Carbonite CEO learns a hard lesson about being played for a fool by George Soros

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Last week’s Chick-fil-A appreciation day must have been painful to watch for David Friend the CEO that runs Carbonite a computer file backup service that was once the king of its industry.

Watching how well a business that is favored by the Right can do must have ground salt into the self- inflicted wound that is still plaguing Carbonite today.  

On Saturday March 3, David Friend, the breast beating fool who is the CEO of Carbonite, decided he could not even wait until the following Monday to drop his company’s advertising relationship with Rush Limbaugh. Bleating about Limbaugh having correctly characterized a young woman who wanted a Catholic university to pay for her contraception devices, Friend cited a desire for a “more civilized public discourse” as the reason for his action.

The truth was that Carbonite and a few other foolish advertisers were convinced to drop Limbaugh by Media Matters a George Soros operation dedicated to destroying conservative talk radio in general and Rush Limbaugh in particular. Carbonite was played just as the rest of them were played.  Now that a full calendar quarter has past, the extent to which Carbonite was played can be more accurately assessed.  

While Chick-fil-A was gaining record breaking sales merely because its CEO Dan Cathy has stood for one man to one woman marriage, Carbonite was suffering a substantial decrease in sales.  What is worse is that in its type of business customers make a decision that stands for a year or more. Nothing will bring back the business Carbonite has lost.

An examination of Carbonite’s Security and Exchange Commission filings and  Rush’s listenership figures show that David Friend’s knee jerk liberal move has sent these two traveling in opposite directions.  Limbaugh’s numbers are higher than ever and the per share price of Carbonite stock has fallen by 15%.

Now David Friend is sorry. Now he understands he hurt his company so he could beat his breast and feel like a good little liberal.   When asked about the wisdom of dropping Limbaugh he said, “I guess my impression was that it wouldn’t be that impactful but I guess it was quite impactful.”

Maybe the fact that liberals can’t be trusted enters into this picture. On Friday Friend and a former Carbonite executive revealed they have formed a new on-line file backup service company, one that will eventually be a competitor to Carbonite.

As Rush would say, “ Hmmmmm.”   

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8 thoughts on “Carbonite CEO learns a hard lesson about being played for a fool by George Soros”

  1. Without going into the moral ramifications of the one-man/one-woman marriage scenario, which is the main reason I am for it…

    The alternative opens an entire can-of-worms.
    A news-story (sorry, I can’t remember which one), recently reported:

    A gay employee of a city has employee-provided healthcare. His “partner”, even though they are not legally married, also is provided healthcare. The “partner” has children from another relationship who are now also covered. If one of those children should get pregnant while covered under the employee’s plan the pregnancy and resulting baby would be covered. All at tax-payer’s expense.

    This could go on and on, Ad Finem…or should I say Ad Nauseum.

  2. Bingo! JimnJoy! The Gay Activists started their hard push for “equality” during the AIDS epidemic in the early 90’s, and it was more about MONEY, and being able to get their partners insured on their Group Medical Insurance, than it was about “gay rights” which did not exist prior to that time. Gays have no more rights than anyone else under our Constitution, but they have tried to “create” them because of the catestrophic medical costs of treating AIDS.

  3. Thanks for the update on the CEO of Carbonite. I just recently had a crash of my computer after a Power outage, and had to use my Carbonite service to get all my files back. But now that I know that the Carbonite CEO is a George-Soros-influenced Liberal who believes in Shutting down Rush Limbaugh and I guess anyone else who isn’t a “Progressive” I will consider not renewing that Service when the time comes. Sounds like he is going to do what ALL Liberal groups do, just CHANGE the name to something else, and play-pretend it’s not the same Obama-loving entity. What is ACORN’s new name now?

  4. It is amazing to me that Glenn Beck still advertises Carbonite. Although I know he is not an advocate for boycotting anything or anyone.

  5. And what has Mitt Romney done about the Chick-Fil-A story? He has decided to run from it as fast as his frightened little legs can carry him! Here is a company which has broken all previous sales records and boasted customers lined up around blocks and streaming through mall entrances. And why? Because someone actually had the guts to stand against the rules of political correctness by embracing what the overwhelming majority of the American public believe. Yet Romney runs like a deer lest anyone think he might share that belief. It appears we have yet another McCain-type coward running for the White House. Is Romney afraid of losing the all important gay and lesbian vote; concerned the scrupulously honest, non-biased media might begin to criticize or treat him unfairly?
    What a disgrace, that Republican politicians are so frightened of repercussions connected with violating the rules of political correctness that they won’t even correctly align themselves with what the overwhelming majority of the American people believe.

  6. The wonderful thing about well-grounded, well-brought-up Americans is that they still ‘get’ the meta-messages and truths of issues despite the massive enormity of lies and disinformation thrown their way by both the Uber-Liberal Marxists and the weak-minded RINOs (who don’t know WHAT to support anymore, with the exception of their own power and privilege).
    David Friend of Carbonite will continue to be sorry for his actions for the rest of his life; and his stupid choices will not stop, because other than ‘making a buck’, Friend does not appear to “stand” for much…..while folks like Don Cathy of Chick-Fil-A will continue to reap the social and monetary benefits brought their way via loyalty and trust from whose values are SO MUCH akin to their own…people do not shop exclusively with their wallets anymore…we have learned to pay attention to the so-called “values” of corporate America…”Suits” in corporate America desperately need to know and understand that the public expects these businesses to be ethical and upright…..moral, if you will !!
    Meanwhile, fellow Americans, give yourselves a well deserved pat on the back for standing up to the thugs and goons who would see men like Cathy muzzled from speaking his Christian beliefs…and forbidden from mixing his religious tenets with his business practices…

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