A new Wenzel Strategies poll of LVs is encouraging but also sobering re: taking back Congress

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

A March 22 – 24 Wenzel survey of 792 Likely Voters ( + – 3.46) is both encouraging and sobering for Republican chances of retaking the Congress.

Voters’ attitudes toward the TEA Party movement(TPM).

Not surprisingly, Democrats disapprove 69/21 but Republicans and Independents strongly approve of the movement 84/13 and 68/28 which is good news.

Men are pro TPM 66/32 but women, who vote more frequently, are lukewarm at 50/42.

The West isn’t encouraging at 45/45, but the East is 54/39 Midwest 61/34 and the South 68/31 are increasingly encouraging data items.

Those earning under 50k favor TPM 59/34 but at the upper income level of 125K+ the support is very strong at 63/36.

While the TPM is disapproved by 49% of Blacks Wenzel found 36% of Blacks support TPM. This is good news, but Whites, who are the largest voting group favor TPM 60/36. That’s the better news.

Is America on the right track or wrong track?

The Right track/Wrong track, is the most telling measure of coming voter behavior. Wenzel found polar opposite numbers for Democrat and Republican perceptions. Democrats think things are just fine by a 76/17 count. The very good news is that Republicans and Independents are sour on the direction of the country by 7/92 and 35/60 respectively.

Congressional job performance numbers

In generic terms over all Republicans lead 39.8 to 36.2. This is a nice spread but it shows we are not yet in the totally commanding position we need to be in to have the big night we want on November 3.

Are you more/less likely to vote for a Obamcare “Yes” voter?

More/less: Blacks 80/14, Whites 38/60; all Democrats less 17%. Republicans: 10/89 and Independents: 33/63.

Clearly we’re in a good position, but complicacy could be deadly. There is much work to do.

Rasmussen has reported better generic numbers but he might be an outlier because his split has been consistently at or above a +6 for the GOP. Tell your friends and your neighbors.

When you stand up to fight for America remember recognition is always the least important reward. When you fight for the freedoms that come with being an American you will be shoulder to shoulder with the same type of patriots who fought hand to hand against the British to found our great nation.

What did you do to defend American freedoms yesterday? What will you do today and what do you plan to do tomorrow?

Use this site to contact your Congressional Representative. Let him or her know you will work to defeat anyone who votes for amnesty for illegal aliens or against any effort to kick them out.

Source http://www.wenzelstratigies.com

Yesterday’s Rasmussen Presidential Index had Obama at-13

This day in history March 30
1855: The “Bleeding Kansas” attacks occurs. Democrats from Missouri invade Kansas and force the election of a pro slavery legislature.

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