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ISIS and Al Qaeda join forces in Syria


By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Militant leaders from the Islamic State and al Qaeda affiliate, the Nusra Front, have reportedly formed an alliance by joining forces against common enemies. Not only would the alliance oppose United States and Syrian forces they will fight the Obama administration-supported, so-called “moderate” rebels to dominate the fighting in Syria. The moderate Syrian rebels do not have the organization or the man power to fight government forces and a coalition of hardened, terrorist forces at the same time. (1)

Obama was counting on those “moderate” rebels to weaken the Islamic State in Syria.  His only resort, without committing Americans on the ground, is by making deals with Iran to get involved. His letter to Khamenei described a shared interest between the U.S. and Iran in fighting Islamic State militants.

The meeting occurred on November 2nd in Atareb, west of Aleppo, Syria and was confirmed by a member the Obama backed Free Syrian Army. Information released by western backed Syrian rebels indicates that the two sides did meet and that an agreement has been reached. Details of the alliance are unknown to the public at large at this time. The alliance between the two brutal Islamic terrorist groups doesn’t bode well for the western backed rebels or the Syrian force in Syria and their supporters.

The Islamic State has occupied nearly one third of Syria and Iraq. In its “campaign of brutality and beheadings” (2) ISIS has acquired weapons and resources that have enhanced the groups’ ability to wage war against the Syrian forces with equal or superior fire power.  The two groups have fought each for over a year now and have formed an alliance that has far reaching consequences for the United States and its allies. There now exists an unofficial agreement between the Islamic State and al Qaeda since the beginning of airstrikes by the United States. Both now have common enemies.




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Obama fails to save life of an American


By Jim Emerson, staff writer

The Obama Administration had reliable Intelligence on the location of an American journalist and video reporter, James Foley, and other hostages being held in Syria. (1)  Fox News’ Catherine Herridge broke the story that the White House knew about the hostages’ location as early as May. The cover story for the delay in attempting a rescue was to have the intelligence community develop further, most likely a case of “cold feet” or waiting on Valarie Jarret’s approval.

The Obama Regime was afraid that the mission would be an abysmal failure, similar to Jimmy Carter’s efforts to rescue American’s being held in Iran. That, of course, turned into a disaster which led to the death of 8 American Servicemen and became a major embarrassment to the United States. The specter of this debacle gravely damaged Carter’s Presidency and reputation. (2) The delay on the part of Barack Obama undoubtedly had a political calculation that if the rescue was successful in July and September, early voters would support democrats.  The mission was authorized in time for the 4th of July Weekend and would have made great political ads for the upcoming midterm elections.

But the mission failed to rescue any hostages. Obama claimed he had approved the mission when intelligence was provided. But intelligence that was collected on the location of the hostages is time sensitive. The 5 weeks that the faculty lounge cabinet piddled around before authorizing the rescue mission rendered intelligence gathered earlier absolutely useless. If the White House had acted in a timely fashion, James Foley and other Americans and British men may be alive this day.  The announcement of the mission was most likely a political calculation to provide cover for Obama. In fact, it succeeded only in tipping off the terrorists, making any future attempt to rescue hostages virtually impossible.  

According to Catherine Herridge’s sources, the intelligence community had very solid information on the location of the hostages. But as time went by they were moved to more secure locations within the Islamic State. At the time of the rescue mission the latest intelligence was “drying up,” becoming close to useless. The hostages were moved before intelligence gathering could catch up.

Despite what Obama’s Press Secretary may say this was not an intelligence failure but the result of a cowardly and incompetent political calculation gone wrong. Obama was left to ponder his actions on the golf course while Americans were being killed by savages in a foreign land.





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The Obama Ebola Policy favors risking the lives of our troops


By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel signed a new policy this week that requires all troops returning from West Africa be isolated on bases and not be permitted to see their families for 21 days. The new policy is tougher than Center for Disease Control guidelines.   The new policy, “intended to provide a “safety valve,” was recommended by the Joint Chiefs of Staff as an assurance that the service members participating in Operation United Assistance and returning home won’t bring the Ebola virus to America. (1)

The Joint Chiefs have 15 days to provide guidance on the quarantine of service members once they leave their Areas of Responsibility and 45 days to review the program to ensure it is working as intended.  Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin E. Dempsey noted that “American troops would be in West Africa for longer than the typical civilian health care worker, and in greater numbers.”  The Joint Chiefs based their recommendations on science as well protection for the troops and their families from a possible pandemic. (2)

About 1,100 troops are currently deployed in West Africa with plans to deploy an additional 2,800 troops to the region.  Their mission is to build treatment facilities, laboratories and train Liberian health care workers. They are not expected to treat or come into contact with patients. Their cause is noble but not without risks. The deployments are expected to last for six months in the disease-stricken areas.

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard P. “Buck” McKeon (R-CA) praised the decision of the Pentagon, saying “For now I think it is the right call.  Fighting Ebola at its source is an important mission, but one full of uncertainty. I again commend the brave men and women in uniform who have deployed to help Ebola’s victims. Uncertain missions often require us to take steps out of an abundance of caution. (3)

Mr. Obama committed the military to assist in the fight against Ebola in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. (4)  Current White House jester Josh Earnest said “it is more efficient for the military to be ordered into isolation, as thousands of them come and go from the front lines of the fight against Ebola” He pointed out that the military can be ordered into quarantine whereas civilians are volunteers so they don’t need to be held in isolation. Democrats have held a contemptuous view of the volunteer military since LBJ.  Obama has surpassed Hillary in his contempt for those in uniform.


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Obama Administration Providing Aid to ISIS


By Jim Emerson, staff writer

The Daily Beast’s Jamie Dettmer revealed that American humanitarian aid has been going to ISIS. The terrorist groups are receiving food, medical supplies, clinics, and cash. The so-called humanitarian supplies were meant for rebels and displaced Syrians in refugee camps but wound up in the wrong hands. According to the logic of  White House Mullah Barack and State Department Grand Vizier Kerry,  aid will be provided to America’s enemies only after sending American airpower for the purpose of killing them.  All of this will take place after sniping with them over twitter. This must be John (I was in Vietnam) Kerry’s idea of modern warfare. After all, the material being shipped into the jihadist territory is assisting the terrorist build their caliphate.  (1)

The aid is funded by the “U.S. Agency for International Development, European donors, and the United Nations.”  Diplomats have   considered stopping this aid but fear that such a decision would lead to bad press. Apparently the fact it was being continued despite the supplies going to ISIS must be “bad optics.”   They are really worried that ISIS would blame western nations for cutting off humanitarian supplies to Syria in a propaganda video on YouTube.

If the supplies do move through ISIS territories, the terror group not only collects a portion, it also collects a tax (bribe) from the aid providers. America has been dealing with Islamic pirates even before Thomas Jefferson was President. America used to paid tribute in the 1790’s to free Americans held by Islamic pirates. Jefferson believed that paying tribute only invited more problems. Unfortunately the Obama Regime has failed to learn from history as the odds are that the money being paid to the Jihadists may be used to strike America. Recent incidents may be the beginning of an ISIS/al-Qaeda North American campaign.

Don’t Underestimate ISIS

Whenever you see Islamic State groups using new magazines they are well-organized, not wasting ammo by firing into the air in celebration. It’s likely that training and discipline have come to these Islamic State representatives thanks to former Sunni Iraqi soldiers who defected to ISIS. They don’t have the numbers to take on formal military threats but they are not as rag-tag as most terrorist groups. According to recent articles posted in Dabiq (ISIS online magazine) the organization is working to win the hearts and minds of Muslims in the caliphate while killing everyone else. To date the only opposition to terrorists on the ground has come from the Kurds, while the Obama administration is providing aid to both sides.


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