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Why Did Turkish Forces Shoot Down a Russian Bomber?

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Last week, a Turkish Air Force F-16 shot down a Russian bomber allegedly flying over South Western Turkish territory. The Russians deny that their aircraft violated Turkish airspace. Accusations were made by both sides as to whether the bomber crossed a border, though no maps or data were put out to prove either contention. The Pilot and co-pilot were fired upon while parachuting which is a war crime, but the Turkish forces on the ground in Syria would argue that point. The rebels on the ground fired on helicopters trying to rescue the aircrew. The Russians did manage to rescue one of the aircrew. He claimed that the bomber was shot down with no warning from the Turks for allegedly violating their airspace. A day later Turkey released a tape countering Russian accusations.

Political and military ramifications

Russia is encouraging its citizens in Turkey to leave and cutting trade and agreements with the Muslim nation. Turkey has been arresting and deporting Russians living within its borders. Russia has beefed up Syrian air defenses with S-400 Triumf state-of-the art air defense missile systems.  The tensions created by the shoot down may lead to a much bigger war. If Turkey decides to attack Russian forces in Syria, NATO could get involved.

This story takes a new twist

The Turkish government ordered the arrest of two news editors because they published claims that Turkey has been supplying anti-Assad, Syrian Rebels.  The journalists were rounded up and accused in an Istanbul court. For years Turkey’s intelligence agency has been supplying weapons to Islamist rebel groups in Syria, mainly the Turkmen forces. Turkey denies the allegations, claiming the nation was only providing aid for Syrian Turkmen, a Turkic minority in the country’s northern areas.

If the Turkish were providing aid, why did the government call its own actions treasonous? In addition, they have a recording at a Border Patrol station describing the aid as weapons. The Russians may have been bombing convoys in Syria, well aware of Ankara’s involvement in supplying rebels- the same rebels who are not only fighting Syrian Forces but Turkey’s enemy, the Kurds. Strange how this unfolds. The F-16 may have been sent to avenge the convoys that have been hit, most likely by Russian bombs.

This incident and the events which follow it are getting stranger every day.

Are there Islamic Terrorists in the United States?

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

When a humanitarian act becomes a national security risk. ISIS terrorists will use any available means to kill innocent Americans in their home country. Fear is the major weapon of terrorists, complacency their greatest ally and not taking them seriously can be fatal. Calling for additional protective measures before providing shelter for Syrian war refugees is common seREFUGEES 7nse, but most important is that we know who they are. Calling into question the compassion of Americans whose greatest concern is the well-being of their families and friends is gutter politics,  practiced by arrogant elitists whose claims of sympathy for Muslim “refugees” are as phony as their professed patriotism.

According EUROSTAT only 20% of Muslim “refugees” coming from Syria are actually Syrians. National security is perhaps the greatest concern of Americans after witnessing the massacre of more than 150 people by Islamic terrorists in Paris.  Concern about the security of America is no longer a politically divisive issue for those who saw what happened to REFUGEES MACARTHURa country that had a long history of taking in refugees from the Middle East. The new enemy recognizes neither borders nor acts of kindness. Main Street  America at last recognizes the malevolence and cunning behind the mask of the Phantom of the White House. The dead in Paris have left a much stronger impression than the insulting spin of the beltway press corps. Politics vs safety is no longer a viable game of D.C. one-upmanship.

ISIS is at war with the world. Yet the political hacks of the Washington Uniparty neither understand nor care that we are a prime target of Islamic psychopaths. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are too busy mocking American citizens who disagree with them to care about an impending danger. Besides, they have the  MUSLIMS INFILTRATE GOVERNMENTSecret Service looking after them.

The front line troops to stand against an ISIS attack will be the local police and armed citizens. After tens of thousands have been murdered by sub-human Muslims, warnings by the Justice Department against vigilantism or the illegal carrying of arms will fall on deaf ears.

In the hope of preventing such a catastrophe, Americans demand to know if the refugees asking entry are who they say they are. There is nothing racist in wanting to know if the next guy we permit to enter the country has in mind killing his hosts. It  REFUGEES 4certainly isn’t paranoia to wonder if they mean us harm. Hiding behind women and children, even dressing like women, is acceptable to terrorists and permitted in their “holy” Quran. Some 85% of refugees are young men of military age, 15-35. This is a clear indicator that something isn’t right. Are they refugees or foot soldiers? Donald Trump posed the question: Why are they fleeing their country rather than fighting for it!

Providing a refuge to fleeing citizens-citizens who will honor the nation which has taken them in-is noble act. But Barack Obama has been spouting typically delusional rhetoric about all refugees being vetted. He knows this is not possible. His cabinet members have admitted they don’t have the ability to vet anyone from Syria or Iraq. And what of ISIS recruits from other countries? It’s a safe bet that ISIS terrorMUSLIMS AND LIBERALS HYPOCRITESists are already here, waiting to meet with new arrivals carrying money, arms or explosives. None of this needed  state department approval. These killers had only to take the Obama express through Mexico. In the unlikely event that one terrorist is captured—and actually deported—a dozen will be ready to take his place.

The current leadership in America will never consider a terrorist act on American soil to be the shameful despicable act it is. They will just shrug their shoulders and call it a setback. And the American dead are unlikely to be very important people, after all.

That being the case, “What difference – at this point, what difference [would] it make?”

Who is legally a Veteran?

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

This week the Senate passed the Century Veterans Benefits Delivery Act (S 1203), granting “honorary” veteran status to about 200,000 Reserve and National Guard retirees. Those particular members have not served the necessary qualifying period of active service, 24 Months, to be entitled to veteran benefits. The house will pass a similar measure, The Honor America’s Guard-Reserve Retirees Act (HR 1384), also a standalone bill to grant Reserve and Guard retirees veteran status. This will allow the weekend warriors who weren’t called to active duty to receive veteran benefits. The 200,000 who never served 24 months on active duty will be recognized for their service as veterans.

The 24 month clause was not well known, but imagine their surprise when retirees learned that they were not veterans according to U.S. Code: Title 38 – VETERANS’ BENEFITS.  This law impacted retirees who never had a DD-214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. Even though they fulfilled Guard or reservist requirements in various jobs or locations, they were never called to active duty. Despite all of the work these troops did to protect and serve the home front it doesn’t count as active duty service.

The bills will only bestow the right to be called a vet but it will have a few caveats. The bill recognizes the retirees as vets to honor their service but will not extend the same benefits as active duty and other veterans. Congress is concerned that Reserve and Guard retirees will demand all of the benefits granted to veterans in accordance with U.S. Code: Title 38. Reservists and National Guardsmen who are veterans will still be entitled benefits granted to them by law.

The act of allowing a few retired Guards and reservists the status of vets may confuse bureaucrats in the Veteran’s Administration who may unintentionally extend benefits by confusing them with previously, legally recognized vets. That means they will receive the treatment from the VA that qualified vets receive. They may get a VA home loan. Obama’s Veteran’s Administration bureaucrats represent the only opposition to granting veteran status. David L. McLenachen, Director of the Pension and Fiduciary Service, Department of Veteran’s Affairs said, the VA opposes extending “veteran status to those who never performed active military, naval or air service, the very circumstance [that] qualifies an individual as a veteran.” But after 9-11, Guard and Reservists should be recognized as Vets given that the war on terror doesn’t end at the borders. Give them the respect they are owed. Recognize them as fellow vets.

A little side note. Not everyone serving on active duty has served in a hazardous duty zone.

Homosexual rape under-reported by Pentagon

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

The repeal of the U.S. Military Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in 2010 was joyfully cheered by Obama and his merry “men” as they forced the military to openly accept gay service members, consequences be dammed. The underbelly of the beast Obama created to ensure he continued to pack in big bucks from homosexuals was the increase of rape perpetrated by predatory males on fellow males. According to a new study released by the American Psychological Association (APA) this week, homosexual rape is being underreported by the Pentagon. Not surprisingly, the liberal, political lap dogs in uniform are afraid to report bad news to the military-hating commander-in-chief. In addition, the rape victims are ashamed of or shamed into not reporting the incident. This is not exclusive to women.

According to the most recent Pentagon sexual assault survey in 2014, about 12,000 men reported being sexually assaulted. The modern military considers sexual assault to be unwanted sexual contact including rape. Of the 12,000 men reporting be assaulted only 3,850 reported “penetrative” attacks, they were raped. And according to the more current APA study, male rape is being under-reported by the U.S. military at a rate of 15 times the actual figure!  This is not opinion but an estimate based upon APA’s random surveys of combat vets. The authors found cases of male Military Sexual Trauma, or MST as the researchers used a random response that extracted more accurate data than that derived by anonymous surveys performed by the Rand Corp for the Pentagon

In a Defense Department issued biannual report on sexual assaults it was discovered in pure numbers that more men than were sexually assaulted. Percentage-wise, women only make up 14.5 percent of the 1.4 million active duty service members. Rape is obviously unacceptable. In an article written by Nathaniel Penn for GQ he stated “Sexual assault is alarmingly common in the U.S. military and more than half of the victims are men. According to the Pentagon, thirty-eight military men are sexually assaulted every single day. These are the stories you never hear—because the culprits almost always go free, the survivors rarely speak and no one in the military or Congress has done enough to stop it.”  Maybe the APA’s next project would accurately target rape if PTSD and MST were the cause of the high rate of suicide of active duty and vets.

Prior to World War II there was no Official written policy preventing homosexuals from serving although they were purged for the crime of sodomy. This practiced continued until 1942 when the military defined homosexuality as a mental defect. This was the policy that barred homosexuals from serving based on medical criteria.

In 1982 the Pentagon’s official policy in writing stated that “homosexuality was incompatible with military service.” In 1993 President Clinton announced that he intended to keep his campaign promise by eliminating military discrimination based on sexual orientation. As a compromise with congress, the draft dodger issued an executive order creating “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” In typical behavior of militant gays, they were happy with don’t ask don’t tell yet continued to demand fully open acceptance. In a desperate move to win re-election, Obama called for the repeal of Don’t ask don’t tell. The lifting of the homosexual ban was fueled more by emotion than by reason. The homosexual culture is taking advantage of being a protected-indeed, FAVORED-class within Obama’s social agenda.

Afghanistan Asking Russia for Help?

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Obama’s failed leadership has created a vacuum which is being filled by Russian President Vladimir Putin. President Ashraf Ghani asked Russia for artillery, small arms and Mi-35 helicopters to bolster Afghan Security Forces. Since Obama is hell bent on retreating from the world, Russia will gladly take on the lead role in fighting terrorism and selling weapons to Arab allies. Afghanistan sees that Obama is ready to abandon them both militarily and financially which allows for the growth of its enemies, first the Taliban and now ISIS.

The Taliban is the main threat to the fragile Afghan government. The principal threat to the Taliban and main rival for control is the jihadist-expansionist Islamic State. ISIS will fight any opposition to their plan, at this point, most likely a plan to surround Iran. Whereas the Taliban wishes to restore its power in Afghanistan, ISIS wants to incorporate Afghanistan into the Caliphate. Russia is concerned that an unstable Central Asia will pose a direct threat to its own border. Putin’s strategy is to destroy ISIS in the Middle East before the terror group can reach the Russian homeland. China may have to join the fight if Pakistan should be invaded by ISIS forces from Afghanistan.

After seeing what Russian forces hope to accomplish in Syria, the Afghan government believes a potential alliance may finally solve the Taliban problem and drive out ISIS terrorists. They would consider assistance from their former enemy in order to fill the void caused by Obama’s retreat. Obama has pledged to leave behind 5,500 troops after January 2017, down from his earlier promise of 10,000. It’s hardly a surprise that Obama’s failed policy has left the country in one Hell of a mess.

The Iraqi people are also seeing an alliance with Russia as a possible savior. Outside of the Kurds they are taking on ISIS directly and effectively. The first American killed fighting ISIS was Master Sergeant Joshua L. Wheeler. Wheeler was killed when the U.S. military agreed to provide five helicopters and a number of ground troops to support a Kurdish-led mission to rescue 70 hostages. U.S. involvement was authorized because it was consistent with America’s mission to train, advise and assist Iraqi forces. However the Iraqis had hoped to see direct action which Obama will not authorize.

Afghanistan and Iraq aren’t prepared to go it alone. And as both countries are familiar with Russian weapons, they are willing to bank on Putin being a more reliable ally than Obama. In an extraordinary reflection on the reliability of Barack Obama, Afghan Prime Minister Abdullah would prefer to rely on Russia, his nation’s former enemy, than depend upon the American president when the chips are down.

Could there possibly be a more blatant expression of mistrust? As the Commander and Chief of the most powerful nation in the world, Barack Obama should be mortified by such treatment. Interesting the number of obscure definitions the hyper-arrogant Obama must apply to shame.