A report from the ground: Gertrude Walker is stealing Allen West’s seat in Congress


By Suzanne Eovaldi , staff writer

Tracing the walking history of this mystery box of write in ballots Florida Election Board auditors found somewhere in or around Gertrude Walker’s St. Lucie County headquarters is proving to be quite daunting.  And the Allen West-Patrick Murphy recount continued early this morning after being suspended late last night.  These write in ballots of 306 early votes somehow missed being counted because machines “kicked them out.”  With Election Supervisor Walker now hospitalized, we may never know what happened.  Her administrative assistant Annie H. Clark told me, “They didn’t find no ballots,” but canvassing board member Tod Mowry said the auditors’ find “was noted.”   Kathryn Nelson, canvassing board member who voted against the new recount,” told me, “Those ballots just were not included in the official count.”

   Rumors on comment rolls began to surface about this mystery box late last week putting it in a high school gym somewhere.  The Tradition Hall polling place computer came in late and even Colonel West himself decried the chaos on election day, especially at the Minsky gym location.  The machine under Walker’s supervision kicked out 306 write in ballots that had to be manually tallied, but somewhere along the process this box disappeared and later was found by Florida state auditors.  “You color in a bullet” (bubble) some man in the audience of recount watchers told me.

    But a retired school administrator who with his wife is driving 140 miles round trip from Wellington clearly is disgusted with everything going on.  “I think it’s a mess; why is it a mess?  Why can’t we get it right. . .we’ve been voting for hundreds of years. . .there’s got to be a better process than this,” he said.   A Scottish born man said, “I’m here to make sure Allen West gets a fair shake.”  West supporters were out in force all day Saturday. 

Murphy attorney Liz Howard went up to a St. Lucie County attorney before counting began and showed her Murphy’s plea for injunctive relief seeking to halt the proceedings.  I intervened and said, “Wait a minute; those papers are neither signed by a judge nor served. . .the count must go forward!   Later in the day a new judge threw out the Murphy request saying it was lacking both procedurally and substantively.

 The Walker sudden hospitalization curiously coincides with today’s  noon deadline for election results certification. What happens next?  Murphy’s attorneys say their next move will be to enter Leon County courts to seek remedy if he loses the recount. And Colonel Allen West is fighting another valiant battle to win fair and square!  He took off his own body armor to give it to one of his men in the heat of battle.  Beloved by his dedicated supporters who have marched for him all week, Congressman West is withstanding a towering onslaught of attacks from liberal left black politicians who traditionally vote color. 

The brave American warrior just happens to be a Republican conservative that they cannot and never will control!  He is his own man.

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7 thoughts on “A report from the ground: Gertrude Walker is stealing Allen West’s seat in Congress”

  1. Rule #1 of Democrat vote-counting: “Count until the Democrat is winning, then stop counting.”

    Rule #2 of Democrat vote-counting: “Count until the Democrat is winning, then stop counting.”

    Rule #3 of Democrat vote-counting: “Count until the Democrat is winning, then stop counting.”

  2. They are now claiming an unreadable card and the clock has run out. Now we know why the process was interrupted last night. No one buys the story of an automatic burglar alarm that could not be reset or turned off. Now they seem to be waiting for more cops to show up before releasing a decision.

  3. I was there for last Sunday’s sham. I was there for this one! I left after the deadline had come and gone and was told that “the totals from last Sunday will be counted as certified”. This would mean that Murphy wins. This place and it’s “govt employees” are a joke. And why do members of SEIU have anything to do with setting up the voting machines?
    I left before things got violent. Fortunately, it didn’t get that way.

  4. we can,t give up we,ve been fighting since Nov 7th in Palm Beach &Nov 11 in St Lucie

    We can,t give up we,ll take it to Attorney General Pam Bondi & Governer Rick Scott. Let our votes count, we can,t let the big money machines win or we,ll never have a fair election !

  5. What was in the boxes seen being carried in by sheriff’s deputies? The boxes were big enough to hold a lot of ballots. Did everyone leave last night when the observers were kicked out? There are simply too many unanswered concerns here.

  6. The entire “Election day to Recount days” have been a sham! Violation after violation of the voting laws have been committed and those who were on site at the polls election day have seen enough to write a book.Those who have been there for this recount mess can also write a book.

    I find it extremely odd that around 250 votes were needed for Allen West to get a full and total recount of the three counties involved and suddenly, after the observers were thrown out of the premises where the recount was taking place, Murphy suddenly receives around 250 votes to place him further ahead! Let’s remember that on the November to 3 recount, Murphy LOST over 600 votes. Gertrude Walker should be fired and a new election held!

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