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Freedom won at Bunkerville because Obama still hasn’t found Americans who will murder for him

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

 For the past few years we have watched Barack Obama try to put guns in the hands of government officials who would willingly turn them on other Americans. Many of us worried that he had succeeded. Saturday we learned that so far he has failed in this effort. 

On Saturday, freedom won a great victory over the oppressive machine the American government has become. Standing shoulder to shoulder a determined band of American patriots turned on the heavily armed thugs of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and shouted “No!”

When the noise subsided and the dust settled the BLM were beaten by a rancher named BUNDY at a place called BUNKERville – oh the horror this will cause at Barack Obama’s next fundraiser!   

The reasons Cliven Bundy and his family won this confrontation are clear to those who care about discovering them and they make for a big difference from the way things have gone in the past.

During Waco and Ruby Ridge we had only the lies the mainstream media condescended to report. They worked with the Clinton Democrats to gloss over the fact that innocent men, women and children were slaughtered by Janet Reno because she decided to do so.

At Ruby Ridge the FBI had the guns and they were shooting at women and children with sniper rifles. Nobody had the ability to fight back.

Bunkerville was very different. The government’s targets were not unarmed children but men with guns they know how to use.

The “news” from Bunkerville that was reported by the government’s media puppets was false, old and stale by the time it was posted. Cellphone cameras captured the truth and that truth forced the thugs to back off.

Then came the news that grubby Harry Reid and his lowlife son were behind this attack on Cliven Bundy and that heavily armed BLM mercenaries had no interest whatever in preserving habitat for the desert tortoise. Not surprisingly, Reid wanted to steal Bundy’s land in order to hand it off to a Chinese company for yet another fake “green energy” scam from which Reid would no doubt profit handsomely.   

All of these factors could still have been overcome by the evil people running our government. They could have murdered ranchers, cowboys and the other Americans who volunteered to prevent Washington D.C.’s theft of the last privately owned range land in Nevada. Afterwards it would have been easy to send in “cleaners” to spray perfume on the whole thing, except for one factor.

I believe this time, somewhere in the BLM’s chain of command, an as yet unknown person whose identity may never be revealed, refused to murder fellow Americans on orders from Washington. Someone already sickened by the corruption of his bosses and certainly unwilling to die for them said, “Enough, we’re leaving! Harry Reid and Barack Obama can do their own killing, I’m out of here!” 

Whether the Republican establishment likes it or not Obamacare will be the issue in November

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

When David Jolly beat Alex Sink in a recent special election for a Florida congressional seat, the knee jerk reaction from the GOPe’s pet pollsters was to immediately warn the Republican rank and file that Jolly didn’t win because of Obamacare. “Who are you going to believe, us or your lying eyes?” came to mind. 

Phonies like Karl Rove pontificated about how winning elections requires more than simply getting on the right side of issues voters care about and hammering that message home. Hey, who knew there was more to winning elections than supporting the things voters want and opposing the things they hate?

Clearly it takes more than bottom line election results to convince these “experts.” Nevertheless, what those of us who know how to pour water out of a boot knew all along has been scientifically validated.

A recent Pew survey discovered that 54% of those who intend to vote next November see Obamacare as “very important.” Of those voters 2 of every 3 hate the law and this is an undeniable motivator for getting voters to the polls next fall.

After reviewing the Pew results Kansas Republican Senator Jerry Moran remarked, “If you don’t care about Obamacare, you’re less likely to vote. If you think Obamacare is good, it’s not a big issue for you. But if you think it’s bad, it’s an intense one.”

Moran was likely referring to the numbers of people who now “don’t know” how they feel about Obamacare that Pew found.

The percentage of “don’t know” or wouldn’t answer respondents has grown from 5% to 12% just from December to February. Liberals would likely insist this is a good sign (they insist everything is a “good sign” for them), but it seems more likely that this increase is the byproduct of true believers coming to understand they have been lied to by Barack Obama. 

The honest mixture of respondents, (Republicans 42% Democrats 39%) makes this a serious piece of information for anyone who will listen. Obamacare can turn this November into a big disappointment for Democrats.

Republican establishment are you listening?    


Voter fraud could be another winning issue if timid Republicans find the courage to use it

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

Over the past several years voter fraud has been a central element of Democrat victories in many close elections. Dead voters, addled nursing home voters, non-existent voters, illegal alien voters, intimidated voters, multiple voters and ineligible felon voters have carried the day for many Democrats. Recent studies from True the Vote and other sources have established what honest observers have known for years: Democrats don’t care about anything but who counts the votes and how the count is done. 

Predictably Barack Obama and his Democrats laugh at Republican charges of voter fraud and insist convictions of such charges are based on “racism not actual evidence.” Recently a paid liar from MSBNC compared the likelihood of witnessing voter fraud to being beamed up into a UFO. This is a common Marxist trick. They never argue the facts because they can’t. Instead they belittle their opponents and by extension anyone who believes them. A recent survey commissioned by Judicial Watch proves this is not working.

The survey found that more than 3 of 4 adults see voter fraud as a problem in our elections.  Of these 36% believe voter fraud is a major problem and 39% see it as only a minor problem. The important metric regarding attitudes toward voter fraud is that at least 70% of men and women, Blacks and Hispanics, and members of every age group from 18 to over 65 think voter fraud is a problem to some degree.     

The response from Obama is typically juvenile. He dismissed Republican complaints of voter fraud as a cynical effort to keep Americans from voting.

“So let’s be clear, the real voter fraud is the people who try to deny our rights by making bogus arguments about voter fraud,” Obama said.

Given Obama’s continually falling poll numbers and the certainty that voter fraud can be a winning issue only the Republican establishment’s refusal to see the truth can save the Democrats this fall.

Republican establishment are you listening? Lies make conservatives angry; the truth makes liberals angry. Which side are you on GOPe?


United Nations crack “scientists” have decided 17 years of no warming proves there is a crisis

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

Undeterred by facts, United Nations “scientists” will soon deliver their most ominous warning about the danger the world faces from “global warming.”

Of course they don’t use the discredited phrase “global warming” because it produces laughter among sane people. Instead they talk about “climate change” as if the weather we experience is a static phenomenon.  Predictions of civilizations destroyed by floods droughts, wars, economic collapse and of course carbon emissions are woven into this latest iteration of this never ending hoax.  

This time the fake whines of gloom and doom come from the august sounding Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and because of it we are once again going to be pressured into costly policies that will line the pockets of two bit jerks in the U.N. and do nothing to address this imaginary problem.

As is usually the case with charlatans who predict dire consequence for not falling for their tricks, the IPCC is predicting the worst of all of this will be felt around 2100 – how convenient!  

The IPCC says “…hundreds of millions” of coastal dwellers will be displaced by 2100. Small island countries will be hit first.  This reminds us that like UFO landings,  these catastrophes ALWAYS seem to hit in out of the way locations, never in Manhattan or Miami. And the worst things these fakers predict are ALWAYS visited upon brown-skin, third world countries that “we of the leading countries MUST help.”

Showing they are very aware of the ignorance of the people they are talking to, the U.N. predicts a 2% average decline in wheat, rice and corn production for each decade from now until 2050, wringing its hands that the “ poor tropical countries will be hardest hit.”  

All of this would be hilarious if we didn’t have a president like Barack Obama who will slavishly follow what these empty headed fakes demand. Hold on to your wallet America because the United Nations is making a move on it even as we smile. 


Virginia’s new Republican leader has his Ft. Sumter moment

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

The Republican Establishment’s (GOPe) deliberate war against its natural base raises the question of why the GOPe is so bent on self-immolation. Everyone concerned knows a GOPe incited civil war is coming in the Republican Party. It’s now a sad foregone conclusion.

Recently we saw the GOPe’s Fort Sumter moment in a barely coherent stream of consciousness attack on conservatives from Shaun Kenney the newly appointed Executive Director of the Virginia Republican Party.

Apparently interested in sucking up to the GOPe, Kenney, a 35 year old pup, has posted, “Conservatives have a moral duty to drive out nativism once and for all.” By employing the language of the Left Kenney might as well have referred to conservatives as “Tea baggers,” which was probably his intention.  

His demonization of those who would protect our borders and fight against amnesty as “nativists” is a direct attack which TEA party movement patriots in Virginia and elsewhere will not ignore.  

Fighting against the tide of American public opinion, Kenney reverts to tired old lies about illegal aliens such as, “There are 12 million people in the United States today who want a better lives for themselves and their families, whose only crime was that they came to America to do it.”

He says nothing about the 92 million actual American citizens who want to work but can’t.  He ducks any responsibility the cowardice of his party has in the misery of these actual Americans.

This quisling Kenney also says, ‘”The nativists have a very simple solution: apprehend all 12 million of them, boxcar them back to their point of origin, and drive them out as so many locusts,” to which any American patriot would respond, “And your point is?”

The bio on Mr. Kenney is supposed to impress somebody: he’s a practicing Catholic blogger who has been a guest on various television shows. I’m not impressed. I think he’s a danger to our republic and certainly someone who should never be the face of a Republican state organization.

Kenney apparently isn’t smart enough to make the connection between the election of Virginia’s new Democrat governor and his masters’ attacks on the “nativist” conservatives of the TEA party movement.   

Here’s some free advice for Mr. Kenney: Before your next smug pontification go to a library and learn something about what has made America great and how elections are won.

You have done your best to spark a civil war. 

We are ready for it; are you?