Blind to the truth about Islam; Lieberman is cheering for the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Joe Lieberman is a curious little man. He professes a love for America and Israel, yet  his basic liberalism seems to have blinded him to the danger of Islamic terrorism. Tuesday the Democrat Connecticut Senator displayed his naivety when he told an interviewer, “I’d like to see us take a side. I don’t think it’s enough … for us to say Assad should go, Assad’s a dictator … We have a moral responsibility and a strategic opportunity to do more than what we’re doing there [ in Syria].”

 Okay this is standard liberal drivel, but what he says next is just plain stupid and dangerous. “So what would I do?” Lieberman answered his own question with, “I’d embrace the cause of the opposition to Assad; I’d begin to work with them closely. I’d give them weapons — that’s the key.”

Hear that? A Democrat jackass wants to arm the Muslim Brotherhood with the latest American weapons. Despite being a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Lieberman must not be aware of who is on which side in the Syrian “Civil War” – which of course is an invasion not a Civil War. Why Joe Lieberman can’t see the parallels between what happened in Libya and what is happening in Syria is a mystery only he can explain, but someone should demand that he does.  

Lieberman also suggested that it would be fine with him to use American air power to counter Assad’s air attacks “on his own people.”     

Had Senator Lieberman bothered to check, he would know that the London Telegraph is reporting that the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood is supplying the “rebels” with arms.           (2)  Moreover a deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood vows to make Syria an Islamic state ruled by Sharia law.

The injection of Muslim Brotherhood/Sharia rule into Syria means another threat to Israel and by extension a threat to America. It means the entire Middle East will be run by a malignant force that in devoted to the destruction of freedom around the world starting with Israel.

Why do liberal Democrats only see Christian conservatives as a threat to world peace? Why do they blind themselves to the truth about Islam? 

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6 thoughts on “Blind to the truth about Islam; Lieberman is cheering for the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria”

  1. Just another addled leftist who has reached the point that the number of candles on his birthday cake exceeds the number of points on his IQ score.

  2. One thing to the author of this informative piece; Joe isn’t sitting as Democrat Senator from Connecticut; he won the last time as an Independent voting with Democrats…Joe is a kind, self-effacing man who unfortunately can’t seem to rid himself of his liberal tendencies…Ned Lamont ran as the Democrat candidate, a Connecticut businessman…I was there and I voted for the Republican who actually was a far better candidate than either Lamont or Lieberman…Alan Schlesinger debated both of these men and proved he was an infinitely better pick than the other two….I don’t Joe’s useful idiocy in this matter; as a Jew he should be more aware than he currently is…

  3. Let’s be truthful about Joe Lieberman. He is not only a liberal but he is also a liberal Jew. The question is why the majority of liberal Jews will support persons and programs that are so clearly dangerous to Jews.

  4. Guess I forgot what a great job the comm,er, elite left is doing in this great country. Pretty soon we’ll be Detroit from coast to coast.Can’t beat that, right? Ah, the land of opportunity, welfare checks floating through the air along with the scent of pot and the pile of feces sticking to the side of police cars and filling the gutters. Let’s vote for that again, plus more intervention aiding extremists all over the globe. TFTFY that.

  5. Lieberman is a naive, opportunistic, little coward…”being Jewish” isn’t the issue…He may be a nice person to have a “nosh with, but he has been a rotten Congressman to Connecticut and the USA. He and McCain…two mushy peas in a rotting pod.

  6. Dan- you are so representative of the radical left with your childish tantrum and foul mouth. Grow up, get a real job, put on some decent clothes and get out of mommys’ basement. She probably needs a break from your nonsense. FYI- Carter was the worst pres until Castro jr. came along.

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