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Comrade de Blasio is the gift that keeps on giving if the GOP is smart enough to open the package!


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The election of Comrade Bill de Blasio as mayor of New York City has been and will continue to be, a gift to conservatives and even Republicans.

From the very beginning of his adult life Comrade Bill has made it clear that he is an enemy of America. He even illegally honeymooned in Cuba.

De Blasio is a socialist’s dream and has governed as a heavy handed thug ever since. What is even better is that he is on the national stage and there is no way the Democrats can hide him.

Thus far he has given conservatives great starting points to use as they show America what life would be like if the anti -American Democrats are ever given complete control of our lives again. His anti-American City Council, which is run by the socialist Working Families Party, has forced small businesses to provide paid “sick leave” for even a single employee. He has opened Welfare without work requirements, even to single people without dependents.

Acting with no authority, he has installed his wife (a former lesbian porn star) as a de facto member of his administration providing her with a paid staff that included a chief of staff forced to resign because her live in boyfriend has a criminal record involving drugs and murder.

He has made Al Sharpton a de facto Deputy Mayor with free reign to do whatever he feels will advance his agenda.  

He has antagonized the police force with direct insults implying they are racists who prowl New York’s streets looking for Blacks to kill.

When he could have avoided saying so, he used the word “alleged” to describe physical attacks on two police officers carried out in full view of dozens of people.

He has pressed his attack on the NYPD so hard that the police union has asked its members to sign an order that the Comrade not be allowed to attend their funeral should they be killed in the line of duty.

He has ordered a stop to enforcing marijuana laws and lowered the speed limit on city streets to a ridiculous 25 mph.      

The Comrade has always been like the four year old who runs around the family dinner table telling family secrets. If the GOPe is smart they will use every one of those secrets to nail them to the Democrats.

Let’s hope the Democrats are dumb enough to bring their convention to New York in 2016.   


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Events and the flow of history are taking us along for the ride


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Who is in charge of our nation today in mid-December, 2014? The answer seems to be nobody.  We have a lawless president and Attorney General, trying everything they can to control our lives; but last month’s election showed they are only able to present obstacles to our lives.  Neither the House nor the Senate is in the hands of men who can make things happen. They are good at stopping things from happening and reacting to external events, but that’s not the same as being in control.

The best estimate of what is going on is that events jumping off the front page are running things. The Ferguson and Staten Island Grand jury decisions, the Ebola crisis, the illegal aliens streaming over what was once our Southern border are paralyzing the people who are supposed to be leading us.

With the House Republicans passing a pro-amnesty bill by a single vote after being tricked and lied to by the Speaker; and the 1.1 Trillion Cromnibus Spending Bill passing by a single vote, a new set of events will certainly take hold of us in January.

There is a major “poison pill” in the bill and that will certainly make enough Senate Democrats refuse to vote for its passage giving us another event to deal with

Because Obama had to “whip” votes for Boehner, there will be trouble in the Republican Caucus. If John Boehner thinks that he can continue to be both the de jure and de facto Speaker while consistently losing the support of almost 70 of his members, he is mistaken.  

This may lead to John Boehner being relegated to being a de jure Speaker who has to watch as a series of de facto Speakers handle the passage of major legislation.   

The lawsuit against Obama’s illegal amnesty executive order is another event that we will only be able to watch. The lawsuit against it will produce another event that we can only run behind and not control.

Some events like the staged “spontaneous” demonstrations across small portions the nation that have brought confused White activists and rootless Blacks onto our streets will fade with the cold weather and solve themselves; but no one will actually control them.

We might not know until next summer what these events have done to us; but we can be sure that we will only be along for the ride.    

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Those who think that our police do nothing but harass honest citizens ought to watch this

Warning the language in this video is raw and explicitly profane.   

“America’s cops risk their lives for our safety every day,” isn’t a cliché or a phrase that sounds good but really is true.  It is part of every cop’s life.

Every time cops step out of their stationhouse they face the potential to be violently attacked. This brief video documents just a few of the attacks real cops have dealt with in recent years. It also tells us our cops have no intention of losing this fight for the life of America.

Lesbian rabbi who supports Sharia Law is as dumb as a box of rocks, but dangerous nonetheless


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

A story from New Hampshire reminds us once again that liberals are often willing to commit suicide to prove how liberal they are.

It would be hard to imagine a more ridiculous scenario than a lesbian rabbi making a public stand in favor of adopting Sharia Law as the new ruling principles of any American state; but Rabbi Robin Nafshi of New Hampshire has done just that.   

With the type of smug,” I’m a liberal so I’m smarter than you” hubris only the sickest of liberals can muster, Rabbi Nafshi scolds her fellow Granite Staters in a piece she has curiously titled “The misguided push to ban Sharia Law.”

Of course, the Rabbi takes an obligatory shot at Republicans as she whines that the final point in their statement of Party principles says, “Take any and all actions possible to protect against the implementation of any part of Sharia Law in New Hampshire, including legislation outlawing Sharia law.”

Her hollow argument makes a comparison between Sharia Law as the Muslim way of life and Halakhah the Jewish way of life. This idiot must think that Jews cut the heads off homosexuals and blow up non-Jews in belief that doing so will insure their place in paradise.  Sure thing rabbi, not a dimes’ with of difference right?

The logic-challenged rabbi then gets to the real point of her complaint by demanding to know why New Hampshire Republicans have not moved to ban Roman Catholic Cannon Law.  

At that point the rabbi runs out of things to say so she falls back on the liberal Democrat lie that Islam is a “Religion of Peace” that has been “hijacked” by extremist Muslims. We are supposed to accept this lie from her because, well because she said so.  We are supposed to accept what this liberal fool says because she is a smart liberal and who has more “smart and liberal” credentials than a lesbian rabbi?

The rest of her “argument” was the usual liberal lies and half-truths.  Nevertheless, people like this woman are dangerous because they use legitimate positions of power and influence to poison our lives and sidetrack our efforts to protect ourselves against a genuine and determined enemy.   All of this is to prove she is a good liberal and make herself feel good.  


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“Ferguson/Occupy/Garner” anarchists proving Durkheim’s theory of “anomie”

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The early 20th century sociologist Emile Durkheim’s theory about the divide between the greater society and some individuals still holds up.

Durkheim called this condition “anomie” and described it as “a condition in which society provides little moral guidance to individuals.” He saw anomie as a, “breakdown of social bonds between an individual and the community…..rejection of self-regulatory values.”

As Durkheim saw those who had fallen into anomie, they were “deranged and had an insatiable will.”  

Were he alive today Durkheim would recognize the mismatch between societal standards and the non-existent standards of the “Ferguson/Occupy/Garner” protestors who are running through our streets making believe they matter.

The genius and foresight of Durkheim, who explained his theory in his 1897 book, “Suicide,” is astounding.

We are seeing the reemergence of anomie in today’s “Ferguson/Occupy/Garner” social misfits. They believed Barack Obama would remake our country into a socialist paradise. They believed in “knowledge for its own sake” rather than, “knowledge for power sake.”

Because they did, if they finished college they graduated with a degree in Peruvian Folklore, Feminist History or something equally useless. Now that the cruel reality that no one wants to hire them and their life will be spent in their parents’ basement has sunk in, they have taken to entertaining themselves with what they think is violent revolution.

Having had everything handed to them for their whole life, they now demand “entertainment” as their next consumable gift.

The only way to straighten these disaffected pitiful fools out is to arrest and jail them. Unfortunately their childish, meaningless acts of vandalism are taking place in Democrat controlled cities that won’t punish them because their leaders admire them.

Obama’s anomie victims have never been taught right from wrong, so we have to do it.  It’s time to lock them up and parole them back to mom’s basement until they are ready to act like adults.

Barack Obama is to blame for all of this; and even the Left is coming to realize and accept that fact.     

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