A few reasons for optimism as we look toward 2014 and beyond

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Make no mistake the election results clearly say it: we got pasted. We can point fingers and wring our hands but the truth is we got flogged.  Nevertheless, there are no permanent winners or permanent losers in the political American system.

Conservatism did not necessarily lose. We got about 48% of the vote but there may be another 5% who understand economies and can be convinced to vote for a conservative Republican in 2016. We held the House and some observers are saying although our numbers are smaller we have a more conservative caucus than we had in the last Congress.

We have more governorship, (30) now which is more than we have had in a long time. This edge presents a possibility that they will hold the line on implementing state healthcare systems. If just a few refuse and force the federal government to set up these state level systems the whole of Obamacare will collapse. The federal government will look to the House for funding and the House will say no – IF we keep the pressure up.   

We have some well- known players who will step up to test the presidential waters over the next four years.  If we can make our own selection and avoid people like Chris Christie – who couldn’t carry his own state of New Jersey – we might have a good chance of beating Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama did his worst among states with photo Id or some ID requirements to vote. The day after Election Day the Pennsylvania photo ID law went into effect and other states will follow suit.  

The Democrats’ tendency to over play their hand is also a potential “Ace in the hole” for Republicans.  Because they and their supporters believe we will be much better off under Obama’s policies they will constantly remind America that they are the saviors of the country. When things go sour, it will present an opportunity to appeal to a segment of our society who will be disadvantaged so severely they will be forced to the polls as their only remaining option.    




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4 thoughts on “A few reasons for optimism as we look toward 2014 and beyond”

  1. There were 5-7 million 2008 Obama voters who didnt vote in 2012. We should not count that they wont vote in 2016.

  2. In 2016, all those Democrat voters may be obliged to cast their votes for Hillary….what a deal….and I wonder what she will promise Democrats if they vote for her…Obama’s already given away what he doesn’t even have in 2012…the Democrats have really overplayed their collective hand this time….watching and waiting for the resultant bombshells….incoming….

  3. The mindless hordes of blacks who turned out for Obama are not likely to ever turn out in such heavy numbers again. He is likely to prove to be a one-time phenomena and after four more years of hardship his fellow Africans will be in a demoralised mood anyway. The first inkling of this will be the gubernatorial election in Virginia next year. If it is a blowout for the Republicans ( a virtual certainty if Transplanted NOVA Yankee Cuccinnelli can be stopped by Real Virginian Bill Bolling for the nomination)that is a good indication that blacks nationwide will be staying home in 2014.

  4. We will continue to lose IF we keep fielding candidates (like Romney) who are clueless, belong to cults and are not likeable in any way whatsoever. Palin and Romney may well go down in history as the beginning of the end of the conservative movement. WE CAN DO BETTER!!

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