“All gay all the time,” mantra of the homosexual left

by George Spelvin,  staff writer

All Gay, All the Time is sweeping the country like never before since Barack Obama became president, and many are starting to push back on what is coming off as an attack on White Christian Males. Talk host Michael Savage told listeners recently that every day men tell him the onslaught is devastating.  He has put up an 18 minute audio presentation that speaks to this attack on our men. A frightening drop in male sperm count documented in a British medical journal shows that from l940 to l990 the average sperm count dropped over 50% and the low sperm count tripled in that same time period. “It’s like standing in front of a wide open fire hose every day,” Savage says as he describes what’s being done to especially the white American  male.  (1)

But a South Florida Hispanic man named Juan told a radio talk audience he did not want his children exposed to the homosexual agenda with which they are being bombarded in our public schools.  He wants the option of sending his children to private or Catholic schools so he has a better sense of what they are being taught and is calling for VOUCHERS so parents, not unions and politicians, can control their children’s school choices.

“The Homosexual Agenda in the Public Schools” (2) is a book written by Christian men who are stepping up to the crisis of belief attacking men of all ethnicity.  Authors Sears and Osten give the following example of how the homosexual agenda is being pushed onto elementary school children in California.  One presentation involves a little boy who puts on his mother’s high heel shoes in a show and tell skit for his young classmates. He stands up and recites this poem: “in Mommy’s high heels the world is beautiful. Let the peasants choke way down below. I’m standing high above the crowds. My head is breaking through the clouds. In Mommy’s high heels I’m ten feet tall!” (3 pg. 23)

The Christian authors then quote, pg. 31, how upset a Mother was when her 13 year old child checked out a school library book explaining how gay men could “get extra pleasure” while viewing the opera.  The explicit language cannot be stated in this essay.   A book written by two homosexual activists Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen in l989 called “After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear  and Hatred of Gays in the 90’s” is considered by many to be the gay manifesto for normalizing same sex perversion in America. “The strategy to legitimize homosexuality is to portray gays as victims and gay victimizers as bad.” (4)

The targets of homosexual activists are emerging daily to be not only the white Christian male, but men in general.  Social engineering of the Democrat Progressive Socialism machine begun years ago is coming into fruition with the Obama administration’s attacks on anything or anyone male in America.  Even if you don’t go by Biblical teachings, just realizing how gay sex takes place speaks to their aim of population control!  One long ago study said the apex of civilization’s development tipped in the World War II American fighter pilots who were able to win over any and all costs.  Thanks to the maw of the Democrat agenda, our sons and grandsons won’t ever meet these men again.

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To read more use these links:

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(2) Sears. Alan E. & Osten, Craig. THE HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA IN THE PUBLIC

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(4) http://familypolicy.net/us/nation/?p=1692

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4 thoughts on ““All gay all the time,” mantra of the homosexual left”

  1. And as with blacks and Hispanics, the left has turned homosexuals into a nationally "protected" group about which facts may NOT be stated if any negative repute is attached.

  2. George, I find it extremely hard to believe that the advent and increase of most precisely, male homosexuality unions, is responsible for the reported low sperm counts occurring around the world….
    You make it appear that males even remotely connected to a gay male or couple will "catch" this loathsome 'low-sperm-count' condition by association. That is patently ridiculous.
    I object to this manner of reasoning ! It is unnecessarily alarmist and inflammatory.
    In no way do I support or endorse either the lifestyle or the sexual activities of the Gay and Lesbian communities; and I will continue to adamantly resist any "normalizing attitudes" directed toward its legitimacy in this, or any other country.
    Please launch immediately a much needed personal research into the effects of 'environmental and man-made esters' on the sperm counts of men.
    Environmental, and man-made esters are feminizing influences (yes, they are Estrogens!!), on the male populace….be they Gay or "Straight"…and when men are constantly being bombarded with them from sources we use every day…sterility does, very sadly, appear to be the logical conclusion.
    There's your culprit George….please report back to us what your findings.

  3. Now that hussein come out for the queers, we will have queers from all over the world trying to come here. That all we need is more queers. I wish we get rid of the one in the White House.

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