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Trump says terrorists entering U.S. at southern border; Judicial Watch confirms candidate’s claims

ALERT: Trump Reveals “Greatest Military Coup of All Time” Could Now Be Underway on U.S. Soil

From The Conservative Tribune

“Donald Trump recently entered the Syrian refugee debate and had some bold things to say about the crisis.

The Republican presidential front runner spoke with Fox News’ Eric Bolling on Cashin’ In about the issue. During the interview, Trump expressed his deep concern about potentially letting jihadists come into the country as ‘refugees.’

They were talking about 3,000 people coming,’ he told Bolling. ‘Then I heard 10 [thousand], then I heard 25 [thousand], then I heard 200,000 people.’

‘And Eric, if you look at this migration, it’s mostly men,’Trump said. ‘And they look like young men, and strong men, and they look like fighters.’

Trump said he wondered ‘why aren’t they fighting for their own country — Syria?’

He went on to say, ‘This could be one of the greatest military coups of all time.’ Trump obviously wasn’t talking about a domestic military overthrow of the government, but a surprise attack from a foreign enemy, as indicated when he said, ‘Some of [the immigrants] definitely in my opinion will be ISIS.’

Trump warned that accepting refugees in our attempt at humanitarianism could be like accepting ‘a Trojan horse.’ Many migrants, including Islamic militants, would come to an unprepared United States.

He further pointed out that the United States is a ‘debtor nation’ that owes $19 trillion, and our infrastructure is outdated.

‘Obama wants to bring 200,000 people here,’ Trump said. If I win the election, they are going back. They’re going back.’

Under a Trump administration, instead of transferring these migrants to European countries or the U.S., ‘free zones, safe zones’ would be set up in Syria for these people.

Trump pointed out that the Persian Gulf states aren’t ‘accepting anybody.’

‘And they are right there,’ he said. ‘We have a big problem in this country.’ ”

And Trump is quite right. One year ago, Homeland Security Sources told Judicial Watch that 4 ISIS fighters had been apprehended crossing the Mexican border into the United States.

A short time earlier, California Congressman Duncan Hunter “disclosed on national television that at least ten Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) fighters have been caught crossing the Mexican border in Texas. The veteran lawmaker got the astounding intel straight from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the Homeland Security agency responsible for guarding the 1,933-mile southern border.”

In April of this year, law enforcement sources advised Judicial Watch that, ‘coyotes’ engaged in human smuggling – and working for Juárez Cartel – help move ISIS terrorists through the desert and across the border between Santa Teresa and Sunland Park, New Mexico. To the east of El Paso and Ciudad Juárez, cartel-backed ‘coyotes’ are also smuggling ISIS terrorists through the porous border between Acala and Fort Hancock, Texas.”

“There’s no doubt [these] situation[s] could jeopardize Americans and their safety and we already know that Obama is going to do nothing about [them],” said Trump at a rally in New Hampshire.

Obama spent years assisting Muslim terrorists in the Middle East during his infamous Arab Spring. By doing nothing at least he won’t be helping ISIS against the American people.

When you gotta pray, you gotta pray

Muslims have been praying toward Mecca for centuries. Mecca, a city in the Hejaz, Saudi Arabia, is considered the birthplace of Muhammad and the site of Muhammad’s first revelation of the Quran-that is, the first time he chatted with Allah.  MUSLIMS PRAY GREAT MOSQUE

Though the resident population is approximately 2 million, the city grows to some 6 million as Muslims make their obligatory pilgrimage known as the Hajj.

Of course, not all Muslims are able to undertake that mandatory trip to Mecca. Matters of expense, other obligations and the like can interfere with the most important of journeys. As a result, Muslims have learned to pray wherever they are, regardless of what they happen to be doing.

Though unable to make the pilgrimage to Mecca, the candid shot below reveals 3 individuals obeying the sacred tradition of prayer. Their identities are not known.

Three Mooselims in prayer: 



Coach is Right apologizes for a mistake

Doug Book, editor

Yesterday, Coach is Right published a piece entitled “2015 Stella Awards for the Year’s Most Outlandish Lawsuits and Jury Awards.”

Unfortunately, the information presented to CiR readers was part of a longstanding hoax! My fault.

The Stella Awards were, however, very much for real, the last award presented by its authors in 2007. And here they are, the True Stella Award winners, from 2002 through 2007.


The True Stella Awards® were inspired by Stella Liebeck. In 1992, Stella, then 79, spilled a cup of McDonald’s coffee onto her own lap, burning herself. A New Mexico jury awarded her $2.9 million in damages, but that’s not the whole story. Ever since, the name “Stella Award” has been applied to any wild, outrageous, or ridiculous lawsuits.

2007 WINNER:
The winner of the 2007 True Stella Award: Roy L. Pearson Jr. The 57-year-old Administrative Law Judge from Washington DC claims that a dry cleaner lost a pair of his pants, so he sued the mom-and-pop business for $65,462,500. That’s right: more than $65 million for one pair of pants. Representing himself, Judge Pearson cried in court over the loss of his pants, whining that there certainly isn’t a more compelling case in the District archives. But the Superior Court judge wasn’t moved: he called the case “vexatious litigation”, scolded Judge Pearson for his “bad faith”, and awarded damages to the dry cleaners. But Pearson didn’t take no for an answer: he’s appealing the decision. And he has plenty of time on his hands, since he was dismissed from his job. Last we heard, Pearson’s appeal is still pending.

2006 WINNER:
And the winner of the 2006 True Stella Award: Allen Ray Heckard. Even though Heckard is 3 inches shorter, 25 pounds lighter, and 8 years older than former basketball star Michael Jordan, the Portland, Oregon, man says he looks a lot like Jordan, and is often confused for him — and thus he deserves $52 million “for defamation and permanent injury” — plus $364 million in “punitive damage for emotional pain and suffering”, plus the SAME amount from Nike co-founder Phil Knight, for a grand total of $832 million. He dropped the suit after Nike’s lawyers chatted with him, where they presumably explained how they’d counter-sue if he pressed on.

2005 WINNER:
And the winner of the 2005 True Stella Award: Christopher Roller of Burnsville, Minn. Roller is mystified by professional magicians, so he sued David Blaine and David Copperfield to demand they reveal their secrets to him — or else pay him 10 percent of their lifelong earnings, which he figures amounts to $50 million for Copperfield and $2 million for Blaine. The basis for his suit: Roller claims that the magicians defy the laws of physics, and thus must be using “godly powers” — and since Roller is god (according to him), they’re “somehow” stealing that power from him.

2004 WINNER:
Mary Ubaudi of Madison County, Ill. Ubaudi was a passenger in a car that got into a wreck. She put most of the blame on the deepest pocket available: Mazda Motors, who made the car she was riding in. Ubaudi demands “in excess of $150,000” from the automaker, claiming it “failed to provide instructions regarding the safe and proper use of a seatbelt.” One hopes Mazda’s attorneys make her swear in court that she has never before worn a seatbelt, has never flown on an airliner, and that she’s too stupid to figure out how to fasten a seatbelt.

2003 WINNER:
The City of Madera, Calif. Madera police officer Marcy Noriega had the suspect from a minor disturbance handcuffed in the back of her patrol car. When the suspect started to kick at the car’s windows, Officer Noriega decided to subdue him with her Taser. Incredibly, instead of pulling her stun gun from her belt, she pulled her service sidearm and shot the man in the chest, killing him instantly. The city, however, says the killing is not the officer’s fault; it argues that “any reasonable police officer” could “mistakenly draw and fire a handgun instead of the Taser device” and has filed suit against Taser, arguing the company should pay for any award from the wrongful death lawsuit the man’s family has filed. What a slur against every professionally trained police officer who knows the difference between a real gun and a stun gun! And what a cowardly attempt to escape responsibility for the actions of its own under-trained officer.

2002 WINNER:
Sisters Janice Bird, Dayle Bird Edgmon and Kim Bird Moran sued their mother’s doctors and a hospital after Janice accompanied her mother, Nita Bird, to a minor medical procedure. When something went wrong, Janice and Dayle witnessed doctors rushing their mother to emergency surgery. Rather than malpractice, their legal fight centered on the “negligent infliction of emotional distress” — not for causing distress to their mother, but for causing distress to them for having to see the doctors rushing to help their mother. The case was fought all the way to the California Supreme Court, which finally ruled against the women. Which is a good thing, since if they had prevailed doctors and hospitals would have had no choice but to keep you from being anywhere near your family members during medical procedures just in case something goes wrong. In their greed, the Bird sisters risked everyone’s right to have family members with them in emergencies.

Is Rep. Kevin McCarthy-John Boehner’s likely replacement-a RINO, moderate, sell-out or Stand-Up Guy?

By Doug Book, editor

After years of being frustrated by a spineless, weepy sell-out, conservatives are hardly looking forward to replacing House Speaker John Boehner with House Speaker John Boehner. Heading into the 2014 election, Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor 

Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy.
Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy.

was looked upon as the sure thing replacement for Speaker Boehner who, according to an aide, was quietly hoping to step down. But Congressman Cantor became ex-Congressman Cantor after a stunning primary loss to Tea Party favorite, Dave Brat. 

Current Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is the sole remaining member of the Republican Party triumvirate which had been vaulted to power in the historic, electoral massacre of 2010. Cantor was thrown out, Boehner has been forced out and McCarthy is the apparent odds-on favorite to be the next Speaker of the House.  

Rep Kevin McCarthy
Rep Kevin McCarthy

So who is Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California’s 23rd district? Time Magazine writes, “McCarthy’s natural role is to bring people in and have them make decisions—rather than dictating.” John Boehner   made no small number of enemies by marginalizing House   conservatives and their frequent objections to his willingness to surrender to Barack Obama. Thanks to a reputation for displays of respect rather than contempt, many believe McCarthy has enough support, even among House conservatives to become the next Speaker.

Committed representatives of the GOP establishment have not exactly been looked upon with favor by conservatives during the past several years, especially given the public hostility with which Tea Party members-the very base of the Party-have been treated by the likes of Mitch McConnell and, yes, John Boehner. And no   BOEHNER AND MCCONNELL small number of conservatives believe McCarthy will be “as bad or worse” than the Speaker he may replace.

“McCarthy is like Boehner in all the wrong ways,” writes Debbie Schlussel on America, Conservative2Conservative. “He is a RINO amnesty supporter and friend of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, leader of the tech sector’s amnesty push via FWD.” Schlussel   continues with: “Take a look at McCarthy’s rating from Heritage Action For America. He voted conservative only 63% of the time in  the past year and 53% over his lifetime in the House (that’s only   half the time!). And he’s BOEHNER AND MCCARTHYdependent upon large donations from Silicon Valley amnesty pimps…” “And this is better than Boehner, how?”

Coach is Right contributor and staff writer Jerry Todd, has “…known Kevin [McCarthy] from a distance since he was a boy playing junior baseball with my son, Sean.”

Jerry writes of McCarthy: “This past week, he [McCarthy] hosted my Pastor to the Papal visit as his guest. The Monsignor is sadly one of few Republican Catholic clergy and considered one of the most influential men in Kevin’s District. Kevin is definitely pro-life. His positions on “amnesty” whatever that is, reflect the huge Hispanic population of his District. Over the last 2 years I’ve been advocating a civics education for the new rich Silicon Valley types like Zuckerberg and Musk. They’re definitely victims of California’s infamous progressive arrogance and could be turned. Pelosi and   MCCARTHY KEVIN 2 Obama haven’t been much good for them or their Democratic loyalty. Maybe Kevin will get us a shot at them.”

“Kevin McCarthy would make an excellent Speaker,” said John Boehner after announcing he would resign from the House.

“Kevin McCarthy, Boehner’s likely successor, is Boehner minus the fake tan and genuine crybaby tears,” writes Debbie Schlussel for Conervative2Conservative.

“Kevin is a master at raising money and selecting candidates for the party,” says Jerry Todd. “We have much more to consider than Kevin’s RINO status per Heritage, et al. I’ve never been able to figure out Heritage myself.”

Who is Kevin McCarthy? One thing seems certain; should the California congressman be made Speaker of the House by his Republican peers, any tendency to cuddle up with Barack Hussein will result in a wail of historic proportions, both from betrayed conservatives on Capitol Hill and throughout the nation’s red states.

Trump gets it right

By Doug Book, editor

“The Second Amendment to our Constitution is clear. The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed upon. Period.” From Donald Trumps’ position paper on the 2nd Amendment.

Donald Trump gained a large measure of support with his positon on illegal aliens. He obviously understands how the economy works and will implement the changes necessary to create employment and increase the GNP.

But the Trump campaign would have ended, his popularity fallen through the floor had he not understood the passion of the American people for their 2nd Amendment rights.

It has been estimated that 100 million Americans own some 300 million firearms. These weapons are used for hunting, target shooting and competition sports. Countless pistols lie in a nightstand drawer, ready to defend their owner and his family from intruders.

It has been the inalienable—that is, God-given—right of the law abiding to keep and bear arms for more than 200 years. And Trump understands how vitally important it is that this never changes.

The 2nd Amendment is “America’s first freedom,” says Trump. “That’s because the Right to Keep and Bear Arms protects all our other rights.” About this there can be no argument. Were it not for armed Americans and the undoubted willingness of millions to take up those arms against a tyrannical government, our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness would have been taken from us decades ago.

The left would gladly confiscate firearms from the American people and call it crime fighting. Trump, on the other hand, believes responsibility for our own personal protection must, in the final outcome, lie with us. From his position paper:

“Here’s another important way to fight crime – empower law-abiding gun owners to defend themselves. Law enforcement is great, they do a tremendous job, but they can’t be everywhere all of the time. Our personal protection is ultimately up to us.”

Donald Trump might remain committed to his run for the White House, or he could become another Ross Perot. If elected he might renege on his promises or seek power even more aggressively than any president before him.

Though we can’t predict the future, we can rest assured that Donald Trump has announced his support for the right to keep and bear arms, without hesitation and with no attempt to equivocate.

That’s a damned site more than we can expect from most of today’s Republican Party elite.