A May Day protest conservatives could be proud of and join

 By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

 Long menacing bolts of lightning flashed, noisy rumbles of thunder rolled, but patriots unfurled the Gadsen flag above the Star of David, right next to a large beautiful American flag at the May Day Protest against Marco Rubio and his Gang of Eight’s cruel immigration bill.

No one does a thunderstorm like Florida does, and she was in her glory Wednesday night.  I haven’t gotten that soaked, soaked to my skin, since I canoed the Des Plaines River in Illinois many years ago with a supervisor from the Big House in Joliet.  Between rain drops he told me about the rough  time prison doctors were having getting the colostomy bags in the sides of gay prisoners because their nether regions were not accepting the equipment,  to put it mildly.  So here I was along with many patriots standing in drenching rain with our signs unfurled telling Marco Rubio and his 854 page amnesty bill that it was dead in our waters!

One forty year old man who had been out of work for over three years stuck a sign in the parkway that said “Fire Obama.”  He told me he drove down over 3 1/2 hours from Tampa with his very young daughter because “this is the only way I can get Rubio to listen to me.”  The young man, clearly an able bodied young American male who wanted and needed to work, said he had tried for weeks to get our erstwhile Florida Senator to speak to him.  To No Avail!  Finally, one female clerk in Rubio’s office said, “The Senator will not speak to you because he’s too busy.”  So the earnest White male made the drive, stood hours in the drenching Florida rain and held on high his sign that told Rubio, “No Amnesty for Illegals.”    Another young man of like age said he’d been out of work in the construction industry for over four years because “construction companies hire illegals.” 

As a media type, I particularly was aghast at the complete lack of any big media trucks at the Rubio anti-immigration protest.  I saw not one media vehicle even though these miserable excuses for journalists had at least three days advance notice.  Only a portable camera man and reporter were apparent, and they may have been our local unbiased YourVoiceWeekly.com paper who had Emailed me they were going to show up.

So as a recent CiR commenter said so presciently, “I will Never vote for another Rino,” I have to agree.  Just as my long ago boyfriend told me, “Don’t worry, I’ll get us through this,” namely the blinding storm on the Des Plaines River that had so exhausted me I just couldn’t paddle any more, I know our American males will get us through the Rino/Democrat attempt to flood America with millions of illegal immigrants.  I saw strength, resolve, determination and resilience on May Day. Yes we can; we will win this thing!

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