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Obama’s Brilliant Invasion

by Jerry Todd,  staff writer

A very upset retired Catholic doctor and his wife called Rush Limbaugh on 7/8/14 revealing a “secret” meeting of FEMA/DHS and the local Bishop with advisers requesting the Diocese of San Bernardino take in the swarm of Obama “children” from Central America and distribute them to Catholic homes – fleas, e bola, tuberculosis and all – “just for a month.” They were told in the meeting not to inform the media.

Doctors and nurses also have a gag order under threat. One Republican Congressman was not allowed into a facility in his own District. Even leftist sympathizer Senator McCain was not allowed to speak to or photograph the “children.” And certified church pastors are not being admitted – yet they are expected to feed and house selected children.

Knowing the Church’s option for the poor and the stranger, these lowlifes are pitting Catholics’ natural Christian charity against them to cover for Obama and his handlers’ chicanery. Back in January, the Administration was advertising for handlers of a large group of young children expected to emigrate from Central America to the USA.

“Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules (Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals – dedicated to Lucifer – and a 1969 winner of the vaunted “Pacem in Terris Award”) Rule #4.

Beyond social justice it’s time to consider Equal Justice before we lose both Church and Constitutional Republic in the United States. This is the same Administration that has been in all-out war with the Church via health care, education and freedom of speech.

Suddenly, also revealed is another 2008 Obama campaign promise (yay!) to form “a civilian force equal to and as well-funded as the military.” John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute wrote a piece – “13 Proofs Obama is making DHS his private army. (1)

Couple this with 200 top line admirals, generals and senior officers slowly relieved of command, 5 aircraft carriers docked side by side on the East Coast as a single target, “sex scandals” among the highly trained nuclear force and military bases converted to FEMA camps.

FEMA camps for who? The surge of a preplanned illegal invasion? Or for Americans who oppose this chicanery? Do goons outgun patriots among the civilian and military populations?

 Dr Lee Vliet MD:   Let’s be clear. Illegals are NOT all “young children”: recent reports 80% male, 83% over 14. I received a photo and comment from Dr. Vliet who felt that he, like me, thought the robust, healthy young men pictured were far from the starving children one would expect from the media descriptions. I suspect the ones like those shown in the photo will be shipped “elsewhere,” while the apparently few little girls and boys will be allowed to the churches.  (3)

The plot thickens: “But not only are jihad border jumpers coming across.  An east TX Walmart shopper this week found on the store’s pavement a prison wristband of Hagi Enea, a Romanian immigrant who was arrested in Pinal County, AZ on May 21, 2014, (4) (This date correction appears at AZ When she called the AZ county’s prisoner intake she allegedly was told “they are released back into the local community if someone PAYS A BOND ON THEM.”  So a quick Facebook search of his profile says he’s in Madrid, Spain even as the Mineola, TX shopper is looking at proof of Subject ID #349873946!” (4)

There are also reports – 59,000 more were on the way in Mexico – with some reports indicating up to 300,000 by the end of the year. And just over the border in Baja California an innocent US Marine is in a Mexican prison for 100 days with no help from his Commander-in-Chief.

Pile this on with big time Obama supporter, co-founder and Director of COSTCO Jim Sinegal, a major Democrat donor and a speaker at the 2012 Democratic National Convention orders the removal of Dinesh D’Souza’s book “America” pulled from COSTCO shelves nationwide.   The movie is getting 5 star ratings. Freedom of Speech ends at the door to your local COSTCO – save for overwhelming customer ire that forced a change of heart. (5)

I’m taking my Grandchildren to see “America” while making up my mind about renewing my COSTCO membership due this month. It’s past time to call these “Nuevo riche” billionaires who never had a Civics class on the carpet or unfortunately went to an Ivy League school. Amassing vast wealth doesn’t make one wise or apparently grateful. Evidence tells us wisdom goes flying off with the chits and too often, the generations if our major foundations are any evidence.

The Constitution was written for a righteous people. Without a people of moral character it cannot stand. Abusing the Constitution out of a moral and natural law context, were it a religion, it would be called heresy or apostasy.
We who love this country have always had a strong sense of propriety, coupled with subsidiarity – the opposite of entitlement. If someone is offended by something we hold dear, we try to make room for them out of kindness. Only problem is, “progressives”, like jihadist’s, use our morality and our laws against us. It has been going on so long, we don’t even know how to react or to “put on the whole armor of God” to stand in this evil day of a vacuum being filled before our eyes – demons far worse than the ones our Founders cast out.

This is far from a “war on terror.” It’s spiritual warfare between two cults of death with the rest of us stuck in the middle – Caliphate Islam and the “progressive” movement. Unfortunately, spiritual warfare more often than not spills more blood than a simple street brawl – especially if one side thinks it’s going to heaven for killing anyone in its way and the other thinks nothing of killing anything that is not convenient or economically viable.

Here we’re in the worst kind of war and we must not forget the “whole armor of God” will bring us through. We have to deal with the fact that God also loves jihadist’s and “progressives.” It’s never between us and them. It’s always between all of us and God.

   Pray and Act.






A Baptist Preacher Fires Back at a Republican (Circular) Firing Squad

By Jerry Todd,  staff writer

First Union Missionary Baptist Church, Meridian, MS is where we learned how Thad Cochran’s corrupt Senatorial re-election campaign upped the black vote by 30,000 over the last election with blatant lies and “walking around money” to narrowly beat opponent Chris McDaniel in last month’s Republican primary. The folks there are a bit upset with church member Rev. Stevie Fielder, the guy who broke the news. The media erroneously reported he was an Associate Pastor. No one I know blames the congregation for yielding to endless propaganda and sleazy enticements. (1)

These very nice folks are upset with themselves for being sucked into an evil election pursuit.  Politics as usual, some will say. Democrat politics for sure. It’s just not becoming of Republicans to use the same tactics when they have truth on their side – as Ben Franklin said to the lady – “We’ve given you a Republic Madam, if you can keep it!” Problem is, we have a nation that is going down the tubes due to politics as usual and the vaunted “Change” promised and being delivered by a corrupt “progressive” Administration and Senate Leadership.

The RINO Barbour’s of Mississippi and their Capitol Resources, LLC are spreading their tentacles and dirty money all over the South to attack and beat “evil racist” Tea Party and conservative candidates. Sorovian’s all! (2)

At least McDaniel is fighting back. (3) The Conservative Action Fund is raising money for the battle. (4) For every black who has wised up, thanks to Rev. Fielder, I’d suggest he or she send any $15 walking around money to the Conservative Action Fund with a letter of long overdue support.

First Union and other black congregations around the country are about to find out they have far more in common with the Tea Party philosophy. The lies they’ve been fed mostly by “progressives” posing as Democrats and of late, RINO “progressives” posing as Republicans cannot stand. The key word is “progressive” – a return to the original label of the “Eugenicist movement” that sought to control black, brown, Jew and Catholic per Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood. Margaret launched her career with a speech to a New Jersey chapter of the Ku Klux Klan in 1924. In the 1930’s she advised Adolph Hitler on his “Jewish problem.”

“During the 1960′s, First Union stood out as the church which unquestionably supported the civil rights movement. The congregation provided a place of refuge along with a place to meet and assemble. The membership felt a part of that progressive movement. Today First Union is a congregation which shows compassion and concern for its members and the community. The auxiliaries work to strengthen the spiritual and physical wellbeing of the members.” From “About Us” on the First Union Facebook page. (1)

“The church always has played a pivotal role in the black community, especially during the Civil Rights Movement, when it was seen as a place of hope, restoration and revitalization. Not only was it a place for worship, it was a place where civil rights leaders such as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Ralph Abernathy and Medgar Evers spoke. However, there are some who believe that role has changed and that the church is becoming a place to be entertained rather than a place to worship.”

How many blacks, overcome with fear their lifestyles will be destroyed by “evil Tea Partiers,” voted twice or as ineligible under Mississippi law, or just voted by being sucked in by the typical Democrat and RINO propaganda campaigns? We won’t know until poll results are thoroughly examined and challenged.

As a California Republican, far away from Mississippi but victimized by parallel tactics against Candidate Tim Donnelly, there are very long odds of Governor Jerry Brown actually returning to his well-educated Catholic roots. Does anyone really believe Brown will become a Classic Liberal and throw every “progressive” on his payroll out in the street to join the workers, students, teachers, businesses and dreamers of all races and ethnicities whose lives they’ve screwed up for years.

Could anti 2nd Amendment California Republican candidate Neel Kashkari match that? Surely a RINO wet dream!  Tea Party dead, racist or both? My sweet patootie!





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How did the “Progressives” Empower Themselves at our Expense for Over 140 Years?

By Jerry Todd,  staff writer

A three-legged stool can always stand without wobbling – a solid foundation for good or evil. Addressing the 14th, 16th and 17th Amendments.

The Articles (7) and their clauses, the Bill of Rights (Amendments 1-10) are original to the Founders, Framers, and Ratifiers. The 11th and 12th Amendments serve to States’ protection. The 13th freed the slaves.

The 14th Amendment – This was the first of three Amendments that created the “progressive” three legged stool. The 14th was a mandatory ratification, a required condition before states were allowed reunification after the Civil War. Congress deliberately established federal supremacy. The 14th, 16th and 17th all go together creating a supreme federal “stool” (pun intended), departing from Inspired Design and destroying the sovereignty of the States with 3 words….”No State shall…”

The 13th and 15th freed the black slave and gave him the right to vote. The 14th made slaves of us all.

Our Creator endowed us with unalienable rights – man is not the grantor. The Constitution was designed as a Limiting Document. It was changed by the 14th. What was; The People Free > The States > The Federal goes upside down; The Federal > The States > The People Dependent.

The 16th Amendment through the privately owned Federal Reserve System gives the Federal Government the MONEY to usurp power from the states and the people. This 2nd leg creates money against new debt at arbitrary rates. Money created against debt is “TRIBUTE” paid by each and every man, woman, child and enterprise. It is the protein of federal growth and our meal of ‘bribery through compliance or the heartburn we suffer through behavior modification and social engineering.’ What they take with one hand, they give back only after we comply with their mandates, participate in their programs, or support by agreeing to their policies. It forces societal change without benefit of Constitutional Congressional oversight.
The 17th Amendment gives the Federal Government a Senate free of obligation to the States. Today’s Senators, no matter how great, are not obligated to serve the needs of the State that elected them. Once having served to lobby for the needs of the State Legislature, the 17th created a federal guarantee of political party ‘block and tackle.’ What was once a check and balance has become the dysfunction of D.C. Today’s Democrat-controlled Senate has over 140 job and economy bills submitted by the Republican House that Majority Leader Harry Reid has refused to put on the docket for debate, compromise and passage. This is the real reason Congress is held in such low esteem – wrongly blaming the House.
These 3 Amendments usurp the entirety of the Constitution. New House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy is in a position to save our Country – a very important power – THE POWER OF ONE… few ever realize we all have it, or sadly when they do, they do not use it with integrity. Truth will win, but after how much suffering?

Political solutions can’t work in a spiritual vacuum

By Jerry Todd,  staff writer

The well-meaning statesmen and politicians who strive mightily for political solutions–such as an Israel-Palestine accord or movement of the Muslim Brotherhood to whatever the world calls democracy–are living in a fool’s paradise. Islam’s hatred of Israel is not political, it’s spiritual at its very core. Political solutions have yet to work, but like the officially insane, we keep doing the same thing over and again.

The West has stupidly dug itself a hole by denying Christianity, creating an enormous spiritual vacuum. It denies what created its beauty and prosperity. Russia is trying to sort out its renaissance. China has found itself the largest beneficiary of American companies selling out their customers and employees by removing their opportunities to learn, innovate, work and earn – trading “Yankee ingenuity” for a “Yangtze ingenuity” that is devoid of human or environmental stewardship.

While the West plays politics, it’s spiritual vacuum is being filled with two competing yet complicit forces – Islam, whose rules of law are an absolute counter to the world’s most free and successful economic/human accomplishment system. Islam only evangelizes by the edge of the scimitar, the bomb-vested jihadist who seeks an eternal reward, and a highly developed spiritual depravity of lying. Its masses wallow in poverty and fear while the rulers live grand lifestyles.

“Eugenic progressivism” has no care or concern for the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death. Its extremes look to a world population reduced to 500 million, human experimentation in the lab and new ways to abort a child even beyond birth. The current scandals at the Veterans Administration hospitals are not just poor administration, but part of the intended spiritual corruption of our political system to achieve eugenic goals.

Our only hope is to regain the spiritual roots so beautifully given us in the US Declaration of Independence coupled with the Ethics of her Constitution and the protective Logic of her Bill of Rights. Adherents to nearly all the world’s races and religions have found a safe home in the United States with its predominantly Christian foundations. Far from perfect, but nowhere on earth can such can be found on a broad scale.

The war against these foundations has been waged for over 100 years by “eugenic progressivism.” In recent years the war has been joined by Islamic radicals with their jihad against all they see as infidels – including competing Islamic sects, but especially Israel and the “The Great Satan” of individual liberty. They compete for which form of one-world government they envision – fascist/communist or supreme caliphate. Neither bodes well for the human race.

If complete lack of respect for human life and the hope of eternal reward for murdering innocents isn’t spiritual warfare, please explain what political strategy will drive out the demons of the culture of death? Just ask your local jihadist or eugenicist. They can both be found crawling around the halls of government wearing suits and ties living grand lifestyles. The very halls where freedom once rang.

A Nation Who Failed Probation

By YahEena Yisrael,  guest writer
Imagine a nation of people under a prison sentence because of their inability to adhere to the laws, statutes and protocols written for them to sustain themselves as a sovereign nation. The probationary period was given to this nation as a benchmark to establish a covenant, land treaties, commerce, and complete autonomy from any other ruling governments. We failed to comply with the written statues and we did not comply with the code of conduct. So, as a result an assessment was done to determine the risk of recidivism and it was determined that the probability of reoffending was inevitable!  Circumstances suggested that we were culpable and our intentions were premeditated, as a result, we were sentenced to an extended period of years in exile, dispersed among all the foreign nations, removed from our borders, our language and our culture.

Sentence of Imprisonment Terms:
•    Our children would be sold as slaves, families dispersed,
•    Our agricultural commerce destroyed.
•    Our treaties and alliances with other foreign nations dissolved!
•    Our monetary sovereignty disseminated,
•    Our wealth would be distributed globally among the other ruling nations,
•    Our nation’s artifacts seized and confiscated. 
•    We would be transported in ships as cargo, to be sold as commodities.
 Psychological Imprisonment terms and affects:
•    Our men would abandon their families, and the women would be angry toward their children.
•    We would be called by a byword as identification (niggers, coons, porch monkeys).
•    Our youth would hang out on street corners and be a menace to the old.
•    Husbands would witness the rape of their wives; wives would be treated as property,
•    Mental illness would be a burden to this nation.
•    We would be the largest population in the prison systems.
•    Another nation would assume our identity to provoke us to jealousy.

These are just a few of the terms of our imprisonment, while in exile. The conditions of these terms have changed because of good behavior and the laws of the established governments wherein we are scattered; we have been extended certain privileges,however, the completion of the sentence is approaching. 

The restoration of our nation includes some of the following:
•    An obligation to honor the terms of the covenant and promote public awareness, to restore and protect the theocratic monarchy:
•    The acknowledgement of the true ethnic lineage, by restoring and repairing the blindness of our people.
•    The restoration of the royal family, from all over the world living in captivity:
•    The gathering and returning back to our land, the protection from world war III.
•    The restoration of the physical and mental health of our people:
•    The selection of a few chosen to promote nation building to prepare our people for the return.

Who is this nation, and who imposed such a harsh sentence? They are known as the African Americans people!         (YHWH)!

For more information please contact: The Nation of Yehudah