Canadian Free Press doing the investigation of Obama American media won’t do

 By George Spelvin, staff writer

 Upon his investigation a Canadian journalist has concluded  that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi submitted TWO DIFFERENT DNC documents attesting and/or pertaining to the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama in 2008.  The Canada Free Press’, JB WIlliams, obtained the two separate documents “prepared by Democrats to certify Barack Obama as their nominee for president in 2008 that suggest House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knew there was an unresolved issue with his [Obama’] eligibility under the U.S. Constitution.”

   The first verification contains the legal language stating both Obama and Joe Biden “are legally qualified to serve under the provision of the U.S. Constitution.”  Nevertheless, the second document which was submitted to all fifty states “was missing the text CONCERNING THE ELIGIBILITY of Barack Hussein Obama.” (emphasis added) (*).  While a same tell tale typo is in both of these official documents Pelosi signed off on, the actual legal language that Obama had eligibility is not in this second document Williams obtained! 

Now, another very important notarized affidavit is surfacing in which senior election clerk Timothy Lee Adams on January 20, 2011, swore to the fact that his supervisor came to him and told him, using her Hawaiian dialect, that  “Of course, there’s no birth certificate. What?”  He said she just said it to him and walked off. “She was quite a powerful lady.” Included in his affidavit, duly notarized, is the following: “Senior officers in the City and County of Honolulu Elections Division told me on multiple occasions that no Hawaii Long Form, hospital generated birth certificate existed for Senator Obama in the Hawaii Department of Health, and there was no record that any such document had ever been on file in Hawaii Department of Health or any other branch or department of the (HI) government.”  (You have to read both of these references online as they seem to not print out.)

   Finally, pictures scattered about the web appear to compile evidence of Obama’s alleged origination in Kenya.  By scrolling down to #52 on this link , you can see Mr. and Mrs. Barack Obama  (she appears pregnant) standing near a car that may have a Kenyan license number, and by one with a right side steering wheel.  This picture  shows three men in African attire which allegedly may be Obama with his half brother.  “A young Barack Obama smoking in front of his family’s hut in Kenya, Africa, before he quit around 2009,” is the caption of a United Kingdom print outlet photo.

   When Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his lead investigator Mike Zullo within weeks hold what is purported to be a presser even more shocking than their first one, and ignored by the media, what will they reveal?  Could evidence be forthcoming that Barack Obama may not even hold U.S. Citizenship because no documents apparently have ever surfaced that prove he repatriated his fealty to America after being adopted by Lolo Soetoro and after living as a citizen of Indonesia?

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(*) from above and Bob Unruh, “What Does Pelosi Know About Obama’s Eligibility?”. WND, 9-11-2009.


and also 10/2011/00255 _Tim Adams Is Back in the News , 104513 php .  

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16 thoughts on “Canadian Free Press doing the investigation of Obama American media won’t do”

  1. You just have to make sure that you don't disrespect the republican party when you talk about obama's fraud at canadafreepress.

    If you do it too much, you will have to seek a new forum. Because getting republicans elected is even more important to canadafreepress than purging the gov't of liars. If the liars are republican on this issue, tread very carefully at canadafreepress.

    Don't believe me? Then why haven't we seen JB Williams and Lawrence Sellin at canadafreepress lately?
    Because they both say get rid of the liars from gov't, EVEN IF THEY ARE REPUBLICAN.

    1. To metta world war….as a regular reader of Canada Free Press….I have myself, read, and written (posted), articles in CFP, highly critical of the Republican Party…Perhaps the disappearances of JB Williams and Lawrence Sellin are attributable to other reasons rather than an unwillingness to tar Republicans with the same liberal biases as those possessed by Marxist Democrats.
      Have you ever thought of sending Judi McCloud an e-mail to ASK her why these writers are no longer on-board the CFP pages?….remember also, that there are REGULAR staff contributors and there are guest contributors who appear sporadically.

  2. What has America become?

    Has America become the land of special interest and home of the
    double standard? Let's see: If we lie to the Congress, it's a felony
    and if Congress lies to us it's just politics. If we dislike a black person,
    we're a racist and if a black dislikes whites, it's their 1st Amendment
    right. The government spends millions to rehabilitate criminals and
    they do almost nothing for the victims. In public schools you can teach
    that homosexuality and lesbianism is ok, but you better not use the
    word God in the process. You can murder a child in the mothers womb,
    but it's wrong to execute a mass murderer. We don't burn books in
    America, we now rewrite them. We got rid of the communist & socialist
    threat by renaming them progressives. If you protest against Obama's
    policies you're a terrorist, but if you burn an American flag or George
    Bush in effigy, it's your 1st Amendment right.

    You can have pornography on TV or the internet, but you better not
    put a nativity scene in a public park during Christmas. In America,
    criminals are now called sick people. The government takes money
    from those who work hard & gives it to those who are lazy. Parenting
    has been replaced with Ritalin & video games. The land of opportunity
    is now the land of hand outs.

    And how do we handle a major crisis today? The Government
    appoints a committee to determine who's at fault, then threatens
    them, passes a law, raises our taxes, then tells us the problem is
    solved so they can get back to their reelection campaign.

    1. Raymond, I could not have said it better. I fear that we have already reached the tipping point where there are more of those who have bought into the new "agenda" and less of us who still believe in God, the Constitution, and the value of family. I keep hoping that people will wake up.

    2. Hey Raymond ! You've done it again, pal… never gets tiring to be the voice of reason in an otherwise insanely sick world, does it?
      Bravo !!

  3. The primary issue on this on going investigation is the total black-out, by the press, to report any of it.
    What America has become?
    I'm not certain I have any adjectives left to describe what I feel , but the citizens across what's left of our America , must email their outrage to Fox News; or any other mass media venue that will be forced by public forum, to report what Canada has stated as fact, not fiction.
    It would a wonderful day in America if Barry O, be forced off the 2012 ballot, by all 50 states, because he's an impostor .
    Also understand there, that AZ isn't finished with this investigation .It should be released ~ mid-June.
    No black hole from the media will shallow it up.You can bet the ranch on that.

    1. Hey Carol, AZ !! : How's tricks in Arizona going, gal?
      You're not the only one who has run out of words regarding what you feel….most of us have have trouble locating new "Superlatively Worst" synonyms to define our hatred of what has happened to our country because of the lawlessness of both Congress and Obama.
      Like a bunch of drunken old-west drovers out for a weekend spree at the nearest, local watering hole (saloon)…Congressional-Toadies get all "liquored-up", overly self-important, highly "know-it-all", and too aggressive toward the interests and reputations of the cattle ranchers (We American citizens), who pay their salaries during their terms of office ( in the saddle)..
      We need ANOTHER OK Corrall….and we need it now !
      Long live America's Sheriff, Joe Arpaio !!!! (I notice that Arizona has another conservative (even slightly Libertarian), activist Sheriff (retired),…John Mack who is standing for Office), what can you tell us about this man?
      Carol, my friend, I certainly hope that June's revelations by Sheriff Joe regarding Obama's eligibility will contain materials and conclusions that are much more significant and damaging to Obama than were the March revelations…

  4. Speaking as an 80 year old Korean Vet, I am taken aback by what appears to be American public's deplorable ignorance.
    To think they were so easily sucked in by flim-flam liar in the Whitehouse, boggles this old mind.
    Raymond's post above testifies to an ignorant populous aiding and abetting Obama's well organized effort to
    turn America into the next 3rd World country. And, how come our so-called 'Free Press' ignores important story
    of collusion between Whitehouse and China to destroy the once coveted dollar.?

  5. Someone needs to quickly have this information, which actually has been out for years, to Donald Trump and Sheriff Arpaio for verification. Every time Trump is asked a question, he could than supply them to the media, at every stop. Challenge them to read them and comment!
    Stay on offense!
    Ron Reale

    1. Donald whimped out, period. He has too much to lose ..
      Yes, he has a price like every other high profile person.
      My guess is, he'll be front and center for the photo opts telling all of us: " He know it all along." Blah, blah, blah..

      1. What did he "wimp out" of? He is still there hammering away at the documentation, or lack thereof, of obama. He got the publicity he wanted, as being Donald Trump demands. He is a businessman using both entertainment industries, (The one in Hollywood for the beautiful people, and the one in Washington, DC, for the ugly), to garner the most attention for his endeavors.
        Who else of a high-profile nature is putting themselves out there, taking the ridicule of the MSM, keeping this issue alive?
        "Wimping out"? I think not!
        Ron Reale

  6. I recommend everyone watch the newly released video called "Dreams from My Real Father", which makes a terrific case for the communist Frank Marshall Davis being his real father. It is more believable than Barrack Obama Sr. and also much more disturbing!

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