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The Administration that never was

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

“The Administration that never was.”

How else can Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House be characterized?

In 2008 when the greedy and the foolish joined together to elect Barack Obama and a Charley McCarthy dummy named Joe Biden, putting them in charge of the greatest country ever conceived, they promptly set about destroying America.

In early 2009 Obama had a near 70% approval rating which means that many who voted against him were willing to back him; yet nothing substantive or helpful has ever come out of Obama’s White House.

Obama’s Administration that never was gave us Hillary Clinton who pretended to be someone important; someone who could handle the job of Secretary of State – but she wasn’t. The fake who replaced her thinks the global warming hoax is a bigger threat to us than ISIS and has said so often.

Obama gave us “recovery summers” trumpeted by a brain damaged Joe Biden. They were crashing failures. Finally such foolishness ended with the media declaring the recession was “over” so Obama and his dummy could avoid more embarrassing “recoveries.”

He has built protective “Who? Not me! I didn’t know about that until I read it in the papers,” walls around himself so he could golf instead of stand in front of a camera answering question about his incompetence.

Obama’s tenure has given us spying on American citizens to an unprecedented level, but still we have home-grown Islamists murdering Americans on our on soil in “workplace violence.”

Obama’s IRS has been used exclusively to harass and destroy honest Americans who are guilty of “protesting while conservative.”

Obama has sold guns to Mexican criminals and run away from the horrible murders committed with these weapons, claiming “Bush started it.”

Obama has erased our borders to apply Cloward and Piven’s formula for chaos and the destruction of the fabric of our society.

Now he has appointed a political fixer to be our Ebola Czar. The man’s job will be to make sure that Obama can never be blamed for bringing Ebola to our shores. He is not scheduled to take office for about five months. By then there will be about 5,000 new Ebola cases in our midst.

Of course the man has no medical training or healthcare crisis management experience; but so what he’s a good Democrat.

In the Administration that never was that’s all that really counts.  

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The ugly history of the Democrat Party: Part Seventeen

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

This installment continues by exposing how Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt was surrounded by Communists who put Americans in mortal danger for years.

Once the Venona Papers were read all the phony pretenses about “McCarthyism” were proved false. Here’s a partial list of Roosevelt’s Communists. The web these Democrat Communists weaved was frightening.     

Marion Bachrach was a Democrat and a Communist.

Bachrach was Abt’s sister and the personal secretary and congressional office manager to Representative John Bernard of the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party in 1937-1938.[48]

Alger and Donald Hiss were Democrats and Communists.

Alger Hiss was an assistant to Assistant Secretary of State Francis Sayre who was Woodrow Wilson’s son in law. In 1948 Whitaker Chambers named Hiss as a fellow Communist. Hiss was eventually sent to Lewisburg Federal Prison upon his conviction of perjury during the hearings. Hiss’s brother Donald was also a Democrat and a Communist who worked in Roosevelt’s State Department. [48]

Lee Pressman was a Democrat and a Communist.

Pressman was an assistant general counsel of the Agriculture Adjustment Administration in 1933. He worked for noted Socialist Democrat Henry Wallace. Pressman joined the Communist Party in 1934. [48]

Nathan Witt was a Democrat and a Communist.

Witt was the Secretary of the National Labor Relations Board from 1937 to 1940. When it became known he was a Soviet spy, Witt stepped down. [48]

Henry Collins was a Democrat and a Communist.

Collins worked for Roosevelt’s National Recovery Administration and the Agricultural Adjustment Administration. [48]

Charles Kramer was a Democrat and a Communist.

Kramer worked for Roosevelt’s Department of Labor National Labor Relations Board. [48]

George Silverman was a Democrat and a Communist.

Silverman worked at the Railroad Retirement Board; was the Federal Coordinator of Transportation was assigned to the United States Tariff Commission and the Labor Advisory Board of the National Recovery Administration. [48]

John Herrmann was a Democrat and a Communist.

Herrmann was an assistant to Harold Ware the Communist spy ring leader in Roosevelt’s Administration. He also worked at the Agriculture Adjustment Administration. He was the ring’s courier and document photographer and introduced Chambers to Hiss. [48]

Victor Perlo was a Democrat and a Communist.

Perlo was Roosevelt’s chief of the Aviation Section of the War Production Board. He also worked at the Office of Price Administration Department of Commerce and the Division of Monetary Research at the Department of Treasury. [48]

Solomon Adler was a Democrat and a Communist

Adler was identified as a Soviet spy by Whittaker Chambers. Adler worked at Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration starting in 1936. His boss was notorious Communist Harry Dexter White. In 1950 he led to his native England and eventually lived out his days in Communist China.  [48]   

 Alice Prentice Barrows was a Democrat and a Communist.

Barrows was a secretary to Dr. William Wirt the head of the United States Office of Education during the Roosevelt Administration. This was especially surprising since Barrows had been a member of the Communist Party since 1919 when she started working in Democrat Woodrow Wilson’s Office of Education. [48] 

The “Wirt Incident”

In 1934 the Congress investigated a 1933 Communist Party meeting at Barrow’s home. Under questioning, Wirt made a statement that is instructive to understand some of the current aims of today’s Democrat Party.

Wirt said, “I was told they believe that by thwarting our then evident economic recovery, they would be able to prolong the country’s destitution until they had demonstrated to the American people that the Government must operate business and commerce. By propaganda, they would destroy institutions making long term capital loans—and then push Uncle Sam into making these loans. Once Uncle Sam becomes our financier, he must also follow his money with control and management.

“We believe we have Roosevelt in the middle of a swift stream and that the current is so strong, that he cannot turn back or escape from it. We believe that we can keep Mr. Roosevelt there until we are ready to supplant him with a Stalin. We all think that Mr. Roosevelt is only the Kerensky of this revolution. We are on the inside. We can control the avenues of influence. We can make the President believe that he is making decisions for himself.” [48] 

Frank Coe was a Democrat and a Communist

Coe worked in Roosevelt’s Federal Security Agency (early name for Social Security) and the Treasury Department as well as the War Production Board. [48] 

 Judith Coplon was a Democrat and a Communist

Coplon started working for Roosevelt’s Department of Justice in 1943. She worked in the Foreign Agents Registration section which gave her access to the FBI’s counter intelligence data. She became a willing Soviet Spy in 1944. [48]  

Lauchlin Bernard Currie was a Democrat and a Communist 

Currie was a naturalized citizen who was born in Canada. While he worked as a White House economic adviser to Roosevelt from 1939 to 1945 he was a Soviet operative.  [48] 

Laurence Duggan was a Democrat and a Communist.

Duggan is an example of how polluted the American media was by the time of Roosevelt’s death. In 1948 he was questioned by the FBI about his activities as a Soviet operative when he worked at the State Department during World War II. Ten days later he committed suicide and became a martyr for the Left who insisted Duggan was an innocent man who was “hounded” by the government.  When the Venona Papers were released they proved Duggan was a Soviet spy. [48]      

 Charles S. Flato was a Democrat and a Communist

During World War II Flato worked for the Democratic controlled United States Senate’s Labor subcommittee as an aide to Florida Democrat Senator Claude Pepper known as “Red Pepper” for his “socialist” leanings. [48]          

Jane Foster was a Democrat and a Communist

Foster worked for the Office of Strategic Services (the forerunner of the CIA) from 1943 to 1947. [48]      

Harold Glasser was a Democrat and a Communist. 

Glasser worked in Roosevelt’s Treasury Department and was a member of the Perlo Soviet Spy ring closely cooperating with Harry Dexter White. [48]      

Harry Gold was a Democrat and a Communist.

Gold was a chemist and document thief for the Rosenberg spy ring. He was a Soviet spy all the while as he channeled secret information on the Manhattan Project to the Soviets. [48]      

Gerald Graze was a Democrat and a Communist.

 Graze was employed by Roosevelt’s State Department during World War II. [48]      

Maurice Halprin was a Democrat and a Communist.

Halprin worked for Roosevelt’s OSS. When he was recruited he had already been a Communist for six years. [48]      

Harry Lloyd Hopkins was a Democrat and a Communist.

Hopkins was one of Roosevelt’s closest advisers. He helped give form to Roosevelt’s New Deal program and was especially instrumental in developing the Works Progress Administration. The Venona Papers identify Hopkins as Source # 19. This makes sense of the fact that against the best advice of most other Roosevelt staffers Hopkins approved a Soviet request for 40 tons of uranium – the main component of Atomic bombs.  Iskhak Akhmerov a top Soviet spy handler called Hopkins, “the most important of all Soviet wartime agents in the United States.” [48]       

Julius J. Joseph was a Democrat and a Communist.

While Julius Joseph worked for Roosevelt’s Office of Strategic Services (Japanese Intelligence Section) during World War II he was a Soviet spy. He also worked in the Office for Emergency Management, the Labor War Manpower Commission and the Office of War Information. By 1945 he was promoted to the position of OSS Deputy Chief of the Far Eastern Division. [48]      

Bella Joseph was a Democrat and a Communist.

Bella, wife of Julius Joseph was employed by Roosevelt’s Office of Strategic Services – Motion Picture Division. [48]      

Emma Harriet Joseph was a Democrat and a Communist.

A Communist, Emma Harriet Joseph was also employed by Roosevelt’s Office of Strategic Services. She worked with Julius Joseph, her brother and Emma Joseph  her sister-in-law to spy for the Soviet Communists Intelligence structure in America.  [48]         

Mary Jane Keeney, Philip Olin Keeney were Democrats and Communists.

The Keeneys were founding members of the Progressive Librarians Council. Mary Jane was employed by Roosevelt’s Board of Economic Warfare during World War II. Philip was a librarian at the Library of Congress assigned to process classified material.

He and Mary Jane were members of the Silvermaster ring of Soviet spies all during World War II.

Philip Keeney’s rise through the federal government was an especially egregious example of Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt’s disregard of standards because his Communist sympathies were well known or would have been easily discovered. That from 1943 to 1945 Keeney was the Chief of the Document Security Section in the Foreign Economic Administration is indeed a scathing accusation against Roosevelt’s stewardship of America’s security.  [48]      

Samuel Simon Krafsur was a Democrat and a Communist.

Krafsur worked for the Communist Party as a Soviet spy recruiter. Among those he recruited was Josef Berger. In 1942 Berger was hired by Roosevelt’s Department of Justice as a speech writer for Attorney General Francis Biddle. He was also a secretary to the Chairman of the Democrat National Committee. The Venona files show that Berger worked for the KGB. Joseph Berger was a Democrat and a Communist.   [48] 

 Charles Kramer/ Charles Krevitsky was a Democrat and a Communist.

Kramer worked for four different congressional committees while he was a member of Victor Perlo’s Soviet spy ring in Roosevelt’s Administration during World War II. Fellow Roosevelt Administration Communists helped Kramer find jobs in the Department of Labor National Labor Relations Board – NLRB- before World War II.

During the 1944 campaign cycle Kramer worked for the Democratic National Committee and in 1946 he worked to reelect California Democrat Ellis Patterson, who was also a Communist for years at the time.  [48]      

 Christina Krotkova was a Democrat and a Communist.

As a Venona identified Communist, Krotkova worked for Roosevelt’s Office of War Information during World War II. [48]       

Oscar Ryszard Lange was a Democrat and a Communist.

The Venona files reveal that Lange’s KGB code name was “Friend.” Lange was so highly placed in the Roosevelt Administration, that at Stalin’s personal request, he was the “go between” contact between Stalin and Roosevelt.  He went on to be the fake Communist government of Poland’s first ambassador to America. [48]           

Trude Lash was a Democrat and a Communist.

Venona papers proved that in 1943, while Trude Lash was cultivating a close friendship with Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt’s wife Eleanor Roosevelt she was an active Soviet Communist spy. On instruction from her Soviet handler Aleksej Sokirkin, First Secretary of the Soviet Embassy in Washington, D.C. for Soviet intelligence she spied on Eleanor Roosevelt referred to as Kapitansha in the Soviet’s reports. [48]         

Duncan Chaplin Lee was a Democrat and a Communist.

Soon after Lee, a descendant of Robert E. Lee, was hired by Office of Strategic Service (OSS) Chief William J. Donovan, he became the Soviet Union’s KGB’s most senior spy. Lee’s betrayals were breathtaking! He gave his Soviet spy handlers a list of OSS employees he thought could be turned into Soviet spies and gave the Soviets all he knew about the D-Day invasion and OSS operations in France as well as in Asia – specifically Japan and China.  He also supplied Stalin with intelligence reports describing the negotiating strategies the British and Americans would use in discussions on what post war Poland would look like. He reported on American diplomatic policies in Turkey and Romania. [48]      

Henry Samuel Magdoff was a Democrat and a Communist.

Magdoff worked in Roosevelt’s Administration holding many positions. In each instance he was a Communist Party member before he was hired. During World War II Magdoff passed his Soviet spy handlers many valuable piece of information. [48]        

James Walter Miller was a Democrat and a Communist.

Miller simultaneously worked as a KGB agent for the Soviet Union and as an employee of Roosevelt’s wartime mail censorship office. In the later position he was very valuable to his Soviet spy handlers. [48]      

Robert Talbott Miller III was a Democrat and a Communist.

Miller was a Roosevelt Administration State Department Office of Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs during World War II while he was a Soviet spy and a member of the Golos spy ring. His spy code name was Mirage. [48]      

Robert G. Minor was a Democrat and a Communist.

Minor worked in Roosevelt’s OSS during World War II and was a Soviet intelligence agent spying on the Service’s operations. He was one of twenty discovered agents to have worked in the inept wartime OSS.  [48]        

Leonard Emil Mins was a Democrat and a Communist.

Mins was a Communist from 1919 on and despite this fact he was hired into Roosevelt’s Office of Strategic Service OSS during World War II. All the while he worked as a Soviet spy. [48]        

Franz Leopold Neumann was a Democrat and a Communist.

Neumann was another Soviet spy working in Roosevelt’s OSS. In a July 1943 intercepted Venona message he was identified as a Soviet spy.  [48]       

 Allan Robert Rosenberg was a Democrat and a Communist.

Rosenberg was a member of the federal Railroad Retirement Board and the National Labor Relations Board under Roosevelt.  He was also a member of the Perlo spy ring at the same time. He is reported to have supplied the Soviets with a multitude of reports stolen or copied from many government agencies. Venona information shows that the Soviets actually identified Rosenberg by his real name. He had no code name. [48]      

Julius Rosenberg and Ethel Rosenberg were Democrats and Communists.

Both husband and wife were registered New York City Democrats. They were convicted of passing Atom bomb secrets to Stalin during World War II. The release of the Venona files proved they were guilty and brushed aside protestations of their innocence from the American Left and their children. [48] The Rosenbergs are some of the most well-known communist spies of the era.     

Nathan Gregory Silvermaster was a Democrat and a Communist.

Silvermaster was a member of Roosevelt’s Treasury Department, War Assets Administration and several other agencies while he ran a Communist spy ring carrying his name – The Silvermaster ring.  Venona files indicate Silvermaster was known as Pal, Pel and Paul by his spy handlers. [48]      

Helen Barrett Tenney was a Democrat and a Communist.

Tenney was an employee of the Soviet spy system for many years before she joined the Roosevelt Administration’s Office of War Information from where she sent many reports to her Soviet spy handlers who paid her $50.00 a month for her work. [48]         

William Ludwig Ullmann was a Democrat and a Communist.

Ullmann was hired into Roosevelt’s National Recovery Administration where he met Communist spies Nathan Gregory Silvermaster and his wife Helen Silvermaster. He and the Silvermasters bought a house together in 1938.   In 1942, while working for the Treasury Department Ullmann was drafted; Silvermaster got him a commission and a posting to the Pentagon. He immediately started stealing classified data which was passed on via back channels to Stalin. Ullmann passed Stalin almost every important piece of information that could be had in the period he was at the Pentagon. At one point Ullmann stole so much information that he could not stop to develop the pictures he took and he just forwarded negatives. The damage Ullman did to America is hard to determine, but he is among the worst spies we have ever had in our history. [48]      


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The ugly history of the Democrat Party: Part Sixteen


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

This installment continues by exposing how Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt were Communist lovers both politically and physically; how FDR pulled the dirtiest most disgusting stunt a Democrat had pulled to that time.    

 During Roosevelt’s second term, American sentiment against involvement in Europe’s war grew. Most Americans were opposed to entering a war. Over estimating his mandate in foreign policy as he had in domestic affairs, Roosevelt allowed Britain to convince him to violate our clearly drawn neutrality laws which prescribed keeping a distance from the combatants in Europe and Asia. [37]

As a Democrat and dictator Roosevelt did not see any reason to follow laws he didn’t like. The Neutrality Acts were just such laws. Moreover the British convinced Roosevelt to establish the first peacetime draft in American history in 1940. [38] 

As Democrats, the Congress felt they were above the law as well and helped him violated the laws they themselves passed. When Roosevelt sent war materials to Britain in exchange for lease rights to their naval bases, he violated both American and international laws.

Any of his violations of neutrality could have provided grounds for Germany and or Japan to legally declare war on America. Roosevelt’s hubris put America in immediate danger of being dragged into war when we were nowhere near ready to fight.

Roosevelt’s orders to our naval personnel to report German ship movements to the British could have meant war as early as the fall of 1940 as well.      

Putting his motives aside, Roosevelt, as today’s Democrats do, governed against the will of the American people in his conduct of foreign affairs in the lead up to our entry into World War II. The things he did set dangerous precedents for future presidents and very likely set the stage for Lyndon Johnson’s conduct in regards to our entry into the Viet Nam War.   [37]   

The Media and Roosevelt

The 1930s and wartime America media deliberately avoided showing pictures of Franklin Roosevelt in a wheelchair which underscores how sycophantic it was when it came to protecting their president’s image. The media was described as practicing “self-discipline.” That media “self-discipline” only extended and only still extends to Democrat Presidents. Have we seen pictures of Obama smoking? [39]  

Roosevelt was stricken with polio in 1918 and was largely confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Keeping this secret was a decision that the paternalistic media made on behalf of a Democrat president they saw as a God sent savior. They treated the American people like children because to them Roosevelt’s image was more important than telling the truth.       

Because of Roosevelt’s infirmity he could not sneak out for a quickie rendezvous. He had to put the women who sexually serviced him on the federal payroll so we could pay for them.  

Roosevelt’s sexual escapades were also covered up by a willfully blind media. His “secretary” Lucy Mercer was a mistress the media “didn’t know about” until he was dead for fifty years.[40]

Roosevelt kept another mistress that was also “unknown” to the media until he was long gone. His mistress/secretary Marguerite “Missy” LaHand “worked” in the White House. She was regularly seen walking around in her nightgown in full view of Roosevelt’s staff, his wife Eleanor and even his children. [41] [42]

Eleanor Roosevelt, the president’s wife,  was an obvious bisexual who slept the night before Franklin’s 1933 inauguration, not in the arms of her husband, but in a room at Washington’s Mayflower Hotel with an openly lesbian journalist. 

She carried on a rather clear and open relationship with the cigar chomping lesbian, but of course no one in the media noticed her affair. The sapphire ring on Eleanor’s finger during her husband’s inaugural ceremony was given to her by her lesbian love, Lorena Hickok who was lovingly called “Hick” by Eleanor Roosevelt.

Ignoring Eleanor’s voracious appetite for bisexual coitus could be construed as being polite to the First Lady “What happens behind a married couple’s bedroom…” and so on. Nevertheless, the “cover up” help the lapdog media willingly provided to their Democrat gods actually served to cover up a Soviet Communist spy ring’s penetration of the Roosevelt Administration. [43]

Joseph Lash, Eleanor Roosevelt’s Communist lover

In 1935 as head of the Student League for International Democracy (SLID), Joseph Lash brokered a merger between the Soviet Communists of SLID and another Communist front group, the American Student Union (ASU). He was a well-known Communist activist and author whose ties to the Communist Party USA were open and equally well known.

In 1939 Lash was kicked out of the Socialist Party for “Collaborating” with the Communists.      

 In 1935 Lash wrote a magazine article describing SLID as a Communist front functioning on America’s college campuses whose male members used sexual seduction to recruit female members. This fact becomes significant in the context of his relationship with Eleanor Roosevelt.

 When Lash and other Communists were called to testify before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, (HCUAA) Eleanor Roosevelt is known to have counseled them as to how to “answer” the Committee’s questions. 

 On the day Lash testified before the HCUAA Eleanor attended the hearing to express her solidarity and support for the well-recognized Communist.

Initially Lash was being verbally pummeled by the Committee. This lasted until Eleanor Roosevelt the wife of Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was sitting knitting in a back row seat of the hearing room, moved to the front of the room. Her purpose was clearly to intimidate the Committee into pulling back.

 In spite of Eleanor Roosevelt’s presence the Committee Chairman Texas Democrat Martin Dies kept the upper hand and began to make points damaging to Lash.

 Nevertheless the pressure of having Eleanor Roosevelt staring at the Committee Chairman soon became too much and the security of the nation soon gave way to Party loyalty.  The questions turned to “softballs” as Democrat Dies pulled back.

With the questions turning to mush thanks to Eleanor’s intervention, Lash became emboldened and immediately turned surly. Still in the witness chair, he mocked Martin Dies with an impromptu song about the man’s drinking habits.

 When the hearing was over Eleanor invited Lash and other Communists to dinner at the White House. This gesture led to a closer “friendship” between Lash and Eleanor although Lash was married to Gertrude Wenzel Pratt who was later identified in the Venona files as a Soviet KGB operative. So close were Eleanor and Lash that she put him on her personal payroll. This bears repeating: a known Communist was on the payroll of Democrat Eleanor Roosevelt the First Lady of the United States.

She was obviously another Democrat who showed no respect for her position as First Lady which was given to her by the American people, not the divine fiat of her megalomaniac husband.

 Lash and Eleanor were close enough that she tried to intervene on his behalf when he attempted to secure a commission in the United States Naval Reserve. Fortunately he was turned down. Subsequently he was drafted into the Army.  

These facts make the 1943 Federal Bureau of Investigation memo about an Army Intelligence “bug” picking up Eleanor Roosevelt, the First Lady of the United States, having “sexual intercourse” with Joseph Lash, a known Communist, in a Chicago hotel room all the more stunning.

The tape, the meeting and the death warrants

The stink from that memo traveled upward until it brought about an emergency secret 10 PM meeting at the White House. Those at the meeting besides Franklin Roosevelt were Thomas Watson, a trusted friend, and Harry Hopkins, his chief adviser, who was also later revealed by the Venona files to be a Soviet spy.

Once Franklin had heard the recording and reviewed the report that accompanied it, he ordered Eleanor into the room and the others out. Witnesses reported hearing a loud argument between the First Couple.

At 5 AM the next morning Roosevelt called General “Hap” Arnold the Chief of Staff for Military Intelligence of the Army Air Corps and ordered him to the White House. Roosevelt then personally ordered General Arnold to see that Lash was transferred to a combat zone in no more than ten hours. 

What is most stunning about this episode is that Roosevelt did not stop there. According to numerous sources, Franklin Roosevelt, the Democrat who was the “Champion of the little people” went much further by ordering that anyone who had firsthand knowledge of the affair be immediately sent to duty in the South Pacific to be made to fight “until they were killed.”  

By any interpretation of this shocking incident, Democrat Franklin Roosevelt sent men to die for the “crime” of having embarrassing information about him. Clearly this man thought he was an Emperor. [44]

Roosevelt lies to African Americans then lies again

During World War II the United States Military was not integrated. African Americans were not allowed in combat units. At one point African American community leaders asked Roosevelt to change the policy and allow integration of the races in our military. Roosevelt, ever the double talking Democrat, told the group he would change the policy.

When enough time went by for the petitioners to realize there would be no changes in the segregationist policies in the Armed Forces, they returned to the White House to again appeal to Roosevelt for relief. The response they received was classic Democrat treatment of minorities.

Roosevelt’s defense of his duplicity was, “…. since we are training a certain number of musicians on board ships-the ship’s band-there is no reason why we shouldn’t have a colored band on some of these ships because they are darned good at it.”  In other words Roosevelt, the Democrat champion of America’s downtrodden minorities told the group of African Americans seeking to serve their country in military uniforms to form a Minstrel Show! [45]

Roosevelt’s Communists

Because he is the patron saint of the American Left, any discussion of the Administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt – FDR- has to include a review of the Communists he had working for him, and there were plenty of them! The information can’t come from within the American media’s community because it is not capable of honestly talking about their god.

Examining the list of names drawn from the Venona Papers, which was the code name the Soviet Union’s spy network used in its undermining of America over a decades long period, is the only way to get to the truth.

Here are at least some of the Communists who successfully masqueraded as Democrats when they worked for Roosevelt.[46]

Whittaker Chambers was a Communist.

Chambers was recruited to the Communist Party by Harold Ware. Chambers did not work in the Roosevelt Administration but his activities brought him to a relationship with Alger Hiss who did. It is interesting to note that Chambers willingly gave up Communism after he became disillusioned with it when his spy handler demanded his wife abort their first child.  J Edgar Hoover proved Chambers was a homosexual and this too moved him along toward his becoming an active Christian by the end of his life. [47] 

The following members of Franklin Roosevelt’s Administration were proved to have been Communist by a review of the Venona Files a secret document only opened after the fall of the Soviet Empire. [48] 

John Jacob Abt was a Democrat and a Communist.

In 1933 Abt joined the Agriculture Adjustment Administration as the General Administrator of the Works Progress Administration part of Roosevelt’s “New Deal.”  Shortly after starting work, Abt joined the Communist Party and the Ware Group, a Soviet spy ring working in the United States Government. When Ware was killed in a car accident in 1935 Abt married his widow.

In 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald, John Kennedy’s murderer, requested John Jacob Abt be appointed as his attorney.

“I want that attorney in New York, Mr. Abt. I don’t know him personally but I know about a case that he handled some years ago, where he represented the people who had violated the Smith Act, [which made it illegal to teach or advocate the violent overthrow of the U.S. government] . . . I don’t know him personally, but that is the attorney I want. . . . If I can’t get him, then I may get the American Civil Liberties Union to send me an attorney.”[48] [49]


 Note: Due to the strong interest readers of CiR have shown in this material, this series will continue each Wednesday Friday and Sunday.

This material comes from my book, Crooks Thugs and Bigots: the Lost Hidden and Changed History of the Democrat Party, but if you cannot wait to read more of the history of the Democrat Party.

If you don’t know the truth all you’ll have are Democrat lies.

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Now here’s a surprise, Democrat Kay Hagan bribed a judge to get a favorable ruling for her husband

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 A Washington Free Beacon report has revealed the fact that North Carolina Democrat Senator Kay Hagan nominated a state court judge for a position on the federal bench as a quid pro quo for a favorable ruling for her husband.

As a Democrat there was no need for Hagan to be cautious in the construction of her conspiracy with Superior Court Judge Calvin E. Murphy. The dirty deal was concocted in 2009 when Democrats had a corruption headlock on the Tar Heel State. Hagan’s husband Charles “Chip” Hagan was a managing member of a corporation called Hydrodyne Industries LLC (HI) at that time. HI was suing a North Carolina regional water authority for effectively stealing water from HI.  

When the case came to Judge Murphy’s attention Chip Hagan’s firm was suing the authority and demanding millions of dollars to settle the matter. This is where the Democrat Senator comes into the picture. 

On Oct 14, 2009 she nominated Murphy for a lifetime seat on the U.S. District Court for Western North Carolina.  Nine days later on October 23, 2009 Judge Murphy ruled in favor of Chip Hagan’s firm. The ruling allowed Democrat Hagan’s husband’s firm to shake down the Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority for millions of North Carolina taxpayer dollars.  

When the stink of the deal surfaced, both Democrat Hagan and Democrat Murphy had to run for the cover of a secure hiding place. Caught with her hand in the taxpayers’ pocket, Senator Kay Hagan had to stiff Murphy and withdraw the nomination. 

But Murphy’s ruling could not be reversed. He had sold his ruling and now some Democrat had to pay him off. Enter the crooked former Democrat Governor of North Carolina Bev Perdue.  

Democrat Perdue appointed Murphy as a “special superior court judge for the North Carolina Business Court. His “job” is handling “complex business cases.” As Democrat Perdue was leaving office in disgrace she reappointed Murphy on her last day in office.  

Democrat Senator Hagan’s defense is that Murphy didn’t get the seat because she withdrew his nomination and besides she didn’t know that her husband’s case was before Murphy.  This is like a shoplifter claiming to be innocent because she returned the item after being caught. Let’s hope the voters of North Carolina don’t buy this non-sense.


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