At Obama’s White House job number one is building a stone wall – but will it work?

   By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 Obama really isn’t very bright, even though he can show flashes of cleverness at times. His handling of the “Green” scams, particularly Solyndra has been clumsy and heavy handed at best. Consequently, unlike other slimy Democrats before him, Obama might not be able to dodge these bullets.   Everyday this man who told us his would be the “most transparent” Administration in history is being proved a liar. 

 Stonewalling with a technicality

An audit of Obama’s major agencies completed in 2009 found they granted themselves 50% more “free passes” by refusing to comply with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) then those claimed by the Bush Administration during the year before.  For the year 2009 the same percentage held true as well.

   Obviously we are getting nothing but evasion from this administration, not transparency as Congress is finding out. 

 The House Energy and Commerce subcommittee chairman Rep. Cliff Stearns has demanded emails sent and received on the President’s Blackberry – our Blackberry this poor excuse for a civil servant should be reminded.

Last Friday the White House legal staff refused Sterns’ demand claiming that turning over Obama’s Blackberry Emails would not be possible because doing so “implicates longstanding and significant institutional Executive Branch confidentiality interests.”

Obama is hiding behind the technicality that the original request did not explicitly ask for Blackberry messages like a child playing tag. He does care that the request was for “all communications among White House staff and officials related to the $535 million loan guarantee to Solyndra.” He’s Barack Obama, isn’t he?

The Sterns Committee clearly said it wanted these messages because it believed, “the White House was closely involved in the monitoring of the Solyndra loan guarantee after it was issued.”  Obama  is laughing at us.   

More Stonewalling

Obama is also fighting a judge’s ruling directing the Secret Service to reveal the White House visitor’s log via a FOIA request filed by Judicial Watch. The watch dog group is trying to determine how often Obama’s co-conspirators from Solyndra and possibly other scammers met with him in our White House. 

As all cheating and conniving politicians, the Obama gang has first ignored those who ask “impertinent” questions. Now when forced to answer questions they will lie and/or tell half truths then move on to personal attacks on the questioners. When they are finally forced to yield and answer somewhat truthfully, the media will join in the character assassinations. Usually that would be enough to end any investigation. Will this formula hold true this time?

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  1. The only real transparency is this admins underhanded ways. I hope the pressure stays on cause that will make them look worse than they do and they will foul up and loose control. But we have a fight on our hands.

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