Armed citizens fight back in murder capital of Detroit

by Doug Book,  staff writer

For 3 years, American gun owners have been told that the best thing to happen for the profitability of firearm manufacturers was the election of Barack Hussein Obama. And in spite of the sentiments of liberals like Detroit News columnist Bill Johnson, the best thing to happen in the City of Detroit might be the awakening of its law abiding residents to the fact that they are for all intents and purposes on their own in the battle against crime in the murder capital of the United States.

For nearly 40 years, Detroit has led the nation in murder rate. And 2011 was no exception as the murder rate increased by some 12%–to 344–from the preceding, record breaking year.

But one thing has changed for the better in the shrinking, bankrupt city—justifiable homicides increased by 80% over their 2010 rate. Thirty four criminals were sent to their just rewards last year by Detroit citizens and homeowners who used guns to defend life, family and property.

Representative of liberals everywhere, columnist Johnson writes that this statistic is an example of “…residents resorting to extreme self-defense tactics,” as he laments the fact that “…the Wayne County Clerk’s office…can’t process gun registrations and concealed weapons permits fast enough to keep pace with the extraordinary demand.” (1) 

He is horrified that “frightened, increasingly VIGILANTE-MINDED residents continue to send the message to City Hall that safe neighborhoods will be restored by any means necessary.” (my caps) (1)

Well it is indeed a tragedy that 50 years of liberalism and Democrat rule have made Detroit a festering, bubonic pustule which has bled out half a million productive, taxpaying citizens, leaving behind gangs, drug dealers and welfare recipients.  

But it is even more tragic that liberals like Bill Johnson would conflate the exercise of self-defense with vigilantism in order to express a congenital, left-wing resentment of gun ownership and the rights of American citizens to protect their lives, families and property.

That perpetually Democrat-run cities like Detroit have traded police protection for dramatically overpaid, public union pensioners and corrupt political representation is scarcely a reason that its citizens should be reduced to dependence upon that increasingly inept, shrinking police presence for their well-being or very lives.

All people have a God given right to defend their lives and residents of Detroit have finally recognized the necessity of doing just that. If it should really become mandatory that law abiding citizens take responsibility for the safety of their streets, so be it, Mr. Johnson.

The gifting by Democrat politicians of American lives and cities to street gangs, illegals, flash mobs and wildings in order to avoid offending a voter base or appear compassionate to an “underprivileged” social class will come to an end when the law abiding say enough and begin doing the job their elected officials and even their police will not.

Residents of Detroit appear to understand this. And if their determination spreads to other cities as rapidly as the criminal plague which made it necessary, the nation will become safer very quickly.

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