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This 4 min. video from the UK tells us what illegal aliens will do to America

Though this video was made in Britain about the politically engineered destruction of England, it also serves to show what is coming to destroy the United States as our own politicians complete their sell out of America and the American people.

Everything is free for the nation’s “takers” and those who work for a living get the bill. This is Uniparty’s dream. Fight them like your life depends on it because it does.


Is the Uniparty’s media really this stupid or do they think we’re this stupid?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The National Journal, an online arm of the Uniparty’s media propaganda machine, is cautioning Democrats not to get too excited about the possibility of the “economic surge” helping them in November.

This begs several questions not the least of which is: What “economic surge” in what country are these morons talking about?

The National Journal is obviously practicing “cut and paste” journalism. They are printing Barack Obama’s lies about the economy as if they were true. They don’t bother to do even a cursory search of available data to determine the reliability of the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.

These self-delusional fools think that since they believe the lies, everybody else should as well. They are so self-important they can’t recognize that Democrats have been warned for months not to campaign by saying the economy is improving. Nevertheless, they are bewildered that anyone could actually think the economy is in bad shape.

The National Journal apparently feels that if THEY don’t report the U6 number showing the real unemployment rate at over 12% it doesn’t exist.  So they don’t report it! They believe that since they don’t mention the 100 million people who want to work but can’t find jobs, they don’t exist.  And if the National Journal doesn’t report that the vast majority of jobs created under their Fuhrer have been government jobs and/or part time employment, no one knows about them.

The fact that even the Fuhrer was forced to admit that the GDP had shrunk by an alarming 2.9% in a single quarter doesn’t enter into the shallow thought processes of Barack’s media acolytes. They still believe the recession ended in June of 2009 (because the Fuhrer worked economic miracles, of course) and just can’t understand why anyone would doubt this.    

These people are talking to themselves but that doesn’t matter. They understand that lies, however ridiculous they are, must be repeated again and again in order to make them stick. They understand that they are merely functionaries working in Fuhrer bunkers where truth never matters and turning out fund raising letter material is all that ever counts in their lives.     

How these people could have drifted so far from reality is a mystery we have no time to solve. We have a country to save.  


Rick Perry’s bold plan is why Obama wants to fly illegals directly into America


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Remember the laughter and snarky comments from the Left and its Ministry of Information when Texas governor Rick Perry activated one thousand Texas National Guard soldiers for duty at the southern border?  “Ha ha they’ll just stand around like wooden Indians and watch ‘undocumented immigrants’ walk by,” we heard from people Beltway liberals who hate conservatives, especially conservatives with a drawl.

The Left is about to get another lesson about underestimating those who live in “fly over country.” There is a local website ( that is reporting what Perry’s plan actually involves.  Contrary to what has been postulated – even by some uninformed GOPe types- the Texas National Guard will not be standing around directing illegal aliens to the nearest aid station. They will be deputized as state police officers who will have the same powers as other sworn officers. Moreover Perry has ordered the construction of holding camps modeled after military barracks where illegals who walk over the border will be housed until their case is adjudicated.

This plan has every chance to succeed. Those who understand the Guard and Reserve services know these units are very likely to have substantial numbers of troops who are police officers in civilian life. The transition to police work in a military uniform will not be difficult.

Given today’s headlines which tell of a new Barack Obama plan to defeat America by flying illegal aliens directly into our country, it is likely that he believes Governor Perry has developed a powerful plan to check Obama’s attacks.

So what are the possible outcomes of this plan? If it is left to stand it will slow the flow of illegal aliens until a better solution can be devised. It will show other governors how to handle this attack from Obama.

 If it is challenged in court it will be immediately brought before the full Supreme Court as a 10th Amendment case and in view of Obama’s many recent losses in the Court this could be another loss for him. It is hard to see how Obama can get this Court to declare the 10th Amendment unconstitutional.

Nevertheless, if all else fails Perry’s plan will certainly lay a heavy chilling effect on the illegals who want to walk in and register as Democrats to get free stuff for life. It will slow the flow.

Governor Rick Perry’s is plan is not a permanent counter attack to Obama’s attacks on America, but it is a short term win-win for America!       



Sharia comes to our streets Part 12: Why Sharia has to be stopped in its tracks

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

If you think the hate filled rallies organized by Islamist terrorist only happen in the Middle East or Europe think again.

Just last week, Sharia driven Hamas sympathizers have taken to America’s streets. In Miami they chanted “We are Hamas” and “Death to Jews.”  To make certain that their message was as unambiguous as possible they gathered one block from the Israeli consulate.   

Sponsored by such groups as the Al-Awda Coalition, CAIR and the National Lawyers Guild, the demonstrators used the subtle but chilling chant “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” meaning their aim is the wipe Israel off the map.     

As the protest got revved up the crowd of Sharia robots screamed their threats in Arabic saying, “The martyr is God’s love,” in praise of suicide bombers and “Khaybar Khaybar meaning, “Oh Jew, Muhammad’s army will return.”

In Chicago thousands of Palestinian supporters threaten a group of pro-Israel demonstrators. We are seeing hard core Jew haters screaming in Arabic and even Hebrew. They are no longer hiding in the shadows because they understand that Barack Obama has set a tone of anti-Semitism that has been fully embraced by the American media and Leftists throughout the country.

By the way, watch for a truce in Gaza to be arranged soon. This is one of the Islamists oldest tricks. Called a “Hudna,” a truce like this is what the cowards in Islam call for when they are getting their heads handed to them. They are hoping John Kerry can do their bidding and get the Israelis to stop pummeling them so they can start a new offensive, regroup and recruit more halfwits willing to blow themselves.

And be very watchful of “spontaneous” demonstrations in support of “peace” on American streets.  They are not spontaneous. They are merely tricks designed to secure the support of Americans for the savages in Gaza.

When Islamists driven by Sharia Law get a head of steam under them they are hard to stop. Do what you can to keep them from gaining a foothold in your town.            


With the Uniparty rearing its ugly head in Kansas its emergence can’t be denied

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The members of  the Uniparty, both Democrat and Republican, no longer feel it is necessary  to pretend  there are two political Parties in our country.  They have no qualms about acknowledging the truth: There is only one Party, the Uniparty which is aligned against us, the American people. The Uniparty continually works against us in its effort to rule every aspect of our lives.  New evidence of how pervasive the Uniparty is has just come from the plains of Kansas.

If “Fly over country” had a capital state it would probably be Kansas. The Sunflower State has been among the most reliable Republican states for many years. Now even Kansas has fallen prey to the clutches of the growing Uniparty as it consolidates its power across our nation.

Next November Kansas will re-elect conservative Republican Governor Sam Brownback or elect Democrat challenger Paul Davis.

Davis has just announced he has been endorsed by a group calling itself Kansas Values comprised of over 100 Republicans. This sounds impressive as a boost to Davis but it won’t be much help in November. Not surprisingly the Kansas Republican wing of the Uniparty rejects Brownback’s cuts in personal income tax rates and conservatism as a dangerous “experiment.” As loyal Unipartiests, they use the discredited U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to try to convince Kansans the state is an economic freefall.   

Probably without the slightest bit of self-consciousness, a  Republican former State Senate president proudly proclaimed his change of allegiance to Uniparty with this capitulation to liberals, “This election should not be about electing a Republican or electing a Democrat, but it should be about electing a moderate, common sense [Unipartiest] Kansan as governor.”

The stink of Uniparty’s infiltration into the Republican Party’s Kansas base can be smelled from three states over.  Fortunately this time around, Brownback should not have trouble being reelected because Barack Obama is so damaging to the Democrat brand name.  Nevertheless, the Uniparty is here to stay and they won’t stop until our elections are as fake a wrestling match with the “winner” selected  well before each November. To stop it we have to recognizing its existence. Now you know about the Uniparty; it is up to us to fight these people.