No honor among thieves after all: California Democrats fleeced by one of their own

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 California Democrats have learned a hard lesson about trusting Democrats. An unfolding investigation has revealed the Party’s favorite campaign treasurer Kinde Durkee is a thief. The scorecard of this woman’s damage makes her an attractive candidate as featured speaker at the next Orange County Lincoln Day Dinner – provided she can raise her own bail money.

The list of victims Durkee has swindled reads like a who’s who of the most destructive enemies of freedom the Golden State has sent to Washington in recent years. “Money bags” Dianne Feinstein lost a reported $4.7 million, the phony Sanchez sister got stung as well. Linda Sanchez lost $322,000 and Loretta Sanchez who used absentee ballots from Mexico to unseat Bob Dornan lost $125,000. A third Congresswoman, Susan Davis “donated” $160,000 to the greedy Durkee.

 Reasons to rejoice

There are several reasons to be happy about this news. These three are all knee jerk liberals who have been destructive forces in our lives since their first days in Congress. Dianne Feinstein has a lifetime American Conservative Union (ACU) rating of 8.5%. Susan Davis has a 4.8% ACU lifetime rating and the Sanchez sisters are at 8.8% for Loretta and a minuscule 3.13% for Linda.

 These numbers aside, the real benefit to freedom in this swindle is that these Congresswoman who will likely face little or no opposition next year will not have the money to play Santa Claus to other money starved liberal Democrats.

 Feinstein could actually be personally damaged by Durkee’s theft. She could be facing Michael Reagan at a time when the TEA party movement has revitalized the conservative reverence for President Ronald Reagan.      

Perhaps the most damaging part of the Durkee rip off is the problem of finding honest competent campaign treasurers for next year’s election campaigns.

Those who have not been involved in the inner workings of a political campaign can’t fully appreciate how important the position of treasurer has become over the last several cycles. As evidence of this dilemma, as of two weeks ago fully 53 California Democrat federal political committees still listed Durkee as their treasurer.

 Obviously even though they know Durkee is a crook they can’t replace her. Moreover with the size of this scandal all California Democrat federal campaigns and political committees will be easy targets for those nettlesome “finance and reporting” complaints Democrats have thrown at Republicans for so many years.  

 This is will be fun to watch.  

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4 thoughts on “No honor among thieves after all: California Democrats fleeced by one of their own”

  1. How nice. Feinstein it should be recalled tacked on that waiver to the Congressional initiative ordering the moving of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel's capital of Jerusalem. As a result, the aged hostile anti-Israel State Dept. "experts" were able to thwart Congress. This insult to Israel needlessly encouraged the segregation infused "war if no land" (Land for Peace) stupidity. I hope Reagan makes use of this little bit of history to help reduce Feinstein's coffers.

  2. Hoo Boy ! You are SO right that this is gonna be a hoot to watch as in unfurls!
    It would be a blessing if this Durkee woman unwittingly gave Michael Reagan a true shot at unseating McFeinstein, (the Liberal poster child for Democratic-style corporatism, mommyism, and other sick maladies).
    Perhaps this explains why suddenly so many Democrats are "retiring" from office. Their funds disappeared !
    Guess "de-fund it" really works!

  3. Great political statement I read on-line today that sums-up CA for me.

    "Obama loves America the same way O.J. loved Nicole. "

    Why would this recent fraud surprise anoyone , especially those of us who live in the Western States.
    No one can save this shipwrack accept CA and sadly that's not going to happen.
    Re-read Kevin's piece and multiply this recent fraud times hundreds..
    Let CA implode alone with their twisted sister NV. So sorry to say as a debtor nation in the trillions, and can't bail you out.
    But don't forget to tell Nancy.

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