Apparently Only Islamic Terrorists Have a Just Cause!

By Doug Book,  staff writer

  Since Nidal Malik Hasan murdered 14 people at Ft. Hood in 2009,  the Washington Post has published fewer than 40 articles which have mentioned the  “allahu akbar”  shouting,  terrorist killer. And most of these have expressed sympathy for the poor Major’s pressure filled existence while exhibiting a profound reluctance to attribute blame for the massacre.

Just two of those articles offered anything resembling a direct reference to Hassan’s Muslim faith,  both written nearly a year after the crime.

In the fortnight since 77 people were murdered in Norway,  the Post has carried 104 articles condemning Anders Breivik. And in 44 of those publications,  Breivik is variously described as a Christian fundamentalist,  Christian terrorist or Christian political extremist.

It is not unusual that a far left newspaper like the Washington Post would exhibit this level of bias in its reporting.

Nor should readers be surprised with details the Post and virtually every other member of the American media have left out of the story.

Most of us envision the  “summer camp”  whose young residents were gunned down by Breivik as a pleasant spot for boating,  swimming,  hiking and harmless fun. We envision  the same sort of camp to which many Americans send their children each year.

But this was the Labour Youth League summer camp at Utoya. “It was a summer indoctrination camp run by Norway’s ruling Labour Party for up-and-coming children of the ruling elite.”  It’s principle purpose was to make certain that  “…the junior members of the aristocracy can be properly told what to think…in preparation for their brilliant careers ruling over the peasants.” 

And the first order of business at camp were games in which “…Palestinian aide boats would try to break the Israel block[ade].”  As Norway’s Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store said in a speech to  “campers”,  the Palestinians  “…must have their own state,  the occupation must end,  the wall must be demolished and it must happen now…” 

Alan Dershowitz describes Norway as  “…the most anti-Semitic and anti-Israel country in Europe today”,  writing that the Utoya camp  “…was engaged in an orgy of anti-Israel hatred the day before the shooting.”

 Just last week,  Norway’s ambassador to Israel made it quite clear that  “…Hamas terrorism against Israel is more justified than [Breivik’s]  terrorist attack against Norway.” 

“We Norwegians consider the occupation to be the cause of terror against Israel,”  he stated.  Breivik’s attack,  however,  was simply based on the notion that  “…Norway,  particularly the Labour Party,  is foregoing Norwegian culture.” 

Indeed,  “Breivik was targeting the future leaders of the  [Labour]  Party…responsible for flooding Norway with Muslioms [sic] who refuse to assimilate,  who commit major violence against Norwegian natives,  including gang rapes,  with impunity,  and who live on the dole…all without the consent of the Norwegians” 

Terrorist acts result from many causes. Muslims consider them the just demands of Muhammad’s 1400 year old invention of Allah. Anders Breivik believed he was acting for the good of his country…a nation betrayed by a leftist ruling party.

It is revealing that the global left will justify heinous acts committed in the name of a cause with which it agrees,  while condemning actions no more or less grotesque if the cause is considered  “unjust”. The Post shows this in its reporting, liberal politicians in their words and votes.

Anyone can define terrorism, but only the left is allowed to define “just.”

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13 thoughts on “Apparently Only Islamic Terrorists Have a Just Cause!”

  1. When trying to read the article, the invitation to subscribe banner gets in the way of my reading. I can't see the text. Clicking the "x" in the upper right corner does not get rid of it. When I put my email and name in it produces an error that I've already subscribed, but doesn't go away. Please fix the banner so it goes away so the article can be read.

    1. Thank you very much for writing to tell us about this problem. I will send it along to our IT manager. Thank you for reading

  2. We've reached a point in America where people have to draw a line in the sand and pick which side you're on. There is a 'soft' war going on right now against the American people by our own govt. BHO is out to destroy our economy while Congress just sits there and let's it happen. There's not one Congress person who'll stand up to this Dictator-in-Chief and call him out on his dishonest presidency. There needs to be an investigation into this man's background. If it's good enough to investigate McCain's background, then it should be the same for BHO. We know the MSM is covering BHO"s ass every step of the way. We have a lot of traitors in our country that agree wholeheartedly with BHO and his 'hope and change' for America.

    We've run out of time I'm afraid. If we let BHO finish his term, who knows what further destruction he'll cause to our Republic. Everywhere I read about BHO"s BC — saying it's a fraud, just like the man himself. What to do, what to do? God help us!

    1. Hi Richard!
      I believe that every last soul who posts here, as well as the staff, would agree in principle with what you've just written. Some to a greater or lesser degree. I, for instance like you, believe there is a war going on against America's future, as well as against Lady Liberty's children, but I wouldn't call it a "soft" war. It feels more like one continuous strafing, salvo after salvo. In a relentless stream of sorties, raids and recon missions, the Democratically controlled Senate, the inept losers in the House, and the b.o. administration, have tested all of America's weaknesses, as well as the resolve of the citizenry, to the breaking point.
      b.o. isn't just sitting there, doing nothing honey; he's helping to orchestrate it all.
      Do not give the fool in the WH more power than he deserves. He is vulnerable right now, and, going against all my Christian upbringing, I believe that we, as voters, must kick and beat the living snot out of the vermin while he's down; for that is precisely what he is doing to us with all the force of a compromised government behind him. It is, plainly speaking, OUR survival or his.
      We only have our voices and our votes; use them both well!
      Defy him at every opportunity; pledge your personal and financial support to the Tea Party group of your choice so that they may help us take this S.O.B. out of office November 2012, and by ALL means please do come back and visit us more often at CIR.!!
      There's never a dull moment, we learn so much from one another, and the bantering back and forth is civilized and oftentimes quite fun!

      1. That's precisely my point, Joanne. If nothing is found out about this fraud BHO by 2012, it may well be too late. If he feels like the pressure is mounting too much against him, he'll step it up with the plans he has for America. If he feels threatened, no telling what this Marxist will do. He knows he was put in office to do this job of bringing down America to fit in with those anti-God, anti-Christian monsters that want nothing more than a One World Govt.

        Another thing that bothers me a lot in this upcoming election will be the enormous amount of voter fraud that will be occurring. We have a 'criminal cabal' running things in D.C. and as far as they're concerned, the ends justifies the means. They have no respect whatsoever for our Constitution. They hate America and capitalism, they hate our freedoms or at least the freedoms we have left. Another important issue about exposing BHO is the fact that, if, he's ever found out to be the fraud he is, 'they' know this will cause a domino effect. How many in the MSM are complicit in this coverup? Far too many to count. I can just hear the MSM preaching from their lofty towers saying 'Witch Hunt' just as they did in the Sen. Joe McCarthy days. They will spin this like you've never seen anything spun before. Afterall, they're out to cover their own a**es.

        Let's pray for Orly Taitz to have a victory in the courts to finally expose this fraud Obama. She is truly a Patriot and deserves our profound respect. She goes to battle daily with the devil and this 'evil empire' Obama and friends have set up (not to mention Bush is the devil too). Basically, our govt. is against the American people. The govt. couldn't care less what we think. We're all too dumb to understand what they're trying to do.

        When the people fear the govt. you have tyranny; when the govt. fears the people, you have liberty.!!!!

        1. I do pray for Orly Taitz; and she has my deepest respect, but I am not overly hopeful the courts will allow her to prevail. It's a rotten shame not to be able to trust in the uprightness of our judicial system, but it too is broken, like the Congressional processes that once insured stricter boundaries between Presidential and Legislative powers.
          Still, there is always the slim hope that both truth and justice will prevail for her.
          Unfortunately, we can COUNT on massive voter fraud in the 2012 elections! Both the Dems and the Pubes have seen to it that this system is also tainted with the offal of political power-mongering and deceit.
          We are not in a "damned if we do, damned if we don't "situation regarding b.o.'s 2012 re-election attempt ! Don't believe that for a minute!
          The "barakalypse" (just combine barak and apocalypse), which has been running rampant in our land, is being brought to bay by greater forces than the man-king's power-grab.
          Everything that Obama says and does from this point onward ( even to those who haven't yet quite figured out his game plan), will be weighed and watched carefully in light of the Standard and Poors downgrade to America's credit rating. Folks are already P….d that Obama-care will break them financially; but when the citizenry begins to suspect that they will be additionally harmed through
          increased taxation to pay for the sins of the obama admin. and a gluttonous Congress; o.b. will need every bit of voter fraud rigging he can pay for to overcome the votes he will lose from his own base, from Independents, from RINOS, from conservatives, and from our very own Tea Party.
          It is now up to the National Republican Party Steering Committee to select a candidate who has a long "track-record" of uncompromisingly conservative/Tea Party-type Constitutionalism.
          No more "obama-lite" jerks, and no more RINOS like George Bush !
          Mitt Romney is positively THE WORST POSSIBLE candidate to field against obama. Not only is he soft on obama-care and still considers that the Federal government has the right to intrude into the private and business-worlds' rights to secure the health and medical insurance which best suits their needs, he also views the personal possession of semi-automatic firearms in exactly the same manner as obama, Holder, J. Reno, Janet Napolitano, and Bill Clinton.
          Gun owners across America are already crossing him off the list of viable candidates; and I suggest that we do the same.
          The only portion of your last paragraph with which I have some small disagreement is this: because of tyranny by the government; people will rise-up against it for they will not live in fear of it.

  3. With a Muslim in the white house wouldn't you expect him to support his people? Our politicians are corrupt and sold us out years ago. it just gets worse with time. Our voting system needs to be monitored and not by Acorn. Obama has almost accomplished his mission for the New World order. Soon, if things go as planned there will be no more "We the People". Who do you think the concentration camps Fema is building all over the country are for? And have you seen the train they have? And their army? If it were not for the internet none of us would even know what is going on in these United States. Obama said when he was campaigning he wanted his own army and he has it. And guess where the money comes from to pay this army. I worry about what our future holds, it is not a bright one. AND THE MIGHTY WILL FALL.

    1. Hey Joanneo!
      Would you please reveal your sources which claim FEMA is building "concentration camps" across America? I would request that you additionally provide details about this train, presumably owned also, by FEMA , as well as some verifiable information on the army this agency possesses.
      This is not a personal challenge to your veracity, Joanneo. It is simply important that if we are all to be affected by what you say is happening; we all have the personal responsibility to look into this potential threat. It is a serious enough accusation to warrant further exploration by all of us.

      1. In answer to ur questions–on You Tube..Confessions of CIA agent about Fema–Fema detention camps and conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura, Fema Concentration camps, coffins and Fema train. You also may be interested in U.S. government electromagnetic mind control listen to what Cathy O'Brien has to tell us.

        1. Thanks so much Joanneo!
          I'll do a little hunt and search to see what I can turn up.
          Thanks for the reply.

  4. Doug, once again you stun me with the facts of a matter !
    Where on Earth did you manage to locate all these hidden truths?
    Certainly casts a whole new perspective to the tripe we've been fed by the "lame-stream" media!
    Well done !
    Merci, mes amie!
    P.S Did you happen to catch Congressman Tom McClintock's appraisal of the Tea Party? He said, "The Tea Party is the same thing as the Reagan Revolution"
    I don't know whether to feel comforted , or to take umbrage, with such words. However he meant it, I have a sense that our revolution will outshine and surpass that of "The Gipper's" , especially where it comes to affecting real changes. I loved Mr. Reagan as our president and could only pray to find such a galvanizing force in the up-coming election.

  5. Joanne,

    Howdy! The listed sources contain a good bit of the info covered in the piece. And the WaPo web site gives up its pathetic publication record whether the paper likes it or not! Just type Nidal Malik Hasan in the WaPo home page "search" box and articles and numbers will appear, from time spans of one week to 5 years. Nidal Malik Hasan Muslim will provide about 10 references to articles, though some are duplications and others, vague references having little or nothing to do with the crime itself. I was surprised by the lack of interest exhibited by the Post in Hasan and his jihadist ways. Sort of surprised.


    1. Hey "puppy"! Have you considered taking a glance at the conservative newspaper the Washington Times? I'd be willing to bet they not only have news articles, but op-ed pieces as well, on N.M Hasan. They actually take the time now and again to investigate rather than to simply regurgitate what appears on all the other lame-stream media sites. Just a thought, as I hope this issue will be followed closely by CIR.

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