America’s “Certifigate”

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

America now must face its biggest political crisis in history because she has a sitting President whose credentials to hold office can not and will not be verified by the very institutions charged with protecting her, and her media are covering up Certifigate.   “The document failed every test we put it through,” said lead investigator Mike Zullo who told Sheriff Joe Arpaio “We had a forgery” referring to the document released last year by the White House as being President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  Speaking at a Maricopa County, AZ press conference in front of a very hostile media scrum on Thursday, March 1, Zullo revealed, “In fact, absent the authentication of Hawaii Department of Health 1961 birth records for Barack Obama, there is no other proof he was born anywhere within the United States.”

Based on their meticulous examination and precise analysis, Zullo and his Cold Case Posse “believe a criminal investigation is needed because fraud has been committed (and) the document is fake!”  The media present shrugged off the very detailed explanation of computer generated forgery Zullo objectively explained, attempting instead to portray Sheriff Joe and his investigators as being driven by politics.

 But Arpaio stuck to his original statement that “I want the facts of this. . .Mr. President, come up with other documentation to put this at rest. . .where were you born?”   Continuing, Sheriff Joe said to the antagonistic media, “This has nothing to do with politics. . .we have obstacles here. . .what (does) politics have to do with this?”

From date and registrar stamps imported “from unknown sources, to a “built” nine layer document released by the White House on its own web site to seven days of missing microfilm that disappeared from national archives, clearly Zullo and his team proved they have probable cause for a criminal probe in the alleged forgery of Obama’s birth certificate. 

Of the 685 rolls of national archives microfilm, seven days in l961, from August 1 to August 7, disappeared, further thwarting the Cold Case Posse volunteer investigators’ attempts to determine if mother Stanley Ann Dunham and baby Barack Obama entered the United States at that time!                  

In response to a petition of 250 Surprise, AZ concerned citizens, (, Arpaio last September commissioned his five member team of three former law enforcement officers and two retired attorneys with law enforcement backgrounds to examine the Obama document and to look into the problem of his Selective Service card.  “There is a clear difference between an authentic stamp and Barack Obama’s stamp,” said Zullo.                    

“This whole affair is a serious national security issue and should not be construed as merely partisan politics or a racial issue,” said international forensics document and scanner expert Doug Vogt in a 28 page affidavit he sent to FBI Director Robert Mueller III, to 90  mainly Republican members of Congress and to Special FBI Agent in Charge in Honolulu, Hawaii Frank Montoya soon after the White House issued its document last year.

Attorney Orly Taitz called Vogt to testify in her GA eligibility hearing last month along with database expert Susan Daniels who found many serious anomalies, especially with Social Security number documentation.  On his web site is Vogt’s original document detailing the following main points, in paraphrase: a. Curved and non curved type; b. white haloing; c. mix of binary and grayscale letters; d. “The Sequential Number is a forgery!”; e. different colors in form boxes; f. an incorrect official seal; g. a forged stamped notice; h. forged signatures of the Mother and Registrar; i. Multiple layers in the White House’s PDF file “indicate the COLB was created in Adobe or Photoshop.”  No one responded to Vogt’s affidavit.

Zullo said they have numerous sworn affidavits of witnesses worldwide willing to come forward, including one retired government employee who told them a relative of Bill Ayers said to him in 1980, upon introducing Obama, that they were assisting the foreign student in getting an education in the U.S!

This was in regards to attempting to prove an overseas birth of Obama.

Our beloved land was put in this dire position in the first place because its media failed to properly vet one candidate while over-investigating the candidates from the other party.  The media themselves are politically motivated, not Sheriff Arpaio and his investigators as the media charges.  And because of this horror, America is in grave danger with a president seeking re-election whose credentials are not being verified by anyone in authority!

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This day in history March 3rd

1931: The “Star Spangled Banner” was at last, officially adopted as the nation’s National Anthem

In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both.  What have you done today to deserve to live in America?

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35 thoughts on “America’s “Certifigate””

  1. Sooo-why do ALL (not just one, I tried them ALL) of the Links say" 403 Forbidden
    Resin Professional 3.0.21 (built Thu, 10 Aug 2006 12:17:46 PDT)", on TWO different Computer Systems, MAC and PC – who's trying to hide what. ?

    1. William HArvey,

      Thank you for pointing out the links problem. I don't know why they are not working.

      In any event, here are other links for the information related by Suzanne.

      The entire press conference may be viewed at the Western Journalism link.

      CiR is certainly not trying to "hide" anything. Indeed the story of the BC and Selective Service card forgeries are posted throughout the internet, though of course noticeably lacking in the legacy media.
      Thanks for reading and commenting on Coach is Right
      Doug Book

    1. When and where did this take place? This is pretty good but someone will scrub it soon. Save it if you can

    2. Raymond, knock it off. This is old as the hills. This video was deviously edited. Obama does not admit he was not born in America. The words never come out of this mouth.

      Why must birthers keep lying and lying?

    1. Raymond —

      When and where does the First Lady say that the President was "born in Kenya"? It's not on the video you linked to.


        1. Can you tell me exactly where in the video she says that the President was "born in Kenya"? Sorry, I'm not hearing those words.

  2. Hello,
    Everyone with a "BRAIN" to think knows this guy is a huge fraud to the highest degree. I am so sick, and tired of the "FOOLS" in the media who we as citizens in the past have thought were the "TRAIL–BLAZERS" of our precious freedoms. That they were going to tell us the truth, and basically going to tell us as the famous line in the old TV show back in the 60's went—–"JUST THE FACTS MAMA, JUST THE FACTS". We have been waiting for just the facts from the media for so long now, and have not gotten nothing close to that. Thank you everyone.

    1. bearone,

      For the past couple of decades the only source for facts has been the internet. Naturally, this is why the left and the federal government as a whole are so intent upon controlling the web. For too many facts are likely to "confuse" the American people. Better we have just a few, very select sources of "fact." You know, like MSNBC, CNN and the New York Times! That makes it much simpler for we the little people!

      1. I appreciate your comment "VERY" much. Thanks for making it, And it is very much right in content. Keep on shining all the way.

  3. We are proud of Sheriff Joe here in AZ. He is the only person in an elected position here in the United States who is willing to investigate the Usurper in Chief.

    1. Montrey,

      Do you know who is was speaking in front of and the date of this speech. Thanks for the posting, right out of his own
      lying mouth. Wow that was powerful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      God Bless U, Lindy

  4. bearone7777 What is the significance of the 7777? Just
    curious. The 16th SOS at Hurlburt Field had an AC130A
    gunship tdy to Korat Thailand when we evacuated Saigon.
    It was tail number 7777 and called a bunch of 7s. The other
    one was 0038 or balls 38. Any connection?

  5. Does anybody know to whom he was speaking to, where this took place and the date of the speech.

    That was very eye opening statement by our LIAR IN CHIEF. WOW!!!!!!!

  6. Birtherism is big business, and Jerome Corsi and Joseph Farah over at World Net Daily figured that out a long time ago. This whole charade is designed to keep selling books, bumper stickers and DVDs to gullible birthers. Is that not obvious by now?

    The cold case posse presented no evidence of forgery. You can read the truth behind the matter right here:

    1. Well if it is big business at least it means there are now 2 businesses Obama hasn't managed to destroy: the search for truth about his background and the sale of guns. Of course, he did TRY to destroy the latter via Fast and Furious, but got caught!

        1. I spoke the truth and you don't like. Oh well.
          Anyone who supports Obama the muslim in any way
          is an enemy of America, hence my enemy.

          "I mean no hostility."
          This is a complete lie and you know it.

  7. Oldpuppymax — Read the fogbound Arpaio report and tell me how you honestly – honestly -react to it. Be honest, now. Isn't this charade getting old by now?

    1. What , precisely, is "fogbound" in the report? I certainly don't pretend to know much of the science they relate concerning the ability to forge a document on a computer. But I've not seen any science o n the part of the left to rebut it!

  8. All one has to do is look at who owns the main stream media.

    Obama is nothing more than a very obedient, planted puppet who will do whatever his masters tell him to do. Their money will cover all attempts to reveal the truth. And, guess what? So long as he doesn’t cross them, they may even buy him another term.

  9. Fogbow is an organization of OBAMABOTS. What in the world would one EXPECT them to write? Once again, where is the science refuting the Posse report?

    For example, the last site you recommended states that the Posse made the claim that the BC was layered, but that ALL such scanned items are layered, so no big deal. Well that is a misleading statement. The point of the Posse report was that a document of the BC complexity would have far more than the 9 layers found. So your site either deliberately or out of ignorance, misstated the argument. This sort of thing and the "they are racists" or "Corsi is in it for the money" stuff are the sum and substance of the left's arguments.

  10. The real enemy is a congress filled with politicians who looked the other way and the judges who refuse to look at all.

    Either these congresspeople and senators are paid a lot more than they’re admitting, or they got some huge skeletons in their closets.

  11. I never got past Obama's sealed records, (which the Obots claim are not sealed), before I was certain this guy was a total fraud. Nobody seals everything, including all or their medical records, even his kindergarten records were lost…..everything that would reveal his foreign citizenship is hidden.

    He was born in Kenya….born in Hawaii did not begin until about 2007. Until they were scrubbed there were lots of "Kenyan born Senator Obama" references available on the net, (I have about 10 in hard copy). They are still available archived in screen shots at several websites. It was a given he was born in Kenya, and never "corrected" in any way until one of his minions said;. "Whoops, we need to change this if you are going to run for president"……..and they did, and hello Hawaii..

  12. Blatant lawlessness-they disobey them all-the immoral bastards need to go to jail for a very long time-outlaws used to be hunted down-perhaps our truckdrivers can each grab a deadbeat traitor on capitol hill and haul them to a chinese ship to be slaves in a diamond mine-it would sure eliminate the court malfunctions-judges need to also face jail or industrial slavitude-the last thing they want is to have to pay up for their crimes-well let's make them pay a trillion times over-with no mercy-they gave us none and no recourse-no fair trials no accurate news reporting no transparency no middleclass help what-so-ever-and plenty of lies

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