Allah apparently Obama’s guiding light

by George Spelvin,  staff writer

An anonymous internet Email making the cyber rounds about what is really on Barack Obama’s famous gold ring links back to a WorldNetDaily piece by Jerome R. Corsi, put up on October 10, of this year.

Does the Obama ring really say, “There is no god except Allah?”  Well, depending on what Middle Eastern scholar you talk to, you get a different answer, and the Corsi story is still standing.  “So What,” said an international law professor at the University of Kansas to Blaze reporters when they asked him about his take on the inscription on Obama’s ring. “The president is a monotheist,” said Professor Raj Bhala. (1)

A Duke University academic who wouldn’t give The Blaze his name for publication sees the ring as a piece of good luck jewelry.  “Usually people in the Middle East-they wear such rings just for protection against any evil (spirits), car crashes–to keep them safe from evil. (2)

Harvard’s Dr. Ali Asani told The Blaze he just could not make out a determination of the ring’s images until he could see it up close.  Now, Corsi’s web story that, BTW is just another MSM blind spot, declares the ring says, “There is no god except Allah.”  A discussion of the first of Islam’s Five Pillars, called The Shahada, mentions that the ring refers to fundamental Islamic declarations. of faith.  Corsi finds unusual the fact that our sitting President “still has not explained why he wore the band on his wedding-ring finger before he married Michelle.” (3)  Joel Gilbert, the Arabic expert on the Middle East who produced the “Dreams From My Real Father” DVD reported the ring “bore an Islamic inscription” and came from Indonesia!    The WND report shows pictures of Obama wearing the ring in Cairo, Egypt, in June of 2009, and even with roommate Hasan Chandoo”at Occidental College in l981.

 Huffington Post pix  show close ups of the ring in March, 2010, as shown by the Corsi web story. (4) One commenter after this piece firmly states, “This story was debunked.” Another person says, “I read Arabic and that ring totally doesn’t read what u said it does. . .”

Citing fact finder web site Snopes, yet another commenter sees Snopes as left leaning, therefore the ring controversy still cannot be solved.  Corsi finally points out that when the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. married Michelle and Barack, he held her traditional ring, but “Barack’s was an intricate gold design from Indonesia, where he had lived as a boy.”  So yet another unknown about America’s sitting president comes up just as he wraps up a hugely expensive second run at the White House.  Even Donald Trump’s offer to donate five million dollars to a charity of Obama’s choice if he would only release his college records is not enough to shake loose any of of the facts surrounding this man!

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