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Mullah Obama ignores cries for help from Iraqi Christians

By Jim Emerson,  staff writer

ISIS’s rapid takeover of parts of Syria and Iraq and the creation of the Islamic State have gravely impacted the Arab-Christian populations that inhabit the region. Churches in the area can trace their origin to the time of Jesus Christ. Islamists, in the city of Mosul, issued an ultimatum to all Christians within the newly founded caliphate to either convert to Islam, pay a religious levy (Zakat) or face death. The Christian community is escaping to Kirkuk and the relative religious tolerance and safety of the Kurdish zone.

According to the teachings of various Eastern, Christian churches, Thaddeus of Edessa, brought Christianity to Iraq in the first century.  While in Jerusalem, Thaddeus heard the preaching’s of John the Baptist and was baptized by John in the Jordan River. He later met and became a follower of Jesus and was chosen to be one of the Seventy Disciples sent in pairs by Jesus to preach in the cities. After Pentecost and Ascension of Jesus, Thaddeus started preaching the Gospel in Mesopotamia, Syria and Persia (Modern day Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran). Several of the older churches in the region can trace their origins to St. Thaddeus.

During the First Council of Nicea that resulted in the first uniform Christian doctrine, there were more bishops from Mesopotamia than Western Europe. The region became a haven for Gnostics, who follow what they believe to be the teachings of John the Baptist. It was this Church of the East which brought the philosophy of Aristotle and Plato, along with Greek science and medicine to the Islamic world. How times have changed, as Middle-Eastern Muslims are working overtime to remove Christianity from the face of the earth.

Insurgents of the Islamist State–through their leader Caliph Ibrahim (aka Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi)—have issued an ultimatum to the dwindling Christian population of Northern Iraq to convert to Islam, pay a religious tax or die.  Any Christian wishing to remain in the newly declared caliphate declared earlier this month in parts of Iraq and Syria must agree to abide by the terms of a dhimma contract or die by beheading.  Any Christian not willing to live under those terms must leave the Islamic Caliphate or face the sword.

The passing deadline has created the largest exodus of Middle Eastern Christians since the Armenian Massacres by the Ottoman Empire during the First World War. Without outside assistance, Iraqi Christians must escape to areas controlled by the Kurds who are more tolerant of Christians than the Sunni controlled Caliphate.

Calls for help have gone unheeded by western powers. The only Western, world leader to acknowledge the persecution of Iraqi Christians was Pope Francis who called for an end to violence in the region as he pronounced, “Our brothers and sisters are persecuted, they are chased away.” (1)

What was Obama doing? Fundraising!


Cold War Déjà vu

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Russia will join Google, Microsoft and the NSA in collecting data on Americans by reopening their Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) listening post in Cuba. Russia struck a deal with Cuba, a direct result of the deterioration of the relationship between Russia and the United States over the situation in Syria and the crisis in the Ukraine. In a recent visit to the Island nation by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Cuba’s Raul Castro agreed to reopen the facility in return for Putin writing off 90% of Cuba’s debt to Russia.

The Lourdes SIGINT facility near Havana Cuba was the Former Soviet Union’s largest listening post operated by the Foreign Intelligence Service outside of Russia. Construction of the 28 square mile station site began in 1962 after the Cuban missile crisis. The completed facility began its job of spying on the United States in 1964. During the cold war, the facility would be staffed by KGB, GRU, and Cuban Intelligence officials in addition to spies and technicians from other Soviet Bloc countries.

Thanks to a warming of the relationship between Russia and the United States after 9-11 and given the crushing weight of Russia’s national debt, Putin decided to close the facility to save money. Democrats can’t blame the reopening on President Bush. Obama owns it outright. Reopening Lourdes will enable Russia to collect radio and Satellite signals in the western hemisphere from an Island just 90 miles south of Key West, Florida.  It’s likely that much of the intelligence collected will be shared with China.

What can be collected?
Any Signal not blocked by the curvature of the earth will be ripe for collection by Lourdes. Russia will be able to freely listen in to air, naval and some satellite signals focusing on both the US military and the nation’s commerce. Russia is actively developing a closer relationship with Latin American countries and Cuba.  Obama has announced more sanctions from the Golf Course as Secretary of State Lurch round-files the Monroe Doctrine, providing Putin the flexibility to return the old Soviet Union just south of the American Border. America’s return to Cold War diplomacy will be yet another Obama Legacy.


Downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 a story of claims and counterclaims

By Jim Emerson,  staff writer

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by a surface-to-air missile (SAM) over Grabovo, Ukraine and crashed near the Russian border killing all 298 souls on board. The national/political identity of the SAM battery that attacked the commercial airliner is unknown at the time of writing.  The finger pointing, accusations and conspiracy theories are currently noise disguising the truth. Even the so-called recording of pro-Russian separatists is of questionable origin. Russian military intelligence would be unbelievably—that is, implausibly–sloppy to permit discussion of a civilian shootdown over unencrypted communications. (1)

New York Times reports that two witnesses near Grabovo claim to have seen the SAM launch in the area of Snizhne, a separatist city which has been heavily bombed by the Ukrainians for the last several days.  (3) Heavy overcast in the launch area made it unlikely that anyone could have seen the airliner being struck. It’s possible the Airliner just happened to fly into contested airspace unaware that it was on a route similar to those flown by Ukrainian warplanes. The theory that trigger happy separatists shot down the airliner believing it was a Ukrainian military aircraft would appear to be plausible.

Escalating Tensions
Moscow and Kiev have claimed the airliner was brought down by a SAM fired either by pro-Russian militants or Ukrainian Defense Forces. In the belief that separatist rebels were not sophisticated enough to deploy a SAM, Moscow has been charged with engineering the shootdown. It’s also possible that the operators of the SAM battery were defectors from the Ukrainian military and that their lack of radar tracking ability from a centralized long range air defense network from Ukraine or Russia would account for their mistaking a Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 for a Ukrainian An-24. The overcast on that day would have made visual identification difficult, perhaps impossible.

Russia has accused Ukraine of deploying long S-300 SAM batteries to counter the ability of Russian warplanes to provide air cover for the separatists. A Ukrainian official charged the jet was downed by a Buk (SA-11 or SA-17) surface-to-air missile system which is Russian-produced, medium-range SAM equipment (NATO designation SA-11 or SA-17). The Ukrainian S-300 system was also manufactured in Russia.

Until the area has been secured and investigated by a politically impartial team, we will continue to be inundated with speculation and theory.


Obama has deliberately placed the American people in danger

By Jim Emerson,  staff writer

Obama’s dangerous plan
The current boarder crisis is dangerous to the health of American’s as a result of the spread of infectious diseases and ruthless gang members snaking across America’s southern boarders. Add to that the lack of security along the border as Border Patrol agents baby sit Central American children providing the perfect opportunity for al Qaeda or ISIS to sneak terrorist sleeper cells into the country. Homeland Security—Obama’s personal Gestapo—has been used by our corrupt president to prevent anyone seeing and reporting on the import of these illegal alien children. It’s Obama’s latest stunt–using children to campaign for amnesty. How many innocent lives is Obama willing to sacrifice to manage his promise to transform America?

As Middle Eastern Jihadists take advantage of the vulnerability of America, this surge of illegal children across the border may not only be a diversion but a biological attack. Children are being relocated without thorough medical screening. In fact to cover up the lack of screening the feds have imposed a news blackout to silence any negative reporting about the children. The stated reason involves “privacy issues.” But Obama’s phony privacy issues will not protect American Children from malaria, tuberculosis and scabies to name just a few of the diseases and maladies these kids are bringing into the country. Jihadists may very well look at the spread of deadly diseases as a biological attack gift from Allah, thanks to the Democrats and union bureaucrats misinforming the American people. Al-Qaeda and ISIS could only wish they used children as weapons and M13 thugs as escorts in a terrorist attack. They probably see this as a diversion to infiltrate the borders of America.     

Special Interest Aliens
Special Interest Aliens are illegals from hostile countries or known terrorist organizations that try to sneak across the Mexican border. Most often they hire Mexican Coyotes or drug smugglers to get them into the country. The current crisis had made it easier for them to fly to Central or South America across Mexico undetected.  The breakdown of border security is all these terrorists need to infiltrate the United States with little or no detection. They don’t need go through TSA checks or immigration screening while Mullah Obama and Emir Jarret has thrown open the borders for all to enter, even jihadists.  The southern border has not only been compromised, the deliberate absence of security represents a threat to the well-being of America.

What is Obama doing? Fund raising.


ISIS and its caliphate represent a direct challenge to al Qaeda and the rest of the Muslim world

By Jim Emerson,  staff writer

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham’s (ISIS) was unheard of by the west until a few weeks ago. The al-Qaeda spin-off/startup rapidly invaded and captured large swathes of Iraq and Syria. Inspired by its successes, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared the captured lands a caliphate.  

A caliphate is an Islamic state led by a supreme religious and political leader known as a caliph. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been declared the caliph, an earthly successor to Muhammad who will rule over the Islamic state. Al-Baghdadi developed an Islamic Army and has enjoyed more success in a shorter period of time than the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda combined. To date the Islamic State has about 12,000 fighters and a war chest estimated at £1.2 billion. (3)

Call for Loyalty
The self-appointed caliph called for all Muslims to become part of his caliphate and spread Islam around the world acting as emissaries under his direction and control. He tells the faithful they have a duty to migrate to the Islamic State and make the newly formed nation a land for all Muslims. His supporters are telling Muslims worldwide to pledge allegiance to the new caliphate and their new leader.  

Muslims are being called to join the jihad against all non-believers around the world. The Caliph has called for an escalation of fighting during the holy month of Ramadan as there is no better time for jihad in the name of Allah. He calls for soldier’s, doctors and engineers to build the new Islamic state.

Not so fast.
The Iraqis, Iranians, Syrian and Russians are not too happy with a Sunni lead Caliphate occupying valuable oil fields in their back yards and Iranians do not like a Sunni Islamic State so close to their Shia State. Rival Islamist groups including al-Qaeda and its allies are not too thrilled with a Caliphate over which they have no control. And the Saudis are getting nervous as al Baghdadi may well pose a threat to their Kingdom. It was, after all, the Saudis along with Obama who provided ISIS with money and arms. The last thing they want is this dangerous, hyper-arrogant killer going rogue.