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Republican Senate candidates Cotton, Brown and Land moving up by attacking amnesty


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

For many conservatives this election is an odd mixture of joy and foreboding.  On the one hand we are happy that the indications point to an end of the tyrannical reign of Harry Reid; but on the other we are faced with the prospect of more of the same old same old from Republicans.

While there are many issues to be weighed as we decide what to do on November 4th, few would argue that amnesty is not our top concern. If the Republicans join Barack Obama in granting amnesty to illegal aliens our country will collapse and eventually cease to be.

We know this and Republicans know this but many don’t seem to care. Nevertheless, we have to be mindful of the Senate’s confirmation powers and the likelihood of Supreme Court positions and other very important appointments being brought before a Reid controlled Senate in the near future. This presents the dilemma many conservatives are dealing with.

Those who agree that amnesty is the transcendent issue of this election and have been waiting for a way to get into this fight, without feeling like a sellout, have a few candidates to support.

Among the candidates amnesty concerned conservatives have to back in Senate elections are Tom Cotton in Arkansas, Scott Brown in New Hampshire and Terri Lynn Land in Michigan.

Brown, we know, is not a true conservative. Nevertheless, he has made up some twenty points on his Democrat opponent since mid-summer by attacking her on her support of amnesty. Tom Cotton has jumped to a lead in his race in Arkansas by doing the same.

We’ve heard about these races but we have not heard much about Terri Lynn Land’s campaign in Michigan. This was supposed to be a “laugher” for the Democrats who have owned the seat for a while. Land, however, is also a fierce opponent of amnesty and to the surprise of many on both sides she has pulled to within two points of her opponent 41/39.

Rasmussen is calling this a statistical tie; but given the problems Democrats are having across the country and the “late hour,” Land is moving in the right direction against a popular Democrat who is in the low 40s. With a huge undecided cohort in Michigan, Land certainly can win.

Donations to these candidates will be a blow against amnesty:



As Jeter steps off the stage the base-bile oozes out of those who don’t know how America works


 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

For most of the last twenty years the rest of the Baseball world watched Derek Jeter and his team play in October. Yes time and the odds finally caught to the Yankees over the past few seasons and on a few occasions the tables have turned, but that was inevitable.

Now Jeter is stepping away from baseball as one of the all-time greats of the game. He doesn’t sit on a tiny plateau at the top of baseball lore by default for being around a long time and being one of those who have besmirched and embarrassed baseball. He’s at the top because he earned it. His steadfast high character has served as a counter balance to those who have cheated and blackened the sport’s reputation. He wasn’t quite Babe Ruth saving baseball after the 1919 “Black Sox” scandal; but Jeter was one of the most consistent “good guys” for Major League Baseball (MLB) to point to in the wake of the recent “juicing scandal.”

MLB owes Jeter a deep debt of gratitude. Along with his team, he made going to the ballpark to see your team play the Yankees – even when you knew they would lose – worth spending your hard earned money. All over MLB’s map fans and owners love to see the Yankees come to town; and there is strong evidence that interleague play was designed to spread the Yankees and Jeter around.

By all outward indications, Derek Jeter is an intelligent man who could have succeeded in most any career he decided to enter.  Nevertheless, he has spent the last two decades selling his baseball skills to a grateful Yankee organization. Now that phase of his life is over; and he has a new asset to sell: his name and his personality. That is how he will make his living from now on, it’s an exercise of the free market found in few other countries.

There are those in and out of the sports world who don’t seem to grasp that concept. They are presumptuous enough to believe they have the status to recommend to Jeter how he should have acted during his final season.  

That brings to mind the old line, “Those who can; do; those who can’t; write about it…..” There will be no shortage of bile filled articles ripping Derek Jeter. Most will come from J school grads who played JV sports in high school. They will rip Jeter for changing the product he sells from baseball skills to his name. They don’t understand baseball is a business – they can’t – because like their colleagues who write about other subjects they don’t know how America works.                   

While they beat their breasts, Derek will be quietly living his new life in a same workman-like manner that made him a baseball Hall of Famer. It’s the only way he knows how to work.


The horrors of Sharia Law described by an Australian Senator


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Sharia’s thugs don’t get a green light to trample their victims everywhere. One of the places they don’t get a free ride is Australia. Jacqui Lambie, a down under Senator, spoke out about the dangers of Sharia Law last week and did so unequivocally.

Calling Sharia’s thugs “maniacs and depraved humans, Lambie said, “…they won’t stop committing cold blooded butchery and rapes until every woman in Australia wears a burqa.”     

But Lambie was just getting started. She continued her counter attack on Sharia’s supporters by blaming them for, “every major terrorist attack on the Western world. The 9/11s, the Bali bombings, Boston marathon bombings, recent beheadings and massacres have all been carried out by supporters of sharia law.”

The Senator has demanded that supporters of Sharia leave her country and pleaded with her countrymen and women to see the danger this malignant code of laws presents to any civilized nation. She called on Australia’s “innocents” to realize, “these thugs and extremists will not stop their acts of terrorism and depravity until their way of life, their culture and their law is imposed on Australia, indeed the whole world.”  

Not surprisingly she is facing criticism from even members of her own Party who are eager to suck up to these seventh century savages. The naive dunce who runs her Party called for unity saying, “We are a rich and diverse nation who enjoy a special country. [our] Challenge is dealing with budget and measures that attack the fabric of society. We must think about who and what we are and where we want to go. We have strong obligations towards each other. We have lots in common, we love our families, freedom and our efforts to help each other.” How nice! This jackass could be saying words written for him at a local mosque.

“We love our families.” Really? Than why are women treated like specialized farm animals under Sharia law?  “We love freedom.” Really Than why do these animals prowl around the world searching for victims to threaten with their “convert or die” attacks?  “[we make] efforts to help each other.” Really? Than why is it that the Islamic thugs who cause the pain and suffering of terrorist attacks have never contributed a penny to a relief effort?  After Super Storm Sandy (of course not caused by these savages) even the Buddhists who have a minuscule presence in New York City gave cash donations to victims; but not a single penny came from any of these mongrels!

 We as the civilized world can either recognize the danger of Sharia Law or sit back and wait for their swords to find our necks.  For now the choice is still ours. Where do you stand?


Learn the truth about Democrats.

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The ugly history of the Democrat Party: Part Five


 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The story of the Democrats (available free for the asking see details) continues with a description of the White House drunken orgy Andrew Jackson presided over in celebration of his victory.   

“Cut glass and china to the amount of several thousand dollars had been broken in the struggle to get the refreshments, punch and other articles had been carried out in tubs and buckets, but had it been in hogsheads it would have been insufficient, ice-creams, and cake and lemonade, for 20,000 people, for it is said that number were there, tho’ I think the number exaggerated.

“Ladies fainted, men were seen with bloody noses and such a scene of confusion took place as is impossible to describe, – those who got in could not get out by the door again, but had to scramble out of windows. At one time, the President who had retreated and retreated until he was pressed against the wall, could only be secured by a number of gentleman forming around him and making a kind of barrier of their own bodies, and the pressure was so great that Col. Bomford who was one said that at one time he was afraid they should have been pushed down, or on the President. It was then the windows were thrown open, and the torrent found an outlet, which otherwise might have proved fatal.”[1]

Jackson: the original ugly American

Those who have wondered why our South American neighbors have hated us forever should consider the part Andrew Jackson had in Britain’s forcible theft of the Malvinas Islands from Argentina.

Violating or ignoring laws they don’t like is not a recent stunt for Democrats. Jackson violated the Monroe Doctrine – the policy of the United States opposing European interference in the Western Hemisphere- including South America – to favor British interests over American foreign policy. 

In 1833 the British decided to seize the Malvinas, a chain of islands off the coast of Argentina which had always been claimed and recognized as Argentine territory.  In the kind of kowtowing to a foreign sovereign Barack Obama would be proud of, Andrew Jackson did nothing as the British moved to seize the island chain.

Jackson compounded his malfeasance by threatening to help England perpetrate the theft if the defenseless Argentines did not knuckle under and go along with the robbery. 

The islands, now called the Falklands by the United Kingdom, are still held as “British territory” to this day and serve as a reminder to honest students of history of the cowardice of Andrew Jackson. [2] [3]

The start of the “Democrats are for the little guy” lie


 A contemporary proponent of anti-Jeffersonian nationalism, along with Burr, Jackson was a strong opponent of the Bank of the United States which was a bulwark against the world financial monopoly of London’s banking interests.

Under the stewardship of Philadelphian Nicholas Biddle the Bank of the United States (BUS) had thrived as a way to provide much needed lines of credit for a growing America.    

The popular myth about Jackson’s handling of the Bank of the United States holds that, our pal “Old Hickory” attacked the bank because he didn’t trust banks on the theory that banks hurt the so called “working people.”

Under Biddle’s leadership of the BUS, average Americans, farmers, small businessmen and other entrepreneurs were able to get loans to help our young country keep growing. Without the BUS they would be forced to borrow money from English banks at usurious rates.

Andrew Jackson killed the Bank of the United States and shortly after America was plunged into “The Panic” (or depression) of 1837.

The closing of the Bank, to “help the little guy” brought about terrible inflation which was followed by a sharp deflation because banks decided to accept only gold and silver as currency. As the first Democrat to promote class warfare, Jackson brought America’s “little guys” economic depressions and unemployment rates that were previously unheard of at that time. [4]

Jackson and minorities

Jackson purchased a female slave in 1788 and was in the slave trading business his whole life. By the 1820s Jackson “owned” 160 slaves and never freed them, not even in his will. [5]   Keep this fact in mind when Democrats attack the founding fathers, such as Jefferson – who did free his slaves – while in the same breath lauding the legacy of “Ol’ Hickory.”

The Trail of Tears 

Perhaps the worst instance of Jackson’s willingness to emulate the bellicose traditions of European empires was the genocide of the Cherokee Nation known as the Trail of Tears……..

Note: Due to the strong interest readers of CiR have shown in this material this series will continue each Wednesday Friday and Sunday.

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The ugly history of the Democrat Party: Part Four


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Chapter Two: Democrat Presidents before the Civil War

ANDREW JACKSON 1828 to 1836

For many years the Democrat Party has presented itself as the common man’s Party. We have heard that the Democrats are for the little guy and always have been since the election of Andrew Jackson in 1828.

As the tall tale goes, “Old Hickory” as Jackson was called, was a “man’s man” who stood for the principles set down by America’s Founding Fathers.  In fact he actually had a legitimate claim to being part of the American Revolution; he was a member of the Continental Army as a 13 year old messenger who was captured and mistreated by the British.

What a great story! What a great man! What a great patriot! If only some of this were true, Jackson would be half the man that today’s duplicitous Democrats make him out to be.  

The real and forgotten story of “Old Hickory” is far more important than the fairy tales told about him at Democrat fundraisers.

The truth is that Andrew Jackson was a product of the treasonous Aaron Burr’s corrupt political machine which grew into the Democrat Party “in the 1820’s.”

N.B. Unlike the Republican Party which has an exact starting date, (March 20, 1854) even careful research cannot pin down an exact founding date for the Democrat Party. As with its current leader, the Democrat Party seems to have no definitive birth certificate.

Why no exact starting date for the Democrat Party can be found is a historical oddity, but one that is not hard to figure out. Any honest discussion of the roots of the Party would necessarily include the scheming and treachery of Aaron Burr – a man who, during the nascent years of our republic, almost single handedly destroyed America. Burr certainly felt little allegiance toward his home but held the widely hated British Crown in high esteem.

Jackson: an unindicted co-conspirator in Burr’s treason trial

When Burr was indicted for treason the evidence of his guilt centered on clear and overt acts….  On December 9, 1806 he had gathered a large force of men on an island in the Ohio River and readied them to march on New Orleans. Evidence developed at the time of his trial revealed that during the immediate months before his planned invasion of the western half of North America, he had stayed at Andrew Jackson’s home.

In September 1806 during a celebratory dinner while Burr was staying with him at the “Hermitage” as Jackson’s home was called, Jackson addressed Aaron Burr as a “good and trusty friend of Tennessee.”   Two months later, as the time for Burr to make his move grew near, he sent “Old Hickory” $3,500 with instructions to purchase five boats and equip them with military gear. Jackson did this and more. He recruited seventy five men for the “army” Burr would need to violently establish his new “country.”

Just prior to Burr’s attempt to divide the nation, Jackson is reported to have overheard a stranger talking about the impending treasonous attack. In a classic “Cover Your Ass” move, Jackson sent a message to Thomas Jefferson clearing himself and Burr and naming General James Wilkinson (a co-conspirator of Burr’s), as the real and only organizer of the plot.  

Jefferson bought only half of the line and had Burr indicted.

It is a matter of public record that Andrew Jackson was an unindicted co-conspirator in the treason case against Aaron Burr brought about by Jackson’s self-serving letter. Burr was acquitted on what were called technicalities at the time, but his reputation was forever damaged.

Jackson’s first inaugural party: the coarsening of the Presidency

To celebrate his inauguration in 1829, Jackson opened the White House to his supporters. The “People’s House” would host the people on his/their big day.

What ensued was a wild drunken party. An eyewitness account follows:  

“…..But what a scene did we witness! The Majesty of the People had disappeared, and a rabble, a mob, of boys, negros [sic], women, children, scrambling fighting, romping. What a pity what a pity! No arrangements had been made, no police officers placed on duty and the whole house had been inundated by the rabble mob. We came too late. The President, after having been literally nearly pressed to death and almost suffocated and torn to pieces by the people in their eagerness to shake hands with Old Hickory, had retreated through the back way or south front and had escaped to his lodgings at Gadsby’s…..


Note: Due to the strong interest readers of CiR have shown in this material this series will continue each Wednesday Friday and Sunday.

This material comes from my book, Crooks Thugs and Bigots: the Lost Hidden and Changed History of the Democrat Party, but if you cannot wait to read more of the history of the Democrat Party I’ll send you a free PDF of my book write me at