American companies selling off nation’s water supplies with blessing of Obama Regime

by Suzanne Eovaldi
Shocking statistics surfacing about record busting, low water levels in America’s Great Lakes make no mention of the sale of fresh water supplies by private companies to China, or of President Obama’s executive order and the legal loophole which is allowing these sales.  “Two of the Great Lakes have hit their lowest water levels EVER RECORDED” the US Army Corps of Engineers reported early this year. (1) Corps measurements taken in January of 2013 “show Lake Huron and Lake Michigan have reached their lowest ebb since record keeping began in 1918.”  The chief watershed hydrology expert warns Americans, “We’re in an extreme situation.”  Keith Kompoltowicz heads up the corps district office in Detroit as hand wringing, citizen angst, and shippers’ economic losses pile up. 

“Plunging water levels are beyond anyone’s control,” says another expert, James Weakley.(2) But in one of CiR’s most popular posts, last year we warned, “Lake Michigan water is being shipped by boat loads over to China!  By using a little known loophole in the 2006 Great Lakes Compact, Obama minions are allowing Nestle Company to export precious fresh water out of Lake Michigan to the tune of an estimated $500,000 to $1.8 million per day profit.” (3) Recent heavy rains and snowfall may mitigate low Lake Michigan water levels somewhat, but this trend must be stopped NOW.
President George W. Bush signed into law safeguards for maintaining Great Lakes water, but clever corporate profiteers enabled by Obama Regime bureaucrats discovered this unnoticed loophole. By terming Great Lakes water a COMMODITY, they are selling it off to companies like Nestle for very low prices.  These water profiteers quickly realized a staggering “240 times markup, well over current production costs,” CiR reported. And so our American Great Lakes which hold 20% of the world’s fresh water is flowing into Asia.
This week, CiR received a blast Email from a citizens’ group up in arms about the privatization of US water supplies. “Water isn’t a human right,” according to one water profiteer who seeks to privatize and commodify our public resources. The bulletin continues, “From Pakistan to Canada, Nestle is busy draining millions of liters of our fresh water. . .in order to sell back to the public at record prices.”  Interestingly, Canada won an ambitious lawsuit stopping Nestle from draining our Lakes during a drought.  However, American plaintiffs are nowhere to be found.  This citizens’ letter asks us to remember President Obama’s Executive Order 13547 which is part of his Ocean Policy Initiative and the UN’s Law of the Sea treaty (L.O.S.T.)  Unless we ordinary voters and water drinkers step up to the proverbial plate on this crisis, water will be under the control of globalists and their private profiteers.
America’s Water Wars are an under-reported crime again us.  Four dams slated for permanent destruction, a red question mark over Hoover Dam’s future, the San Joaquin Valley, the sin of what was done to America’s breadbasket, namely California’s Central Valley, and now our revered Great Lakes and their massive watershed are under the crosshairs of government gone wild.  Citizens dedicated to keeping America’s water within our shores desperately need your attention and support. Go to to find out more.  Will you be saving your quarters in a piggy bank shaped like a fish to give to your grandchildren so they can put money into the coin slot by their kitchen faucets just to get a drink of water per day?

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6 thoughts on “American companies selling off nation’s water supplies with blessing of Obama Regime”

    1. @Bill Lox—Bill, this is the same “non-biased” politifact which which gave Barack Obama a score of “half-true” on his claim that Americans who liked their healthcare policies could KEEP their healthcare policies!!! Sites and posts exposing the left wing bias of politifact exist throughout the web.
      Thanks for reading Coach is Right.
      Doug Book

  1. I’m sure you’re right that some opinions expressed on politifact have some bias. But no less than this site.

    On the “Keep your healthcare” statement, I like how you left out that Politifact just labeled that the lie of the year. Such a left bias there…

    Frankly, I’m tired of both the left and right trying to vilify each other. Both sides are equally to blame for the state that our nation is in and to think only one side is to blame or shoulders most of the blame is rather foolish.

    1. @Bill Lox—Bill, Coach is Right has never pretended to be anything but a conservative site presenting its readers with information about the far left and that group’s assault on the nation and the rights of the American people. Politifact, on the other hand, claims to be middle of the road, non-biased. The site is simply not truthful.
      And here is the link to a Taranto article entitled “PolitiFact Changing Its ‘True’ Obamacare Claim to ‘Lie of the Year’ Exposes Their Fundamental Dishonesty.”
      Doug Book

  2. Ahh yes… I love when one equally biased site/pundit/person/etc. calls another site/pundit/person/etc. biased.

    What will help get this country fixed is if each side stopped trying to get the other side every opportunity they get. Each side is equally bad.

    I’m sure we can find just as many “assaults” on the nation and our rights coming from both sides.


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