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Obama’s Syria Problem

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

It’s been over 1,500 days since Barack Obama tried to extend the failed Arab Spring into Syria. He called for the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in order to hand over the country to the Muslim Brotherhood. But to Obama’s chagrin, Bashar al-Assad is still there. Russian President Vladimir Putin, well aware of Obama’s weakness, took advantage of the opportunity to directly intervene in the Syrian Civil war.

The Administration naïvely believed that Russia would assist the cobbled together alliance of western allies in their fight against the Islamic state. Unfortunately, Obama and Kerry don’t understand or don’t care that Russia will do what is in her own best interest. That is why the President and Secretary of State have looked like fools over the last few months in their dealings with Iran, the Islamic State and Syria. They have simply not been acting in the best interests of America.

Russia, however, is playing the long game by moving into Syria. Putting an end to the rebels and keeping al-Assad in power will provide Russia with financial, military and geo-political advantages. If Putin does manage to drive the Rebels, al-Qaeda and the Islamic State out of Syria, it will solidify Russia’s position in the Middle East. Obama, of course, was hoping the crisis would resolve itself. Although words may be nice, actions speak louder. Obama would have been better off calling “Wag-the-Dog” Clinton for advice.

Russia went into Syria to protect its interests in the region. If that meant keeping al-Assad in power, so be it. The Administration hoped Putin would not involve himself in Syria. But when did Russia ever seek anyone’s permission or consider another’s wishes prior to moving into another country? Syria provides Russia with a warm weather port and a foothold in the region.

Putin’s first order of business is to eliminate the organized rebels fighting the al-Assad regime. That includes all rebel forces, for as long they are breathing it will complicate Russia’s interests. Of course Putin’s one hour notice for Western forces to vacate Syria before bombing anti-Assad forces disturbed the heck out of America’s Nobel Peace Prize “winning” president. The One was upset that Putin didn’t make him look important-or even relevant-by first asking permission.

After its first Air Strike, the White House was quick to accuse Russia’s air campaign of attacking non-ISIS rebel targets, including the Christian Killing, “moderate Muslim,” Free-Syrian Army backed by Obama. Such are the sub-humans American tax payers are supporting, thanks to the president. They are, of course, no better than the Child-raping Animals in Afghanistan.

The Administration accused Russia of propping up the murderous Assad regime. Obama was hoping the Russians would coordinate target selection with the western allies before carrying out missions. After all, Mullah Obama doesn’t have the backbone to tell the Turks to bomb ISIS targets instead of the Kurds, who are fighting ISIS.

Don’t be surprised to hear the Russians tell members of the western alliance to stay out of Syrian Airspace. Already well limbered-up from caving in to the Iranians, Secretary Kerry will no doubt readily agree to remove American jets from Syrian airspace. After all, the Pentagon didn’t ask Assad for his permission to violate Syrian airspace in the first place!

When Military spokesman Col. Steve Warren was asked who was targeted during the Russian Air Strike he didn’t know. His response was “We don’t believe that they struck ISIL targets, so that’s a problem.” He seemed to have no idea whether the airstrikes took out Al Qaeda-aligned terrorists or the Free Syrian Army.

Afghan Child Abuse Is Being Ignored By the Army

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

This week the New York Times reported that “rampant sexual abuse of children has long been a problem in Afghanistan”.  On post, Afghani police officers would sexually abuse boys at night under the protection of American forces. “American soldiers and Marines have been instructed not to intervene — in some cases, not even when their Afghan allies have abused boys on military bases, according to interviews and court records.” The unwritten policy for the troops is to neither report nor intervene. Deny all they want it’s there and American troops have no right to stop it.

It is very likely that American Military forces in theater were instructed to not interfere by the State Department. The policy of demanding Americans ignore pedophiles abusing children in the Middle East is a point of contention and one which is denied by Pentagon yes men. Yet troops that dared to take action against pedophiles, Captain Dan Quinn and SFC Charles Martland, had their careers ruined for doing the right thing. Army Values have been flushed down the toilet by Obama Regime policy.

This is nothing new. Gregory Buckley Sr. remembers his son, Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley Jr, told him he could hear Afghan Officers sexually abusing boys brought onto the base for just that purpose. When asked if his son told his superiors about this grotesque behavior, Buckley Sr. said his son was told “to look the other way because it’s their culture.” Lance Cpl. Buckley was killed later on the base in 2012. No action was taken to weed out pedophiles on any base in theatre. Afghan men were recruited and organized into security forces to fight the Taliban. In fact, they were trained and armed, a policy which made them even more dangerous to local children.


The White House said it was deeply concerned about the safety of Afghan boys but referred questions on Department of Defense policy to the Pentagon. And here the spin begins. A Pentagon spokesman was quick to deny any policy to ignore allegations of child abuse. Yet soon a General Order was issued to tell the boots on the ground not to talk to anyone about Afghan Pedophiles. Most likely it will be animated with prefilled Nondisclosure Agreements by a Commissar with a law degree. Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis pointed out that rape is a violation of Afghan law.  The captain had to know that the last Government to enforce that law was that of the Taliban.

Afghan village elders are not afraid to tell troops that the people Americans are putting into power have been doing things far worse than the Taliban. That is damming. Commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan Gen. John F. Campbell, told the media he is “absolutely confident that no such theater policy has ever existed here, and certainly, no such policy has existed throughout my tenure as commander.” It’s very difficult to accept such spin when the people with dirt on their boots are telling the American people the opposite. But as is always the case with the Obama Administration, facts be damned.

SFC Charles Martland

The Army continues to deny reports that American troops were told to ignore pedophiles. But SFC Charles Martland is being forced out of the Army because he chose to take action against a pedophile who raped a boy and then beat the youngster’s mother for complaining at a US base. His appeal to remain in the Army has been denied. Even though the Army will deny it, the SFC is being forced out for doing the right thing. The decision was cold blooded, the memo stating “Consequently, your request for an appeal and continued service is disapproved”.  Representative Duncan Hunter has been fighting on Martland’s behalf. The Congressman considers it a disgrace that the “Army contends that Martland and others should have looked the other way.”

The Army has lost their moral guidance. Hunter laments “the lawyers are in charge and that means that moral decisions are no longer honored or respected.”

Army Allegedly Issued ‘gag order’ to Silence Green Berets

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

FOXNEWS was the first to publicly report the Army’s decision to kick out 11-year Green Beret Sgt First Class (SFC) Charles Martland. On September 11, Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif a member of the House Armed Services Committee, blasted Army leadership for issuing an alleged “gag order” forbidding them   

Sgt. Charles Martland, Green Beret
Sgt. Charles Martland, Green Beret

talking about the discharge of SFC Martland. The congressman said “more troubling” is that he’s learned “Army leadership has pushed a ‘gag order’ … prohibiting both the Chain of Command and soldiers from speaking to anyone regarding the case.” If true such a gag order would be a gross violation of 10 U.S. Code § 1034 – Protected communications; prohibition of retaliatory personnel actions.

(a) Restricting Communications with Members of Congress and Inspector General Prohibited.—

(1) No person may restrict a member of the armed forces communicating with a Member of Congress or an Inspector General.
(2) Paragraph 1 does not apply to a communication that is unlawful.

Senior Leadership probably wishes this would all just go away and doubtless it would were it not for the determination of Rep Hunter. Issuing a “gag order” is a crime in itself having severe consequences on the command and any legal advisors. Unlike most members of Congress, Rep. Hunter is a vet. The Marine served   

Rep Duncan Hunter
Rep Duncan Hunter

three combat tours; two in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. He has been addressing Defense Secretary Ash Carter, voicing concern that the Army will attempt to “find any reason to justify its actions against Martland because they’ll refuse to acknowledge an error in judgement.” Since the leadership doesn’t want a messy court-martial, it would be less embarrassing to just silence the troops and toss the Green Beret out.

SFC Charles Martland is a highly decorated, 11 year vet serving in the elite Green Berets. Though the 32-year-old sergeant wants to remain in the military, he will receive an involuntary discharge from the Army before Nov. 1, 2015. This will put Martland far short of Military Retirement of at least 20 Years.

The Sergeant is being tossed for standing up to an Afghan pedophile in a position of authority. This typically sub-human follower of Muhammed raped a 15 year old Afghan boy and then viciously beat the boy’s mother after she complained of the act to the US Army at a Special Forces outpost. Martland reacted to the pedophile’s decision to laugh at the plight of Mother and Son by shoving him to the ground.  For his sense of Honor, SFC Martland is being discharged because it created an embarrassing international incident that the Obama Regime didn’t want to deal with.   OBAMA CHRISTIAN MUSLIM

It’s likely that Senior Leadership will perform a rope-a-dope till SFC Martland has been discharged. It’s also a safe bet the alleged Gag order came from the White House and is being enforced by American Commissars with law degrees.

After all, the Administration doesn’t want to deal with an international incident while doing something more important…surrendering to Iran.

Godspeed SFC Charles Martland and Rep. Duncan Hunter

Twisting Intelligence Into Lies Is The Obama Way. Can’t Let America Know He’s Failing

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Intelligence analysts assigned to U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) state their reports on activities of the Islamic State (IS) have been intentionally watered down “to fit the Obama administration’s narrative that the U.S. is winning the war against the terror group”,  Obama’s policies on the Middle East have failed with deadly results. Officials around Obama don’t want him or America to hear the bad news. Here’s a little factoid: “IS” is not the “JV squad” as Obama described them. The American Military is capable of handling the Islamic State but the leadership and commander and chief lack the intestinal fortitude to take the fight to the Islamic terrorists. IS won’t be easy to defeat without some serious fire power to break their will to fight. The leadership doesn’t want to acknowledge the obvious.

More than 50 intelligence analysts at CENTCOM are concerned that important elements of their reports had been manipulated by higher-ranking officials. Their well-researched analysis conflicts with the White House’s narrative, so the reports are being rewritten to present an image that Obama’s fairy tale policy is winning the war against the terror group. Obama can’t handle the truth that he is a foreign policy failure. Senior leadership, even in the Intelligence Community, are political animals and not hesitant to put political ambitions ahead of the truth. Intelligence is only as good as the customers who can act on it. This is a deep routed problem that is generational, so it’s not unusual to see analysts who are doing the same work their parents did.

Problems arise when the decision makers do not receive vital intelligence or choose to ignore reports when it doesn’t fit their paradigm. How much do the White House or the American people really know about the IS? The worst mistakes in a war are to underestimate your enemy and overestimate your abilities. Intelligence, if properly understood, is vital to appraise your foe. It must be free of bias and false revelations. Any Commander who doesn’t want to be told bad news is unfit to lead, the ones who filter conflicting intelligence reports are worse.

The Pentagon’s inspector general (IG) opened an investigation into the alleged manipulation of intelligence reports because more than 50 analysts complained about the systematic white washing of Intelligence reports before they were presented to senior leadership and Obama. These analysts are under the gun of “Stalinist” leadership to “adhere to the administration’s public line that the U.S. is winning the battle against ISIS and al Nusra, al Qaeda’s branch in Syria…” The reports are added to an executive summary, briefed to Obama and Valerie Jarrett and later leaked to the Washington Post to make Obama a Great War leader. If it weren’t true the whole ordeal would make a great parody for MAD magazine. The Inspector General’ conclusions will likely never see the light of day.

For the time being, whistle blowers will have to deal with a particularly hostile work environment because of the IG inspection. Senior leaders at CENTCOM will not take kindly to a few “malcontents” that halted their career goals. Dedicated Americans who dared bring attention to the withholding of disturbing reports from the Grand Mufti of public housing will be shipped to other locations. The American Intelligence Community has been gravely compromised by the Ivy League political elites inside the beltway. If America wants to be safe, a master builder should put a fence around the D.C. beltway before Mexico. As for the Intelligence Community, let them do their job by keeping their eyes on America’s enemies and reporting what they are up to.

That is, report on enemies both abroad and in the White House.

Five Chinese Ships

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

This week five Chinese navy ships have been spotted in the Bering Sea. In a bold and ambitious move, the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) sent five ships in a show of force off the waters of Alaska during Barack Hussein Obama’s visit. The Pentagon confirmed the PLA Navy presence in the narrow passage between Russia and Alaska. The sighting marks the first time the Chinese military was in the arctic region. (1) (2)

The PLAN is the naval warfare branch of the People’s Liberation Army, the national armed forces of the People’s Republic of China. Established in 1950, it can trace its history to naval combat units fighting during the Chinese Civil War. Throughout the 1950s and early 1960s the modern Chinese Navy was trained and equipped by the Soviet Union. The PLAN was mainly a brown-water navy until the late 80’s when it developed into a green-water navy. Still, China’s navy plays a subordinate role to the People’s Liberation Army Ground Force.

The trip to the Bering Sea amounted to a “show” for President Obama; the purpose to demonstrate that China could mount a regional blue-water offensive force not to taken lightly. Yet China still has a long way to go before it will be able to project the power equivalent to an Aircraft carrier battle fleet.

The ships–three PLAN combat ships, a replenishment vessel and an amphibious assault ship–were being monitored by US defense officials before their arrival near the Aleutian Islands. China in recent years has taken an assertive stance on maritime territorial disputes with Japan and South East Asian nations.

U.S. officials were at a loss to explain the PLANs activities in the regions. Most likely they were moving around the Aleutians with the permission of Russia to practice amphibious assaults on uninhabited islands. In the near future, China will no doubt wish to enforce its claims on oil rich islands in the East and South China Seas.

The mission may have an economic role. Since the Arctic has become hotly contested between the United States and Russia, China now wants a piece of the action. The energy poor country needs oil and the Artic has plenty. Since Obama used the visit to Alaska as an opportunity to spread global warming bovine excrement, the Chinese may see this as an opportunity. Since Obama restricted American companies from drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, the Chinese set up oil drilling operations from Cuba. Most likely they will move into the Artic if Obama decides to halt drilling in Alaska and artic regions. After all, he volunteered the Coast Guard to plow through ice and keep the sea lanes open for them.

Yet how can that be? Barack went to Alaska to warn about global warming!