Beware of conservatives who see benefit in Obama’s re-election

by Doug Book,  staff writer

At least one well-known conservative has begun speaking out-loud the notion that an Obama re-election might not be the very worst thing that could happen, either to the nation or to Republicans—even to REAL Republicans–that is, conservatives, members of the Party base whose mistrust of Obama is nearly equaled by their mistrust of Mitt Romney and the 2008 ‘Ghost of Romney past’, John McCain. 

The best-selling author of “Looking out for Number One” and “Restoring the American Dream”, Robert Ringer has been a Libertarian/conservative for decades. And given 5 decades of Libertarian leanings, his support of Ron Paul should surprise no one.

But just prior to the Iowa Caucus, Ringer decided that should Ron Paul run the independent, third party campaign many so fear him capable of  “and it resulted in Obama’s re-election, [Ringer] would be fine with that if it keeps Romney from taking the reins of power and feeding us small doses of socialism day in and day out.” (1)  

He argues that as Obama’s 2008 election gave rise to the Tea Party movement, a repeat performance in 2012 could only re-invigorate that early, contagious Tea Party spirit which Ringer has found wanting over the past year. “Early on, I said that I preferred Obama over McCain because his Marxist agenda would finally wake up millions of apathetic Americans,” Ringer recalls of his 2008 position. (1)

“Unfortunately, the Tea Party has not kept the heat on either Obama or Congress. But if Obama is re-elected, maybe Tea Partiers will be jolted into rising up in earnest — 365 days a year — and will get serious about taking back America,”  he continues. (1)

Well there is little question that Romney is hardly more than a younger version of John McCain, although perhaps more dangerous in his leftist leanings. And a White House ensconced Willard would indeed take great pleasure in cramming his hyper-arrogant, Northeastern liberal “I know what’s best for the little people” sentiments down the throats of those who VERY reluctantly voted for him in order to prevent ‘The One’ from further destruction of the nation.

But the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama would not be an opportunity of re-invigoration for the right, but rather an unmitigated disaster, a national tragedy and disgrace.  In fact, both Obama AND his Massachusetts, Republican Party counterpart must be defeated in 2012.  For although Romney would indeed feed the American people socialism in “small doses,” Obama has spent 4 years shoving it to us in large ones.

Besides, an additional 4 years of opportunity for Obama would NOT result in an uprising of prevention, but a further display of wanton cowardice on the part of 90% of Republican office holders.

Rather than being too clever by half in hoping an Obama victory might somehow lead to a future promised land of “taking the nation back,” it is mandatory that the American public remove from viable White House contention both Obama and Romney,  the greater and the lesser threats to our nation. And it must be done before the 2012 election can once again be handed to one or the other of these treacherous, liberty hating reprobates by the American media.

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This a day in history January 5

1781: During the Revolutionary War British naval forces led by Benedict Arnold burned Richmond Virginia.

In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both.  What have you done today to deserve to live in America?

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12 thoughts on “Beware of conservatives who see benefit in Obama’s re-election”

  1. The Tea Party is not inactive in the last year or so. Just because there are no Tea Parties going on does not mean that the organizations are asleep. Just so you are aware, we are busy behind the scenes forming action committees doing various work. All of us have also been calling and keeping up to date on what is going on and trying to educate those who don't. BTW, do you see any ACORN rallies? Didn't think so.

    1. Then why did Michele Bachmann, the only candidate besides Paul, with a limited government record finish in sixth place?

      1. htales… it costs BIG money to maintain a political campaign of this Kane did…..Bachmann had to suspend her campaign in order to be able to use the remaining funds to pay bills generated by the campaign.
        Additionally, with all the "Big" money being shelled out by contributors to folks like Gingrich and Romney most other candidates couldn't raise the necessary funds to remain competitive; also a lot of everyday folks simply aren't giving to political campaigns anymore for a whole variety of valid reasons …..y'know everyone loves a political winner up until the time they see their personal freedoms and rights being ripped-off before their very eyes with one governmental lame excuse after another for doing so (assuming the peons are intelligent enough to understand that they actually have rights which are being taken from them), then everyone is bitching and screaming for a return to Constitutional government. Go figure…
        I, for one have come to the conclusion that THE LAND that is America is worth saving at any cost….the government, not so much.

        1. Very true. Conservatives have only themselves to blame not the media or the left, CONSERVATIVES willingly and knowingly turned away from the true cosnervative candidate.

          1. htales…not sure I would use the phrasing that Conservatives have only themselves to blame for all of this!
            When so much of this insanity has been orchestrated at levels so far above any one citizens' pay-grade, it's rather harsh to blame them for events not of their making…have they lacked the stamina (apparently), to continue to hold this and the prior, Pelosi House (both exceptionally willful Congressional sessions!!), as well as the Harry Reid led Senate to task? my answer would be yes.
            The Boehner House has a "corner" on the usage of the word capitulation….perhaps that's one of the reasons why voting and taxpaying folks have ceded the game…they see no Champion…no one they can reliably count on to hack away at and undercut the Obama administration. Darrel Issa is about as good as we've gotten, but I still see no Obama Impeachment papers or walking papers for Holder being drawn up so maybe that is not all that it seems to be either. There have been endless clues, leads, testimonies, document dumps providing some nasty insights to Fast and Furious and other Holder abuses of power…but what is being done with all this data?? Is there an end game to all of this, or simply more charades meant to embarrass those who have no shame?
            Congress, while misbegotten in many senses of the word, is at least more organized than the American voters….Congress, at least, has striven hard to set one impediment after another to our freedoms; and have STILL had the time and energy to select our presidential candidates for us…..
            And you don't EVEN want to get me started on the treacheries and assorted seditions of the Left and the Media, with the concomitant , chilling effect this has has upon citizens' perceived control over their own lives and fortunes!!

  2. I have been reading Robert Ringer for years and would have to read the entire article before I could say I disagreed with him. I do know that we voted in George W. Bush because we thought he was a born again Christian conservative and he would do what was best for the country and look what we got. I will never forget Bush calling the Constitution nothing more that a God dam* piece of paper. From what I can tell Romney is no different than Bush, McCain and the rest of the RINOs, all of them Obama lights. Like they say the two party system is dead, we only have one party today run by the political elite which is made up of the central banks, military, and multi-national companies, who care little about this country's sovereignty or the Constitution. If this is the best the Republican Party can come up with and Ron Paul (who seems to be the only one willing to stand for the Constitution and take on the political elite) doesn't get nominated, perhaps we should forget about the presidency and instead focus on electing more Tea Party supported candidates to Congress. I, for one, don't know if I could ever vote for Romney – I will have to give it a lot of thought.

    I wonder which one of the candidates our Founding Fathers would vote for or if THEY would vote for Romney or a Bush or McCain?

  3. Georgia courts have decided to investigate the eligibility issue a bit closer, and Øbama may not be on the ballot. . .
    There is some evidence of voter fraud in the Iowa caucus, ala Karl Rove, the warmongering RINO.
    So what has changed Ringers mind, Money?
    I would like to know. . .
    The military and our younger citizens, 34 and under, support RP unequivocally.
    RP the only honest, unwavering, ethical and constitutional PAULITICIAN!

    1. You're right on the money, dbassd. A complaint is making its way through Georgia court and a hearing is scheduled for the end of the month. CiR will be running a piece on this story over the weekend.

  4. Muslims are taking over America and here's another example of that.

    December 11, 2011

    JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS: America’s first shari’a compliant football team?

    Instead of huddles,will the team be required to pray to Allah now? Last week, it was announced that the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team had been sold to Illinois businessman Shahid Khan. Khan is a Pakistani-born Muslim, and will be the first of his faith to own an NFL team.

  5. So….my dearest puppymax, in the context of the remaining, mostly unacceptable Republican Presidential candidates which have been preselected for our amusement and non-enlightenment, what do the hapless Constitutional Conservatives do? where do they go? and why hasn't that Jackass Hunstman quit the race yet….it's not as if he is a Republican or is polling well….Can't help but wonder what sort of favor he's gonna get for acting as an Obama shill and "spoiler"!!!
    Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, and Paul are all, as we speak, trying desperately to determine who will be the beneficiary of the votes and supporters formerly locked up by Bachmann, Perry, and Kane.
    Where does all this leave we, the people? We've been thrown out of the "cat-bird seat" and "under the bus" once again.
    Now, none of these other contenders will even have to feign and pretend any sort of allegiance to Constitutional law and its administration ! Now they are entirely free to, once elected, administer this country via their consciences and "best judgements"….which we already know to be highly suspect, Statist or Federalist in nature, and devoid of Constitutional underpinnings…..same old, same old.
    In the always faithful-to-form sheep that we are, we, (along with our freedoms), will continue to be led to our own demise.
    The only thing I can imagine which would be worse is for outraged conservative voters to remain at home on election day…in droves…across the nation….as a wake-up call to Congress, the Court, and whomever ( all the political hacks and handlers ad nauseum)…that they, as voters and taxpayers are no longer willing to be "played".
    We have NO OTHER CHAMPIONS on the dais..except Paul . So why eliminate him out of hand because you don't like some of his policies (such as a more isolationist approach to war-mongering)…Republicans have always, always, always intoned that we don't , as voters,have to "buy into" ALL of a candiate's agenda….so why doesn't that same mantra apply to Paul ? And why continue down a centrist path where there is absolutely NO HOPE for many of the changes we have wanted so badly!
    Sweet Mother of God…we're already closing the door to someone who actually has a Constitutional background and track record !! All I'm saying is this: as our presidential options dwindle….and they will… until we are left with only Mitt, try to remember who would actually die trying to change things….a clue…it isn't Mitt.
    Republican constitutionalists are scarce as hen's teeth apparently, so once again…as it is always designed to be….. the centrists, the socialists and the fourth estate will once again choose our next president
    I don't know about the rest of you folks….but I'm damn sick and tired of that crap !
    Who knows, I may become a "Paulist" or I may seriously consider sitting this election year OUT.
    I certainly do not expect anyone on the Republican Presidential dais to "get a clue" before the Primary or at the General election day…and I'm not willing to receive "more of the same dirty tricks from a "republican" president as have been practiced by Obama ,Bush and Clinton.
    You may not respect this position…but it IS a likely course of action, and it would be ME exercising my right to NOT participate in any more scripted, pre-ordained, political dog and pony shows.
    It might also feel really good for a change to show up on election day to write-in the words "None of the above".
    I have mentioned being "played" by both political parties before this present article when I wrote about the fact that Americans were being hosed into paying for Primary elections which the Supreme Court of America has already ruled belong exclusively to each State's Repub. and Dem. parties. The States' own political machines have hosed Americans into believing we have to pay for the privilige of having a primary that legally belongs to some one else….why that's LUNACY….what's even crazier is having to pay for your State's EARLIEST primaries where you can suffer losses in delegates !!!!! Who designed THAT particular bit of insanity?
    No one here at CiR thought it worthwhile to offer a response to my earlier observations of managed voter fraud..and I expect few, if any will comment now.
    Strange thing about all this is that Libertarians have for many years, or at least they DID for many years…paid for their own convention…out of their own pockets. Delegates to that convention footed their own bills..unwined and undined . No taxpayer expense. That's far more than can be said about the Republican and Democratic leeching and sponging off American taxpayers
    Why aren't THEY paying for their own primaries ?? Where do Americans benefit from our tax-dollars being abused and used against us to get ANY of these clowns elected??? When in the Hell is any of this madness going to be stopped ?
    They wanna get elected???…. then they can bloody well pay for the side-shows and the Primaries
    Obama, an unmitigated disaster as a re-elected president…sure, you betcha….but to date I don't like the alternatives either.

  6. What country will there be left to "take back" in 2016 if Obama is re-elected (he may have anointed himself dictator for life by then)? The TEA party is a philosophy more than a political party; it has no power to do much more than add some pressure where it belongs. I'm praying for a brokered convention and a Christie-Rubio ticket or better yet, a Rubio-Christie ticket.

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