Believe me; Obama should never have crossed that line


By R. D. Bell, staff writer

 Recently, Barack Obama mysteriously ‘evolved’ his position on gay ‘marriage’ the day after his VP, Joe Biden, took the same position on national television. For someone who’s been avoiding the question for as long as he has, that’s a mighty quick evolution, I’d say.

 All razzing aside, it’s blatantly apparent to anyone with two working brain cells, that Obama was simply pushed into endorsing same sex ‘marriage’ by his loose lipped VP. It’s not the first, nor will it likely be the last time, that Joe Biden accidentally pushes his boss into taking a public stance that hurts him politically.

  And hurt him, it did. He knew that it would, which is why he avoided taking that stance for as long as he did.

 Despite the enduring support of the politically correct media and the hard left, the nation hasn’t taken kindly to having the gay agenda forced upon them by public institutions, the entertainment industry, and every level of government. Gays have become a politically and legally protected class, with super rights that other Americans do not possess.

 This fact has not been lost on most Americans, who long ago matured enough to accept these people for who they are, but who balk at their insistence that we not only grant them the right to be, but that we also support their choice of lifestyle. And if we won’t willingly support it, by golly, they’ll get the government to force us to support it!

 It’s long established fact that the black culture in America is more opposed to homosexuality than any other racial demographic in the nation. As a melanin enriched American myself, I can personally vouch for that assertion. For what it’s worth, there’s one person in my large extended family who is gay, yet who has never come out of the closet with the family. Despite the fact that this man is one of the most outspoken liberals I have ever known, that is one line that he will not cross. Ever.

 Whatever the roots of blacks’ anti-gay sentiments, I assure you, they’re very real, and that they represent the majority view in that community. That said, blacks have matured on the subject of homosexuality with the rest of the broader culture, but they have far less tolerance for its outward, in-your-face expression, than other Americans.

 Which brings us back to Barack Obama’s ‘evolved’ views on the subject. Because he’s a liberal’s liberal, who practices the usual class warfare of the left, he’s in the unenviable position of taking one side over the other in a battle of wills between two of his disparate constituencies. Both supported his election overwhelmingly, and he’s relying on both to support his re-election bid this Fall. Who to choose? For Obama, the answer was always, ‘neither’, because doing so would automatically alienate one of them.

 Unfortunately for him, smooth talkin’ Joe made that choice for him. But why did he allow himself to be boxed into that corner at all? In my opinion, it’s because Obama doesn’t have the strength of character, nor the political instincts to know how or when to forcefully correct an underling who’s embarrassed him in public. For all his ‘dazzling’ teleprompter reading ability, the man just cannot think on his feet, and doesn’t have the personal skills to quickly assess a situation and turn it to his advantage, like so many politicians do. Like so many other impulse decisions he’s made since being president, the ‘optics’ on this one are horrifying in the rear view mirror.

 He’s now broken faith with the one sector of his supporters who’ve identified with him more than any other. Already, black pastors across the country are denouncing his decision on gay ‘marriage’, and are counseling their congregations to stay home on election day. There’s no doubt whatsoever that Obama has finally gone a step too far for even his most ardent supporters. It’s a line he should not have crossed with blacks. Ever.

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