Be of good cheer on this Thanksgiving Day

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Today is Thanksgiving Day a time for giving thanks to God for all the good things He has showered upon us and our nation.

Yes, we were badly beaten and sure it would be easy to cynically say, “There is nothing to be Thankful for” but that’s just not the case, because there’s still so much good all around us.

God most certainly loves America.

From the early days of our Revolution, God has blessed and protected Americans as we worked to form His most favored nation. Under God’s watchful eyes our liberties were secured for us by America’s Founding Fathers; patriots who fought and died for us.

For this we must be thankful.

We must be thankful to live in this, the greatest country in the world, because there could be no better nation to start the movement we need to restore those liberties lost on Election Day.

America is still the country the world’s people want to come to.

By God’s grace we have plenty of food and clean water for healthy lives; we have a political system that allows us to regroup speak out and try to win converts to our ideas after such a terrible beating; and we have a financial system that can and will survive this socialist assault.

Even at this darkest hour we must still be thankful to the Lord for all the graces and blessings He has sent us. America is clearly God’s favorite country; so we will succeed in making things right again.

Country, community and family are all of the advantages we need to get the job done. We have them all, thanks to God’s love for America.

Remembering these things should bring us good cheer as we eat a meal so much of the world can only dream about.

Because we have won favor with God America is the jewel of the world’s nations. We can and will survive this temporary swerve to the left. Americans are not socialists and shortly that fact will become apparent. Everything swings from side to side and nothing in politics is permanent. Let’s count our blessings and be ready to do God’s work by righting America when He calls us to duty because that day is coming sooner than we think..

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