Attorney General Holder eviscerated by Darrell Issa for Fast and Furious crimes

 By Doug Book, staff writer

   Just prior to taking office, Barack Hussein Obama’s transition team promised the incoming Administration would create   “…a new level of transparency, accountability and participation for American citizens.” 

 Of course that was before the Fast and Furious debacle claimed several hundred lives and exposed the perjury of an Attorney General. 

 It was before the Obama Department of Energy bestowed half a billion tax dollars on a bankrupt Solyndra Corporation whose principle investor happened to be an Obama campaign money-bundler. 

 And it was also before another Obama campaign money-bundler used his influence to have the White House pressure a general into changing his testimony before a congressional committee.

 So now,  unable to duck,  dodge and hide from the citizen journalists who make up the blogosphere and even fighting a losing battle against a select few members of the Regime-owned legacy media,  the Department of Justice has decided it is time to legalize the telling of outright lies by the government to the American public.

 “A proposed revision to Freedom of Information Act  (FOIA)  rules would allow federal agencies to LIE TO CITIZENS AND REPORTERS  (my caps)  seeking certain records,  telling them the records don’t exist.” 

 Under current FOIA rules,  if a government agency wishes to deny a request for information it must respond to the party making the request by citing the  “relevant exception”  which allows the denial.

 But under Obama’s proposed new rules for the legalization of prevarication and subterfuge,  a federal agency may  “respond to the  [FOIA]  request as if the excluded records did not exist…” 

 In short,  Big Brother may now lie to anyone it wishes,  claiming EXISTING FOIA requested records DO NOT EXIST!  This frees the Regime from having to respond to lawsuits filed by those nosy information seekers who have been denied their information.  After all,  what court will allow a lawsuit to go forward if it seeks records which  “do not exist!”

 Could there be a more perfect example of the arrogance of the Obama Regime or its contempt for the American people?  For if a lowly citizen should lie to the federal government,  it would mean jail time,  fines and perhaps confiscation of property.

 But government lying to the people? Well that’s just good business. After all,  what right have all of these little nobodies to waste the precious time or track down the lurid secrets of the ruling class?

 Though hardly surprising that Barack Hussein Obama & Co would demand the right of lying to the American people be made legal,  it is odd that groups like the ACLU should come out four square against the new FOIA rule. After all,  the organization had nothing to say about the 3 years of lies the Regime has told already,  has it?

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12 thoughts on “Attorney General Holder eviscerated by Darrell Issa for Fast and Furious crimes”

  1. DEAR Coach is Right readers: As many have probably noticed, the headline for this piece does NOT match the story itself! I screwed up ROYALLY, I'm afraid. The headline for the above piece should be:

    Obama Department of Justice wants to make Administration lying PERFECTLY LEGAL!

    The correct Holder/Issa piece with the above title will appear Sunday afternoon on Coach is Right.

    Sometimes I just have trouble keeping all of the Regime's lies straight!

    Doug Book

    1. Hey Doug ! Well, Sunday it IS friend ! I'll be looking forward to the article ! I can only HOPE you'll tell us that Issa REALLY put Holder's knickers In a twist !
      Hang in there baby ! Best wishes Jo.

      1. Thanks Joanne,

        To hopefully avoid confusion, I've changed the title on the Sunday offering. Please look for: "Darrell Issa's rebuke of Eric Holder one for the ages!" And he certainly laid it on the AG in no uncertain terms. Below is the link to Issa's response to Holder's childish whine. It is WELL worth the read.


  2. You can expect no less from a slime sucking cesspool dwelling cabal of bacteria and political mob of whores such as Ho-bama and all the filthy viruses that surround this putrid psychopath.

  3. They are the same as he is, the worst of the worst that hell can cough up. The whole disgusting lot of these bastards amount to nothing less than a collective cancer on the face of this country and humanity in general.

  4. This 112th congress-from-hell, both the House and the Senate, are fully complicit in this treason. Every last one of these thugs should be tried in Nuremberg type trials for their treason. Their egregious crimes go on and on un-ending and not one thing is done about it…there is indeed "honor (or the threat of exposure) among thieves. Those responsible for allowing ALL OF THIS are every member of the federal congress…ALL, with few exceptions, a mob of gangsters, thieves and much much worse.

  5. And to think, these criminal trolls are creating new laws along with the existing bad ones we don't yet know about every day to pillage, rape and enslave us further! THEY ARE ALL TRAITORS AND SCUM BAGS…VOTE ALL OF THEM OUT THAT YOU CAN IN 2012 WHILE WE STILL CAN!!!!!! VOTE RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT…OUR LAST AND ONLY HOPE!!!

  6. Incomprehensible, Incredible, Incriminate and the indignation that this affords is beyond comprehension. I now understand why people in authority don't like The Ten Commandments posted where they work. It tends to create a hostile work environment. Looks like this crowd in Washington wants to eliminate the 8th Commandment…To not bear a false witness. The Bible also points out who is a Liar and who is the Father of Lies. And those who follow him are Liars just like Satan. So now we have a godless lying muslime in control of America and his cronies are lined up and following their marching orders. I humbly ask that there be an intervention by the Almighty on behalf of all Christians in this nation. We're on a sinking ship and in bad need of rescue.

  7. The ACLU is only against this new rule because they have the foresight to know that Obamas days are numbered. This is a frightening prospect to them because they know they would be unable to get any information from a republican administration that they might be seeking. This exemplifies one of the main differences between conservatives and liberals. The liberal wants their guy to have all sorts of powers that a conservative doesn't. A true conservative doesn't want any government officials to have these sorts of powers……..PERIOD.

    1. Dear DrSique; Republicans have their own closets full of the skeletons of attempted power-grabs. They are by no means lily-white in this political gamesmanship we call government. A true conservative absolutely covets a Presidential "line-item-veto", every bit as much as the Socialist across the aisle from him , he just don't want the Democrats to EVER have such power.. Also, we have yet to see a "true conservative", other than perhaps Issa and Grassley, raise their head during this and the past legislative sessions. They've all behaved like good little RINOS.

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