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Defunding the First “Lady”

By Ron Reale,  staff writer

There is not one reason in the world why any First Spouse should get a dime of taxpayers money. They are unelected. They are spouses. With the exception of Secret Service protection and maybe a secretary, there should be no official expenditures for the First Spouse. If the President wants to pay for their spouse to travel or do anything as a hobby, it should not be done with public money. Social secretaries can be hired to run the White House. Does anyone think Bill Clinton, (I pray we never find out for sure), would help run the day to day affairs of the White House? First Spouses do not and should not exist on the taxpayers budget. They live a life of pampered existence just being in the White House. They got to where they are because they picked the right person to sleep with, period. That does not justify the American taxpayers paying hundreds of millions for separate vacations or pet projects.

Americans do not want an activist First Spouse. They certainly do not want some self-important, unelected know-it-all intruding on their most private decisions and wasting their hard earned tax money. Nowhere else in American politics does the spouse of the elected official act in such an overbearing, arrogant manner, as though they have some sort of official authority over the citizens of America! No Governors spouse would ever think of loading up their travel itinerary with multiple vacations on the backs of the taxpayers. No mayors, no one.

Yet, probably due to the fact that it is not legislatively described, some recent spouses have treated themselves as royalty, traveling the world with hundreds of people, taking over high-priced hotels, staying in penthouses. They act as though they are an integral part of the Government.

Newsflash, First Spouses, the country would survive if the President was unmarried! Aside from the extra money in the budget, no one would notice the difference!

Presidents have every right, and responsibility, to fund their spouse’s activities. There is no justification for any unelected American to have a huge staff at public expense. If, when the President travels, the spouse wants to sit in on the pictures, fine. Get everyone coffee? Great idea!  Sending the spouses on diplomatic ventures? No! Never. That is why we feed, water, house and pay Vice Presidents to take on responsibilities the President doesn’t consider important enough for his attention.

In short, we need legislation to define the First Spouse as what it is. Nothing. It is someone who carries no weight and aside from security, no budget. Travel separate and distinct from the President is not paid for by the American taxpayer. If a President wants to bring their spouses ideas to the legislature to make law and they agree and pass it, fine. Otherwise, we don’t care and should not have to spend a dime following any harebrained idea emanating from the Presidents bedmate.

Solving the Veterans Administration Problem

By Ron Reale,  staff writer

I hear talking heads and politicians calling for one man’s resignation over the VA’s delayed treatment of our military men and woman. I see them in front of any camera they can find, throwing around strong words of indignation and outrage concerning the scandal having been perpetrated, apparently for years, resulting in a minimum of 40 deaths to date.

I hear no politicians offering the immediate steps necessary to serve our veterans. Conservative pundits, yes. Politicians, no.

So how to solve the V. A. problem and end the unnecessary loss of life?

First, immediately announce that all military personnel may start using the nearest hospital/medical facility at their convenience. Have the facilities start billing the government.

Second, put all current VA facilities up for auction. Remove all Government involvement with treatment, and let the government do what it does best. Pay the bills. Facilities will compete for the business of the Vets, keeping prices down. Government has proven it will not only pay for no results, but pay huge bonuses for obtaining no results for the most patients.

These steps will help to solve the immediate treatment problem.

Now for the corruption problem. Arrest any and all workers in any chain of command who knew of the secret lists. Charge them with criminal negligence, conspiracy to kill, theft under cover of authority, filing false instruments, and fraud. Recoup any bonuses already paid, call for long jail sentences and crippling fines. Destroy this evil so no one ever again thinks of using their government position for anything but serving the people.

We the citizens are constantly being reminded when we fill out government forms, that lying on the forms will lead to criminal charges. We demand the same for the criminals in government.

We’ve wasted a billion dollars so far setting up government websites and so called health-care exchanges. Rather than throw additional good billions after bad,  give every vet a million dollar medical account to start with, for as many years as necessary. They can use that to get treatment or buy the best private policies.

Had we done the same with the alleged 40 million people in this country without healthcare, a million a year for ten years, we wouldn’t have been forced to sit idly by as 670 million dollars were stolen by Michelle Obama’s college roommate with her fraudulent healthcare website and we’d still have the best health care system in the world.

American soldiers used as cannon fodder for Obama’s schemes

by Ron Reale,  staff writer

On 5/11/14, “Fox News Sunday” with Chris Wallace, had as a guest former state department Ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell. Mr Campbell tried to explain why Hillary Clinton and the State Department fought the terrorist designation for Boko Haram years ago. He did so in an arrogant, disrespectful, tilted head manner that screamed, “do I really have to stoop to speaking to you dolts?” Seriously, His head was closer to the table than his shoulder was! In his ponderous, slowly paced drone, he proved why diplomacy has never and will never work.

He stated that even after Boko Haram was blowing things up and killing people, the reason the State Department couldn’t designate them a terrorist organization was because if they did, no one would be allowed to speak or deal with them anymore! In other words, even while others die for their failures, they wanted to keep talking to the poor, obviously misunderstood murderous bastards. Their sole reason for allowing this group to flourish was so they could continue to negotiate with the enemy! He said this with the air of a professor who just spread some gem of enlightenment upon skulls full of mush, incredulous that he even had to explain the “flaws” in the designation language.

The thought that you just can’t negotiate with murderous, fanatical Islamists would never occur to State Department liberals like Campbell. Our diplomatic drones hate the military. State Department fools like Campbell would rather give terrorists tips on how to hold the sword at their beheading than admit what Boko Haram truly is and allow the military to once again expose and clean up their diplomatic failure. The lefts’ hatred and disdain for our military is the reason both that an Al Qaeda offshoot was hired as security for the Benghazi compound and that security was not beefed up when requested.

Unless the US Military is given free reign to do what is necessary the next time their help is requested in a rescue mission, we should not get involved. Just once I’d like to see an American President tell the world: “Sure, we’ll help you. But only if you tell us what you want done and get out of the way. You better exhaust all other methods before asking for our help, because we will get the job done. Quickly. With as much firepower as is necessary to protect American lives. No other safety consideration will matter.”

The practice of embedding a few Americans with foreign troops under foreign command and making believe the other country is doing the work, is bull excrement. We all know it, and their ineptitude only prolongs the risks and exposure of our troops to harm.

The American Government has proven they will let our military men die under fire without lifting a finger to help them. Does anybody think our current administration respects our military?
I believe that, like anything else under his control, President Obama thinks the military are campaign fodder, bodies to be thrown at missions in which there are no American security concerns, killed and used when the polls are right and lied about when tragedies occur on the wrong date and contrary to their published, phony agenda.

Bill O’Reilly NOT looking out for you—Part II

by Ron Reale,  staff writer

All full of his normal bombast and bluster, on 4/11/13, Bill O’Reilly once again proved he hadn’t a grasp on the subject at hand, whether or not to legalize marijuana.

His plan is to put responsible adults or children who smoke into the legal system, destroying them and their families. He wants to keep feeding the corrupt legal system that thrives off of these “offenses/freedoms” (depending on your point of view).

He wants these draconian punishments because he feels that pot will destroy anyone trying it, a view responsible for turning more people into drug addicts than any drug. As soon as children realize we’ve been lying about the danger of smoking a joint, they figure we are lying about all other drugs, and go on experimenting!

Never mind that numerous Presidents or Vice Presidents, Senators and athletes at the top of their games have been pot smokers. Those people are special, you are inferior, you need Bill O’Reilly to “look out for you” on your way to jail. We’d do much better with a truthful approach, and try and convince children to avoid it until 21. Drive home the real dangers of hard drugs with the truth on our side.

He wants these punishments because he wants to keep pot from our children. He really said that! Right before he told his guest that you could find pot on any high school or college campus in the nation!

He claims that because we have alcohol problems in the nation, we should not legalize pot.

He skips over the logical conclusion, from the preceding lessons with alcohol, that legalization would dry up the illegal and unethical distributors supplying our children, leaving us much more control. Or did I miss all the moonshiners selling alcohol to our kids?

He bemoans the fact that if legal, there would be signs telling everyone it is legal and that will hurt our children…really…can he really be so obtuse?

First of all, none of our public school graduates can read, so that’s not a problem…OK, just kidding, someone may read it to them. Let me try something else:

Hey Bill, let me cue you in to a little secret you seem to know, but just won’t admit:

Society has already decided the pot laws are an open joke. Look at the movies and TV. It isn’t glorified, but it is certainly accepted and condoned.

Pot isn’t really illegal, it is just damn inconvenient to get if you don’t know anyone in high school or college! Anyone who wants pot can get it, there is no crowd of people waiting to try it when legal. Nothing in this society will change, accept some lawyers will have to get an honest job, as opposed to shaking down families because little Johnny got caught with a doobie, and taxpayers will stop picking up the tab for prosecuting free Americans in their harmless pursuit of  Life, Liberty and Happiness.

Recreational pot smoking should be a personal or family matter, no business of the police or courts.


Bill O’Reilly NOT “looking out for you!”


by Ron Reale,  staff writer

In a diatribe I feel was not new to O’Reilly, he actually postulated that gun registration of responsible citizens would reduce gun crime by criminals. Even when it was pointed out that none of the recent shootings would have been stopped by his dangerous sophomoric suggestion, he stood fast.

He points to Chicago, claiming gun registration would help, because if a criminal was caught in a(n unconstitutional) “stop and frisk” with an unregistered gun, they’d be charged. It’s already illegal for these gangbangers to have guns. Laws won’t work if  not applied, and Chicago does not apply the laws already on the books (1).  How would another law matter to people with no respect for the live’s of others? Take the guns out of Chicago and every other progressive nightmare city and the death will go on.

There are over 310 million guns in America, as of 2009 (2), why are the guns only killing people in Chicago, Detroit, Washington, DC and other Progressive enclaves?

No, the only way to lower the death rate is to impact the life of the criminal to such an extent that it is no longer worthwhile to pick up the weapon.

A mandatory 5/10/20/DEATH system of PUNISHMENT OF CRIMINALS will work much better than a punitive, unconstitutional registration of the legal weapons owned by responsible citizens.

If caught with a weapon you’re not legally allowed to own or carry, you go to a work farm for 5 years. No one in the community has to register their weapons.

If you brandish a legal or illegal weapon in the commission of a crime, you go to jail for 10 years. No one in the community has to register their weapons.

If you fire a legal or illegal weapon in the commission of a crime, and any type of mental or physical trauma or injury is experienced by anyone, you go to jail for 20 years. No one in the community has to register their weapons.

If you are convicted on any level of voluntary murder, you are put to death, publicly, at high noon, in an outdoor field in the community of your crime.

It is time to celebrate the removal of the killers from our midst, and educate and save the survivors. It is time to stop punishing others for the actions of a rising progressive cult.

Progressive doctrine has cheapened the lives of others in the eyes of captives born into the failed liberal experiments these anti-American “rulers” have condemned them to. They are the fatherless children of government entitlement, getting everything they need from others, watching babies being disposed of in record numbers through abortions, being indoctrinated with self-esteem education.

Nothing short of the GUARANTEED threat of their losing their own freedom will make them think twice about pulling the trigger, or even picking up the gun.

Nothing short of attending a public execution celebrating the victory over evil by the community will start teaching a respect for the equality of the lives of others.