Absent the Pro Life Movement, Obama et al. would be doing a victory dance

By Bruce Karlson

The pro-life movement is relegated to having begun after Roe v. Wade. There is no doubt that Christian activists found the decision to be morally bankrupt and led the charge. Americans were generally uncomfortable with the act of aborting an unborn baby but chose to avert their eyes.

The ruling was the first to so sweepingly defy the 10th Amendment and crush an individual state’s right to make its own laws. That the ruling was based on a “right to privacy” that existed only in the “penumbra” of the Constitution seemed to pass muster with most Americans. This, of course, was before Watergate blew up and the S/E Asia disaster had not yet totally manifested itself. In short, the average American still trusted the Federal government.

Insofar as Christians were the in the vanguard of protesters, the then MSM managed to conveniently pass the controversy off as religious dispute. It was those annoying Christians who would not accept the edict from on high (to the MSM and “liberals”, “on high” is Washington DC). Christians were unmoved by the obfuscation and continued to peacefully protest in support of the rights of unborn citizens. Except that they rarely, if ever, referred to them as “rights”.

“Rights” are supposedly guaranteed to all legal residents of the United States by the Constitution and the Federal government’s powers were severely limited. Round heeled and/or corrupted judges and Justices made a hash of that while Americans simply accepted the idea that the rulings simply to help one favored group or another. They did not focus on the longer term implications. That attitude prevailed until the ascension of Obama and his Congress.

Meanwhile, the Christian community’s efforts, amid derision, began to slowly convert. It forced the nation to look at abortion for what it is and, in 2009, a majority agreed that abortion was wrong… essentially manslaughter. While on that that road, many politicians were elected by those who simply would not vote for any candidate who would, at minimum, allow Federal dollars to fund abortions. Many voters and politicians were more committed but “no Federal funds” was the common denominator.

In fact, our Founders predated the issue by putting a right to life in the Declaration of Independence. The Fourteenth Amendment buttressed that right. Abortion’s supporters consciously chose to ignore both of those as Christians, not surprisingly, stuck to arguing Christian principles.

Regardless, religiously based pro-lifers kept like-minded politicians in office many of which would not have won elections absent that support. Given the closeness of the vote on Obama care (non care?) government takeover, it is those Democrats that are our last hope.

All that believe in liberty should consider where we would be without those seemingly forlorn pro life protesters, cum political movers. They were there in rain and shine always peaceful, frequently smiling. and unknowingly protecting all of us from Obama care.

The very life of American is in our hands. Let’s all stand up for our beloved America and be worthy of the name American
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