American Citizens: Just Doormats For Illegals

 By Ron Reale, staff writer

Once again, we are seeing the hundred year war against America by progressive liberals bear fruit.

It is always the same story. We saw it recently with the bank collapse. Progressive liberals, starting with Jimmy Carter, ordered banks to make home loans to people that had no hope of paying off the mortgages. The slow trickle of loss became an avalanche under Bill Clinton, as he and Janet Reno enforced draconian penalties on the banks, forcing their continued forced “charity” to those that had no intention of paying back their loans.

The result was the collapse of America’s housing market and banks, and the latest progressive liberal leader, Barack Obama, being able to claim that capitalism has not worked, (and never did!).

Never mind that once the banks accepted the government regulations, they were no longer capitalist entities. To progressive liberal liars, their influence never causes the problems.

Now, along the same lines, we have the Anti-American Presidential Liar-in-Chief declaring that we must allow illegals to stay, “because they have been here all their lives, through no fault of their own, and have gone to school here,” so they deserve to stay. Never mind that the only reason any of that occurred is because for years, the progressive liberals have FORCED the states to educate the children of lawbreakers, instead of arresting those that showed up at the schoolhouse doors because of their illegal status.

Had Anti-American progressive liberals allowed Americans to enforce the laws on the books, and refused illegals entry to our society at all levels, and reported all those that attempted to steal our taxpayer dollars, none of these criminals would be here to worry about!

Once again, the Federal government has created a disgracefully anti-American situation that over the years, where illegality has become accepted, and, once the system starts to collapse, blames the American people for the problem, not the illegals.

If Obama wants to give these criminals something, he should plea bargain with them, like any other criminal. Make them give up their parents for deportation for breaking our laws. Charge the parents with contributing to the delinquency of a minor for making them lawbreakers. Make them sign loan papers to pay for the education they stole, and any monies spent on medical procedures they required, and any services or benefits the government gave them.

If these “children” are our future, force them into the capitalist world, and let them pay for their lawlessness with their coming success Obama is so sure of.

Legislators should immediately be drafting laws to stop this system of illegality. If putting illegal children in school is now the ticket illegals are depending on to continue their rape of America, than someone has to put a stop to it.

I’d say a good start is putting a Border Patrol office in every public school, and making all admissions clerks ICE officers, with the power to arrest illegals when they show up to enroll.

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One thought on “American Citizens: Just Doormats For Illegals”

  1. Ron…what angers me beyond belief is the fact that we have had one Amnesty after another from many different administrations (even Reagan's!), and we STILL have not seen an abatement of this problem of illegal immigrations.
    This seems to prove out the old theory that 'what you tax, you get less of…what you subsidize…you get more of.
    I look at all these assorted 'amnesties' as subsidiizations…..(aid, assistance) of an illegal portion of our population to the detriment of the legal residents…, by that reasoning, we are bound to incur more of the same when we continually make excuses for, and pander to, the poor choices and illegal judgements of those who enter this country wrongfully.
    Not only do legal residents have to pay for these leeches (higher medical costs, difficulty finding jobs, especially 'trade' jobs, school and college tuitions, etc.), these people are being used as a wedge to divide the American on immigration policy decisions which were supposed
    to be enforced for the betterment and protection of our American way of life.
    Our country now is so lacking in the homogeneous qualities of unity of spirit, common purpose, and a lack of understanding of the traditional back-ground roll that government was supposed to play in our lives….
    Now we have only the cacophony of disparate and very vocal groups crying out for the government teat for their legitimacy and salvation…
    I'm personally sick to death that all these present and former presidents….along with the meddling of Congress over the years in doling out 'special interest rights' to a select few…..have had so little esteem or regard for OUR national ethos of individuality which had served us so well in the past.
    They have created a monster.
    Thanks for your fine article Ron, keep 'em coming !!

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