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Viciously anti-American Maxine Waters says Sharia Law and our Constitution can co-exist


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The stink of nervous sweat must be filling the air in the rooms where House Democrats meet. It must be palpable. The conversations about what to do must be totally free-wheeling and without boundaries. Questions of integrity and true patriotism are likely being pushed aside. Survival and maintaining power are the only things that matter. Never one to be concerned about looking anti-American, the extremely self-absorbed Maxine Waters had a thought cross her malevolent mind: “Let’s suck up to the Islamists who are here to kill Americans!”    

Her latest attacks on America came at a recent meeting of the Council of Pakistan Affairs and Islamic Society of Orange County California. Starting from the Democrat, anti-American position that our Constitution is controversial, Waters let loose her spew of hatred for Americanism.  

Waters than made her obligatory accusation against Republicans “attacking the Islamic faith as a national security threat,” which should be true but is not.

From there she supported our enemies by labeling any unfavorable characterization of Sharia Law as “fear mongering.”

Sucking up to the beheaders to get them to contribute to equally anti-American Democrats, the shameless Waters said she is “pushing legislation to ban any racial profiling.”

Knowing how far removed from American culture these Islamists are, Waters probably got a big round of applause for that line.    

She made light of the threats posed by Sharia Law and Islam, which she believes to be compatible with our Constitution, adding that, “… the Muslim community is actively working with law enforcement.”

Given the manifest danger Sharia driven, Islamic savages have already visited upon our society, it is impossible to believe there can be anything but evil intent on the part of those who support Islamic law; but Democrats do so openly.

That someone with such a high position on our government could speak like this is both a monument to greed and lust for power and a blaring warning that Democrats cannot ever be allowed to run our lives.  

This latest episode once again underscores that Democrats have no love of our country and would sell our freedoms to any of our enemies in order to get and maintain power.

Someone should gently inform Maxine Waters that the seventh century savages that adhere to Sharia law are here already and would have no second thoughts about raping old Black women from California, even ones that helped them gain power.


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The formation of the Democrat Party: its early years of damaging America Part One


By Kevin “Coach” Collins 

The question “Who started the Democrat Party?” is not an easy one to answer.  We know Democrats say Thomas Jefferson because he was a member of the  Democratic-Republican Party. Aside from the chronological problems with this claim – Jefferson was long out of active politics before the first actual Democrat president Andrew Jackson was elected- Jefferson stood for things that are exactly opposite of what Democrats have ever stood for. He disliked omnipotent central government and loathed an overly powerful judiciary.    

Clearly, the Democrat Party’s claims to have its roots in the legacy of the great Thomas Jefferson are preposterous.

The most famous personality in the founding of the Democrat Party was Aaron Burr. As the murderer of Alexander Hamilton Burr is the foremost skeleton in the Democrat closet.   

Throughout his life Aaron Burr was the kind of opportunist whose character would allow him to fit well into the company of Democrats from Andrew Jackson (an unindicted co-conspirator in Burr’s treason trial) to the Copperheads of the Civil War era to today’s Democrat voter fraud specialists.

Among the “accomplishments” of this Democrat Party hero are his decades long efforts to undermine the United States as a single functioning country; his killing of Alexander Hamilton in a legal duel; his establishment of the Democrat “exception” to federal law prohibiting private persons from unauthorized foreign policy engagements and the development of New York City’s Tammany Hall into the most corrupt Democrat crime syndicate in American history until Richard Daley’s Chicago.

Democrat Party Founding Father Aaron Burr’s treason

On February 19, 1807 Aaron Burr, at the time was a former Vice President of the United States, was tracked down and arrested in Alabama on federal charges of treason.  His arrest stemmed from his involvement in a plot to seize the formerly French and Spanish Louisiana territories and Mexico in order to establish a new independent nation with Burr as its leader.


The Presidential election of 1800 produced no clear winner with Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr tied, each having received 73 Electoral votes.  After more than 35 re-votes Alexander Hamilton brokered a deal allowing Jefferson to take the majority of votes and become President. At that time candidates for President and Vice President did not run together as a “ticket.” Consequently, as runner up Aaron Burr became Vice President of the Unites States of America.

Given the chance to observer Burr on a regular basis for 4 years as his Vice President, Jefferson refused to support him for re-nomination in 1804. Forced out of office in March 1805 Burr successfully promoted himself to be the leader of a segment of Federalists that did not see a United States of America as being in their personal best interests.

Hamilton, hearing of this movement, did not miss an opportunity to remind anyone who would listen about of the coarse character of the new Federalist group’s leader. In unusually strong language, Hamilton was quoted as saying, he “.. looked upon Mr. Burr to be a dangerous man, and one who ought not to be trusted with the reins of government.” 

On July 11, 1804, his final year as Vice President of the United States, Burr moved to silence Hamilton.  Burr challenged Hamilton to a duel, which at the time was legal although frowned upon. To his great and mortal misfortune, Hamilton accepted and the two men squared off in Weehawken, New Jersey. Burr killed Hamilton and was indicted for murder in both New Jersey and New York, but never stood trial in either state. 

He fled to Washington DC and asserted executive immunity. Jefferson had had enough of Burr and refused to support him for a second term as Vice President.

Immediately after leaving office, Burr joined in the ongoing plot to take half of North America by force, set up his own country and presumably become its dictator for life.  CONTINUED NEXT FRIDAY

This material comes from my book, Crooks Thugs and Bigots: the Lost Hidden and Changed History of the Democrat Party. This story will continue next Friday and each Friday thereafter, but if you cannot wait to read more of the history of the Democrat Party I’ll send you a free PDF of my book write me at  

Finally there is a comedian willing to mock Al Gore and his “global warming” scam

 This text accompanies the video of Michael Loftus mocking global warming and Al Gore. CiR wishes you the best of luck with your new show Michael!

“Comedian Michael Loftus, host of the new TV show “The Flipside” goes on an extended rant about how people who supposedly believe in the upcoming end of the world brought on by global warming primarily seem interested in just making money for themselves.”  

W.Va. Democrat staffer hangs out the “Jews and Christians not welcome” sign


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Push them to decide, make them show their real face and Democrats will line up against America every time.

It’s usually the kids that speak out of turn. You know, the three year old who runs around the Thanksgiving table spewing four letter words; the same ones he hears at home.

The Democrat Party is loaded with “kids” of all ages who don’t understand why Democrats get elected. They think their candidates remain in office by telling the truth to people. They think Democrats stand up and talk about socialism and hatred for Israel, America and capitalism to get elected. The wiser Democrats never let such thoughts pass their lips during election years. They only say these things to the small groups they are asking for money.

A recent report about a staffer for West Virginia Democrat Nick Rahall, the most senior Arab-American in the House, makes this case. Collin Peterson, a Field Organizer for Congressman Rahall, has declared his love for Islam – at least the lies about Islam he was taught in a course on the subject at Randolph Macon College. Describing just how thrilled he is with Islam, young Mister Peterson has written, “And I’m really excited for Islam. I’ve wanted to study it and thought about just taking Western Religions but decided not to I am so burned out of learning about Judaism and Christianity. So I’m really excited they offered. Couldn’t fit Buddhism in which is disappointing but I studied it in Eastern religions so I got it covered!”

As for a reaction by Rahall, don’t hold your breath. He is a longtime supporter of Palestine and has expressed his anti-Israel feelings   by saying, “Israel can’t continue to occupy, humiliate and destroy the dreams and spirits of the Palestinian people and continue to call itself a democratic state.”

A review of the records shows Rahall was the only House member to vote against a resolution for an end to an Arab boycott of Israel in 1993.

Rahall, who hasn’t changed his opinion of Israel for the last twenty years, has a sister who is a lobbyist for Qatar. Does anyone think Peterson is in trouble?  


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Debo Adegbile: At least one enemy Obama was not able to force on us


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

To the great delight of those who value and cherish American freedoms, Barack Obama has once again failed to put the power to destroy our Constitution in the hands of Debo Adegbile.

Monday this warrior of destruction was forced to withdraw his name from consideration as Obama’s attack dog at the Department of Justice. He would have been the chief Civil Rights lawyer for Eric Holder, another enemy of our freedoms.

The magnitude of this victory cannot be overstated. What we have avoided is the placement of a yet another man who is essentially a foreigner being placed in a position to wreak havoc on our everyday lives.

The president is for all practical purposes a man with very few emotional ties to anything American; in fact it is clear that he hates our country and us. The Attorney General comes from a family whose roots and emotional ties are in the Caribbean not America; and both of them have consistently demonstrated their hatred for America especially White America.  Now their dream-teamer Debo Adegbile, a man who also comes from a union between two foreign nationals with no ties to America, has been shown the door even by Senate Democrats.

Adegbile is a mutt who has spent a considerable amount of time and White “guilt” money while at the NAACP, trying to free a cop killer who has never won a single appeal court judge’s vote.

He has tried to free Mumia Abu-Jamal who murdered Philadelphia Police Office Daniel Faulkner in 1981.

Last May, Obama and his Charlie McCarthy dummy Bite Me had high hopes of making Adegbile Eric Holder’s chief enforcer and executioner of the Constitution. They failed and were so blindsided that idiot Joe was actually on hand to “break the tie” as Vice President and put their mongrel over the top. They lost 47/52 with seven Democrats voting no.

Since then things have apparently gotten no better for the conspirators as Adegbile has just withdrawn his name from any further consideration. The enemy’s ship has sailed and he’s not on it.   

Debo Adegbile is at least one enemy Obama was not able to force on us and that’s a nice victory.        


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