American Minute for November 9th is pleased to announce American history scholar; nationally known speaker and best selling author William J Federer’s daily American Minute column will be part of CiR’s afternoon update.

 Bill Federer is a tireless and meticulous researcher whose daily history lessons reflect the relationship between God and our nation. Bill is a regular guest on radio and television shows when getting American history right is essential.

 We’re sure you will enjoy Bill’s daily columns and want to share them with your friends and families. Bill Federer is an American patriot whose message needs to be heard by all.

  By Bill Federer, staff writer

    On NOVEMBER 9, 1954, President Eisenhower addressed the National Conference on the Spiritual Foundation of American Democracy at the Sheraton-Carlton Hotel, Washington D.C.:
“Now Dr. Lowry said something about my having certain convictions as to a God in Heaven and an Almighty power.
Well, I don’t think anyone needs a great deal of credit for believing in what seems to me to be obvious…
This relationship between a spiritual faith…and our form of government is…so obvious that we should really not need to identify a man as unusual because he recognizes it.”
Eisenhower continued:
“Our whole theory of government finally expressed in our Declaration…said…Man is endowed by his Creator…
When you come back to it, there is just one thing…man is worthwhile because he was born in the image of his God…
Democracy is nothing in the world but a spiritual conviction…that each of us is enormously valuable, because of a certain standing before our own God.”

Eisenhower concluded:
“Any group that…awakens all of us to these simple things…is, in my mind, a dedicated, patriotic group that can well take the Bible in one hand and the flag in the other, and march ahead.”

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  1. Obama's administration should be known as The Cover-Up Administration. There is SO much John Q. Public does not know, from Obama's birth narrative to this gun walking atrocity, and everything in between and beyond. If We The People do not stand up to these thugs, our beloved America will be lost forever. Stay focused, intense, and remember that TRUTH has no agenda and it is always on your side!

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