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Obama Administration Providing Aid to ISIS


By Jim Emerson, staff writer

The Daily Beast’s Jamie Dettmer revealed that American humanitarian aid has been going to ISIS. The terrorist groups are receiving food, medical supplies, clinics, and cash. The so-called humanitarian supplies were meant for rebels and displaced Syrians in refugee camps but wound up in the wrong hands. According to the logic of  White House Mullah Barack and State Department Grand Vizier Kerry,  aid will be provided to America’s enemies only after sending American airpower for the purpose of killing them.  All of this will take place after sniping with them over twitter. This must be John (I was in Vietnam) Kerry’s idea of modern warfare. After all, the material being shipped into the jihadist territory is assisting the terrorist build their caliphate.  (1)

The aid is funded by the “U.S. Agency for International Development, European donors, and the United Nations.”  Diplomats have   considered stopping this aid but fear that such a decision would lead to bad press. Apparently the fact it was being continued despite the supplies going to ISIS must be “bad optics.”   They are really worried that ISIS would blame western nations for cutting off humanitarian supplies to Syria in a propaganda video on YouTube.

If the supplies do move through ISIS territories, the terror group not only collects a portion, it also collects a tax (bribe) from the aid providers. America has been dealing with Islamic pirates even before Thomas Jefferson was President. America used to paid tribute in the 1790’s to free Americans held by Islamic pirates. Jefferson believed that paying tribute only invited more problems. Unfortunately the Obama Regime has failed to learn from history as the odds are that the money being paid to the Jihadists may be used to strike America. Recent incidents may be the beginning of an ISIS/al-Qaeda North American campaign.

Don’t Underestimate ISIS

Whenever you see Islamic State groups using new magazines they are well-organized, not wasting ammo by firing into the air in celebration. It’s likely that training and discipline have come to these Islamic State representatives thanks to former Sunni Iraqi soldiers who defected to ISIS. They don’t have the numbers to take on formal military threats but they are not as rag-tag as most terrorist groups. According to recent articles posted in Dabiq (ISIS online magazine) the organization is working to win the hearts and minds of Muslims in the caliphate while killing everyone else. To date the only opposition to terrorists on the ground has come from the Kurds, while the Obama administration is providing aid to both sides.


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Iraq Did Have Old Chemical Weapons


By Jim Emerson, staff writer

The New York Times reports that for more than a decade, American forces discovered and in several cases were injured by Chemical Weapons that were hidden or abandoned in Iraq years earlier. These Unmarked chemical weapons had been intermixed with conventional weapons in order to hide them from weapon inspectors. Not knowing the true nature of the unmarked ordnance made them an additional hazard, both as improvised explosive devices (IED) and for the explosive ordinance devices (EOD), to the personal sent to neutralize them.    


Since the beginning of Iraqi Freedom, allied encounters with chemical weapons were kept secret and not shared with congress, the American people or allied military forces within Iraq. Withholding information concerning chemical weapon discoveries meant troops and EOD professionals could not receive proper information or medical care. After all, if weapons did not officially exist, the military could hardly be expected to recognize or treat injuries from exposure. A New York Times article includes a link to a heavily redacted intelligence documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. Given the publication of the Times article, the Department of Defense will have to acknowledge chemical weapons found in Iraq and provide medical care for victims.

Still Dangerous

In an effort to minimize the hazard posed by these weapons, the Times pointed out that they were actually left over from the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s. Complacent rear echelon, deskbound heroes would insist that old abandoned weapons no longer posed a threat. And they might have gotten by with such lies but for the fact that victims of the chemical munitions proved that after years in storage or buried in the ground they still remained dangerous. Even munitions which are corroded and unsafe for deployment can be dangerous and become an IED when the shell is damaged from decay.

Project 922 was Saddam Hussein’s codename for his blister and nerve agent programs to use against Iran.  German construction firms built a sprawling manufacturing complex near Samarra, Falluja for research, manufacture, testing and storage of chemical weapons.

Currently, the Islamic State controls the region where the chemical weapons were manufactured and hidden. Former members of Iraq’s Republican Guards are now aligned with the terrorists and revealing the locations of the weapons.


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As usual, it’s “Not a strategic objective for the United States”

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

According to Secretary of State John Kerry, preventing the fall of the Kurdish town of Kobani, “was not a strategic objective for the United States.”  Across town in D.C. Barack Obama’s White House Press Secretary admitted that the advances made by the Islamic State’s (ISIS) military thugs represented a setback for Obama’s “leading from behind policy.”

 It has been Obama’s strategy to use and then “roll back” American combat aircraft without committing ground forces; his fancy way of doing very little to nothing. White House spokesman Josh Earnest went on to state “Our strategy [in Syria] is reliant on something that is not yet in place … a Syrian opposition that can take the fight to ISIL.”  Someone needs to inform this White House that not coming to the aid of the only force fighting the Islamic State terrorists in Syria isn’t good strategy.

Although Turkey had pledged to prevent Kobani from falling, Turkish troops are just watching ISIS take the town.

Seeking to take advantage of a dire situation, the Turkish government is preventing Kurdish militiamen from crossing the border to join the fight with their Syrian Brothers against ISIS. It is Turkey’s concern that if the Kurds are successful in repelling the terrorists, it may encourage a Kurdish separatist movement inside its own borders.  As a result, the Turkish military are just standing and watching two of its enemies fight it out. Turkey’s Kurds are protesting in frustration that they are not allowed to fight the terrorists. Ankara’s response is to impose a curfew and demand the Kurds disavow the outlawed Kurdish separatist party in Turkey while NATO hopefully overthrows Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

No Fly Zone

Turkey is not concerned about fighting ISIS. Their priority is ousting the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad. They are calling for a NATO-lead, no-fly and buffer zone along the Syrian border. Yet this will only help ISIS to find shelter from Syrian attacks. Syrian Rebels are reluctant to take on ISIS militias and see airstrikes from US lead forces as only benefiting the Syrian Regime.  Turkey is looking out only for its own interests and may not be a dependable ally in the fight against the ISIS. As for Obama, he’ll be on some golf course.


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Turkey votes to fight


by Jim Emerson, Staff writer

One key alley in the western world’s fight against the Islamic State is Turkey. Having a border with Iraq and Syria, Turkey would be the best place for a land and air war against the Islamic terror state. This week the Turkish parliament overwhelmingly endorsed a measure authorizing military action against the Islamic State militants and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. The vote would permit foreign troops to launch air and ground attacks from its territory. Previously the Turkish officials only allowed humanitarian efforts to aid Syrians fighting the Syrian Government. (1)

In a tough Spot

Ankara is well aware that the Islamic State is a growing threat to its security and if the militant threat is removed will only strengthen Assad’s hold on power. (2) They need assurances that any war on the Islamic State must also be waged to remove the Assad regime.  Turkey  understands she will have to deal with the refugees from Syria and Kurdish tribes people and from Iraq. Ankara also knows there is a possibility of retaliation from either Syria or Iraq or both sides.

The Islamic state had been careful not to do anything that may force Turkey to militarily intervene in its effort to build a caliphate. Despite all of the sabre rattling from a tribal army it has no desire to face a formal Army and it allies from the north. Last month the Islamic State released 46 Turkish hostages to Ankara. Most likely they did this hoping the Turks wouldn’t prove aid to the Kurds in eastern Iraq.

Turkey’s role in a campaign against the Islamic State has to create a balance between the Islamic State and the Syrian Government to survive. It has a capable military and a NATO ally. If they settle their differences with the Kurds the Islamic Caliphate will have a short reign.  Nevertheless, the regime of Bashar al-Assad will be removed only if the Russians allow it. If America elects another incompetent leader in the next election, Turkey will become the next Ukraine, abandoned by a Democrat President and left to fend for itself against a foreign interloper.   


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DOD ordered to enlist illegal immigrants


By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Frustrated that Congress does not bend to his will by granting amnesty to millions of undocumented Democrat voters, Mullah Obama has ordered the military to pander to and enlist illegal immigrants. In true PC fashion, the media are reporting the story of Military Accessions Vital to National Interest, or MAVNI. It is a Department of Defense policy which encourages illegals to enlist in the military for the purpose of introducing language skills critical to national security, such as Arabic, Chinese, Pashto or Persian. (1) Spanish is missing from the list. (2) In simple terms, native speakers are needed for translation and the collection of intelligence. Previously MAVNI was limited to legal, non-citizens. But like all things emanating from Grand Mufti Barack, the rules will change as he sees fit. Opposition is not permitted. (3)

Downsizing of the Military

This policy was implemented during a massive drawdown of the military which has forced American volunteers out in order to cut the only budget safe from liberal scrutiny. Military recruiters are turning away young Americans more than ever as each branch is told to be more selective in recruiting. In the near future, illegals could receive preferential treatment as their only means of becoming American citizens. This will be implementation of the Regime policy known as Deferred Action for Child Arrivals, or DACA.

Expedited Citizenship

The Democrat Party wants to create more voters by expediting the granting of citizenship–for future Democrats, of course.  If the new military recruits are accepted into the program, they will apply to receive expedited processing for citizenship. They will then move from non-immigrant visa or asylee/refugee/TPS status directly to citizenship. Considering the types of specialties needed from recruits, this would be a perfect cover for al-Qaeda/ISIS sleepers to bypass a lengthy Green Card process and move directly to citizenship.

History Lesson: The deterioration of the Roman army

Once feared Roman legions were openly mocked during the Late Empire by enemies who knew the formerly invincible troops would be slow to react to threats to the empire. Legion Soldiers grumbled about the severity of their tenure and were disgusted by barbarian “allies” who were treated leniently and paid handsomely. As a result, the Roman legions were unable to protect the empire from external or internal threats. 

The fall of Rome began with a corrupt ruling class which looted the Empire while leaving its defense to mercenaries. Sound familiar?


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