Are we seeing a Big Business very unpleasant October surprise for Obama?


By Emma Karlin, staff writer

For reasons known only to him Barack Obama has worked diligently to cultivate an ongoing state of war between his Administration and America’s business community. This  is a clear and established fact.  As naïve as Obama seems to be, it is possible that he will now start getting pummeled by the enemies he has made and not realize it until after Election Day.  

Obama never held a real job in his life.  Like most Democrats he knows nothing about how profits are made and payrolls are met. All he “knows” about business is that it is the “root of all evil” in his Marxist world view. Businesses are always to be used as tax revenue cash cows to Barack Obama.

It appears Obama’s victims might be fighting back and slowly circling around him and his chances of re-election.

A case in point are the IMMEDIATE closings of coal mines in Virginia West Virginia and Pennsylvania by Alpha Natural Resources a coal producing company. While West Virginia is a Mitt Romney given, lay-offs in Virginia and Pennsylvania which are up for grabs, and the “immediate” nature of this action. suggests a coordinated counter strike from an industry that has been on Obama’s hit list since before his election.

Because of the skyrocketing prices of fuel, the Airline industry is another victim of Obama’s Marxist dictates of  how business should conduct its affairs.

 American Airlines has just announced it will lay-off more than 11,000 workers and cut as many as two percent of its flights.  More than 1,200 of these lay- offs will be carried out in Miami Florida. This  will directly adversely impact the economy of South Florida a section of a swing state both major candidates need to do well in on Election Day.  

Of the total 11,000 lay- off notices sent out (as the happy face media puts it), “only 4,400 are expected to actually lose their jobs.” This begs the question: why send out the other 6,600 notices? Striking back – that’s why!

The IMMEDIATE coal mine lay-offs and the extra 6,400 American Airlines notices were not accidents of administrative process nor were they coincidences. Industry can strike back with lay-offs that hit two birds with one stone. It can harm Obama’s campaign which helps it in the long run and harm their union enemies in the short run. It appears we will see more “lay-offs” of this type in October.  

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  1. Interesting theory. I believe the coal mines but not AA striking back at obama. I use to work there and they like all airlines are crony capitalists.

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