A Prayer for Herman Cain

By Debbie Leininger

     America is in a battle for the soul of the nation.  Dark forces have gathered to threaten the very foundation upon which America was built.  It is a war against good and evil,   a battle not against flesh and blood,  but invisible rulers of darkness.

     Isaiah describes a sinful nation in Isaiah 59:3-8 (NLT):

     Your hands are the hands of murderers,  your fingers are filthy with sin.  Your mouth is full of lies, and your lips are tainted with corruption.

     No one cares about being fair and honest.  Lawsuits are based on lies.  They spend their time plotting evil deeds and doing them.  They spend their time and energy spinning evil plains that end up in deadly actions.  They cheat and shortchange everyone.  Nothing they do is productive;  all their activity is filled with sin.  Violence is their trademark.  Their feet run to do evil, and they rush to commit murder. They think only about sinning.  Wherever they go, misery and destruction follow them.  

     Is it any wonder then that forces of darkness have risen up to malign the character of a man who humbly sought the Lord’s direction before declaring his candidacy for President of the United States?

     Herman Cain exhibits an exemplary character and lifetime of achievement.  He has risen to the top in his every endeavor.  His resume speaks for itself: Navy rocket scientist;  computer Coca Cola systems analyst;  Pillsbury VP of Corporate Data Systems & Services;  business manager over 400 Burger Kings;  CEO,  owner of God Father’s Pizza;  chairman,  National Restaurant Association;  Federal Reserve advisor;  chairman, Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank;  writer, public speaker,  radio host,  associate minister,  faithful husband  and father.

     And because opponents cannot discredit Herman Cain’s record,  they have maligned his character with vague accusations, innuendo and in Cain’s own words,  outright lies.  The media pointedly refers to   ‘alleged accusations of sexual harassment’.   That is how forces of darkness operate to discredit a righteous character and manipulate an election.

      America is at a crossroads between greatness and destruction.  This nation still enjoys the blessings of Godly men and women from past generations.  However, each generation will choose its own fate. Liberty can be lost in one generation.   The day is approaching when Americans may no longer claim  In God We Trust  unless we Christians humble ourselves, seek God’s face, and change our wicked ways.

     That said,  let us lift Herman Cain in prayer, a man who sought God’s council to run for United States President.

     Father God,

     We ask for justice against those who have maligned Herman Cain’s name. We ask that people will judge him on his true character and lifetime achievements.

     Guard him as the apple of Your eye, hide him in the shadow of Your wings, protect him from the enemies who surround him and are against him.

    Rise up a righteous man to lead America, one who will seek Your face; an approved workman  who does not need to be ashamed and who rightly speaks the truth.

     In Jesus name we pray. Amen.
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5 thoughts on “A Prayer for Herman Cain”

  1. Very good article Debbie !
    There is an innate decency to Hermann Cain not felt with the other Pubes on the presidential stump.
    Human beings, when stripped of all the political hype, innuendos and madness, can understand intuitively whether a candidate is being as honest as the entire choreographed charade allows him to be without sinking his own boat.
    What I pick up from Mr. Cain is similar to the feelings I had about Ronald Reagan,., though not quite as strong, yet. Perhaps that is because Cain is not as gifted a speaker as Reagan was.
    But I do believe that Mr. Cain can quickly learn to polish his prose a bit when he feels more certain and confident of the political landscape; He just may turn out to be a greater warrior than what we ever anticipated.
    You offered a beautiful prayer on his behalf Debbie.

  2. Cain is a little reminiscent of the "everyman" candidate of the movies. Ruling class, political Lords have more than worn out their welcome with the majority of serious American voters. It's clear the media and the rest of the Democrat Party fear the ability of Cain to connect with voters. Why else would the left bring out the "big guns" against a comparative unknown so early in the battle!

    The left almost completely controlled the Republican nominating process in 2008. That is, the media, the Dem Party and Republican Party elites. I don't think it will be as easy for them this time around.

    1. Sweet Puppy !
      You struck a nerve with me when you mentioned how utterly the Socialist-Progressives (read Marxists), controlled the Republican candidate selection in 2004. I felt totally manipulated, as well as being supremely angry with the neocons (RINOS), for also controlling our elective choices. That McCain was even let out of his Liberal cage to run as a Conservative alongside Palin, was one of the nastiest , most contrived insults to conservative Americans' intelligence !
      I do believe you are correct in your assessment that the Dems will not find it very easy this time around. But to tell the truth, I'm not as concerned about the Jackasses as I am about the sell-outs, weasels, and wimps of the Boehner-type of Republicans.
      As Alaskans, we watch our ersatz Republicans in the House and the Senate; Rep Young and Lisa-the-Liar Murkowski of the Senate, routinely go "Centrist" on us in matters of great importance…and these types of legislators are to blame for the caving and waffling on issues important to all Patriots. They choose to believe that there is no such thing as TEA Party Constitutionalism and ethics; and they continue to ignore the fact that without the votes of TEA Party Patriots, they would STILL be in the minority. As far as I'm concerned, under the RINO banner, they have relegated themselves to habitually shooting themselves in the foot. They have no direction other than the maintenance of a very dangerous status quo.

      1. Joanne,

        Howdy to you in the frozen north. RINOs are the most serious problem we have in the Republican party. And as third party nonsense is exactly what Democrats would LOVE to see us embrace, we've no real choice but to combat the Murkowski/Boehner/McCain types and work to replace them in primaries. It won't be an easy process and party elites are convinced it will never happen. We surprised them to a certain extent in 2010 and can't stop in the future.

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