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Questions still being asked about Obama’s Social Security numbers

By George Spelvin, staff writer

President Obama’s Social Security numbers do not verify he even is a U.S. Citizen. A mismatch, two differing numbers at least, an imagined flight by a 15 year old from Hawaii to Connecticut to apply in person, and other anomalies are causing confusion yet again over the true identity of the man sitting in America’s Oval Office! A Notice of Mismatch on a Social Security Administration (SSA) Records form displays an incongruent match which was somehow sent to the President on 08/17/11. This mismatch refers to ss# 042-68-4425. The case verification number is 2011229111431GY. (1) The form contains a chilling warning: “SSA unable to confirm U.S. Citizenship. Cannot confirm that the employee is eligible to work because the SSA records DO NOT SHOW THAT THE SSN HOLDER is a U.S. CITIZEN!” (2) (emphasis added)

While this may be old news to many, these extraordinary details are surfacing yet again because the left-wing, fact finder web site Snopes is attempting to discredit the work of Private Investigators Susan Daniels and Neil Sankey. Of course, countless Americans who have spent thousands of hours researching the lies of Barack Obama wonder in frustration why our mainstream media are not investigating the corruption of this administration.

Snopes is saying that the Jean Paul Ludwig CT ss#, 042-68-4425 does not belong to BHO. The site seeks to discount the Daniels-Sankey research, but these two Investigators readily admit the Ludwig number is, in fact, a mismatch. “He is using someone else’s social security number!” they state. So just whose social security number does the President carry? Did he apply in person at age 15 for his own personal number? Did someone in CT get him that number? If the Ludwig number is not being used, which one is? An old web rumor suggested that a family member charged with rearing the young teen used protected access to somehow fill in the blanks via cyberspace from Hawaii to SSA offices in CT. The pesky detail of hand written forms back in the day are, however, bothersome.

The Social Security Administration rule that if you are over age 12, you must apply for a SS# IN PERSON is leaving private investigators perplexed as they ask, “Is there a single rational person in this country who believes a fifteen year old flew from HI to CT to get a social security number when he could have gotten his there?” (2) Obama nativity seekers agree with Snopes, Daniels and Sankey that the Ludwig CT number is a mismatch.

Controversy is again erupting over where, when and how President Obama obtained a number ending in 4425, dated March’77. Daniels rightly states, “Social Security numbers WERE NEVER RANDOMLY ASSIGNED before.” She does, however, take note of the fact that later in March, 2015, this federal agency “is going to start issuing the cards randomly.” More governance by confusion, perhaps.

The PIs point out a significant change in language on the SSA website, which now states that “a person does not have to live in the state for which the number has been set aside.” Daniels says this change “was never written there before Obama’s fraudulent use of his number was challenged.” Daniels quickly admits that the Ludwig ss#, long believed to have been associated with BHO, was not the one he used. Neil Sankey says he agrees and supports “what Susan says.” (3)

Up on is this Notice of Mismatch.

Consider again the fact that the Social Security Administration is “…unable to confirm U.S. Citizenship…cannot confirm that (BHO) is eligible to work because the SSA records do not show that the SSN holder is a U.S. Citizen.” Is Barack Obama’s personal history of fraudulently obtained citizenship driving his political decisions as they concern the Executive Order on immigration?

Daniels goes on to point out that all Social Security numbers around the March ’77 date and their number sequencing would have been done in long hand. “Now that we have seen the phony ‘birth certificate,’ let’s see that phony SS-5.” (4) Sankey, a former UK investigator with impeccable credentials, says he gave Dr. Orly Taitz his findings for the Taitz legal challenges. “They (the ss #s) are not verified, or presented as being accurate…it should, MUST, be properly investigated by the proper Authorities.” he concludes. (Lots of luck with that) One researcher found 27 different names in 22 states with 21 different social security numbers upon lengthy study of the Sankey data base.
SOURCE: all references are from . .

Condo Commandos Part II

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

The lethality of Home Owner Associations (HOAs) stocked with resident Condo Commandos involves the characteristics of narcissists with delusions of something between grandeur and Godhood.  Texas HOA wars are quickly beginning to rival those taking place in Southern Florida.  A conservative talk show host from Central Florida E-mailed, wanting more information about what could be happening that is so bad, we’re begging Tallahassee to rally to our defense in the March legislative session.  Go to the link below to watch a video of a Homeowners’ Association Board Fist Fight in Houston: (1)  Caution: Liberal Use of FU__ can be heard!!

HOA Hell can be seen on this video: A picture phone tossed to the concrete, police arriving, HOA bullying, alleged criminal activity, 911 calls, theft, theft, and more theft convictions; $500,000/YEAR dues; board targeting arrests by Dallas  PD!”  You can enjoy the song, “I’m trapped in HOA prison,” as well. (2)

BTW, my personal Texas, HOA anecdote comes from a dear friend who survived an Eagle Lake squabble by just retreating into her house.  A neighbor spotted her (neighbor’s) cheating hubby looking too long at my pretty friend who decided a fight just wasn’t worth it.  However, her son-in-law had to go to the HOA manager’s lair to put a stop to harassment about grass being too long during the time my friend was going through very painful chemo treatments for breast surgery.  The HOA person actually took a ruler out to the lawn and measured the grass length!

Elsewhere, a HOA shooter was denied bond after police charged him with KILLING two people during a HOA meeting. (3)  “I’ve never had this before,” said the judge.  The accused was held without bond and jailed until his trial.  He accused the HOA of “not being human…if they were not acting like human beings, I was going to shoot them.” He since changed his plea to Not Guilty. 

In yet another video, a desperate HOA director firmly declares their HOA meeting to be Out of Control. Listen to his very strange laugh as he closes down the meeting when one HOA resident told him, “You are mumbling.”  He tells another resident, “Step away from the microphone…you are out of order…you can leave any time you wish…we’re at recess now.”  He boldly tells another resident, “I don’t have to be polite with you, madam…ha, ha, ha.”

A source told me what happened at a Florida HOA meeting he attended.  The meeting became heated and tempers flared when election results did NOT go the way of the entrenched board fossils.  I’m quoting exactly now: “A bunch of loud mouth New York drunks” were out in the parking lot, at a local service club. When results of the BOD elections of officers did not go their way, this group began screaming, yelling, acting out, within earshot of Mets’ Stadium.  As the Florida twilight turned into southern darkness, my source told me these NY drunks left.  

How have HOAs grabbed so much power over the lives of educated, competent, high end achievers, retired professionals, widows, old men and women?  Why do residents allow these condo commandos to take control of their money and use these dollars to make them miserable in their own homes?

The truth may rest in what an old man told me when I asked him to stand up to the HOA directors.  He said, ” I fought my battles up North…I can’t fight anymore down here.”  Yes, HOAs do maintain standards and keep up property values, to a point.  However, when these HOA overlords and their heavy handed professional teams of lawyers, managers and repair people ignore the bounds of decency, an affected community can turn very quickly into a living hell.  Resident is pitted against resident; people turn their neighbors in, often for petty infractions just to be vindictive for who knows what reason. The use of ridiculous spying methods, keeping a record of those invited into a neighbor’s home, building dossiers on residents–especially those not properly respectful of Association directors—this is the nonsense which must come to a halt.

I’m especially concerned about the use of those dreadful warning letters which do not contain the name of our accuser and which might actually be used as sources of HOA income. Silence, lack of transparency, over reach of authority all make for HOA misery.

If you are fed up and want your HOAs to treat you fairly and with respect, you may contact the following: State Senator Alan Hays (R-Umatilla) 850-487-5011;  He is in charge of HOA issues. The Florida Legislature convenes on Tuesday, March 3 for a short, one month only session.

Condo Commando Part 1 was posted March 13 on Coach is Right


(1)     Title: HOA Board Fist in Houston




The Condo Commando, Part 1

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Just what does Condo Commando mean?  Moving to Florida from Northern regions, new Floridians may be confused both by this term and   by the exact meaning and authority of a Home Owner’s Association (HOA). Let’s first consider how to characterize someone who volunteers for or is elected to serve on a Homeowners’ Association Board of Trustees.

Clearly this is a topic which affects people nationwide given the number of folks expressing frustration and anger in comments on various websites. There has even been a Texas shooting spree, the purported result of corrupt tactics on the part of a state Homeowner’s Association! Certain traits seem to evince themselves especially for prospective trustees relocating to Florida’s east coast, having journeyed south along the I-95 corridor from the boroughs of New York City, or from New Jersey shores and environs. 

The first characteristic IMHO involves a retired male married to a borough mama with a twelve foot, New York mouth. This always insufferable, often inconsiderate female has either entirely emasculated her spouse or, over their years of married life, depleted his testosterone level to the faint strain of hormonal activity the poor guy only vaguely remembers from his twenties. 

These new Florida wives are refugees from an expired bottle of very black hair dye–recently applied–which at times may drip down to merge with perceptible rivulets of black, very black, mascara which is the result of tears used as a last resort to maintain control over their male!  Therefore, to pump up his testosterone, adrenals, androids, or whatever daddy parts need to be rejuvenated, this man, often with a   Neeeew Yawk nasality of his own, seeks election to an HOA Board in order to re-exert the maleness he lost decades ago upon saying the words “I Do.”

Let’s take a look at various comments from around the web to see how some newly elected HOA board members reinvent themselves once they discover the extent of their authority over communities and the residents who live in them. Please understand, I am using common nouns and composite descriptions from commenters all over the USA, so trying to find your particular misery enforcer from your specific HOA probably won’t be possible.

My first FReeper commenter (1) says: “I have seen to (sic) many HOAs devolve into petty tin horn tyrannies. . .which is why I will never live in one again.  One, who was friends with a guy who sold doors, passed a rule that all members had to buy a certain door of a certain color in a few months or be fined the cost of the door plus fees. My cousin refused, and they DROVE HIM OUT.” 

Some HOAs actually make the imprisoned pay Association coffers $50 to repaint a front door simply because the powers that be claimed it needed painting! A second threader picks up on this thought to say: “Egggzacly! (sic). .Populated by the “I really want to feel important even though I’m not types.”   Extra added advice which this guy gives us is to “oil the gun. . .eat the cannoli. Take it to the Mattress.”  But what if I get a warning letter because I put a mattress over my window?  Here is a very trenchant comment: “In my experience, HOAs are just like politics, (sic) the people who want to be involved are the last people on earth that should be.”

Picking up where commenter 3 left off, this Florida gator describes Home Owner Associations as being, “Generally full of people who failed to achieve some level of power in their professional lives, decide the HOA is the way to do it.” Permit this writer to highlight this comment with Bold, Ital, and Underline emphasis because this is the theme statement of this entire piece. 

In other words, Condo Commanders are who they are because an underlying, personal history of failure drives them to penetrate the lives, pocketbooks, check books, homes,  families and very existence of the subjects they rule!  Pause for a moment to read how this poor man was treated by his HOA: “I lived in a (sic) HOA community only once.  The day we moved in, the head of the HOA came over and knocked on our door.  To greet us and welcome us to the community?  No.  To hand me the rules of the HOA and walk away. Never again.”  FReepers, why not take this threader’s advice :”I guess you could live in a tent.”

Here is a very descriptive comment which compares living under the rule of Condo Commandos with:  “Getting to pay for the privilege of being bossed around by petty tyrants who have brains and personality of o bama (lower case sic)…Something like belonging to a union…We have right to work, next comes right to live.” 

I’ll close Part 1 with this rather lengthy, but very revelatory comment by someone who likens himself to a leaping frog:  “On a Friday night last month, (name obscured)  pulled his Ford Explorer in front of his home and parked it.  Attached to the hitch was a trailer full of sports equipment he uses for his job managing youth sports leagues. .’I’d been home maybe half an hour,’ says name obscured. . .when he came out to get something from the trailer and found a security guard trying to fasten a boot to the trailer wheel. . .name obscured was confused-and angry…’This is a city-maintained street,’ he said, ‘I was parked legally on a city street’. . .Because the HOA doesn’t allow trailers to be parked in front of homes for more than a couple days, name obscured drives to his boss’s home in Tijeras every Friday night during leagues seasons and hauls the trailer to his home in northwest Albuquerque.” (sic)

Now the English teacher in me is trying to properly punctuate quotes within quotes and transcribe commenters’ exact words and spellings without revealing personal identities, hence use of sic and other pedantry. But without question,  SICK is what HOAs and their overlord surveillance crazies called Condo Commandos truly are!!

SOURCE: (1) all comments are from

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What is the President’s problem with our American Alpha males?

 by George Spelvin 

Let’s talk Sex, as in the White House.  Or rather, sex in the Obama years in the White House.  Does anyone out there think it’s very odd that President Barack Hussein Obama has so many women, often times silly women, placed in so many highly placed positions of authority, philosophy, advisement, and actual control over the lives of so many Americans?  

Why does the corporate governance profile of this man’s administrative apparatus lean so heavily toward females, away from our strong, dominant, get-er-done American Alpha males?  Has anyone wondered just why Obama appears to be comfortable with women, not comfortable with men, strong, Alpha males that is? 

Undergraduate introduction to Psychology courses used to include an explanation of the Oedipus Complex.  “In the Oedipus complex, a boy is fixated on his mother and competes with his father for maternal affection.”  (1)  Now as the infant male starts to grow into the knowledge that men and women are very different, he learns from his father that “you must be like me—you may not be like the mother. . .the boy thus returns to the mother as a separate individual . .that separation may be emphasized with scorn and a sense of mastery over women.” (2)  This psychological article is themed on rebuilding trust by the male child as he works through his Oedipus Complex, but “women become both desired and feared.  

The symbolic phallus becomes a . . .ritual of mastery used to cover up feelings of loss.” (3)  This very incisive article goes on to discuss what happens to the developing male if and when he becomes separated from his mother, something we have been told that BHO experienced when his mother sent him to live with his grandmother in Hawaii.  When such a separation takes place, “Women create a tension in boys between a lost paradise and dangerous sirens.”  Has the President’s failure to psychologically resolve his Oedipus Complex resulted in the composite make-up of governance that shuns our American Alpha males?
The outright antagonism against the prime minister of Israel, the leader of our best ally in the Middle East, no longer can be ignored.  Remember when then UN Ambassador Susan Rice told the four alphabets and Fox News that Benghazi happened because of an internet video ridiculing Muslims? (4)  She was being used by the WH to complete their fanciful talking points exercise as a Hillary Clinton stand in, but no self-respecting Alpha male would have allowed his professional credentials to be prostituted in such a way, IMHO.  When Breitbart, and especially Judicial Watch, hit the internet with their FOIA revelations  that the video was mere talking points cover, Susan Rice again was humiliated, thus taking the heat off of another more important female, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  The compliant good little girl was rewarded with a move to the NSA.

Those two second string cheerleaders handling affairs of the state appear whimsical, ill spoken at times, even scary.  Valerie Jarrett, born in Shiraz, Iran, has remained in her solid place as Senior Advisor to the President.  Lois Lerner, in hiatus from the IRS, Samantha Powers, wife of social engineer Cass Sunstein, interestingly, is at the UN.  When HHS Director Kathleen Sebelius quit over her botched Obamacare roll out, the long haired Sylvia Burwell moved in.  Burwell now is saying, “We have no backup plan if the Supreme Court rules against Obamacare.”

 Our American males the whole world over for generations have been recognized to have the tenacity, intelligence, the resilience, determination, ability to succeed in the face  of impossible odds.  Just watch the aerial dogfighters of World War II, or Patton, MacArthur, Eisenhower being picked to lead the Normandy invasion with even British consent, or listen to Ronald Reagan tell the Russian to ‘tear down this wall.” What is the President’s problem with our American Alpha males?
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Giuliani was right about Barack Obama. “End of story!”

by George Spelvin, staff writer

 Joseph Axelrod, father of President Obama’s close advisor and Chicago confidant David Axelrod, belonged to the Communist Party for the 1936 general election, according to newly released exclusive information by (1) The street address in Brooklyn, N.Y. for the senior Axelrod is listed at 3831 Lyme Avenue in the “official report of the names and addresses of the voters for the Communist Party ticket in the l936 general election of the five boroughs of New York City.” 

But Obama’s Chicago based friend is discounting his father’s Communist Party membership as being reflective of his dad’s “youthful act of defiance. . .(and) bohemian lifestyle,” in his new book: “Believer: My Forty Years in Politics.”  This great web source goes on to point out that the father and son were very close: “For all our years together, my father was always the one who provided a listening ear and loving support.” (2)  After Joseph Axelrod took his own life in 1974, David, then 19, said, “I was completely on my own.”  However, reporter Charles C. Johnson remarks that, “His father still left him with his radically left-wing views.” The unintended consequence of the revelation concerning the very close father-son relationship may come back to haunt both David and Barack Obama who must now deal with questions about how much he loves our country.

Obama used a new campaign slogan for his 2012 re-election bid, and the “Forward!” theme has long ties to Marxism, socialism,” says researcher, Paul Kengor. (3) This writer emphasizes that the Obama campaign slogan was used by “many communist and radical publications…in the 19 and 20th centuries.”  Don’t forget that Bill Ayres named his publication “Prairie Fire,” after a Mao Tse Tung quote: “A single spark can start a prairie fire.” Kengor cites his research into hated Romanian dictator Nicolai Ceausecu’s use of “Forward Comrades,” the origin of which derives from the writings of Communist dictator Lenin.

Now, also, in the mix of Communist writers, thinkers, and philosophers is Frank Marshall Davis, friend of Obama’s grandfather. “The founding editor-in-chief for the CHICAGO STAR was FMD. . .unflaggingly pro-Soviet,” adds the American Thinker writer. (4)  The FBI’s 600 page file on Davis, says Kengor, notes that “Davis became interested in the Communist Party.”  And, “in short, FMD was an extremely active communist agitator no doubt familiar with ‘Forward’ as a communist slogan.”  (5)  Additionally, Vernon Jarrett, former father-in-law of Iranian born Valerie Jarrett, was a writer for a communist linked labor union.  Coming with Obama from Chicago, Valerie Jarrett has remained the President’s most dedicated Senior Advisor!

And the anecdotal web story that still pops up now and then describes how an American computer language developer who traveled to Moscow was seated next to a husband and wife at a dinner party in the Russian capitol  The troubling unattributed story says the wife told the American that, in paraphrase, someone influenced by Communism will be in the White House!  So the discovery of an actual voting record of David Axelrod’s father, who registered as a Communist Party member, is very upsetting. 

“Bravely Forward! Workmen, Let Your Watchword be: No Compromise!” is a front page quote of the Frank Marshall Davis edited CHICAGO STAR newspaper. American Thinker researcher Paul Kengor, who dug this up, concludes with: “If Obama and Axelrod spent a lot of time with these Chicago influences and circles, they could have easily picked up the slogan ‘Forward.'” (6)

Two NY POST reporters “searched Obama’s speeches and found a telling pattern: to his ‘most emphatic expressions of patriotism,’ the president often attaches a scalding criticism of America, including when he is on foreign soil.” The POST researchers add: “In other words, Giuliani was right. End of Story.” (7)

SOURCES: (1) (2) . .(3) (4) (5) (6) . .   (7)  NEW YORK POST, Wednesday, February 25, 2015, pg. 13.

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