A Dysfunctional Combination Means Desperation On The World Stage


by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

The projected toughness of the Obama Administration is only directed against domestic “enemies” of the Regime and longtime allies of the United States. When dealing with hostile nations, Team Obama reveals itself to be thoroughly inept. (1) Staying true to the liberal definition of conflict resolution, the Kenyan Muslim and the haughty Secretary of State fall back on appeasement as diplomacy. Always ready to accommodate fellow Muslims in the Middle East, Obama is eager to remove sanctions against Iran rather than negotiate with the Islamic Regime to give up its nuclear ambitions. (4) When Secretary Kerry was dispatched to sell this dangerous idea to Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that a “bad deal” negotiated between Iran and Western Powers could lead to war.

France Saves the day
France objected to the appeasement approach taken by Team Obama, insisting that “…the six-power group negotiating with Iran should not sign a “suckers deal” and must take heed of the fears of Israel and Arab countries troubled by Iran’s nuclear activities.” (2) To save his Botox smoothed face, Secretary Kerry insisted that it was Iran that walked away from negotiations (rather than France) and that the U.S. isn’t ‘blind’ or ‘stupid’ on the subject of Iran. Despite his tough talk the fact remains that the Iranians backed down from France’s foreign minister Laurent Fabius. It was the second time in a matter of months that a foreign nation (in this case, an American ally) has prevented Team Obama from doing something stupid on the world stage. Putin was the first to give the rest of the world the impression that foreign leaders care more about the American people than the Kenyan Muslim living in public housing on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Third Intifada
Mr. Kerry believes that he can broker peace negotiations between two peoples using his own ego-saturated drivel. During a television interview, Kerry issued a veiled threat to coerce Israel into holding peace negotiations with the Palestinians by asking Israel if its opposition to talks meant the Jewish state wanted a “third intifada!” (3) The same damn fool who lectured Republicans about “nuance” had just encouraged a Palestinian uprising to murder Jewish citizens. The anti-Jewish sentiments in the so-called Palestinian territories have increased and the Palestinian negotiating team has resigned. No more peace talks. Despite the best efforts of the American Ambassador to Israel to spin away Mr. Kerry’s faux pas, the Jewish population must be on heightened alert against terror attacks. Obama’s choice of John Kerry as Secretary of State is the perfect selection for a president with a pro-Muslim bent. 


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