Anyone including “conservative commenters” not a “birther” is a fool a liar a coward or all three

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 After seeing the mountain of evidence on the subject it is very clear that Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii and is a fake. Did you hear that snarky media people? Nobody over ten believes this phony twerp was born in Hawaii. Those who publicly say they believe Obama’s birth certificate and biography are real are simpletons who are hoping to have the liberal alligator eat someone else first.

 Their cowardice doesn’t make them people bad people, but their snarky swipes at those of us who understand that two and two has always been four and will never change makes them despicable.    

The truth is staring all of us in the face and those who pretend to “take the president at his word”, regardless of their political allegiance, are way passed annoying. They are insulting to our intelligence. Listening to (or reading) “conservative” commentators talk about this issue demands a response.

 I am sick of hearing these people talk endlessly about Obama’s questionable nativity, then offering new evidence of Obama’s fraudulent persona then patting themselves on the back with assurances that “Well I personally believe the president was born in Hawaii but now let’s talk about what my next guest has uncovered.”

 The Pontius Pilate act won’t work anymore. Nevertheless, not content to hide behind slick double talk allowing them to deny there is anything to the charge against Obama, while using it for ratings, these people so often go a step further. They talk as if those of us, who actually have enough sense to be able to pour water out of a boot, are toothless drooling halfwits.

 If these phony “conservatives” really believe Obama was born in Hawaii they are guilty of a grave disservice to him and all of us. Repeating what they “KNOW” to be a “terrible lie” is disgusting.  If they really believe Obama’s birth certificate is legitimate isn’t helping to perpetuate this charge almost treasonous?

 How can they mock us for recognizing the “king has no clothes!” from one side of their mouths and continue to talk about the questions surrounding Obama’s birth from the other? Who’s being phony here?   

 Obama’s claim to having been born in Hawaii is as hilarious as Saturday Night Live’s Cone Heads insisting “We are from France.”  Those who say otherwise are fools liars or – in the case of our conservative commentators – cowards.

 Remember the “Nuts and Sluts” counter attack from Clinton when the evidence he is a moral degenerate built up? If a woman made an accusation she was a “slut.” If a man did, he was a “Nut.” The only difference between then and now is that today the Democrats have feckless “conservative” commentators to help them belittle those who see the truth and speak it.     

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10 thoughts on “Anyone including “conservative commenters” not a “birther” is a fool a liar a coward or all three”

  1. Part Two: But what Arpaio's posse has also discovered is that Doug Hagman was right when he said that the media has been threatened if they reported on the eligibility issue. And I believe that threat has been modified to require the media people – specifically those on Fox, NBC, CBS, and those affiliated with the top 2 talk radio companies (not named but I'm sure includes Clear Channel) – to not just ignore the issue as they did at first, but to actually mock anybody who questions Obama's eligibility and documentation. The big fish mocking the "birthers" keeps the wannabe smaller fish in the conservative movement to self-censor without having to be threatened.

    Some Free Republic posts where I give links about those threats are post 15 at
    post 62 at… (this last one gives additional links).

  2. Part 3: And just to make sure this is clear, Mike Zullo of Arpaio's Cold Case Posse has confirmed that those threats happened and that the media people are scared. He told me that one particular witness that we were worried about has left the country out of fear for her life. Others have quit their jobs.

    Everybody got the message from Breitbart's death and Rush Limbaugh's bomb scare – both on the day of Arpaio's press conference about his findings. Actually they had gotten the message even before that.

    This is another angle on this issue that hasn't gotten much attention yet, but is critical to understanding where we are as a country.

  3. Mountain of evidence? I'd ask you to present this evidence, but all you would do is present a list of debunked suppositions and resort to name calling.

    The state of Hawaii again and again has confirmed the President's birth in their state and a million mentally ill butterdezillions are not going to change that.

    1. Gary Miller…I know your type… I've seen you little "Obama-Bugs" in web-sites I visit….and what a pathetic lot you are !
      When you have no legitimate evidence to prove, beyond a shadow of doubt, that your personal savior, Barry Hussein, IS an American…you simply insert yourself into any "Birther/Truther" discussion and demand ( as if you had ANY right to do so), to see our "documentation", "evidence", etc….which you have already already predetermined to be "bunk". (As if your pronouncements meant "Jack")..
      Time to stop this crap RIGHT NOW…
      In the face of all the mounting evidence to the contrary….it is YOU, the Obama-clones, who have to prove the legitimacy and the eligibility of the worthless POS you call a president.
      Until you can establish this, no sane, reasonable person will ever regard your efforts to "re-educate" and indoctrinate us as anything more than "damage control" and the "spin-doctoring" of loyalist minions.
      Where's YOUR proof?

      1. Joanne, the President released his official birth certificate in 2008, the only Presidential candidate to ever do so. He went one step further and even released his long-form last year. The family of the attending physician has attested to their father's signature on the birth certificate. The state of Hawaii has confirmed several times now that the President was born in their state.

        Just what do you require now as proof?

        1. Gary, how many certified records do you have in your possession which have the signature stamp initialed by somebody besides the person required to certify the record?

          For instance, I've got birth certificates for my husband, myself, and 4 kids, as well as the certificate of fetal death for my daughter and a marriage certificate for my husband and me – and none of those documents has a secretary initialing the certifying signature, taking legal responsibility for something only the registrar can by law perform.

          How many of your documents have initials next to the certifying signature, like this "verification" has?

          Also, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is conducting a criminal investigation regarding the forgery and fraud of what Obama released. And this "verification" refused to verify that what Obama posted is "a true and accurate representation of the original record on file".

          What you're saying is simply not true.

  4. We need to also question Romney's citizenship qualification to be president. If Romney's father was a dual USA / Mexican citizen when Romney was born, then Romney is arguably no more constitutionally qualified to be POTUS than Obama is.

  5. I don't know where Obama was born, however there is a possibility he was born in Hawaii. Obviously there is something he doesn't want revealed about his birth certificate, if it actually exists. If it does exist, then the probability is that the true parents are not who he claims they are.

    Some of his facial features closely resemble Ann Dunham's father, Stanley Dunham, especially the jaw. Barack sr. was of the Luo tribe in Kenya. They are characterized by short stature, and robust bodies unlike Obama jr. No one that knew Ann Dunham was aware she was pregnant. Much more searchable info available along this line.

    My guess is: Stanley Dunham is Barack's father. His mother is an unknown Black woman, at least so far.

  6. If hussein obama was born in Hawaii there is the birth certificate. There is no reason for hussein not to show it if indeed he has one from Hawaii. Everyone that says he has on is a lier, and that pretty much cover everyone in our government. Don`t trust any of them.

  7. Coach, my emails are being monitored and some of them intercepted and not delivered to me. If you tried to contact me I didn't get it. Did you get an e-mail back from me? I'll reply again right now, and request a "read receipt" so if you don't get it you'll know there's interference. The most reliable way to contact me might be trying to post on my blog, on the "Welcome" page.

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