Black Muslims declare war on America celebrate cop killer Clemmons as a BOW (Black on White) martyr

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

It’s no wonder we haven’t heard this story from the Democrat controlled media, but a new group of anti American Black Muslims calling themselves the National Black Foot Soldiers actually celebrated what they call the BOW Black on White “martyrdom” of Police murderer Maurice Clemmons.

At 8:15 last Sunday morning Clemmons, who has since been shot and killed by police, ambushed and murdered four Seattle area Police Officers as they sat in a local coffee shop catching up on paperwork before their day’s work.

Who was this animal Maurice Clemmons?

Clemmons 37, was a violent career criminal who should’ve been in a prison cell in Arkansas for 155 years, but was granted clemency by Republican Governor Mike Huckabee. We’ve heard this part but not the Black Muslim part.

According to the web site an Arkansas law enforcement official speaking anonymously reports Clemmons joined the Nation of Islam while in Arkansas’s Cummins Prison.

Knowing he was one of them, the National Black Foot Soldiers led by Alfred “Issaquah” Shafford chanted and praised Clemmons for what they called “the blow against the white terrorist racism of the Washington State Police Regime” at the ….. Coffee House.”

Calling out to his followers, Shafford repeatedly asked “Who is your favorite officer down?” In response the crowd named each slain officer and cheered.
He ordered his followers to collect pictures of the murdered Officers prepare effigies of them and desecrate their “bodies” on the streets of Lakewood, the cops’ hometown.
The Black Foot Soldiers demand that, as Black Muslims, their members follow these rules in their dealings with police.

“1. Never stop for white cops. They are terrorists.
“2. Under terrorism laws, you have to defend yourself.
“3. Never reveal your identity to white cops. They are terrorists.”

Another group at war with us

It seems like almost monthly we discover we have new enemies whether foreign or domestic. Black Muslims seem to be emboldened by the presidency of Barack Obama whom they see as a brother in Islam. Most mid-life conversions to Islam have been made by formerly Christian Black males and occasionally females while they have been incarcerated. With this backdrop it is not hard to identify Black Muslims as people worth watching.

Get educated. Don’t sit and watch America being stolen away by those who would enslave us at best or murder us at worst. Make you voice heard.

What have you done to defend American freedom today?


This day in history Dec 4

1783 George Washington delivered his farewell address to his officers at Fraunces Tavern in New York City.

1875 William Marcy “Boss” Tweed Democrat boss of the very corrupt New York City Tammany Hall Club escaped from jail and fled the country. Have things changed much since then?

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