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Dallas hospital appears to be yet another victim of Obama’s bumbling Ebola policy

By Derrick Hollenbeck

Thanks to the bumbling of Barack Obama, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, “Presby” as it is known locally has the sad distinction of being the first American hospital to have a patient die of Ebola. Not surprisingly Obama will never acknowledge his guilt or apologize to the hospital staff – he only apologizes to oil rich Muslims.

The delivery of Thomas Duncan, an Ebola infected West African to the Presby Emergency Room, has started a chain reaction that is destroying the hospital, the lives of the people who work there and the ability of local residents to receive vital health care when necessary.

People have all but stopped showing up for treatment at Presby and there is no reason to think this trend will reverse itself any time soon. When word of Duncan’s presence spread throughout the local area, street wise locals have refused to be fooled by the clearly politically motivated reassurances from Obama’s puppets at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Speaking anonymously, hospital employees are saying that they just don’t have adequate answers of the serious questions prospective patients are asking.

The buck passing line that “protocol was violated” which translates to “Blame those who become sick, not Obama,” isn’t working. The people of Dallas and indeed America are not buying it. They know Obama’s refusal to close the borders is the real and immediate problem.

Obama’s failure to protect America has meant death, illness and layoffs at worst and economically crippling layoffs for lower level workers at best.  

The hidden story here is that these workers are most likely local Blacks and Hispanics who are strong supporters of Barack Obama and his Democrat Party.   

Because of its violations of Obamacare regulations, the hospital is already on thin ice as a continuing presence in the community and may very well see its doors close for good.

Another back story to the Ebola epidemic is a growing number of reports showing it is much more easily contracted than we have been told thus far. We could be just at the beginning stages of a national health catastrophe of a magnitude not seen since the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 or worse.


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Catholics extolling the theological “beauty” of Lesbian, Homosexual and Transgender Lifestyles

by Jerry Todd, staff writer

This is a generic version of an Op-Ed I sent to my local paper after a fellow Catholic was granted a Community Voices Op-Ed extolling the actual and theological “beauty” of the LGBTQ lifestyles that we should virtually worship them. She provided copious unrelated Scriptures to support her position. A link to her original Op-Ed piece is enclosed below.

My local paper is so strongly pro LGBTQ that it regularly publishes strings of Op-Ed’s by gay men and women, yet relegates responses to an occasional Letter to the Editor. One Op-Ed from a “lifelong Catholic” as am I, hit the top…

I appreciate the lessons in biology and theology you shared from your woman contributor.  “Gays and lesbians are gifts” and “the dignity of individuals who did not choose to be gay, but were chosen to be gay.”

There is no argument from me that people with the burden of same sex attraction are special and have a role in “The Body of Christ.” In fact, it is apparent that men in religious life aren’t necessarily the most macho guys you’ll find – nor are the women in religious life anywhere near being femme fatales – perhaps a clue that their challenges might lean toward the homosexual side. Not a condemnation by any means – we all have our “thorns.”

Notable exceptions would be Maria in “Sound of Music” or my wife when she was a nun. When she was a Catholic School Principal she required her teachers to dress professionally – you know, suits, skirts, tasteful dresses, nylons – a far cry from baggy jeans, wrinkled shirts and severely stressed Spandex that seems to be standard attire today setting terrible examples for the young. I’ll never forget the parade of slovenly faculty at a UNLV commencement I attended – Sheesh! (I’m going to get shot for this!)

“Progressives” have re-defined or strictly limited the definition of diversity in the name of political correctness. True diversity is the uniqueness of each individual and his/her God-given gifts and talents that require “educere” – to be drawn out for personal fulfillment and ultimate service to others. The United States of America has provided the ideal environment for drawing out these gifts and being able to apply them and rise above one’s station in life.

It is a stretch to claim that “gays and lesbians are gifts.” A newborn baby blessed into the life of a covenanted husband and wife is a gift for themselves and the continuation of the species. Is that still celebrated today as it once was? To say any of us is a gift misses the point. To say we are all endowed with gifts would make more sense. Along with those gifts comes counter-acting tensions – temptations. This is allowed by God, because we never accomplish much without struggle in our training process.

We were all chosen to be special in the way we were gifted. For the macho guy or the femme fatale, one temptation is sexual relations outside marriage. For the feminine male or the masculine female, the temptation is same sex attraction. In either case, giving in to that temptation is never justified under God’s laws – not the Church’s. We all sin and come way short of the glory of God. Sexual temptation is pretty basic in the human drama, but certainly not the only one. For the homosexually tempted person, men are surely greatly blessed with a powerful sense of beauty and creativity – women for serving others. Giving in to the sexual temptation only lessens the value and quality of their creativity. Look at the sewer our art and artistry is in today as is service constrained by political correctness.

The subject of the Op-Ed author’s missive is LGBTQ rights. We could explore all levels of gifts and talents from one end of the spectrum to the other. By far, the most are tempted by heterosexual attraction. That is why the Catholic Church and all other religious persuasions place limits on sexual license without which no society can survive. Even California voters and those of 38 other states know better, only to be overwhelmed by corrupt judges claiming some special constitutional knowledge.

St. Paul put it in simple terms in 1 Corinthians 10:12 NSV “12 So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall! 13 No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.” 

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Remember the traitor Bowe Bergdahl? Obama’s waiting until after the election to declare him a POW


By Derrick Hollenbeck

Here we go.  It looks like Barack Obama is getting ready to double cross us again. According to a report on the site Obama is waiting until after the mid-term election to declare the traitor Bowe Bergdahl a Prisoner of War. This designation would change him from a traitor who should be executed to a “hero” POW who is eligible for back pay, a promotion and an honorable discharge which will entitle Bergdahl to a variety of benefits that have been designed for genuine heroes.  

In spite of the mountain of evidence proving he is a deserter, has received confirmation from, “a deep-cover Pentagon source that the fix is in.”

 ”Hagel’s already gotten his marching orders,” says a disgusted senior officer. The “commander-in-chief” has let it be known he wants the sham investigation of Bergdahl’s disappearance in Afghanistan to result in a complete whitewash of the bizarre soldier’s activities over a five year period.”

The “script” has already been written. The media will parrot the Obama Administration’s line that Bergdahl has “suffered enough” since he was “captured” by the Taliban.  

By changing the language in the narrative on Bergdahl from the original labels of deserter and traitor to “hero POW,” Obama has already put Bergdahl on track for a healthy reward of back pay. Being a POW gets a bum like this stolen valor. Being labeled a “collaborator” and “”deserter” brings a life in prison if not execution. Given Obama’s statements on the subject thus far, if Bergdahl goes down so does Obama and he will be further exposed as the enemy of America he is.   

If you or a loved one have ever been a genuine POW you know the pain and torture that comes with that status. Real POWs deserve whatever we can do for them. This is an outrage, a slap in the face  from Obama and we cannot remain silent.     

This whole affair has been a sickening mess since we first heard Obama was trading five real terrorists from Gitmo for this fake “hero.”

The deal went over like a lead balloon.  Obama knows what would happen if he whitewashes Bergdahl before the elections. Contact your representatives in Washington and give them an earful about this dirty deal. Maybe we can stop it.    


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New Emailed porn investigation gives off the stink of Kathleen “Double Standard” Kane


By Signe Shear

When it comes to partisanship no one beats Pennsylvania State Attorney General Kathleen “Double Standard” Kane. From the very start of her tenure she has been a reliable “fixer” for crooked Democrats – especially those accused of voter fraud.

Kane has consistently used her office to head off and stop investigations of crooked Democrats and attack Republicans as if she was the Democrat State Party Chairwoman instead of a woman elected to be the protector of rights for all Pennsylvanians.  

Last March when she ran out of procedural moves to stop an investigation of Black Democrats in Philadelphia on charges of corruption, she abandoned any pretense and said she would not continue the probe because, “….  only members of the General Assembly’s Black Caucus” were being investigated.   

Last June an embarrassed Seth Williams, the District Attorney of Philadelphia and a Black Democrat, reopened the case with an announcement that he would present it to a Grand Jury when he finished his investigation.

Now “Double Standard” Kane struck again. She has publicly announced she is investigating a pornographic Email scandal that originated in the State Attorney General’s office during the period from 2005 to 2001 when now Republican Governor Tom Corbett was the State’s A.G.

Kane showed pornographic images at the news conference in a clear attempt to influence Corbett’s chances for re-election next month.  Double Standard didn’t announce any charges against any of the 38 former and present A.G.’s office employees and she failed release the names of any of them except, of course, the eight Republicans who stand accused.    

Fortunately, using “right-to-know” demands, The Allentown Morning Call has reviewed the Emails and released the news that eight of Democrat Pennsylvania State Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery’s Emails contained pornographic material. Most of the material has been described as unseemly but not illegal. The stuff is more embarrassing than anything else and there is little likelihood of criminal charges for anyone.   

Nevertheless, in her bloodlust to destroy a Republican Governor who is well on his way to a crushing defeat anyway, Kane has destroyed a Democrat judge and perhaps dozens of other Democrats.  We will hear more about this woman; and it will not be good.

Democrat Kathleen “Double standard” Kane has proved herself  every bit as partisan and lawless as Eric Holder.


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Two Americas. The Cure to Secession


By Jason Barry, guest writer

Secession fever hits America yet again. But for the first time in American history a cure is available which can appease conservatives and liberals alike while keeping America together as one nation.

And what is this cure? It is the Two Americas Movement ( ; that is, a movement to formalize the divide in America by allowing conservatives and liberals to live their lives independently of each other. It is a formal movement to reshape America from 50 States with limited power to 2 States, each with full power. 

Of course it will be up to Americans to take the cure.

It is no secret that our current system of government is a failure. It desperately needs an overhaul, but the two sides of our government (Democrats & Republicans) adamantly disagree on how that overhaul should look. The result is a government in shambles, an economy teetering on the brink of collapse, and a country in which the beliefs of citizens on both sides are completely ignored.

Let’s face it, Americans are ready for a change. And a big change at that.

The only way to fulfill this desire for change is to grant each side exactly what it wants–freedom from the other. By reshaping America into only two States, one Democrat and one Republican, we can give both sides full control to overhaul the government as they see fit without breaking up the country in secession. The Republicans can live in a limited government and low tax state (with very little federal involvement). And Democrats can live in a social utopia state with equality in all things and a central unifying government. Both would remain united in common defense and interests, and both would remain under one flag as America.

It is a modern solution that is true to the Founders’ intent for America–that it be a country in which the people’s beliefs are represented in government.

Imagine what your life would be like without the other side imposing their beliefs on your every day life.

Would you take the cure?

And could it be made to work?

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