By their words and their deeds, Obama and Hillary obviously hate women!

 By Ron Reale, staff writer

 While liberals are up in arms about Rush Limbaugh and his comment, (for which he immediately apologized), about an admittedly “loose woman” and her need to have us all pay for her sexcapades, our “formerly” Muslim President, Barack Obama, bypassed Congress to give the Palestinian Authority, those paragons of virtue and women’s rights, $192 million dollars.

 The President’s Muslim friends in Egypt, the ones Obama was in such a hurry to support in their drive for “Democracy,” are still receiving over two billion of American taxpayer dollars, (as they have each year since 1979, and as their Muslim Brotherhood leaders have recently threatened us, must be continued),   and they have made it illegal for woman to get an education or work.

 They can’t even escape their tormentors in death, as the filthy Islamists claim the right to continue to have sex with them for 6 hours after they are dead.

I find it interesting that the Communists in the Progressive Caucus in Congress that Republican Representative Alan West spoke of recently, will fight tooth and nail to keep a country from getting any aid from America if their unions are not receiving the same treatment as our corrupt union thugs in America, but will throw money at any country doing it’s best to destroy woman’s rights, and women themselves.

 Hillary Clinton, our obscenity of a Secretary of State, has fully supported the so called, “Arab Spring”. She should be ashamed of herself, but we know the Clintons have no shame.

She should have resigned rather than ever speak to a leader of one of these Muslim misogynistic countries. She should be denouncing them at every interview, doing everything she can to bring an end to American support.

We hear from these Communists in the Progressive Caucus in Congress that there is a Republican “war on woman!”

The truth is, the Commander-in-Chief of the, “Worldwide War on Woman,” is President Barack Hussein Obama, the “former” Muslim, and his Muslim compatriots throughout the world.  Still worse is that the American taxpayer funds his venal actions against innocent women.

Hillary Clinton is his battlefield general.

The Progressive Caucus in Congress serves as Obama’s field troops, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz is his “Tokyo Rose”.

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One thought on “By their words and their deeds, Obama and Hillary obviously hate women!”

  1. Ummm. I beg to differ. Hillary really does like women. A bunch. She has a ‘thing’ for Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the president of Argentina. But then so do I, a heterosexual male. According to Wilileaks leaked emails, the big H employed the embassy staff to find out intimate details about the sexy prez of Argenbeanland. Then there’s Huma,,,Hmmm.

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