BEWARE–the President’s private army…is US!

 By Doug Book, staff writer

  If anyone believed the autocratic arrogance responsible for the infamous MIAC Report was on the wane,  rest assured that a believer in absolute authority like Barack Obama will never give up his totalitarian dreams of dominating the American public. He’ll just resort to a change of tack.

 For those who don’t remember the Regime’s initial assault on our Constitutional liberties,  it was neatly housed in a report entitled  “The Modern Militia Movement.” 

 Crafted in 2009 by the Missouri Information Analysis Center  (MIAC),  it presumed to provide the American public with warning signs to help identify the traits and proclivities of the potential domestic terrorist.

 Written by one of 58 national  “fusion centers”  developed under the Department of Homeland Security during the Bush Administration,  the MIAC report profiled as potential terrorists:  anyone who supported 3rd party candidates,  like Ron Paul or Bob Barr;  anti-abortion advocates;  members of the Constitution Party or Campaign for Liberty;  Libertarians and those displaying signs of militia involvement,  such as ownership of a Gadsden (Don’t Tread On Me) flag!

 Of course,  members of the NRA,  gun owners and 2nd Amendment supporters clearly merited watching!

 But given the national outcry over that ham-handed effort,  the White House decided it would be advisable to tone down the overtly fascist rhetoric.

 So last month,  thanks to Obama’s continuing concern for the well-being of his flock,  the American people were given a new manual for spying on our neighbor:  “Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States.” 

 This joint effort of the White House,  the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department offers a first hand view into the insidious nature of Barack Obama.

 For couched in the most innocuous of language,  this offering provides the means by which the federal government will identify the enemies of the people,  define the danger and train the rest of us to keep watch on the suspicious guy next door.

 As one analyst puts it,  “using the Counter Extremism program as a catalyst,  the White House and the  [Department of Homeland Security]  plan to link together and centralize organizations…in tandem with community contacts around a national witch hunt for anyone the government happens to deem undesirable.”  (3)

 And naturally those  “undesirables”  include anyone critical of Barack Obama,  his administration,  or its overt agenda of instituting a Marxist utopia in the otherwise deeply flawed United States.

 Anyone,  it seems,  except Muslims may be viewed as “suspicious.”  For as Obama put it in his 2011 State of the Union speech,  “as extremists try to inspire acts of violence within our borders,  we are responding with the strength of our communities,  with the respect for the rule of law and with the conviction that Muslim Americans are part of our American family.” 

 In Obama’s view,  no longer interested in radicalizing Islamic jihadists,  al Qaeda has now become a terror organization of former computer geeks,  lonely unemployed losers and those in search of the power only explosive underwear can provide.

 So the time has come to join the President’s army of spies,  snitches,  stoolies and paranoid people watchers. After all,  those who resist run the risk of being among the watched!

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 This day in history October 2

 1919: Democrat President Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke which left him essentially unable to function. Thereafter his wife Edith became the real president and the Democrats lied to the people about who was running the country.

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 In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both.  What have you done today to deserve to live in America?

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8 thoughts on “BEWARE–the President’s private army…is US!”

  1. America is not the land of Lemmings but rather the land of the Free and the Brave.. One would be an idiot with a dream of making the United states a country that can be led by a Desperate, insane Dictator.

    1. I believe Obama IS a desperate, dictator-wanna-be. And right now, I'm not sure he believes he can win the 2012 election. The amount of damage he has done and the extent to which he has revealed himself as the radical leftist he is means he can no longer depend upon voters giving him the benefit of any doubt as so many did in 2008. If this is the case, look for a scorched earth agenda from Obama over the final 6 months of next year. He'll do everything in his power to make this country the Marxist nation he has envisioned and inflict every bit of destruction possible on the economy and the free market.

  2. Obama wants a private army, parallel to(and "equally strong as") the US Army. Hitler had a private parallel army also. It was called the SS and it (along with ALL of its former members) was declared a criminal organization after the Nuremberg trials.

    So who will lead it? Who will be America's first Himmler?

  3. "Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States ": a pot-calling-the-kettle-black attack on our Constitutional rights to free assembly.
    Muslims have the right to assemble, according to our biased President, anywhere they want to; but it's not the same case for white Americans; is THAT it?
    'Cause if that's the way Obama wants to play the game, we will refuse to be bound by this Chairman Mao-like little booklet and we will fight back in as dirty a manner as needs doing to rid ourselves of you parasites.
    Muslims can sue the Catholic Church sponsored schools for NOT providing Muslim students enrolled there a place to bow to Mecca free from all the Catholic, Christian religious icons? Jesus, Mary, and Joseph ! What in the name of common sense allows Muslims to believe they have the right to dictate where they shall worship in a Catholic school equipped and designed with a chapel for……here it comes folks,….CATHOLIC students who wish to pray…NOT MUSLIM trespassers into the legitimate rights and practices of a Christian faith.
    Had the Catholic church sought a ban on allowing Muslim Students into their schools precisely BECAUSE they are not in the habit (no pun intended), of designing their schools around the requirements of the Muslim faith; there would have been a hue and a cry from the rabid, brainless, and thoughtless Muslim community charging that their darling little brats were being singled out for unfair treatment !
    But such a ban needs to be put in place; in the Catholic schools and in our Public schools as well, If they want to pray, they can go to their own schools. Quit meddling with our way of life ! You have no intention of assimilating yourselves into our country and culture, so either go back from whence you came or shut up and abide by our rules. We have no intention of altering our lifestyles to suit your peevish complaints.
    The only active, violent extremism running rampant in this Country is that which has been crafted and sponsored by Soros, Obama, Holder, Napolitano, Obama's Czars, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the news sources which never expose Obama and his administration's crimes against our rules of law and against our rights to violently, if necessary, disagree with being sold into servitude by a black president with a chjp the size of Arizona on his shoulder.
    Look it up in your "Funk and Wagnell's folks; what Obama is running in this country is a Kleptocracy enforced by thuggery.
    The American people have a pretty solid concept of our rules of law (not Obama's or Holder's version of what laws there ought to be),so it is NOT appropriate or acceptable that "The-megalomaniac-in-the-Oval-Office" attempt to further abuse his office by seeking to ruin and destroy his opponents. That's one of the things we hate about you Obama

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