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Barack Obama and the ISIS Speech are Hollywood at its worst

By Jim Emerson,  staff writer

Obama’s ISIS speech was well-rehearsed theatrics. Look for Breitbart to release the name of the Hollywood big wig who directed the President, for this was the first time in his political career that he acted presidential to the American people.  As for substance it was embarrassing. His strategy was similar to Clinton’s “Wag-the Dog” airstrikes on Serbia. Mister Obama believes he can defeat ISIS with airstrikes and the introduction of proxy Armies to fight a war that will most likely be directed by NATO. He is using America’s Libyan military tactics to fight ISIS. The kicker is Obama wants to continue sending aid and weapons to the Syrian rebels to fight Assad. Surely America’s smartest ever president has to know that this is how ISIS acquired its supplies and training in the first place. Maybe Barack is hoping that an al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood partnership will join the fight to topple ISIS. Air power is a wonderful thing but only boots on the ground are capable of taking territory. 

Now let’s make two things clear: 1) ISIL is not “Islamic.” 2) No religion condones the killing of innocents and the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim.

The leader of the Islamic State is Amir al-Mu’minin Caliph Ibrahim, formally Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the holder of a PHD in Islamic studies.  On 29 June 2014, he announced the establishment of a caliphate and declared himself Caliph Ibrahim. Conceptually, a caliphate represents a sovereign state of the entire Muslim faithful. Doing something in the name of religion is not necessarily a sign of the religious. After all ISIS is doing what the Islamic prophet Muhammad commanded in the Quran. As for the killing of innocents, many followers of the various sects of Islam have been proficient in the killing of innocents and proudly display videos on the net. One day soon, the media may show a protest by American Muslims condemning the actions of Jihadis, but don’t hold your breath. Silence is acceptance and since he studied Islam in Indonesia, Obama knows it’s OK to lie to infidels if it furthers the cause of Islam. If the prophet Muhammad were alive today many of the same people would condemn him as not being “Islamic.”

As I have said in recent articles, American forces will not have a combat mission. We will not get dragged into another ground war in Iraq.

Obama’s speech was purely political. As for the events that led to his decision to go to war against ISIS, Obama didn’t care what they were doing viewing them as the junior varsity of Islamic terrorism. Of course Obama did believe it important to squeeze in a presser about the murder of James Foley before his tee time. The speech was nothing more than a Hollywood production designed to make himself look like a leader and help Democrats running for re-election in November.

Obama’s insistence that U.S. forces on the ground will not have a combat mission is a farce. In the current political climate, Democrats know that coffins arriving at Dover AFB will hurt their chances for re-election. As Commander-in-Chief,  Obama no longer trusts his military in a ground war against ISIS. And he must keep faith with the liberal base by staying out of Iraq. His poll numbers have reached an all-time low and that has undoubtedly damaged his massive ego a bit.

The White House claims this is not a war. But dropping 500 lb. bombs on armed thugs in their occupied territory is war.

Sooner or later, Obama will be forced to deal with it.


Obama’s Strategy on ISIS and Ukraine: Voting Present

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

The Obama administration has a serious problem dealing with major crises that effect America or its allies.  In non-threating situations this White House always manages to back the terrorist elements, as in Libya, Egypt and Syria. Even though the liberal media doesn’t dare admit it, the Islamic State is a result of Obama’s foreign policy of siding with America-hating terrorists.  

During the past week the Administration has been floating trial balloons, hoping to find talking points that will register with the American people before the midterm elections.  At a news conference in Estonia, Obama was unclear about what his strategy might be. He claimed to seek the destruction of ISIL, yet later mentioned that he wanted to transform these terrorist thugs into a “manageable problem.” Given the history of this White House’s support for terrorists he would clearly prefer the later. In the future he can wiggle out of tough questioning by claiming to have said one thing or another.

Pentagon talking heads maintain the U.S. military can degrade, disrupt, and destroy ISIS “targets” in Iraq but cannot destroy ISIS as an organization. In other words a “Police Action” ala Vietnam.  Obama’s Ukrainian strategy is just talk and sanctions as part of a smart power policy. Unfortunately, Smart Power is only useful when used by smart people. Looks like Russia has won that battle.

During a speech in Maine, Joe Biden added to the confusion with a hard line rant against the vicious jihadist group ISIS. He vowed that we don’t retreat, we don’t forget and “we will follow them to the gates of Hell until they are brought to justice.” Once the pollsters find out what appeals to the Democrat Party base they will run with it. In the meantime, troops on the ground are confused by the conflicting strategy of this administration. Ground troops in Iraq are restricted to American Embassies and remain there only to prevent another Benghazi.  Most likely Iraq will divide into three countries: Islamic State, Iranian West and Kurdistan.  

Obama’s handling of the boarder crisis, brazen violence of the Islamic State and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will be a factor in the midterm elections. The Democrats and their sycophants in the press will insist that Obama is not running for office but his policies and actions will be seen on the ballot. If terrorists manage to strike the United States with missing Jets from Libya, a defiant Obama will be on the ballot for the purpose of showing toughness prior to the election.  But it will convince no one. Americans understand that this administration has no strategy to keep America safe. (2)


Do nothing faculty lounge lizards

 By Jim Emerson

During difficult times the community organizer does what he does best. Retreat to the faculty lounge and hide. The White House is no longer the resident to the head of the executive branch but a faculty lounge. The only thing the “do nothing” community organizer does when an enemy attacks America or its allies is to run and hide.  The only time he shows his face, is when he has to, somewhat like an adjunct professor passing out assignments to the staff and quickly retreat to the faculty lounge. The isolated pretentious intellectual’s only friend is the teleprompter. Consider his recent responses.

On the Islamic State he said, “We don’t have a strategy yet” completely disregarding the fact that the United States military has prepared plans for any contingency in the world. The arrogance of the faculty lounge administration is such that they believe they are smarter than the combat commanders who have actual real world military experience.

Barack Obama is looking for a solution to the Islamic State threat without getting his hands dirty, and that is the same as doing nothing. There were probably more ideas in the bust of Winston Churchill than the Chicago community organizer ever had.  Essentially the administration just announced it going to do nothing. While we are on the do nothing theme where is the Secretary of State; the guy who served in Viet Nam?  Obama has sent him to cobble together a coalition to “confront the threat.” This is not leading but passing the buck.

On Ukraine:

The Russians are invading Ukraine to help the pro-Russian separatist.  Bill Clinton, John Major, Boris Yeltsin and Leonid Kuchma – the then-rulers of the USA, UK, Russia and Ukraine – agreed to protect Ukraine from Russia if they agreed to get rid of their nuclear weapons left over from the former Soviet Union. The Budapest Memorandum included security assurances against threats or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine as well as those of Belarus and Kazakhstan. Obama doesn’t believe that military action will solve the Ukrainian problem. He will go to Europe to give a pep talk to NATO but will not lead a coalition to force the Russians out. Obama broke the promise and the treaty. In order to please his base and fund raisers Obama will let the world burn. He believes that “Global Warming” is more dangerous than Russia or the Islamic State.

The recklessness of this faculty lounge administration has gravely damaged the reputation of the United States as a superpower. Its inaction has caused and will continue to cause far too many people to die at the hands of evil men. On his last day as President Mr. Obama will probably receive a “Thank You” note from President Putin for Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine.


A threat assessment of The Islamic State

By Jim Emerson

The Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) was created in the spring of 2010. It has evolved from a rag tag group of terrorists to become a full blown Army those now controls large swaths of territory across Syria and northern Iraq.  In June 2014, ISIL’s founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, declared the captured territory a caliphate and shortened its name to Islamic State.  The Combating Terrorism Center at West Point ran an article by Michael Knights detailing the raise of the terrorist organization from the fall of al Qaeda in Iraq to the rise of the Islamic state. (1) He points out that a thorough analysis of the Islamic State’s recent accomplishments would be difficult due to the lack of intelligence after the collapse of Iraq’s federal security forces in Mosul last June.

Since its reboot in 2010 The Islamic State under al-Baghdadi’s leadership slowly rebuilt itself steadily strengthening and actively shaping well focused planning of future operation. Its early attack on pro-government targets during multi-year operations against on-duty and off-duty Iraqi security forces was part of the group’s preparatory operations that weakened their military opposition.

The American withdrawal from Iraq and the coming Syrian civil war allowed the Islamic State to create secure bases of operations to train jihadists by drawing on the combat experiences of urban and mobile warfare fighters from Syria, Iraq, Balkans and Chechnya. ISIL has used this time to build a highly-motivated cadre of quality light infantry forces. Their training camps were set up in northern Iraq complete with anti-aircraft defenses to keep out helicopters.

ISIL’s success on the battlefield has been in offensive moves but its glaring weakness is defending its territory.  As a defensive force ISIL has a difficult time holding its ground from sophisticated attack from well-trained armed forces. The Kurds have been effective in forcing the terrorist group to retreat when confronted with simultaneous attacks at multiple points. ISIL operation depends on non-direct attacks and mobility and will have to depend on hit and run operations. As a terrorist origination it will be around a long time, as a caliphate it can only last until the world gets tired of their existence and decides to act. This, however, could take a very long time.  


  1. 1.


Obama fails to rescue a hostage but does get in 18 holes

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

No Hostages found.

The Obama Administration reveled this week that Delta Force commandos attempted to rescue Americans held hostage in Syria by the Islamic State. Under orders from Obama and based on what they were told was the latest Intelligence, the team raided an oil refinery in northern Syria. The commandos fought their way to the location where intelligence sources believed the Americans to be located. By the time they got there the hostages had been moved and the mission was a bust. Administration official(s) revealed the nature of the mission during a conference call with reporters. (1) They spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive and now compromised nature of the mission.

It’s a safe bet that this conference call leak was a political calculation made by Obama handlers to divert attention from his disgraceful indifference to the beheading of American Journalist James Foley.  Playing golf 8 minutes after making a prepared speech to commemorate a murdered American is bad optics. But it is typical display of class by our Golfer-In-Chief. (2)

No Place in the 21st Century
Muhammad doesn’t play Nintendo. Warfare is dirty business and in tribal regions it is extremely brutal. Mullah Obama thinks he can defeat the Islamic State with a few well-placed Tactical strikes. These may look impressive on the evening news but in reality will do little to deter the Jihadists’ strategic goal. The Islamists supplies will remain intact and their occupied oil fields untouched. Unless this White House learns Strategy (Alinsky isn’t strategy) and soon, the Islamic State and its new alliance with an al Qaeda affiliate will become the next oil-funded, terrorist nation. (4)

The Caliphate intends to make the territory a pure Sunni Muslim nation which will expand its control over the Middle East. They have been achieving their objective using middle age tactics and brutality.  The only people effectively fighting back are the Kurds who are using similar tactics. Until the Western World develops an effective strategy to wipe out ISIS we will one day be looking at a Holy World War.

What is Nero Obama doing? Playing Golf.