A Historic Day plus one year

  By Jim Emerson, staff writer

 In a press conference with Adm. Mike Mullen Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta joyfully announce September 20, 2011 as a “historic day.” This is the day that the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy was repealed. The repeal is a blatant use of the military to shape public opinion and force the homosexual agenda and gay marriage on the American people a la Saul Alinsky.

 Shut up!

 During the press conference Mr. Panetta said “My hope is that the command structure operating with the standard disciplines that are in place will implement those disciplines and will ensure that harassment doesn’t take place and that all behavior is consistent with the discipline and the best interests of our military.”  He just told the troops to shut up and this is in line with the mandatory training forced on the troops during the repeal process.

 Special Rights? Bet on it!

 During the conference Adm. Mullen insisted that gay service members will not be granted housing and health benefits for their partners in compliance with the Defense of Marriage Act. Anyone who has paid attention during the last couple of years knows that this Administration flouts laws with impunity. The Admiral’s words are hollow.

 Despite the non-assurances this is going to happen:

Mark this day, in one year or less, homosexuals will have their marriage recognized, or unwed partners will be allowed to live in base housing, even to the point of ignoring laws of states or countries where they are stationed. Unmarried Gay couples will receive the same dependent allowance as married heterosexual couples. Soon after that they will demand and receive additional dependent pay that is given to married troops with children.

 In one year or less, Gay barracks will be forbidden because it will be seen as segregation. One could argue that other militaries have gay troops. Ask any member of these militaries how many homosexuals are allowed in the barracks. The answer is “none” they are pretty much sheltered off base. That dirty little secret never gets reported.

 In one year or less, military homosexuals will be promoted before peers to bring diversity within the ranks. Fitness reports will be scrubbed to present homosexuals as exceptional troops; it’s only fair because they have been discriminated for so long.  What about President Obama? He is probably praying hard to the east hoping to award a Medal of Honor to an open homosexual.

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This day in history September 24

 1957: To counter threats and attacks against Black school children by White Democrats in Little Rock Arkansas, Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower is forced to send the 101st Airborne Division to enforce the Supreme Court’s           desegregation order and protect the children.

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2 thoughts on “A Historic Day plus one year”

  1. Thankfully, Muslims HAVE no homophobic tendencies…unless, of course, you count BEHEADING! I wonder when the armed forces will relieve homosexuals of the requirement of serving in the Middle East due to the inherent psychological strain?

  2. I predict a bad end with a collapsing economy and mobs of the impovershed middle class in street actions. The President and our more progressive congressmen and women should remember that the same Army they are hollowing out is the Army that they will demand as guardians. What happens when they can't return to their districts or states without a unit of Gay troops (they'd be the only "reliable" units from a progressive view) guarding them. At that point the elections would be cancelled and the balloon goes up.

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