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NBC joins the Gaystopo war on the Catholic Church


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The ink on the Supreme Court’s lawless decree that God’s law aganst sodomy is null and void is scarcely dry but the Gaystopo has not taken a day off. They are pressing the fight and will continue to do so until either they or the Catholic Church in America have been defeated.

Emboldened by the realization that they own the Supreme Court, the Gaystopo, as predicted here, are turning every screw they can to mock Catholic doctrine and press their attack. Now they have a new partner, the National Broadcasting Network (NBC) which has slithered out of the closet.  

In the type of sneaky, out-of-the-spotlight move that characterizes these minions of hate, the Gaystopo has quietly arranged for the ouster of John Dunleavy, a faithful Catholic,  from his position as Chairman of  New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee. His offense was uttering a mild threat against the continued presence of Gay groups marching under a banner announcing their love for committing the sin of sodomy.

NBC’s ugly hand in all of this is that it now has a puppet chairman of the parade in its pocket and is blackmailing him into accepting a second Gay/sodomite group. The deal will be that in order for the parade to continue to be televised by NBC, the Committee will have to accept a group of in-house Gay/sodomites from NBC’s “Fabulous” OUT@NBCUniversal.

Last March the Gaystopo took full advantage of feckless Church leadership and ordered the Committee to break its covenant with the Catholic Church. For the first time in its history the parade allowed a sodomite group to march under its own banner promoting sin and violation of Church and natural law.

This irreversible destruction of New York’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is being followed up and this demand for admission of yet another Gaystopo group will be just the beginning. As the Islamists do, the Gaystopo are using their signature touch of rubbing their vanquished enemy’s nose in the dirt.

The Gaystopo have all the cards; they own the Court, they own the media; and now they own New York’s Irish Day Parade – once called the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  They have no intention of slowing down their charge.



Gays will launch their long dreamed of attack on the Catholic Church demanding marriage by priests

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

It is my deepest wish that none of the following should ever happen, but logic says it will.

The Supreme Court has taken its place at the head of the charge to destroy the Roman Catholic Church in America. Under all the impassioned arguments about “love winning out” the leering minions of hate and lies have won a major victory. Now they can gather their forces to attack their real enemy, the one that has always been the unspoken target: The Roman Catholic Church in America.

For all its faults and self-inflicted damage, the Catholic Church in America is still the last significant obstacle to the left’s dream of destroying morality in our nation.  The SCOTUS decision to legalize violating God’s law has put the Catholic Church in a corner that the whole country had better hope She can get out of.

Those who hate the Catholic Church will try to strike while the issue is hot and force satanic Gay “weddings” on the church before the next “Gay Pride” parade.   There are probably already plans in place to ask Catholic Churches to perform Gay “marriages” with lawsuit papers in the pockets of those who will be “offended” when they are denied.  To save time and money Satan’s minions will go after the Archdiocese of New York and the dioceses of San Francisco and Boston simultaneously. They will not bother to go after other Christian Churches because if they can bring down the Catholic Church they have all the legal precedent they need to force ALL religions in America to yield to their evil intentions.

To trick people into supporting their cause they will get very ordinary looking homosexuals and lesbians to be the face of their cause. There won’t be any Gays wearing leather hats, g-strings and boas demanding Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York marry them. Nevertheless, they will reap the benefit of a lack of leadership and willingness to blur lines the Church has demonstrated over the past several decades.

The media will keep a tight wrap on the lawsuits and report as little as possible on them to further anesthetize people as they develop.

If the Catholic Church loses, and there seems to be no other logical conclusion to these lawsuits, it will be ordered to perform Gay marriages or lose Her tax exempt status. The Catholic Church will never yield and perform these satanic rituals. She will give up a tax exempt status and that will set off a catastrophic chain of events.

Forced to make hard choices to save dwindling funds, the Church will eventually get out of the social services and charity business as well as close Her schools.

These steps will dump tens of millions of people into the arms of an already overwhelmed federal government. Hello, Cloward and Piven.

There are 67 million Americans who claim to be Catholics. In reality there are only about 27 million because the rest don’t practice their religion. When this all hits the fan maybe another 3 million will be shocked into coming back so the new total will be about 30 million.

Those who are left will start again without government money or government instructions as to what to teach.  

The country will be in chaos and the pigs will love it.     

If we are to “cleanse” America of its Confederate past let’s start with the Democrat Party

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Since we are “cleansing” America of everything Confederate let’s start with the Confederacy’s successors: The Democrat Party.

The Civil War was fought over slavery. Only duplicitous liberal apologists say otherwise and their presentations are not very convincing. The Civil War saw Union soldiers who were Republicans fighting and giving their lives to free the slaves held by Southern Democrats.

During the War the Democrat Party in the North did everything it could to undermine the Union cause and committed countless acts of treason in order to keep Black people in chains. The Democrat mayor of New York City even tried to get his City Counsel to secede from the Union and join the Confederacy.

When the war was over the Democrats did everything they possibly could to avoid giving the newly freed slaves the civil rights won for them with the blood of 18 year old farm boys from Pennsylvania, New York, Maine and the rest of the Northern states.

When their efforts to stop their freed slaves failed in Congress the Democrats formed the Klu Klux Klan and terrorized them out of voting.

When the Democrats got back control of the South from the gutless Republicans in 1876, they immediately started passing what became known as the Jim Crow Laws to put Blacks back in chains. The Democrats passed racial purity laws about who was Black that were stricter than the Nazi’s rules about who was Jewish.

The election of Democrat Woodrow Wilson, brought about by the greed and arrogance of Theodore Roosevelt, gave us a man who had a private screening of “Birth of a Nation” (the most racist movie in history),  in the White House. The writers and producers were his friends. Democrat Wilson was the one who introduced segregation into the federal government’s workplace in Washington D.C.  He is the man credited with inventing the work cubical so White workers would not even have to look at Black workers.

We know that Democrat Harry Truman was a KKK organizer.

In the Civil Rights movement era of the 1960s it was Democrats who fought every proposed improvement of everyday life of Black Americans.

Democrat Lyndon Johnson was famous for making vicious anti-Black remarks and using the N word freely.

We know that Democrat Robert Byrd was a proud Klansman. He made no secret of it as he dared to hypocritically set himself on a pedestal to be worshipped by other Democrats  as the “conscience of the Senate.”  All the while Democrats were destroying  Black families with substandard schools, welfare and crime ridden housing projects. They continue to do so to this very day.

Since we are “cleansing” America of everything Confederate let’s start with the Confederacy’s successors: The Democrat Party. If we are to burn Confederate flags let’s throw some of those stupid “D” signs in with them.     


The Rise of the Machines

By LtCol Forrest R. Lindsey USMC (ret), staff writer

Hardly a day goes by without some new article describing the very rapid advance of automation in our lives. As it is right now, more and more manufacturing is done using computer-controlled machining and robots doing the assembling and even testing. We can’t call for customer assistance anymore without going through a battery of mechanical voices asking us which option we want while directing us away from any hope of human interaction. Machines are accurate, dependable and they never sleep. They don’t belong to unions and they never complain about working conditions and best of all for the Captains of Industry, they are relatively cheap: after initial acquisition, all they cost is the power to run them and the minor costs of upkeep and upgrades.

The problem that emerges is where that puts people. We all have some children who are nice, average young men and women who are capable of putting in a good day’s work but aren’t gifted with vast intellect or inspiration – in a word, average. We would consider ourselves lucky sometimes if they could find a good, solid blue collar job. Except those jobs – and many so-called white collar jobs – are disappearing.

Beside mechanization, the big money companies are outsourcing like madmen to cheaper labor overseas or in some cases, importing overseas workers to fill the spots that our sons and daughters would have filled. We even have news that Disney, that paragon of fresh-scrubbed American values, has been busily replacing American with foreign and then, after the displaced Americans are required to train their replacements, the fired Americans are prohibited from seeking other employment with Disney. Wow. Sure makes me want to go out and buy that next movie!

Between the rise of machines and the jobs lost to non-Americans, where will our children go? Is it our government’s intention to turn them into the next installment of the permanently unemployed, to receive a payment each month just to sit there and not riot? What are our leaders doing to address this situation – coming up with vast international treaties to finally finish the role of American workers once and for all (along with our national sovereignty) but, fortunately keeping those corporate bottom lines in the black?

The solution has to be some sort of plan for the future that recognizes the value of all of our children and helps them with specific education and directions to use their individual talents. There are some things that no machine can ever do and we need to identify those positions and aim accordingly. We also know that we have no real future as a nation if we keep rewarding companies which completely automate out American jobs or replace American with foreign workers.

And we certainly don’t need crazy, behemoth, top-secret treaties (like the Trans-Pacific Partnership) that throw away our American jobs along with our independence. Anything too secret for the American people to read ahead of time is most likely treason. We need to reward companies that continue to use Americans in American jobs and punish those that don’t. Call your Senators and Congressmen, make them listen.

Just don’t call me Bruce!

By Ed Wood, staff writer

It was a perfect diversion during this, another pre-election campaign season. While ISIS continues to dominate the Middle East, Christians continue to be beheaded, Iran develops its nuclear bomb and secret trade Javelin 1976agreements are being pushed through Congress, all media attention is directed elsewhere.

At the 1976 Summer Olympics, Bruce Jenner won a gold medal and broke an Olympic world record, scoring 8,634 points in the decathlon. He was more famous than Mohammed Ali! A good looking guy, he did it all! Twice married, once with the mother of the famous Kardashian sisters although they were sired prior to his arrival. That blissful union lasted more than 20 years and was broadcast into every home in the nation as one of the most popular reality shows ever produced.

But unless you have been spending time on Mars, or somewhere, you know the story. Bruce, and his inherited appurtenances, are no more. Brucie is now Caitlyn, with a revealing glamour shot on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine and has now been awarded the 2015 Arthur Ashe Award for Courage. Jenner

So who was Arthur Ashe, and what did he do to have such an award for courage created in his name? Mr. Ashe, a native of Richmond, VA, was a top ranked tennis player in the 1960s and 70s, and the first African-American male tennis player to win a Grand Slam tournament.

In his honor, a statue of his likeness was erected on Richmond’s famous Monument Avenue, where he joined the bronze equestrian castings of Confederate heroes Robert E. Lee, J.E.B. Stuart, Jefferson Davis, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, and Matthew Fontaine Maury. Obviously for a statue of a young black kid of that era to be included among such a distinguished group took real courage, although he never really lived long enough to enjoy it. He died of AIDS in 1993.      MONUMENT AVE

Nonetheless, the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage was created in his honor, and has been presented annually to individuals whose contributions “transcend sports.”

The subsequent recipients of this award, and the reasons for their being selected, may appear a bit curious. Those so honored include Stephen Michael Palermo, a former Major League Baseball umpire whose field career ended when he was shot in the back during an altercation outside a Dallas restaurant; Billie Jean King, a lesbian tennis player who routinely overpowered her “straight” female opponents, and was known for her loud “grunting” whenever she served the ball; Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa; Ed Thomas, a high school football coach who was shot and killed in the football team’s weight room by one of his former players; Dewey Bozella, who was nine when he witnessed his father beating his pregnant mother so badly that she later died. One of his brothers was stabbed to death, another was shot and killed, and a third died of AIDS.

In 1983, Bozella was convicted of murder and sentenced to 20 years to life in prison, a sentence later overturned for a lack of DNA evidence; and Michael Sam, the first publicly gay player to be drafted in the NFL. The Rams cut him at the end of training camp.

In spite of receiving congratulatory tweets from President Obama, there do seem to be those with differences of opinion over his/her being qualified to receive such a prestigious award. The Legendary sportscaster Bob Costas said, “I wish Caitlyn all the happiness in the world…however, it strikes me that awarding the Arthur Ashe Courage Award to Caitlyn Jenner is just a crass exploitation play… I’m pretty sure they could’ve found someone…who would’ve been more deserving of what that award represents.”

Perhaps. But from a look at the previous recipients, he/she seems about as well qualified as most.