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Step into Congress and strike it rich

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

As soft television advertisements now hypocritically portray US House of Representatives Democrat incumbent Patrick Murphy as the best friend a Treasure Coast family ever had, an outstanding analysis of the young single man presents an appalling revelation of who and what he really is.  A staggering statistic shows that after taking office, Murphy’s yearly net worth jumped from $205,682 to $3,185,011, an unbelievable increase of 1,449% while in comparison, the American citizen’s median yearly income features a net worth decline of MINUS-0.94%.

According to outstanding research and source work done by, Murphy now ranks as the “102nd wealthiest representative in 2012.” This revelation about how his net worth increased” by an average of 1,449% per year,” between 2011 and 2012 is beyond the pale.   Of course, Murphy’s campaign ads are hardly likely to reveal news of the Congressman’s sudden, newfound wealth.  These financial disclosures include a personal gain index (U.S. Congress) based on the following four measurements: “Changes in net worth, the K-Street Metric, The Donation concentration Metric, the Stock oversight and Trades metric.”  His base House salary is $174,000 a year.  As per reporting cycles, Murphy’s campaign war chest is $4,752,054.

How did Congressman Murphy conduct himself in Congress? Ads now running speak rather meekly of the incumbent’s moderate-centrist-yet-leftist voting records.  Ballotpedia, however, speaks the truth when it states this Pelosi party line acolyte “voted with the Democratic Party 82.6 percent of the time.”  Let me repeat.  “In 2014, Murphy voted with the Democratic Party 82.6 percent of the time.”  

Here’s a quiz that the 31 year old Murphy will inevitably flunk when trying to portray himself as a centrist.  “On economic issues, the Democrat STRONGLY FAVORS the expansion of Obamacare; opposes vouchers for school choice; wants higher taxes on the wealthy and priority status for green energy.”  He is also in favor of “legally” forcing companies to hire women and minorities.  Legally forcing?

What Murphy left blank on his I Care for You portrait was how he stood on the “absolute right to gun ownership [and] support of free trade.”  But wow, on Murphy’s social index rating he “STRONGLY FAVORS [a] Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.” In fact he is SO strongly in favor that 3,000 UACs, (Unaccompanied alien children) from Central America will be quietly entering the following schools in the Congressman’s district:  St. Lucie County School District, (with four “F” schools, and three “D” schools), Palm Beach County School District and Broward County School District. (Note here: this information comes to me from my own sources; virtually nothing about this has appeared in the left leaning print media.)  Did Murphy have anything to do with silently steering all of these illegals into area districts?    

According to the ballotpedia analysis of his first term as a public servant, Murphy “voted against prohibiting use of funds to finalize, implement, administer or enforce the Morton memos.”  In plain speak this tells us he favors granting administrative AMNESTY to certain illegals living here.  He also “voted against the stopgap spending bill that would have delayed the individual mandate” of Obamacare.

Murphy also cast party-line “No” votes against keeping the IRS Out of Your Healthcare and against the requirement that Congress approve changes to Obamacare rather than Barack Obama using yet another unconstitutional Executive Order.

You can view the mug shot taken of Patrick Murphy after he was arrested and taken to jail in a South Beach episode. It is the link below.  Lt. Col. Allen West ran this mug shot of his opponent right next to the picture of West’s deployment into a hot war.


Murphy arrest photo:

In Ferguson, professional agitators fan the flames as usual

by Suzanne Eovaldi

Radical communists, anarchists, even an ISIS flag waver; members of the far left from CA to NY are taking advantage of the death of Michael Brown to foment fury in Ferguson.  A revolutionary named Gregory “Joey” Johnson is promoting and agitating local protestors as shown in a Missouri web post by writer Duane Lester. (1)

Johnson is wearing a black tee shirt with white lettering: “The System Has No Future. Revolution Does.” He is chanting in childlike, sing song lyrics that say there will be no police brutality, no wars, no oppression when the Revolution comes.  Using hatred of America, our way of life, our capitalism our whatever, these hate groups are doing what Rahm Emanuel, Chicago’s mayor and Obama’s adviser recommends: “Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste.”  Using the Brown family’s pain, the agitation of Al Sharpton and the siege mentality of leftist media, Communists have come to town to bring America down.

This is the commie mantra: use masses of people to create a revolution in the United States as part of a worldwide takeover.  The term AGITPROP is derived from the combination of agitation and propaganda and originates from Communist paradigms. Globalists, race-baiters and mainstream media lefties in need of ratings have co-opted pain for their own gain.

As he chants, Johnson’s demands are simple. He wants: “a classless world where exploitation, oppression  and all destructive divisions among people are eliminated [as] all work together to build global security for the benefit of humanity.” The crisis-exploiting Emanuel would just love Johnson as he was in on the Trayvon Martin Florida protests too.

What younger observers need to realize is that these riots very strongly resemble Chicago’s days of rage during 1967 and 1968. Night after night, walls of flames flared along South Michigan Avenue and into once lovely parks near the Art Institute.  Police were being fired upon, hit with feces and Molotov cocktails. The scenes were manufactured by bi-coastal agitators who used anger over the Vietnam War as an excuse for every destructive activity.  Here, in Ferguson, agitators are using racial tension. Having a black man in the White House was supposed to make things better, but not so.  Obama came from the Heartland but was not of the Heartland.

The real villains here are the mainstream media.  After watching all night coverage it becomes quite clear that the media are using their own version of agitprop to stir up the so-called revolutionaries.  Missouri State Patrol Chief Ron John stated at an early morning press conference that new protocols for the media soon will be in place. He admitted that the police were being fired upon, that the agitators were skulking behind innocent young protestors and that the Molotov cocktails and guns on display were meant to hurt. So the tough side of the black cop in charge must now take control.  “People from CA and NY are coming in…we have to keep people safe…our officers safe.”

This whole thing will just have to play out, just as Chicago’s Days of Rage played out.  Up on the web are videos of accounts by witnesses who maintain that the dead black teen rushed the cop.  Twelve different accounts now on social media say the same thing.  The autopsy report shows gunshot wounds on the frontal right side of the body, evidence that would not be there if the white cop had shot the black teen in the back.  Now we’re learning the dead man was 6′ 4″ tall, 294 pounds, that he pounded the cop in the face and attempted to take his pistol.  Just what do you expect the cop to do?  Those who remember the term “blunts” from the Trayvon Martin shooting know that Brown and his friend might have stolen the Swisher Sweets cigarillos to make blunts, that is, the tobacco is removed and the remaining outer layer packed with marijuana.  Who knows?

Captain Johnson spoke of officers being surrounded last night as they worked to rescue civilians suffering from non-police gunshot wounds.”That’s why we brought out the vehicles.” Several nights ago other reports told of four police officers isolated and surrounded by an angry mob of protestors.  Fox news Anchor Gretchen Carlson interviewed an area radio talk host who said the local union head was considering a lawsuit against the MO State Police because “his officers were made to go out into the crowds WITHOUT protective gear, no vests…they were hurt, hit with rocks.”  This decision was made during the touchy feely phase when police were made to handle agitators like they were participants in an all-night pajama party.

Chicago’s Days of Rage did not stop until Mayor Richard Daley Sr. took to the podium to give his famous “Shoot to Kill” order that sent the media into paroxysms of outrage. “They’re not going to kill my men,” the tough Chicago Mayor said.  International headlines screamed out his order. What they didn’t give banner headline status to was the fact that this was the only thing that put a stop to the murder, injury, loss of property and deadly chaos on the streets of Chicago. When the fun became downright dangerous, the outside agitators crawled out of town.  We can only hope that Ferguson’s days of chaos never get to this point as the realization that these riots have been co-opted by vicious, out of town anarchists and America haters starts to sink in.  The communists have come to town and it’s not nice.


Teams of architects and engineers question the fall of WTC Building 7


by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Calls for an independent investigation into the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 are coming from Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.  Heading up 2,200 scientists seeking to educate the American people, Gage says that scientific evidence is “very clear and overwhelming that the incendiaries thermite and nano thermite (plus a third substance) brought these towers down; WTC 1 and 2 by explosion, Building 7 by implosion.”  During a 45 minute, August 2nd interview Gage told C-Span viewers that Building 7 was a classic controlled demolition by thermite explosives! (1)  He points to a clear pattern of censorship by a mainstream media which refuses to explain how “red iron oxide was found in the WTC dust rubble.”

The C-Span narrator told viewers that the Building 7 issue was a persistent topic request from members of the C-Span audience. “We’re bringing the evidence up to others to find out who is responsible,” Gage said.  The science is there as 2,200 architects and engineers decided to come together after many years of exhaustive scientific analysis to put their findings in front of the public. (2)  “The 9/11 commission was set up to fail,” and he is asking why computer models of the 9/11 catastrophe were never released.  “A decision was made to not tell the American people the truth.” (3)

The official story is that office fires caused WTC Building 7 to fail.  However, Gage stresses that such fires have never before caused a skyscraper to totally fall in upon itself.  A temperature of 1,800 degrees fahrenheit represents the maximum heat generated in office fire tragedies. But in Building 7 a temperature as high as 4,000 degrees was recorded.  Gage mentions a variance of kinetic energy heat between 3,000 degrees up to the 4,000 figure that he says only could have happened because of thermite explosives. “Thermite operates by heat [and] is much quieter,” he said.

 ”Thermite contributed to the collapse of the steel columns,” stated Gage, adding “…(one) can’t have interior fail without pulling 400 structural steel connections.”  The architect points to the lack of extensive exterior window failure to emphasize that the 40 thousand ton steel structure’s 80 columns fell symmetrically, all at once.  “They’d have to be severed all at once and thermite was the cause.”  Gage asks, “How could this happen?”  He said the structural steel connections fell; gave way every 1/2 second for the total seven second free fall of Building 7!  “A free fall event such as 9-11 is from kinetic energy, and that can’t happen without compromise.” The entire shattering of Building 7 took place in SEVEN seconds, as a single unit, and exterior failure happened LAST.  Again, Gage states that interior fail cannot take place “without pulling the 400 structural steel connections.”

As police were moving people out of the way before the Building 7 collapse, even the least curious of lay observers had to wonder why this third structure, not hit by planes, fell in on its own footprint, much like the demolition scenes of old Las Vegas buildings.  “This is the worst mass murder in US history,” Gage decries, and the third worst structural failure.  “Something is going on here that needs to be investigated!”  The architect, a co-founder of the non-profit group, is very disturbed by the level of deception, about “our country [and] the state of affairs.”

Gage continued, putting forward other evidence ignored by official reports.  “Molten iron and concrete came from thermite particles in the dust rubble.” A Copenhagen scientist found nano-thermite particles in the dust of the WTC.  “Nano oxide aluminum powder was found,” said Gage, a highly sophisticated compound “found in defense department labs.”  The architect’s subtle reference to defense labs includes a description of a military cutter that can slice through steel “like a butter knife.”  A highly sophisticated channel cutter can force thermite directly at an object in mere milliseconds.

An Army vet, Gage and his fellow scientists are pressing forward with their release of scientific data because of four dramatic after-effects of the horror of 9/11.  These include “six thousand soldiers dead, one million killed in the Middle East, loss of (our) civil liberties [and a] wrecked economy.” A father of a Twin Towers victim made a very poignant appeal to find out all of the answers pertaining to 9/11 for the 3,000 victims and their families.

While Gage was speaking on C-Span, a caller asked: “Why did NORAD stand down?  Where are the four black boxes?  Where is debris from the Shanksville plane?  What about the war games on-going at the time of 9/11?” The caller then alleged that political and military figures were told to not fly on 9/11.

A commenter, however, cites the definitive work of Dr. Judy Wood who filed a lawsuit in the US Supreme Court on December, 2009, concerning the official reports. In conclusion, Richard Gage is heard saying, “This isn’t conspiracy; this is about the truth.  You can’t have a 40 ton structural system at free fall without explosives!”

SOURCES: (1)     Story and Video



 go to Richard Gage’s web page


America must elect a patriot and leader in 2016, not another bloodless parasite

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Has the time finally come that practical rather than political experience, a larger than life persona and sanguinary vision of both sworn enemies and fair weather friends should define the suitability for office of the next American president? Our elected representatives are charged with defense of the Constitution of the United States and the faithful execution of their office. But for decades the republic has suffered through an epidemic of irreconcilable political, economic, social, and media agendas which have transformed the US from a nation of prosperity into one of decay. We are becoming what our Founders feared most as a nation of laws degenerates into one of corrupt, agenda driven men.

Consider these two analogous librettos.  In one recent drama, two Republican US Representatives finally were “allowed” to tour the holding pens of Central American children being used as pawns in Obama’s high stakes power play to fundamentally transform America, now imminently upon us.  Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-TX) meekly told a Fox News audience: “I wasn’t allowed to take pictures!” DHS deigned to let him peek into the illegal alien petri dish of infectious diseases now being transported all over our land.

Another US Rep., Jim Bridenstine (R-OK), a Navy PILOT, who was initially told by a federal alphabet entity that he’d have to wait three weeks to tour Fort Sill in his OWN DISTRICT, was permitted to do a walk about, but with the same news blackout caveat. Governor Rick Perry, looking very chic in a uniform from the wardrobe department of the governor’s mansion, did a boat patrol photo op up and down the Rio Grande.  But he appeared unable to stop President Obama from messing with TX.

In a second libretto, the text featured Donald Trump showing the same sort of compassion that Jesse Jackson Sr. displayed toward the children in this country that need our help first.  Both men have survived as icons in a vastly different political milieux.  Yet each has shown a basic human compassion toward their fellows that politicos perpetually seeking re-election are simply not capable of honestly expressing!

The irony of politicians using another country’s imported children to abuse legal American children in inner cities such as Chicago is cringe inducing. An African-American Houston mother of three, Bernadette Lancelin, put the following question point blank: “What about the kids here; in our Neighborhood; in our Country?”

A commenter from TX said this in a Townhall blog: “The TX military force is composed of three branches of the military in TX: the TX Army National Guard, the TX Air National Guard (which Perry said he activated) and the TX State Guard.  All three are administered by the State Adjutant General, an appointee of the Governor of TX, UNDER THE COMMAND of the TX GOVERNOR.”  Perry is finally acting, but his Guard activation will take another month!  At a recent meeting, governors could have agreed to send members of their state’s Guard to help TX once again secure America’s sovereignty. They did nothing. Congress and the White House courageously chose to fund raise, bash the other side, fund raise and meet at a steakhouse confab near the White House.

Now conversely, when the Chicago City Council and Obama’s former chief of staff, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel met to discuss making Donald Trump remove or downsize his large TRUMP sign on the billionaire’s gorgeous new tower, they too were impotent politicians.  Why? No laws on city books prevent the sign’s large dimensions. Quite a contrast with laws that actually DO exist to prevent illegal border crossing, isn’t it!

So here we have the dynamics of the type of larger than its problems leader America needs right now.  Needed is a leader who will act rather than simply talk; a leader who has compassion for those he leads; a leader with the broad spectrum of experience required to serve as the world’s most powerful individual in its most demanding job.  We currently have only puny, pathetic, paper mache’ actors on our political stage. America’s proscenium features only the play acting of weak men who fear losing the Hispanic vote; men who seek media accolades and men who talk to us through cracked oil that is full of their carcinogens.  We have agenda-driven weaklings, but we have no leaders.

Would Donald Trump lead rather than follow?  Can he direct America past her denouement, not into the final act of a Greek tragedy of nether world proportions? The 2016 election threatens the US with another four years of corrupt Democrats and wimpy Republicans who won’t stand up and fight for their country as they selfishly put their own ambitions first. Could Donald Trump become America’s man for all of our seasons? Would he be a president and leader who can and will restore America, hold her enemies at bay, and put our citizens back to work?


Militias work to protect the border Barack Obama has turned into a sieve

By Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

The All Toes in Circle of Unity photo is testament to the solidarity of ten militia groups now moving across Texas to the lawless region of America’s Southern Border.  Operation Secure Our Border: Laredo Sector Commander Chris Davis says “members would secure the border in a legal and lawful manner.” (1)  Many photos are at this link and show militia members, some wearing hockey masks to protect their identities, gathering to stand up to the dangerous gangs and drug cartels flooding across the Rio Grande River.  In comparison to Hamas using innocent Gaza civilians as human shields to store weapons and missile sites, these dangerous illegal border jumpers hide among hordes of innocent, helpless women and children pouring into the U.S. from Central America.

Oathkeepers, Three Percenters, and Patriots nationwide are being kept informed by the site headed up by founder Barbie Rogers. Already, there are militias on the ground according to Rogers.  Local ranchers are letting them bivouac on their land  because the ranchers have suffered immeasurably from hordes of illegal drug mules, human traffickers, and gang bangers for many years while the US federal government protects the illegals, not legal Americans! 

Still fresh in the minds of many out west is how Border Control Agent Brian Terry was shot and killed in the Fast And Furious operation headed up by Eric Holder’s DoJ.  Terry reportedly was transported out of the desolate assault area by an arduous vehicle land journey that helped contribute to his death while the only copter available was used to medvac and quickly transport the illegal alien involved to hospital. (2)

Arizona rancher Robert Krentz was shot and killed by a suspected illegal immigrant way back in March of 2010.  The kindly rancher’s death caused a firestorm because of the brutal nature of the attack in spite of the fact that Krentz had been known to provide illegals water and other acts of kindness as they crossed his ranch.

“We are not worried about an international incident if they shoot us,” Militia Commander KC Massey posted on Facebook. (3)  “If in fear of bodily injury, weapons free, if fired upon, return fire,” is the message drug cartel leaders are hearing!  My San Antonio reporter Kolten Parker is to be commended for fair coverage in her presentation of the Militias and their side of this story of crisis proportions. 

The names of the ten militias gathering to protect America’s Southern Border are Bolinas Border patrol, Central Valley Militia, Independent Citizens Militia, Alpha Team, Bravo Team, FOB Harmony, Operation Secure Our Border: Laredo Section, O’Shanessey’s Team, the 77′s, and Camp Geronimo.

A website,, is providing a description of Governor Rick Perry’s plan to put 1,000 National Guard troops along the Rio Grande. (4)  Encampments of tents and makeshift field operations are taking place.  However, this operation is going to take at least one month to go into effect and America’s militia groups, protected by our BILL OF RIGHTS, are on the ground now to secure our land.  How is dumping helpless children “humane” as our Border Control agents have to respond to High Water Rescues because heartless, human coyotes and cartels dump these victims out of boats on the US side?  How is it “humane” for these helpless victims who are losing limbs, being raped, tortured, their parents stripped of hard earned savings by coyotes using little children as pawns to sneak drugs and criminals into America? 

Speeding up the Beast Train through Mexico is too little, too late.  A nation without borders is not a nation!

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