After the S & P disaster only American exceptionalism can save us from Obama

By Bruce Karlson,  staff writer

Most of what we are reading about the S & P decision is both truthful and interesting.   None of it, to date, touches on the thing that the Obamites,  particularly “The One”, his obnoxious wife and assorted sycophants really care about.

We can start with what they do not much care about:  the country, its traditions, its place in the world, freedoms, and the immense good America has brought to the world.   (Views on the messes we perpetuated via Wilson’s war, FDR’s war, and fiat money are for another time.  Even given those, our contributions have more than compensated, wildly more).

 We are in financial trouble largely because of the things we undertook to keep Europe, South America, and parts of Asia free.  They drained our will and our treasury while allowing protected nations to develop pernicious social welfare systems.  Absent America’s tax dollars and blood, and exceptionalism none of them could have afforded to protect themselves and build socialist welfare states simultaneously.  Obviously they required some help after FDR’s war and Wilson’s war but we subsidized them far too long.  Our efforts, even those in Southeast Asia, while arguably failures, stemmed the tide of global Communism and drained its resources.

Many of them should have been avoided as we could not afford them, absent bankrupting out children. It is axiomatic that money wins wars as often as strategy, order of battle, or tactics.   As our allies “paid” in lip service, we paid in blood and treasure. Fiat money and seemingly infinite borrowing capacity made that possible.  Along with Pyrrhus, we won the battles but lost the war. 

    “The One” and his ilk dismiss American exceptionalism and find robust Americanism to be unseemly or jingoistic. It is all about HIM and his quest to bring the US into a socialized world government.

 He and his coterie now know that his re-election is in serious jeopardy.  The S & P downgrade threatens that re-election and THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS. Why worry about our nation’s future, our heirs, or anything else when the emperor’s reign is put in doubt by ungrateful voters?   Can’t they see his wonderfulness?  Obama is wounded and the jackals are circling, some financed by the loathsome George Soros, who has infinite resource. This portends  great danger for Obama and may actually take him down. 

 By the time he gives up the ghost or limps to the nomination, however, even a hapless Republican candidate will appear Reaganesqe by comparison.  A victory for the conservative cause will be great,  but  victory for our nation is absolutely necessary for survival.     

After bankrupting the nation, enslaving our heirs, and heaping misery on the most vulnerable, the only saving grace is Obama’s defeat.  Hardly worth a celebration, but it is a start thanks to American exceptionalism.    

 To contact your Congressional Representative use this link:

In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both.  What have you done today to deserve to live in America?

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One thought on “After the S & P disaster only American exceptionalism can save us from Obama”

  1. Little Timmy Geithner believes S&Ps hasn't any conception of "basic U.S. fiscal budget math". Oh really Timmy? Where did you pick up YOUR expertise-certificate? From a Cracker-Jack box?
    Little Barrie Hussein point his pinkies at obstructionist Tea Party-types for the credit downgrade. But little Barry has forgotten that he messed in his own diaper when he ignited the fury of the very people he said he would deliver from "government as usual".
    Little Davey Axelrod also swears that the Tea Party is to blame for the recent downgrade.
    Babies will have bogey-men to blame. Grown men are supposed to take responsibility for their personal behavior and endeavors.
    You see, It really does matter whose ox is getting gored this time around.
    Baby Timmy, Baby Barry, Baby Davey, along with their infant cousin, Little Eric Holder, (who doesn't believe that "States" have rights), are all sitting on "the horns of a dilemma", with no hope of rescue.
    No deal, no fraud, no promises,no excuses, no boo-hooing, no nuthin', is big enough to bail their sorry asses out from the stampede comin' their way.
    How fast can these kiddies run? Because like the narrow streets of Pamplona, they have little space in which to maneuver to avoid being trampled by the very bulls they've enraged.
    We've been set loose on the streets by the S&P downgrade they helped to occur (with the unsustainable spending);; and now we're comin' to get them "ready or not".

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