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Is it Time for Women to Register for the Selective Service Program?

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

This week, while addressing the Senate Armed Services Committee regarding the ongoing effort to open combat positions to female troops, the Marine Corps commandant and Army chief of staff both told senators “that they believe women should be required to sign up for the military draft now that they are being integrated into all combat positions.” (1)

The generals, Robert Neller, USMC and Mark Milley, US Army, told the committee that women should no longer be exempted from the Selective Service program. The integration of women into combat position without a long term study by the defense department is being forced upon the military by non-serving politicians. Certainly it is an issue which signals the need for a national debate. Will Americans allow their daughters, sisters and wives to be drafted into a combat position? (2)

Certainly there are women who are capable of performing the same work as men in the military. But inescapable facts of biology make that a minimal number at best when it comes to filling positions on the front lines. Standards will be undoubtedly be lowered as they have been in every other social experiment forced on the military. In this nation’s history only men were required to register with the Selective Service. During times of war they were drafted to create an Army to protect the country. Women have fought for America since the days of the American Revolution. But they did not serve in Washington’s Continental Army.

It was Barack Hussein Obama and the also never-served-a-day-in-his-life Defense Secretary Ash Carter who have ordered the military to open all combat positions to woman. But the question must be asked: Are Americans ready to see pictures of flag-draped coffins flying into Dover AFB carrying their Moms, daughters and sisters?

Lawmakers on the Senate panel are skeptical of the current push to place women in to combat positions. Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona has cited a Marine Corps integration study that “found differences among women, specifically more injuries and lower performance in combat situations. He said it shows biological differences have implications on the battlefield.” Rather than addressing the long term implications of this and other studies, the Obama administration forced the military to comply with its demands. The mandates of liberalism must be implemented, after all. Common sense has long been ignored in favor of the lunacy of political correctness. In the case of women being placed on the battlefield, the consequences of forced integration were never considered, only the necessity of implementing the liberal agenda.

One wonders how many men will lose their lives as a direct result of females not being able to physically perform the duties connected with combat. How many will die attempting to be chivalrous?

Before the mandatory registration of women for the draft became an issue, the Supreme Court ruled in Rostker v. Goldberg that it was constitutional to register only men for the draft. Women were exempted because there were not considered for combat roles. This was apparently a time during which people understood the differences between men and women, along with the meaning of chivalry. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit is currently deciding the case of National Coalition for Men vs. the Selective Service System. It will determine whether women must also register. (5)

This week Reps. Duncan Hunter of California and Ryan Zinke of Montana introduced a bill requiring women to register for the draft. It was a move designed to take the decision out of the hands of the military so it can be debated in Congress. (4)

A warning to America, do you really want this? Can you handle the inevitable outcome? {3}

No Accountability for Lesbians at the Veterans Benefits Administration

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Not only are IRS executives above the law, so are executives in the Veteran’s Affairs (VA) business. A Chicago appeals judge has reversed The Department of Veterans’ Affairs demotion of one of two senior executives who allegedly misused their positions to rip off over $400,000 from American taxpayers. Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) senior executives Diana Rubens and Kimberly Graves abused the authority of their positions to relocate to cushy jobs with the same salary and hefty relocation expenses. (1)

Diana Rubens and Kimberly Graves were demoted as a result of a VA inspector general report that found the VBA spent $1.8 million to relocate 23 executives in two years. Acting inspector general reported last September that “Rubens, the director of Veteran’s Benefits Administration’s Philadelphia Regional Office, and Graves, the director of the VBA’s St. Paul Regional Office, had “inappropriately used their positions of authority for personal and financial benefit.” The two zeroed in on the less demanding jobs of two subordinates, forced them out of their positions and then placed themselves in those jobs at higher pay. The two knew the VA would be more than happy to pay more than $400,000 for their relocations.

Congress is looking into the abuse by VBA executives to land easy jobs and perks as part of a general investigation of VA misconduct. The House Armed Services Committee subpoenaed Danny Pummill, acting undersecretary for benefits, Diana Rubens and Kimberly Graves. Mimicking corrupt IRS executives, Rubens and Graves asserted their Fifth Amendment rights under the Constitution to protect themselves against self-incrimination.

Instead of firing the two for unethical behavior they were demoted. The VA then botched the demotion process by not providing the accused with all of the documents. The demotion was the first attempt but it had to be rescinded, Rubens and Graves kept their salary. In an effort to avoid the wrath of Congress VA oversight director Ryan Hedgepeth announced that the agency promises to reinstate the demotions after repairing a paperwork SNAFU that allowed the administrative judge to reverse the Administration’s demotions. Lawmakers and veteran’s advocates had been critical of the VA for not firing the women from the start and charged that the agency’s inability to handle the demotions further demonstrated a need for accountability reform. (1)

The Administration then demoted the two for a second time. “Graves and Rubens were demoted in November and reassigned to new posts as deputy directors in different cities at lower pay”

Didn’t last long
This week an administrative judge reversed the demotion of Kim Graves, director of the St. Paul, Minnesota regional benefits office. Diana Rubens is waiting on her fate. In both cases, the women were brought up on charges less severe than those recommended in the initial VA Inspector General’s report. There is the possibility they may face criminal prosecution, but probably not. The VA, like the IRS, has a policy of “No accountability.”

So what’s the real story?
According to a report published by, there is far more going on “behind the scenes” than is likely to be discussed in the national media. Editor in Chief Glenn MacDonald writes:

“Observers want to know if Rubens will take her reputed live-in lover Kimberly Beale with her. Those in the know say Rubens and Beale have been an item ever since they met at the infamous Phoenix V.A. There, Beale was a lowly GS-7, but documents show the younger woman soon leapfrogged over others and ended up a GS-15 only eight years later.”

And why should the fact that the pair are lesbians have any bearing on the case? MilitaryCorruption provides the answer: “What once would have been the kiss of death to a federal career, now is about the most iron-clad “insurance policy” against dismissal one could have.”

After all, remember whose Department of Justice will be charging the two with wrongdoing!

Nothing New as Chronic Indifference Continues at Veterans Affairs Medical Facilities

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS) and Congressmen Jeff Miller (R-FL) wrote an OP-ED for the Wall Street Journal high-lighting the depraved indifference and arrogance which have taken hold at the Department of Veterans Affairs (DAV).

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald, during his senate confirmation hearing in 2014, promised to transform the VA. He would become Secretary of the agency that was entrenched in scandals of wait time manipulation and cover-ups that resulted in the death of veterans at VA medical facilities. These practices were common at VA medical facilities across the country. The American VA HOSPITALSpeople were properly outraged at the mistreatment of veterans who needed the medical care that was promised to them for their service. The VA lost the trust of the American people and has done nothing to restore their faith.

Secretary McDonald promised that the employees who violated the trust of the nation and of veterans would be held accountable. Yet sixteen months after his appointment by a Senate vote of 97-0, Mr. McDonald has failed to hold anyone accountable for the unethical behavior which has enabled the “VA’s culture of indifference” to continue to this day. Even CNN reported of “Veterans still facing major medical delays at VA hospitals.”  It has also been reported that “Appointment wait times at the VA HOSPITALS 2Department of Veterans Affairs are not getting better.” VA whistle blowers, who revealed the “secret” appointment lists about veterans dying while waiting for care, are still facing retaliation. A majority of the VA officials who manipulated the waiting lists and retaliated against whistle blowers are still in their positions. In some cases they even received fat bonuses.

“It is now clear that the VA’s most-serious problems are rooted in its leaders’ routine and pervasive refusal to seriously discipline those who have engaged in proven incompetence, corruption and malfeasance.” Even after VA medical facilities across the country concealed long waits for care, no senior level executive has been fired. Only three, low-level VA employees have been dismissed. VA senior executives who gamed the agency’s hiring system skimmed more than $400,000 in taxpayer-funds in relocation expenses. VA HOSPITALS 4Rather than being fired they were moved to assistant-director jobs paying more than $100,000. VA officials who retaliated against whistle blowers are still at their jobs. Despite the call for Secretary McDonald to punish the guilty, he has done nothing. He hasn’t held anyone accountable.

VA apologist Deputy Secretary Sloan D. Gibson has defended the VA, rejecting the perception that corrupt VA officials are not being held accountable or that Department employees failed to serve those who sacrificed for the nation. He did admit misconduct within the VA and insists that people were held accountable. VA HOSPITALS 3Maybe Mr. Gibson can take time to explain that to the Chairman of the House and Senate Committees on Veterans’ Affairs.

The authors of the Wall Street Journal OP-ED which exposed the continuing despicable behavior of the Obama Regime just happen to serve on those Committees.

The American people are having a hard time buying your spin, Mr. Gibson.

Two U.S. Navy patrol Boats Captured by Iran, Obama Friends Playing Around

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

On Jan 12th, Iran captured 2 American Patrol boats claiming that the vessels were in Iranian territorial waters. The vessels and 10 U.S. Sailors were detained. The US ships were patrolling the Persian Gulf at the time.

U.S. officials said that the incident happened near Farsi Island in the middle of the Persian Gulf. They suggested that some type of mechanical trouble with one of the boats caused them to run aground where they were picked up by Iran. The current spin is that IRAN NUKES 2straying into Iranian waters was a “mistake” on the part of U.S. sailors. Defense Secretary Ash Carter noted that a “navigation error” was ultimately to blame.

Iran accused the sailors of trespassing but American officials said Tehran has assured them that the crew and vessels would be returned safely and promptly. A senior defense official tells Fox News that there is no timeline for the sailors’ release but that it would not be before daybreak the next day.  They were released unharmed 16 hours after being captured with their vessels.

The incident occurred during heightened tensions with Iran and only hours before Obama’s State of the Union address. Fearing that it may damage Obama’s legacy, the administration was said to brainstorm and contact Iranian leaders before any damage could be done to the White House. Some claim it likely that Obama was IRAN NUKESunaware that the sailors were being held.

Money, Not Diplomacy

Democrats were out in full force trying to do damage control on what is truly a humiliating moment. John Kerry thanked the Iranians for their cooperation and quick response in releasing the sailors. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi believes the negotiations that produced the recent deal concerning Tehran’s nuclear program helped smooth the way to release the American sailors. The actual motivation by the Iranian regime was money. Iran is set to receive 100 billion in frozen assets if the nuclear agreement goes into effect. The money could have been delayed as long American military personnel were held in Iranian territory.

So Called Apology
The State Department insists that no official apology will not be extended from the U.S. As the government of Iran controls the narrative in their country, the Iranians released a propaganda video to embarrass the Obama Administration by showing one of sailors making a controversial apology and admitting IRAN NUKES 3fault. The Iranians are using the video as proof that the U.S. had officially apologized, a humiliating moment for the Great Satan. The apology is a great boost for an Iran that already feels emboldened by Obama’s weakness in foreign policy.

Tehran, of course, was never concerned that Obama might send in Military forces to rescue the ships and crews. During his last State of the Union, Obama never mentioned American sailors being held. He just touted his nuclear deal with Tehran.

The Obama administration doesn’t believe is was a hostile act by the Iranians, just a misunderstanding. Sen. John McCain, R-AZ OBAMA HYPOCRITElamented that “The Administration is pretending as if nothing out of the ordinary has occurred.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. Navy is debriefing the freed sailors. Each will participate in a reintegration and investigation process to help investigators get a clear picture of what happened throughout the ordeal. Medical and psychological care will be provided as necessary.

In layman’s terms, Regime surrogates are looking for a scapegoat.

Obama’s Rules of Engagement Are Killing Americans

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

The Narrative

This week U.S. Special Operations Forces were evacuated from Marjah in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan after spending the night in a compound surrounded by Taliban forces. The previous day more than a dozen Special Operations Force soldiers were in an ongoing battle with the Taliban, resulting in the death of one American soldier and the wounding of two others. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT AND OBAMA

Two HH-60 “medevac” helicopters attempted to land and extract the killed and wounded. One of the helicopter’s rotor blades hit the wall of the compound and was damaged. The second was waved off from landing due to heavy ground fire.  During the firefight an AC-130 gunship was called in for air support. A team of quick responders remain in the area guarding the damaged helicopter.

In recent weeks the Taliban have surged within the Helmand Province to retake the region. U.S. and Afghan troops were in the area to counter Taliban’s plans.

Harsh Criticism

In a Washington Post interview, former Navy SEAL, now Rep. Ryan Zinke (R), Montana accused the Obama administration of deliberately refusing tRULES OF ENGAGEMENT 2o provide close air support in a timely manner to assist the American Special forces in ground combat against the attacking Taliban fighters. He believes that air support and rescue efforts were delayed in the Helmand Province case due to Rules of Engagement concerns about collateral damage.

Upon contacting the troops, Rep. Zinke was told that ground and air support were delayed by hours because of concerns of collateral damage. The AC-130 Gunship that was dispatched was not allowed to fire on the enemy, but ordered to direct into a field instead. The purpose was to prevent killing any additional enemy combatants. If someone in the chain of command is more RULES OF ENGAGEMENT 3concerned about criticism from the liberal media than the safety of his own troops, he needs to find another way of making a living.

The Perfumed Princes of the Pentagon were quick to deny the charges made by Congressman Zinke. Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook, who never served, insisted “We don’t have any indication there was any delay here” or “that there was any delay whatsoever.”  He later said “every effort was made by the commanders to try to address this situation.” So who to believe: a lifelong spin doctor or the men who were engaged in the fight of their lives. Rep. Zinke is calling for a congressional hearing.

The congressman summed up Obama’s current rules of engagement, stating they RULES OF ENGAGEMENT 1are so restrictive “that when a unit is pinned down, available assets are not given the latitude to respond in a timely manner and it appears in this case that it cost lives.” Army Staff Sgt. Matthew McClintock, 30, of Washington State, was killed when his team was attacked by the Taliban terrorists.