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Remember the traitor Bowe Bergdahl? Obama’s waiting until after the election to declare him a POW


By Derrick Hollenbeck

Here we go.  It looks like Barack Obama is getting ready to double cross us again. According to a report on the site Obama is waiting until after the mid-term election to declare the traitor Bowe Bergdahl a Prisoner of War. This designation would change him from a traitor who should be executed to a “hero” POW who is eligible for back pay, a promotion and an honorable discharge which will entitle Bergdahl to a variety of benefits that have been designed for genuine heroes.  

In spite of the mountain of evidence proving he is a deserter, has received confirmation from, “a deep-cover Pentagon source that the fix is in.”

 ”Hagel’s already gotten his marching orders,” says a disgusted senior officer. The “commander-in-chief” has let it be known he wants the sham investigation of Bergdahl’s disappearance in Afghanistan to result in a complete whitewash of the bizarre soldier’s activities over a five year period.”

The “script” has already been written. The media will parrot the Obama Administration’s line that Bergdahl has “suffered enough” since he was “captured” by the Taliban.  

By changing the language in the narrative on Bergdahl from the original labels of deserter and traitor to “hero POW,” Obama has already put Bergdahl on track for a healthy reward of back pay. Being a POW gets a bum like this stolen valor. Being labeled a “collaborator” and “”deserter” brings a life in prison if not execution. Given Obama’s statements on the subject thus far, if Bergdahl goes down so does Obama and he will be further exposed as the enemy of America he is.   

If you or a loved one have ever been a genuine POW you know the pain and torture that comes with that status. Real POWs deserve whatever we can do for them. This is an outrage, a slap in the face  from Obama and we cannot remain silent.     

This whole affair has been a sickening mess since we first heard Obama was trading five real terrorists from Gitmo for this fake “hero.”

The deal went over like a lead balloon.  Obama knows what would happen if he whitewashes Bergdahl before the elections. Contact your representatives in Washington and give them an earful about this dirty deal. Maybe we can stop it.    


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New Emailed porn investigation gives off the stink of Kathleen “Double Standard” Kane


By Signe Shear

When it comes to partisanship no one beats Pennsylvania State Attorney General Kathleen “Double Standard” Kane. From the very start of her tenure she has been a reliable “fixer” for crooked Democrats – especially those accused of voter fraud.

Kane has consistently used her office to head off and stop investigations of crooked Democrats and attack Republicans as if she was the Democrat State Party Chairwoman instead of a woman elected to be the protector of rights for all Pennsylvanians.  

Last March when she ran out of procedural moves to stop an investigation of Black Democrats in Philadelphia on charges of corruption, she abandoned any pretense and said she would not continue the probe because, “….  only members of the General Assembly’s Black Caucus” were being investigated.   

Last June an embarrassed Seth Williams, the District Attorney of Philadelphia and a Black Democrat, reopened the case with an announcement that he would present it to a Grand Jury when he finished his investigation.

Now “Double Standard” Kane struck again. She has publicly announced she is investigating a pornographic Email scandal that originated in the State Attorney General’s office during the period from 2005 to 2001 when now Republican Governor Tom Corbett was the State’s A.G.

Kane showed pornographic images at the news conference in a clear attempt to influence Corbett’s chances for re-election next month.  Double Standard didn’t announce any charges against any of the 38 former and present A.G.’s office employees and she failed release the names of any of them except, of course, the eight Republicans who stand accused.    

Fortunately, using “right-to-know” demands, The Allentown Morning Call has reviewed the Emails and released the news that eight of Democrat Pennsylvania State Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery’s Emails contained pornographic material. Most of the material has been described as unseemly but not illegal. The stuff is more embarrassing than anything else and there is little likelihood of criminal charges for anyone.   

Nevertheless, in her bloodlust to destroy a Republican Governor who is well on his way to a crushing defeat anyway, Kane has destroyed a Democrat judge and perhaps dozens of other Democrats.  We will hear more about this woman; and it will not be good.

Democrat Kathleen “Double standard” Kane has proved herself  every bit as partisan and lawless as Eric Holder.


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Two Americas. The Cure to Secession


By Jason Barry, guest writer

Secession fever hits America yet again. But for the first time in American history a cure is available which can appease conservatives and liberals alike while keeping America together as one nation.

And what is this cure? It is the Two Americas Movement ( ; that is, a movement to formalize the divide in America by allowing conservatives and liberals to live their lives independently of each other. It is a formal movement to reshape America from 50 States with limited power to 2 States, each with full power. 

Of course it will be up to Americans to take the cure.

It is no secret that our current system of government is a failure. It desperately needs an overhaul, but the two sides of our government (Democrats & Republicans) adamantly disagree on how that overhaul should look. The result is a government in shambles, an economy teetering on the brink of collapse, and a country in which the beliefs of citizens on both sides are completely ignored.

Let’s face it, Americans are ready for a change. And a big change at that.

The only way to fulfill this desire for change is to grant each side exactly what it wants–freedom from the other. By reshaping America into only two States, one Democrat and one Republican, we can give both sides full control to overhaul the government as they see fit without breaking up the country in secession. The Republicans can live in a limited government and low tax state (with very little federal involvement). And Democrats can live in a social utopia state with equality in all things and a central unifying government. Both would remain united in common defense and interests, and both would remain under one flag as America.

It is a modern solution that is true to the Founders’ intent for America–that it be a country in which the people’s beliefs are represented in government.

Imagine what your life would be like without the other side imposing their beliefs on your every day life.

Would you take the cure?

And could it be made to work?

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Illegal border kids: Another issue just waiting for Republicans to use if they only had some courage


By Derrick Hollenbeck

Those who really want to win an election should make it a practice to listen to the demands of the people who will be voting.  The opinions of voters regarding what to do about the tens of thousands of illegal alien children who have slithered into our country isn’t hard to discern. Nevertheless, we have come to expect that our wishes will be pushed aside in deference to those of the Chamber of Commerce. We don’t want illegal aliens to be allowed to stay in our country. We don’t want amnesty granted to these people. We want them kicked out.

A new Rasmussen poll, released this week, reiterates this sentiment. It found that likely voters sharply reject giving any aid and comfort to these invading children. We don’t want to house them; we don’t want to feed them and we don’t want to educate them.       

More than two in three likely voters say no to allowing these illegal children to be relocated into our home state; and 53% don’t want them taking seats in our taxpayer supported public schools.  

Americans are so fed up with the handling of these illegals they do not care that the U.S. Supreme Court has decided that all children – legally here or not – are entitled to a taxpayer paid for primary and secondary education in our public schools. The case that started all of this was decided in 1898 and of course had nothing to do with sneaking new Democrat voters into Red States.

  Then as now the Court does not concern itself with such “bourgeois” matters as how its mandated largess would be paid for given the poorly prepared, non-English speaking students who would be pouring into our towns and cities.

 As is so often the case, Americans don’t agree with the Supreme Court. Not even one in five want legal rights given to illegal aliens regardless of their age. We don’t want them accorded the same protections that we enjoy as citizens, but of course our tone deaf Republican candidates aren’t listening to us. They are too busy drooling over the money the Chamber of Commerce is throwing at them.


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Why are the left and their Jihadist allies after our guns?

By Jerry Todd, staff writer

In my humble opinion, the answer is simple. “Progressivism” is one half of the culture of death, having no regard for the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.

The other half of this culture of death is radical Islam which is the ultimate expression of “church and state” gone mad wherein it authorizes itself to murder any who disagree with them, regardless of religion or non. These same expect an eternal reward for martyring themselves in the process of murdering innocents.  This is called spiritual warfare – the bloodiest kind as history proves.

This is the perfect eugenic combination to “lay waste to the world and all that is in it” to yield the “progressive” goal of reducing human population by 80%  to “save the planet.” Like it or not, they are in cahoots. Which is the greater fool? The jihadist, the “progressives” or we the people for tolerating their dangerous and demonic nonsense?

Barack Hussein Obama as “ruler” of an as yet unoccupied “Muslim nation” in conducting jihad against us. His actions and pronouncements are proof enough for even a communist to understand. Why else would the Russians and Chinese, who have more than their share of Islamic terrorism to deal with, be standing against us? Don’t our President and State Department project USA as a Muslim nation by who we support and arm and who we undermine?

Arming jihad while disarming Americans is a natural strategy of warfare and a favorite “progressive” tactic to support their plans for a one world government.

Here is how to deal with ISIS and all the other brands of the same goal, as recommended by Jim Coles III, a military correspondent for 34 years who has seen action on several fronts and lived among these people.

1.  Have a private sit down with the Russians and Chinese. Offer this deal: we all have trouble with those assholes … let’s put our ambitions and differences aside while we target our primary Muslim antagonists … that lets us focus on our separate problems, direct all of our resources to eradicating these creeps and not have to dilute our strength by facing each other down.. We can pick up our power competition when we’re finished with the animals. Russia: we won’t criticize when you slaughter all the Chechens. China: have at the Ouiggers … our lips will be zipped. We might even cooperate where Muslim issues overlap our areas of interest … we can work on that as the needs arise.

2.  That deal made, we quietly rotate the Pacific B-52 fleet from Guam to Diego Garcia Island. We take one squadron of F-22 Raptors out of South Korea, one maintenance and refueling wing out of Pacific Air Forces, Hawaii and rotate two squadrons of B1B Lancer bombers from Dyess AFB, Texas and station all at Ali A Salem airbase, Kuwait. Employ the AWACS planes based in Qatar …

3.  Use national asset satellites and Global Hawk surveillance aircraft to locate and grid every IS military asset and facility … put USSOCOM teams and USAF FACs on the ground to track IS troop/equipment movements and locate IS-Syrian ADA assets; plot initial ADA degradation missions.

4.  On day-1 launch special electronics UAVs to paint IS/Syrian ADA radars with false aircraft images to make them light up their radars … F-22s attack ADA sites … take down radars, destroy Class 1 and 2 anti-air systems. Repeat as necessary until the integrated ADA network is destroyed,

5.  Day-1 part 2: B1Bs attack comms nodes .

6.  Days 2-7: F-22s lead, clear the way, attack Syrian air bases and sortied aircraft … naval-Marine carrier based bombers/FA planes sustain tactical attacks.

7.  Day 8-30: B-52s engage in round-the-clock strategic bombing … drive IS forces into kill zones. US Airborne and Ranger/Force Reconn execute US forces in the kill zones. US forces depart the AO, Repeat as necessary.

8.  Final phase: as surviving IS units go to ground in urban areas insert NATO artillery and Apache (AH-64) units to support Free Syrian Army, Iraqi and other Arab troops who clear the cities.

Estimated time of the campaign — two months. Zero to low US casualties. Low allied losses.

Then we, the Russians and Chinese can get back to being idiots.