Black pastor: “Obama has no honor!”

By George Spelvin, staff writer

 Harlem pastor Rev. James David Manning delivered a stem-winder sermon to his flock with such passion he was overcome with so much emotion he had trouble catching his breath!  He called out his Black flock to regain honor. “Fifteen people killed while Obama was in town (Chicago)” he screamed out recently from his video pulpit.   “Only a N (word) would do that. . .no other word describes such lack of honor!”

   In the stellar tradition of Jonathan Edwards, America’s “most important and original philosophical theologian,” Manning exemplifies the man of the cloth who so loves his people that he exhorts them in the strongest terms possible to change their ways.  “The debauchery, killing each other in Chicago, Detroit, New York . . and no outcry, the only word that describes this social behavior is the N word (he actually says it),” says Manning.   The Harlem preacher who has been roundly denounced by the country’s liberal establishment including the media has even been investigated by the FBI.  He is telling his people he is disgusted by the subversion of America’s Constitution by our courts, our Congress, our media, our police, even the Clintons, Sarah Palin, Bill O’Reilly, John McCain for protecting Obama even as they ignore the Obama eligibility questions!

   “This matter cannot be resolved by this election,” Manning preaches as he fears only blood running in America’s streets in a redo of our Civil War over slavery can wash away the stain of hypocrisy and delusion gripping out land.  The deaths of black men killed by other black men are ignored by our current establishment.  “Only if someone white kills a black man (is) there any uproar,” Manning says.

   He calls out the dishonorable black men who abandon their babies for government entitlement checks as being especially abhorrent!  The tradition of hellfire and brimstone American preachers started back in the colonial days when preachers like Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield delivered such moving sermons to their congregations that entire revivalist movements spurred Americans to avoid the wages of sin.  “Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God” is Edwards’ most famous sermon that literally scared his flock into redemption by images of fiery pits and eternal damnation in the depths of Hell.  Manning’s sermon genre is speaking to audiences now in what a Presbyterian minister is calling America’s state of moral confusion.

   “I love America,” Manning screams.  He compares the sin of slavery that started the first Civil War with the sins of hypocrisy and abuse of the U.S. Constitution happening in America’s halls of power.  “Leaders don’t get upset. .when blacks kill blacks. . .because black people have no honor,” he says.  He stresses to his followers the hypocrisy of black on black crime being ignored versus the uproar over the few instances when whites attack blacks.

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2 thoughts on “Black pastor: “Obama has no honor!””

  1. Mildred Smith : Manning might not be my personal choice for an every Sunday reverend….but he is far and away a more decent human being than “rent-a-Riot-Jesse Jackson”…..
    Personally speaking Mildred…..I do not think it at all “obvious” that Rev. Manning has mental issues….he’s passionate; but I think you just don’t like his strong anti-Obama messages.

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