with donations through 6/30/2010 found no matches. 

 An examination of Barack Obama’s history posted on this site on May 16, 2010 titled  “Barack Obama’s dozens of social security numbers” revealed the existences of 27 different social security numbers under 21 different name variations in 22 different states and the District of Columbia connected to Barack Obama the murky man who now occupies the White House. All of these assertions were backed up by connecting links.  The painstaking research into publicly available data bases was done by Neil Sankey, a private investigator and former British police detective.

 As an aside, earlier this fall the former mayor of Port St. Lucie, Florida was forced to immediately resign her position and was booked at the local jail when a campaign watchdog filed a donations complaint with the Florida Election Commission that proved to be true.  Had federal election officials applied a similar level of due diligence to donor lists during the 2008 Election cycle the man who holds our country’s highest office might never have been elected.

   Where were all of those hot shot Palin reporters who weren’t able to cross the aisle and inspect the campaign records of the Democratic headliner?

 To read more use these links  www.suntimes.com/images/cds/special/family_tree.html       


 This day in history November 21

 1789: North Carolina ratifies the Constitution and is admitted as our 12th   state.

 Remember we have work to do. Join your local TEA party and Republican County Committees to make sure real conservatives get our nominations.

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