A soldier is arrested for espionage, Army Times alludes to gay Wikileaker why? Is there more here?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 Don’t look for this on the evening news, and don’t look for The Army Times to stay on this story.

At 6:30 am last Friday FBI, Army Counterintelligence and Army Criminal Investigation agents arrested Spc. William Colton Millay, a 22 year old native of Owensboro Kentucky, and charged him with suspicion of committing espionage.

Millay is being held without bail at the Alaska Dept. of Corrections Complex in Anchorage.

 What is known about Millay is sketchy.

 Available reports indicate the investigation which culminated in Millay’s arrest must have been going on for several months because when his unit the 164th Military Police Company, 793rd Military Police Battalion, 2nd Engineer Brigade shipped out for duty in Afghanistan earlier this year he was ordered to stay behind.

 The FBI Special Agent in charge of the Bureau’s Alaska office made a bland statement about Millay’s arrest which was obviously written to say very little. She said, “Today’s arrest was the result of the close working relationship between the FBI and its military partners in Alaska. Through this ongoing partnership, we are better able to protect our nation.”

In its report on Millay’s arrest The Army Times, with no supporting explanation, mentions Pvt. Bradley Manning.  Manning is a disgruntled open homosexual who was responsible for leaking thousands of pages of secret documents detailing the workings of our military tactics in Afghanistan which have already cost American and Afghani lives.  There is nothing about Millay having access to Wikileak type materials and nothing from those who hate America about a new wave of damming documents to embarrass us with.     

What The Army Times is not saying appears to be more important than what it did say.

Could the reference to Manning in the report on Millay be obfuscating the truth that he too is a disgruntled homosexual? Is this why The Army Time’s connected Millay and Manning?

Perhaps at this moment of triumph for the cause of homosexuals openly serving in our military this part of the story wouldn’t “fit” so the Administrations’ puppet media, The Army Times couldn’t bring itself to tell the truth as they know it.

Since Obama took office it has become increasingly difficult to accept, on face value, anything from anybody even remotely connected to him.

Is The Army Times hiding something?      

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