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The Democrats should beg Michael Bloomberg to come in as a third Party candidate

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

On hearing that Michael Bloomberg, the former Mayor of New York City, is considering running as a third Party candidate the first thought that comes to the minds of conservatives is “Good. That will be the final nail in the Democrats’ coffin.”

While that is very likely true, there is potential danger for America in a Bloomberg candidacy.

If they haven’t already done so, the Democrat Establishment will have to have the behind closed, locked guarded doors talk they have dreaded for months. Whatever they might have hoped and wished for, the reality of their situation is that they are on a fast track to nominating either a Communist disguised as a Socialist or a woman on her way to prison.

In either case they will suffer a near fifty state wipeout that, regardless of the predictions of the “experts” will result in losses not pickups in the House and Senate. Even the Democrat voter fraud machine can’t help them if the current enthusiasm rate of 70/50 in favor of Republicans holds. Moreover, Trump attracts a large number of “new or returning” voters who will vote Republican to help give Trump the tools he needs to succeed. Each Democrat will have to defend Barack Obama which is a sure loser in many states. They will swamp the feckless Democrat campaign.

During “The Talk” the Democrats will have to admit they are on their way to defeat and look, not for a candidate who can win – they know that is not possible – but rather they will look for a candidate who can mitigate the down ballot damage thereby saving the possibility they can still retake the Senate.

Enter Michael Bloomberg. If the very liberal Bloomberg runs he could possibly get rank and file Leftist Democrats to show up to vote for him and vote for down ballot Democrats while they are there.

If they are wise the Democrats will beg Bloomberg to run.

They’d rather look good and lose than admit Trump is the best candidate

RINO titanic

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Our nation is in deep trouble. Our world is burning down and an anti-American in the White House is fanning the flames. We the people who love America must do something to save ourselves now! We have been let down by the fake conservatives we sent to Washington to put out the fire and start fixing the damage. They have laughed in our faces. We have reluctantly put our faith in the Supreme Court to halt the advance of unconstitutional legislation; but the justices have stabbed us in the back and twisted the blade with smug talk about the fix being “up to the people.”

Until last summer we had no one to champion our cause. It was only us. That has changed with the emergence of Donald Trump as the frontrunner in the Republican primaries. We now have a once in a lifetime opportunity to fix what is wrong and save our country; and we simply cannot squander it.

Yet there are those whose demands for conservative purity have caused them to first scoff at Trump, then throw their “Flavor of the Month” candidate at him to take him out. Since that didn’t work they are lecturing us and pushing Ted Cruz, a man who is a proven liar. Worse still, more than a third of voters believe Cruz is not eligible to be the president. Ted Cruz is not an alternative, but just another way to pat us on the head and tell us to “run along.”

These chattering purists are frightened of losing their influence over us when Trump wins. With no particular credentials, save for knowing yesterday’s political rules, they presume to tell us we don’t know what is good for us. It’s time for them to get out of the way. Those of us who don’t want to keep rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic have to seize the moment and take control of our own lives.

Where our “betters” think they get the justification to tell us what is good for us is no longer important. They would rather look good and lose the country than look bad among themselves and support Trump.

Donald Trump is the only man in the field who can be successful in a general election. He has the talent and will to fix America’s problems.

Marco Rubio, George Soros, Rupert Murdock, and Fox News: The Cheap Labor Gang

Rubio Soros Fox

Marco Rubio, George Soros, Rupert Murdock and Fox News are the Cheap Labor Gang. They are all in on a scheme to push amnesty down our throats. Here’s how it works: They win; we lose if we nominate Rubio.

While Iowans showed they aren’t concerned about illegal aliens, (just 11% saw them as important) the rest of America is very concerned about them. A September CNN survey showed an astounding 9 of 10 Americans see illegals as an important issue. Among those very concerned about illegal aliens are Marco Rubio, George Soros, Rupert Murdock, and Fox News. Their concern is seeing that America is flooded with cheap laborers who will take Americans’ jobs; and are actively working in concert to see that happen.

Marco Rubio would like those 90% of voters, who see illegal aliens as an important problem, to forget that just a few years ago when he had barely arrived in the Senate he was a member of another group, the Gang of Eight which included ultra-Liberal New York Democrat Chuck Schumer–another politician on Soros’ payroll. That Gang’s sole purpose was to slip amnesty past the America people. It failed but its efforts live on in Rubio’s candidacy.

One of Rubio’s close confidants is Cesar Conda who has served as his Chief of Staff. Conda is an amnesty zealot and worked as an editor for George Soros, the nation’s chief amnesty supporter.

Donald Trump has been the most consistent enemy of the Cheap Labor gang so he has been under constant attack by Fox News which is owned by Rupert Murdock. Murdock is a board member of the all-out amnesty pushing Partnership For a New American Economy which lobbied to support the Gang of Eight’s amnesty treachery.

Fox News’ Vice President Bill Sammon’s daughter Brooke is Marco Rubio’s national Press Secretary.

Is there any reason to think Rupert Murdock would not send his Vice President’s daughter the questions Fox News will ask Marco Rubio to keep his campaign and the Soros/Murdock dream of amnesty and no borders alive?

If we nominate Marco Rubio this is how it works. They win; we lose.


Cruz pulls one more Clinton-like dirty trick before heading to New Hampshire

Ted Cruz

First it was the Clinton like intimidation letter scolding voters because Ted Cruz decided their past refusal to vote in the Iowa caucuses made them bad citizens. That was a planned eleventh hour “Oops that NEVER should have happened; why that’s terrible,” dirty trick worthy of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Then on election night Cruz super supporter Republican Congressman Steve King – (a self- identified enemy of amnesty who has no trouble overlooking the pro amnesty Club For Growth’s support for Cruz) decided that Cruz needed another thumb on the scale and spread a lie about Ben Carson dropping out of the race with this tweet, “Carson looks like [he] is out. Iowans need to know before they vote. Most will go to Cruz, I hope.”

Now In true Clinton style, Cruz apologized to Carson, but of course it comes after the fact.

Cruz said, “What the team should have done is send around the follow-up statement from the Carson campaign clarifying that he was indeed staying in the race when that came out. That was a mistake from our end, and for that I apologize to Dr. Carson.”

In another Clintonian “Not me, It wasn’t me” statement Cruz tried to blame CNN for the “innocent mistake.” Cruz has said that CNN reported Carson was leaving the race; but CNN says, “No, we didn’t say that.” More than this, Carson’s wife “Candy” actually heard the lie being spread in a polling place in Ankeny. According to a report in the Dailymail, Mrs. Carson “actually walked in, on it being said,[and] gave a speech about no, he’s still in the race and that’s a lie”

So who should be believed, the media that has an agenda or a candidate who desperately needed a win?

If this tweet was a stand- alone “one time mistake” without any hint of a pattern it could be overlooked; but its similarity in sleaziness to the intimidation letter makes one wonder if it should be overlooked.

Supporting news story

Congratulations to Cruz on his victory; now comes round two where a smarter Trump already leads

Cruz, Trump NH

Last night Texas Senator Ted Cruz won a clear, if small, victory in the Iowa Caucuses. He worked hard and smart to achieve his victory over Donald Trump and Marco Rubio; hats off to him.

Iowa is a very different place where different elements add up to victory. At this time it is unclear how Cruz did among the Evangelical voters who turned out in large numbers but they were not the only voters to turn out. Clearly he did well enough with other voters to reach his magic number.

Nevertheless, as the Iowa system works the worst news for both Trump and Rubio will merely be the headline showing them finishing second and third because while Cruz got 8 delegates for his win Trump and Rubio both got 7 delegates for finishing second and third.

Now the process moves first to New Hampshire a sharply different type of state where Trump holds a large lead over both Cruz and Rubio.

Trump’s lead is currently large enough to present a tall order for either or both to overcome and convince voters they deserve to win. The latest average of available polls from New Hampshire, shows Trump with a more than 20 point lead over both men. Can either or both close and beat out Trump in the Granite State? Stranger things have happened but that likelihood is not very great.

Trump is a man who has amassed a huge fortune during a lifetime of ups and downs. He has apparently been very good at learning from mistakes. He didn’t make too many in Iowa and finished with one delegate less than Cruz. If he is nothing else, he is a quick study as shown by his ability to come so close on his first try; and a 20 point lead is a nice cushion to enter round two with.

New Hampshire allows crossover voting (an individual can vote in either Party’s primary) so in the past this has given Democrats a chance to meddle in Republican primaries. That won’t happen this time. The razor thin difference between Hillary Clinton’s win and Bernie Sanders’ finish means Democrats who care enough to go to the polls will not “waste” their vote on a Republican.

With no “help” from Democrats Trump can square off against both men for this round.