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RNC’s wishful thinking of Trump hitting his ceiling is wrong; he has plenty of room for growth

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The befuddled “experts” can’t figure out why Donald Trump is doing so well in the polls. They KNOW he is wrong on everything; they KNOW he is a clown, a buffoon, a snake oil salesman, take your pick.  Using THEIR old rules of politics they have declared Trump’s campaign dead so often it’s hard to keep track of them.

The bottom line is that Trump is not going anywhere. He did not TRUMP 8fade by Labor Day or Halloween or Thanksgiving. He won’t fade and they know it so they have fallen back on trying to trick people with their lie that, “Yes he is ahead now but he has NO PLACE to go but down because his support is almost totally from the far Right.”

This is very wrong. However intuitive it would seem, even to many on the Right, that assertion doesn’t hold water.     

Trump scares the Republican National Committee but things are far worse than they want to admit. The surveys do not show Trump on top because he is being supported only by the far Right. Trump is on top because he is supported by a broad spectrum of Republicans and would in fact not be on top if he had to rely only on “very conservative” Republicans.

His tax plan would hurt “hedge fund guys” as he puts it; and he doesn’t see the need to cut Social Security or Medicare benefits. Both of these positions appeal to a wide range of voters.

GOP “also-rans” already beginning to drop out. How’s that pro-amnesty plan working for you, Amigos?

His support has consistently been from the middle of the Republican mainstream. This is a crushing blow to the GOPe. It means that when the “also rans” in the field begin to quit and go home, their supporters (who genuinely want to win but have bought the lie that Trump can’t win) will come to Trump because so many of them hold the same positions he does.    

Trump’s campaign is not without its red meat for hard core conservatives. He wants to close our borders and build a wall on our Southern border. A Reuters survey has revealed he is supported by 38% of Republican primary voters putting him 23% ahead of the second place candidate. And 36% think he is the best person to deal with terrorism- the most important issue for many voters.    

Trump’s success is not narrow; it is broad and this is his big ace in the hole.

For the media and the GOPe Trump’s Black voter support is the “Elephant in the room”

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

There have been at least two surveys showing Donald Trump getting between 25% (nationwide) and 13% (Florida) of the Black vote in a general election against Hillary Clinton.

In a very detailed October survey of Florida voters, Clinton gets 82% of the Black vote and Trump gets 13%; with 5% undecided. This means Clinton’s current solid Black vote in Florida is jTRUMP BLACK VOTERS 4ust 77% but can go up to only 82%, and Trump already has the potential to  get 18%.  

Clinton is in trouble with Blacks now and things can potentially get much worse.

Trump, however, is doing better than he needs to with Blacks and has a potential to get a “lights out” 18% which is nearly in line with the SurveyUSA Labor Day number of 25%.  Either number means trouble for Clinton that could make it impossible for her to win Florida, Virginia, Ohio and maybe even Pennsylvania when up against Trump in 2016.      

The significance of this erosion of Black support for a Democrat candidate cannot be overstated. Certainly there are those Blacks who voted for Barack Obama out of racial pride and have re-thought there action. Nevertheless, there has to be a bloc of these voters who have America’s best interest at heart.

The beauty of this situation for Trump is the Black vote is a zero TRUMP BLACK VOTERS 1sum game. Every one he takes comes right out of her column and he really doesn’t need very many to do major damage to Clinton.   

Today Trump will announce that he has picked up an endorsement of a coalition of 100 Black pastors and evangelists at his New York City headquarters.   

In an October 12th rally in Atlanta, Trump had at least ten Black ministers on the stage with him. One said, we’re not here as token Black people, we support Mister Trump.

Ever the consummate showman, Trump will first announce that the endorsement will come on Wednesday; and of course since it will be in New York City the media will have to cover it twice. He knows how to drive the media narrative. He knows they would just as soon ignore the announcement because it is the elephant in the  TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREATroom, but he also understands the media – he knows they will be there.

Trump can ride this “elephant in the room” right into the White House.

A great cause: December 5th model train online auction will help Aiding Marines Family Foundation

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Calling all model train collectors! Here is your chance to help Marines in need and get some great buys on treasured items to boot.

On December 5, 2015 Nette Auctions will conduct an online auction of 650 model trains and accessories to help Aiding Marines Family Foundation (AMFF).

The collection of models suitable for collection has been put together over the last 60 years by Semper Marine Mike Marotta who has donated it to the AMFF to have the Nette Auctions people sell it and give the proceeds to the Foundation.

The massive collection is diverse and has something for every collector. Whether you collect pre-war, postwar, HO OS or standard Lionel American Flyer, Ives, Boucher & Marklin this is the auction you have been waiting for!

Get more details at auctioneer #1306 or call 203 730 1404 Don Karagianes


Lack of voter enthusiasm could sink Hillary Clinton

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The enthusiasm gap among voters is the deciding factor in elections; it tells us the true story.

In years when Republicans won big they controlled the enthusiasm gap:  1994 it was 44/33;  2002 it was 46/39; in 2010 it was a massive 63/44 and in 2014 it was 42/32. When Democrats won in 2006 they held a 52/41 edge in enthusiasm among their voters.   

So far Hillary Clinton’s campaign is not generating enthusiasm. 

A recent New York Times piece presents a serious warning for Clinton. It’s not based on a “feeling” but on surveys of her supporters.

Among voters aged 18 to 29 Hillary is getting severely upside down, (35/57) favorable /unfavorable approval ratings. By contrast Bill Clinton and Barack Obama got over 60% favorable ratings from these voters who were 19% of all turnout and supported Obama 60/37 over Mitt Romney.

These numbers are even worse as a result of the sharp drop off of these voters in 2014 which brought the Democrats their second major beat down in four years.

However, the really bad news comes from Clinton’s standing with African American and Hispanic voters. Here’s why.

In 2012, 13% of all voters were Black and more than 90% supported Obama which is widely considered to be the reason for his relatively easy victory. Likewise, he got 71% of the Hispanic vote. While the Hispanic vote is so evenly distributed as to make it a virtual non-factor in many states, in ordinary elections it serves as a bogeyman to scare Republican candidates into pandering to them at the expense of keeping their base intact.  Enter Donald Trump. He won’t pander to Hispanics or anyone else.     

At this early stage, Republican front runner Trump has seen his support among Blacks versus Hillary Clinton at a surprising 25% in at least one survey and a still encouraging 13% in a more recent poll.

Moreover Trump’s support among Hispanics seems to be holding at about 30%. Trump’s “major” blunders of “calling all Mexicans criminals” (which he did not) and saying “get him the hell out of here” when referring to a Black Lives Matter heckler don’t seem very relevant.

At this point it is hard to gauge the level of enthusiasm for a Trump presidency beyond what is suggested by the large crowds he draws; but compared to the small crowds Hillary draws, it has to be encouraging for Trump supporters.    


Election Day will go down in history as “The Great Comeuppance of 2016”

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The Great comeuppance of 2016 is coming.

Americans are burning to deliver an old fashioned ass-kicking comeuppance to a list of people and Donald Trump has been judged to be our best chance to make this happen.

This is why the “gotcha” questions and personal attacks that stop other candidates have no effect on Trump’s march forward. We don’t care; we want payback.  TRUMP THUMBS UP

Webster’s defines “comeuppance” as “a punishment that someone deserves to receive.” In everyday terms we know “comeuppance” as “kicking ass and taking names,” and that is what we want Trump to do for us.

Americans have had enough from a long list of people and sense we have one chance to elect someone who will turn the tables on those who are making our lives miserable.

Trump’s supporters want him to give a special comeuppance to these people:

The Republican Establishment which treats patriotic Republicans like idiots to be lied to and made fun of.

The media that lies with impunity and “selects” punching bag candidates for the Republican Party.  MEDIA LIBERALS 3

ISIS, which thinks all Americans are Barack Obama and therefore willing victims, will get their comeuppance gift wrapped by President Trump.

Mexico’s government, which has laughed at our laws and helped vicious gang members, rapists and murderers illegally sneak into our country for decades will be humiliated when Trump gives that third rate nation its comeuppance.

China will learn the party is over and because of their cheating and stealing our intellectual property, will get their comeuppance.

Veterans Administration bureaucrats who have mistreated and watched our veterans die will get their comeuppance delivered by Trump.EPA

The EPA which has destroyed the lives of so many people “because it can” will be at the wrong end of a richly deserved comeuppance.

IRS, the left’s wholly owned instrument of torture, which destroyed people and groups for trying to use their constitutionally guaranteed rights, will get a vigorous comeuppance. We want people like Lois Lerner to feel our rage.

For her arrogant “What difference does it make?” attitude, Hillary Clinton is a special target for a severe comeuppance.  HILLARY EMAILS ETC

Amnesty billionaires will be slapped down and shown that money cannot buy the destruction of America.

Barack Obama, the smug liar who has done everything he could to rub our noses in the dirt, will get our 2016 comeuppance hand delivered by the election of Donald Trump.

I can hardly wait for the Great Comeuppance of 2016.