Arming the enemy, again

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

In a rare moment of journalism the New York Times reported that the Obama Administration secretly encouraged  Arab countries  to ship arms to rebel forces in Libya during the rebellion to oust longtime dictator Muammar Qaddafi. The arms were provided to the rebels and Islamic extremists with links to al Qaeda in a Muslim Brother sponsored insurrection to turn the oil rich African nation into an Islamic republic.

The flow of weapons and supplies from al Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (with the help of the Administration lead NATO airstrikes) overwhelmed the Libyan military and brought about the fall of the Qaddafi regime. Militant groups were well armed and provided a viable threat to the current government of Libya and everyone else in the embattled nation. The unstable situation on the ground in Libya may very well repeat itself  in Syria given the way events are unfolding. The current situation on the ground in Libya, Egypt and now Syria is an indication that the Arab Spring movement touted by Barack Obama is turning out to be a miserable failure.

The Obama White House encouraged al Qatar and United Arab Emirates to arm the Libyan rebels and the Islamic extremists. Later the President complained that the movement of arms was not coordinated with the White House to monitor who received the shipments of arms.  In a war and disaster zones proper logistics of equipment distribution never works as planned. To date no administration has learned that simple lesson despite clear evidence of the truth, media rosy pictures notwithstanding.

The extremists were provided small arms and as long as the press never reported it no one was the wiser. The fact is Barack Obama encouraged Arab countries to arm al Qaeda in Libya and had the nerve to insist that the Emir of Qatar be transparent about his country’s involvement in Libya.

The al Qaeda linked militants were well armed during the 7 hour siege of Benghazi yet no one “knows” where the weapons came from? During the effort to remove Colonel Qaddafi from power the Obama Administration and the CIA weren’t too concerned who received arms, as long as the Islamists were loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood. By the way if you didn’t know, the Mein Kampf inspired Muslim Brotherhood (2) just happens to be the parent organization of al Qaeda.



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2 thoughts on “Arming the enemy, again”

  1. It absolutely assaults my sensibilities that the Liar-in-the-Oval-Office has NOT been tried and shot for treason.

  2. Where the hell is the government that was given the oath to protect and abide by the Constitution of these United States of America. Is it time to march? Get someone in the leadership role in the Republican party that understands they don’t work for the dictator in the White House and throw him to the wolves (IMPEACH AND TRY FOR TREASON)

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