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by Michael Voris, S.T.B
Hat Tip to Jerry Todd, CiR staff writer

When the barbarian hordes descended on Europe in the fourth and fifth centuries, crushing underfoot what was left of cultural antiquity, it looked as if civilization was at an end. Irish monks, in their monasteries and scriptoriums, preserved the writings from antiquity by transcribing them for posterity. They kept the classics alive, safe in their isolation, keeping a secure touchstone to the civilization their faith had transformed. For this reason, the Irish are largely credited by historians with saving civilization.

This week, 1500 years of civilization will come to an end.

Indications are very strong that after hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars poured into the Irish nation by pagan Americans, homosexuality will win a national referendum as being equal to traditional marriage. Surveys do show the gap narrowing as we get down to the Friday vote, but the margin is still somewhere around 10 percent in favor of sodomite unions becoming legalized. This will be the first time in the history of the world that the issue will have been approved by a national referendum of voters.

It was Ireland — through St. Patrick — that cemented the overthrow of homosexuality as an acceptable practice as it was engaged in regularly by the Celtic warriors. The rise of Catholicism brought an end to that. Now 1500-plus years later, homosexuality is being embraced and is evidence of Catholicism coming to an effective end in Ireland.

How did this happen? Two causes: the failure of Catholic leaders, and huge financial pressure from America.

First, the money: The grant foundation Atlantic Philanthropies has funneled hundreds of millions of dollars into Ireland to change the culture toward evil. Huge sums of money have been given in grants by AP to groups advocating for sodomite marriage. And if you’ve never heard of Atlantic Philanthropies, don’t worry. Many people haven’t. But you’ve heard of many things they’ve caused to happen — like Obamacare, for example. They were the leading bankroller of lobbying groups to push through the immoral legislation. And who said politicians couldn’t be bought? It should come as no surprise then that AP is also spending a fortune on all the illegal immigration efforts that keep coming up.

So, pro-homosexuality, pro-contraception/abortion, pro-illegal immigration — does anyone sense a civilization destabilization effort at work here?

And the only force able to counter this kind of organized evil is the Catholic Church. And where were Catholic leaders these last 20–30 years in Ireland? Nowhere to be found.

They were busy not teaching the Faith, covering up homosexual priests who raped altar boys, advancing the militant homosexual cause by talking like sissies about having to find a way to accommodate the disordered love between members of the same sex. Not totally surprising, that, since they counted so many active homosexuals in their own ranks.

Mark the date and put a big red circle around it: May 22 — the day that in all likelihood civilization comes to end, on the very shores that preserved it, brought on by a foreign invasion — and this time left undefended by a clergy who had forsaken the Faith and embraced the very evil their patron saint had defeated.

Pray that whatever Almighty God has to do to rid the world of these evils that He commence so that justice may be established.

Jeb Bush resume lands him in the perfect job

Eleven different employment agencies have reviewed the resume of former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush. Given his impressive employment record (Bush went from cashier to bank Vice President in just 3 years), the extraordinary number of important people with whom Bush has hobnobbed, his friendly demeanor and fluency in Spanish, each agency recommended the son of the former president for the same position.


Congrats, Jeb. We know you’ll do a swell job.

Asking “Really? This is the best we have?” is music to GOPe ears

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Donald Trump has taken many positions that annoy conservatives and some that infuriate conservatives; but on the issues that matter most: securing the border, making America respected and feared and stabilizing our economy, his positions are quite appealing.

Therefore, with nothing left to throw at him, the GOPe’s personal choice for president, Jeb Bush, has decided that voters can be swayed away from Trump and toward him by showing us film clips of statements Trump made up to several years ago. Making believe (at least I hope so) that they don’t understand why Trump the Businessman would say things that are contrary to what Trump the Candidate for President would say, they are dusting off their “He/She is not pure enough to be a candidate” playbook.

From a political standpoint this is a great move. It was taught to the GOPe by Rahm Emanuel in 2006 when he discovered that (gasp!) a Florida Republican Congressman named Foley was gay and taunted the “I’m way too conservative to vote for my Republican candidate here hundreds of miles away” crowd into staying home or voting Democrat. Emanuel knew conservatives have morals and principles while Democrats don’t. He was right.

The conservative jackasses that turned their backs and beat their chests in piety delivered the votes for Obamacare and are just as responsible for it as Nancy Pelosi.

And now the, “Really? This is the best we have?” morons are moaning again. They are getting themselves ready to show us that they are pure conservatives. They won’t bother making the distinction between a candidate who says he will shut the borders but ultimately might not and one who wants to erase the borders.

Trump is 100% right on closing the borders and handling the economy. After all, what else is a federal government really supposed to do?

I don’t need perfect. I wasn’t fooled with that line in the past and won’t be fool with it this time. I just hope there are more people who think this way than are worried about looking like bad conservatives.

When my shots went in I never worried about looking good. Looking at Trump and smugly asking, “Really? This is the best we have?” is music to Karl Rove’s ears; but I won’t be in that orchestra.

From day one Granny Clinton’s campaign willingly taking illegal foreign money


Granny Clinton is arguably the most corrupt candidate either wing of the Uniparty has brought us. Watch as one of James O’Keefe ‘s Project Veritas  journalists catches Granny’s TOP campaign officials breaking federal campaign finance laws right in front of her. 

We are so fortunate to have James and his people working to do what the fake media won’t. 

The funny part is that her sycophants will say, A) this is NOT a violation of law;  B) Hillary herself didn’t do this so it’s okay (as if only money she actually handles has to be clean);  C) it was photo-shopped anyway; or D) nothing