A few thoughts on a dangerous world

 By Jim Emerson, staff writer

 The hot story of the week is the release of stolen State Department cables by website WikiLeaks. How WikiLeaks received the cables is a matter of speculation, but there are some interesting similarities to how the Iraqi war logs surfaced.

  North Korea: The Red Headed Stepchild

 It appears that China isn’t too enthralled with North Korea. The Chinese vice-foreign minister claimed that the government in Pyongyang acted like “spoiled brats” to gain America’s attention by launching missiles in 2009.  Other government officials consider the reclusive country “a threat to the whole world’s security.”  China’s real concern is the question of how to handle the estimated 300,000 North Korean refugees if a war broke out.

 China’s worries about what to do with North Korea should be of great concern to the isolated country’s “Chia pet” dictator. It is very possible the Chinese will sit out any new war to united Korea under South Korean control and be aligned with the west.  The guess here is the Chinese will throw him under the bus when they get tired of him.

 Most Dangerous Country in the Mideast

 Despite Arab Muslims distain for anything Israeli they consider Iran the real threat to peace in the region. Even Saudi Arabian King Abdullah warned Iran’s main goal was to cause problems. Apparently the Persians don’t have much respect for their Arab neighbors. This revelation contradicts a lot of rhetoric that Israel was the main source of unrest in the Middle East.

 Russian Mob

 According to the leaked files, Mr. Putin’s government is highly centralized, corrupt,  brutal and is the center of racketeering. Something similar to Mario Puzo’s Godfather movies but this time the Goodfellas have nukes. The genius with the reset button had to real stupid to believe that America could be a partner with the former Soviet Sopranos. How can Washington trust these people with any treaty? 


 Corruption is the norm within the Karzai government? To quote Claude Rains “I’m shocked”. Hundreds of diplomatic cables bribery, embezzlement illicit narcotics trade is the acceptable form of conducting business. What the leaks revealed was the scale of corruption would make a Chicago politician drool with envy. This makes the job of the brave troops in Afghanistan tougher, who can they trust.

Russia and China

 WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange obsession with smearing the United States is well known and often criticized by fellow WikiLeaks members. In a recent Time magazine interview Julian claimed he wanted to release China’s and Russian Secrets and that Hillary Clinton should resign. Whether or not he has such secrets and release them have yet to be seen. Given the history of the three, begs the question, who is more dangerous to the self appointed whistle blower?

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This day in history December 4

1783: George Washington delivered his farewell address to his officers at Fraunces Tavern in New York City.

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