Big trouble for Obama: he’s losing Hispanic support in Fla. Losing outright with Jewish voters


By Emma Karlin, staff writer

 Last week Barack Obama was proved a liar over his handling of the Libyan embassy attacks and embarrassed by Joe Biden’s inappropriate mugging and laughter during his debate with Paul Ryan.

Within the torrent of bad polling news Obama had to have heard the news that he is now on his way to being the first Democrat to lose the Jewish vote since they started keeping score in 1916.

An Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP poll says Mitt Romney is leading Obama 44/40 among Jewish voters. While the survey message cautions  this was a small sample of a small group, no amount of “yeah buts” can talk away Obama’s fall from 78% among Jews in 2008 to anything near 40%. Moreover the 16 points of “undecided” are statistically and historically likely to deliver another 13 points to Romney for a mind blowing 57/43 victory among Jews. No Democrat has ever won the presidency while getting less than 68% of the Jewish vote. Of course the experts are scoffing at these numbers, but we’ve already seen two separate surveys showing Obama down to 59% support from Jews and Debbie Wasserman Schultz is getting just 44.2 % overall with the same 16 points of “undecided” in a heavily Jewish district

Saturday Obama got more bad news about is support among a key voting bloc: Florida’s Hispanics.   A Tampa Bay Times/Bay News 9 poll shows Sunshine State Latino voters are rapidly turning away from Obama.  Last month it found 52% Hispanic support for Obama and that has fallen to 44% this month. Worse still for him is that Romney now leads among Florida Latinos 46/44.  These are of course Florida only numbers but how far off can they be? Obama got 67% of the Hispanic vote in 2008.

Can Obama fix this problem and win back the Jewish and Hispanic support he has lost? That’s not likely because the next debate will be on foreign policy. Obama will have to defend his record of disrespect for Israel and the devastating effect his Fast and Furious debacle has had on innocent Mexicans.

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5 thoughts on “Big trouble for Obama: he’s losing Hispanic support in Fla. Losing outright with Jewish voters”

  1. Dear Coach;

    You are right on target. Univision had a large part in this by reporting the truth on Fast & Furious. This weekend groups spent time handing out materials at one of the local county fairs, and the responses from the Spanish and Black Christian Community was amazing. They get it, they know who this fraud is. The pastors are obviously spreading the word. Univision, Muslim Liar, Killing children in the streets with guns Obama provided as reported in the Univision report, and his stand on same sex marriage, and his attacks on Christianity were some of the major responses I received.

    I did receive an oddity from one person from a central american country. They informed me that he was putting forth a message to all illegals that he is in fact a foreigner, not an American, so he can be trusted. He is also telling these people that Mitt Romney is a racist. I am working with people from Honduras right now showing them who Obama really is, and what a Liar he is…..Either way, this Tyrant is very dangerous to America, and its people. Later this week, it is possible the release of pictures of Obama, and Valerie Jarret may come out from 1981-1983, showing them in Pakistan with Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and his signing a blood oath to Al Qaeda…..Be Ready! I got info last night…..

    1. Holy Cow! Rick (DeSantis)!! If the last two sentences of your article prove out to be true; this would be ANOTHER “game-changer”….Bring it on, friend !!

  2. If you are Jewish and have family (regardless of how far removed) you had better think twice about voting for Obama as his refusal to speak outright and tell the Jewish people of Israel that we the American people will be there no matter what the price is very good indication that he is about to push them under the bus. He is not the friend you need to have, guarding the lives of your loved ones. He isn’t even doing his job to protect we here at home or the guardians that we send over seas to represent us abroad, evidenced by the inaction on the killing of four Americans in Libya on 9-11-12. Las Vegas while Libya burned and he denied knowing anything about the attack until after the fact let alone the need to beef up the Security forces Esse is un malo hombre for the Latino readers as he is using you to get what he wants, not what you want and need, and that is freedom and honorable acceptance

  3. Emma, Good article….perhaps this shift alone will compensate for the ‘bloomin’ idiots who would not only vote for him again in November….but would willingly follow him into Hell…..dragging the rest of us with them.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Hey Coach…. everything isn’t exactly okay at present, and probably won’t be so ‘bueno’ until January sometime… but I am coping and trying to find humor in it all….please refer to Doug’s Oct. 17 article “Romney defeats both Obama at Town Hall” for a better explanation of my current problem…. Love ‘ya. Jo

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