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Giuliani was right about Barack Obama. “End of story!”

by George Spelvin, staff writer

 Joseph Axelrod, father of President Obama’s close advisor and Chicago confidant David Axelrod, belonged to the Communist Party for the 1936 general election, according to newly released exclusive information by (1) The street address in Brooklyn, N.Y. for the senior Axelrod is listed at 3831 Lyme Avenue in the “official report of the names and addresses of the voters for the Communist Party ticket in the l936 general election of the five boroughs of New York City.” 

But Obama’s Chicago based friend is discounting his father’s Communist Party membership as being reflective of his dad’s “youthful act of defiance. . .(and) bohemian lifestyle,” in his new book: “Believer: My Forty Years in Politics.”  This great web source goes on to point out that the father and son were very close: “For all our years together, my father was always the one who provided a listening ear and loving support.” (2)  After Joseph Axelrod took his own life in 1974, David, then 19, said, “I was completely on my own.”  However, reporter Charles C. Johnson remarks that, “His father still left him with his radically left-wing views.” The unintended consequence of the revelation concerning the very close father-son relationship may come back to haunt both David and Barack Obama who must now deal with questions about how much he loves our country.

Obama used a new campaign slogan for his 2012 re-election bid, and the “Forward!” theme has long ties to Marxism, socialism,” says researcher, Paul Kengor. (3) This writer emphasizes that the Obama campaign slogan was used by “many communist and radical publications…in the 19 and 20th centuries.”  Don’t forget that Bill Ayres named his publication “Prairie Fire,” after a Mao Tse Tung quote: “A single spark can start a prairie fire.” Kengor cites his research into hated Romanian dictator Nicolai Ceausecu’s use of “Forward Comrades,” the origin of which derives from the writings of Communist dictator Lenin.

Now, also, in the mix of Communist writers, thinkers, and philosophers is Frank Marshall Davis, friend of Obama’s grandfather. “The founding editor-in-chief for the CHICAGO STAR was FMD. . .unflaggingly pro-Soviet,” adds the American Thinker writer. (4)  The FBI’s 600 page file on Davis, says Kengor, notes that “Davis became interested in the Communist Party.”  And, “in short, FMD was an extremely active communist agitator no doubt familiar with ‘Forward’ as a communist slogan.”  (5)  Additionally, Vernon Jarrett, former father-in-law of Iranian born Valerie Jarrett, was a writer for a communist linked labor union.  Coming with Obama from Chicago, Valerie Jarrett has remained the President’s most dedicated Senior Advisor!

And the anecdotal web story that still pops up now and then describes how an American computer language developer who traveled to Moscow was seated next to a husband and wife at a dinner party in the Russian capitol  The troubling unattributed story says the wife told the American that, in paraphrase, someone influenced by Communism will be in the White House!  So the discovery of an actual voting record of David Axelrod’s father, who registered as a Communist Party member, is very upsetting. 

“Bravely Forward! Workmen, Let Your Watchword be: No Compromise!” is a front page quote of the Frank Marshall Davis edited CHICAGO STAR newspaper. American Thinker researcher Paul Kengor, who dug this up, concludes with: “If Obama and Axelrod spent a lot of time with these Chicago influences and circles, they could have easily picked up the slogan ‘Forward.’” (6)

Two NY POST reporters “searched Obama’s speeches and found a telling pattern: to his ’most emphatic expressions of patriotism,’ the president often attaches a scalding criticism of America, including when he is on foreign soil.” The POST researchers add: “In other words, Giuliani was right. End of Story.” (7)

SOURCES: (1) (2) . .(3) (4) (5) (6) . .   (7)  NEW YORK POST, Wednesday, February 25, 2015, pg. 13.

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Is POTUS in Pain because FLOTUS may Walk?

by George Spelvin, staff writer

Calling Barack Obama a Commander in “Cheat,” the NATIONAL ENQUIRER this week in an online report has revealed that our First Lady (FLOTUS) is so fed up with the President that D I V O R C E may be coming to America’s White House! Allegedly, a very “vicious” legal maestro only awaits 2014, IRS tax filings for divorce action. So rather than being delayed until 2017, the long rumored marital split may now be imminent!   (1) Just think how much worldwide press this turn of events would generate.  How important, in contrast, would be the threat of ISIS at Europe’s door, the snubbed Jewish leader’s speech to Congress or the first female SCOTUS sleeping through her leader’s State of the Union address?  Hey, Kennedy brought good wine.

Hinting that something may well be up, our supermarket news finder tells us that in 2012, America’s First Couple gave $150,000 to charities.  However, in 2013, “charitable donations were just $59,251.” Could the $90,749.00 difference constitute a cost shift from charities to shysters? Drudge is up with shocking headlines revealing the First Couple spent $2.5 MILLION of our money on very separate Valentine’s weekend vacation getaways. (When was he ever here for us anyway?) Barack engaged his favorite taxi service–Air Force One—while Moochelle and the girls flew to Aspen ”for a skiing trip onboard a separate presidential aircraft.” (2)

Tabloids since Christmas have unloaded waves of rumored marital discord from an island in the Pacific! Maybe this year’s frost free holiday was the tipping point in a marriage headed for a war of the leis, Hawaiian style.  Hey, maybe the girl just can’t take it anymore. After all, Barack went from last year’s selfie with the flirtatious Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt to “was-it-a-thing” with the still married sweet Caroline in the land of the rising sun?  An astute commenter remarked, however, that the Dane had rather large calves, but that they would never rival the Clinton cankles. We all know that the Clinton War of the Roses actually pumped our former President’s cache.  Tabloids now are going where our loser mainstream media won’t because they have to protect their most important clients, that is, all Democrat presidents. Clinton spinners now must be busy trying to reshape the Florida billionaire’s idyllic under age sex saga at another island in the sun because a former Commander in Cheat needs cover.

But back to Barry and Mooch. Are the tax returns the issue or are the estimated mega book deals when her husband walks the real reason for delaying the White House divorce-from-Hell? Will the current First Lady be the first to break through the White House sheets to D I V O R C E her man, something no other FLOTUS has ever done?  Meanwhile, it is alleged that the secret service are trying to find out who leaked the shockingly alluring photo of First Daughter Malia. She is very pretty! How is all of this domestic turmoil affecting her and her sister?  How are White House staff dealing with the alleged marital strife?  Must housemaids do double duty making up two sets of bedroom linens?

Finally, will our FLOTUS be our first WH divorcer? Those pictures of her spouse after the TX judge told him he couldn’t flood America with dozens of potential Democrat voters really look pretty grim. Maybe the guy is discovering that those lyrics from the hippies era ballad, “American Woman,” really are true. Maybe he’s the one saying, “Woman, don’t come round knockin’ at my door anymore.”  Will FLOTUS do what Sheriff Joe and his Cold Posse couldn’t do, what the birthers couldn’t do, what the Tea Partiers still can’t do?  Will Mother Michelle be our first Mother Superior?




Good for you, Rudy. Don’t back down

by George Spelvin

Go Rudy.  America’s mayor nailed it right on when he had the balls to say what’s really on the minds of most Americans who love our country the way it should be loved! And if the media loved our country, they’d tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the man in the White House that would be our king, if we let him.  Twenty seven different names, in twenty two states, with twenty one social security numbers that won’t even pass E-verify; that’s Barack.  

Rudy revealed the fears of many Americans; fears our national media won’t discuss. If President Barack Hussein Obama has nothing to hide, then why was the first Executive Order he issued, right after his swearing in, an order sealing his biographical and academic records. Why won’t he show the American people what he has kept from us?  Why did not and will not this country’s media put President Obama into the meat grinder it reserves for GOP challengers?  Why are they now stuffing Mayor Rudy Giuliani into it, head first?  Nothing like attacking the messenger, the Republican messenger that is, just for telling the truth.

“Sad and sadder, the spectacle that once was Rudy Giuliani made the TV rounds Friday to talk about the uproar he caused by claiming that President Obama doesn’t love America,” tsk tsks the NY DAILY NEWS’ editorialist. (1)  The inveterate unfairness with which this rag attacks the man who held us together on 9/11 as it savages the same man for his affairs of the heart, his draft records, his father, and on and on.  Yet, we see no comparable revelations about Democrat President Obama’s marital woes, now up on a news outlet these “journos” disdain, or Obama’s bouncing from a Muslim school in Indonesia. Why won’t this paper report that the plane manifest of Obama’s reentry into this country has somehow gone missing?  What about the young Indonesian student’s purported travels to PHAKEESTAHN from America when travel to this Middle Eastern country was not allowed on a passport from the USA?  Or what about this man’s odd nativity story?  Was there a brush with the Kenyan law somewhere in the history of Obama senior? Why reveal the prison history of Mayor Giuliani’s father but not that of the elder Obama? Is that how our mainstream media shuts down criticism of their favored Democrats?

Why can’t we see the Obama draft registration? Was there one?  Why does New York Daily News reporter Wayne Barrett feel compelled to iterate everything he can dredge up about Mayor Giuliani, while giving President Obama a pass?  Is this how Barrett defines freedom of the press?  Why can’t we see the Illinois bar licenses of Barack and Michelle Robinson Obama?  And how does Barack claim to be a Natural Born Citizen according to Article II, US CONSTITUTION?

Rudy Giuliani loves our country and said what he said about a president living under the absolute protection of the national media.  He got into print what no one else has been able to because our media tells us what THEY want us to be told. The Mayor dares to question an internationalist who has put his feet on our beloved Resolute Desk, a gift to America from Queen Victoria.  The desk was built from the timbers of the British Arctic Exploration ship Resolute. (2) Remember how quickly Obama returned the bust of Churchill to our biggest ally? It was a stupid and classless act worthy of a spoiled brat, not a president.

Why won’t Journo Barrett and his cohorts ask, at least ask, Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse about their definitive work into the authenticity of the COLB, (Certificate of Live Birth) issued from the White House on White House equipment?  Why did the media let pass Michelle Obama’s statement, “I never loved this country until my husband became president.”  Or why won’t Barrett or some other guy–maybe Brian Williams–ask the Obamas how they could sit for 20 years in the pews of Reverend Wright’s church and hear the pastor say, “God D…America.” That’s tough stuff. Was this pathetic detail given a pass because the Democrats and Obama always are right, the Republicans and Giuliani always wrong!

The internet is full of worry about our soldiers being put in harm’s way by the change in Rules of Engagement that protect the beheaders, and threaten our military. Now the Commander in Chief’s military advisors just telegraphed ISIS about when and where they’ll come knocking.  BTW, did the P-bleep $$ bleep Crackers at Cent Com fax over to the enemy an aerial view of our planned drop sites?

Bill Ayres, Bernardine Dohrn, Frank Marshall Davis, those Saudi donors, deconstructing our auto industry, our military, our educational system,  our health care system, our black-white dialogue.  There’s just too much here.  Rudy Giuliani walked the streets around the Towers without fear; now he speaks to the fear that is on the minds of many Americans, in their homes, in local pubs, out at the ranch, the firing ranges, the beauty parlors where real women still want to look nice for their real men in America!

SOURCES:  (1) Saturday, Feb. 21, 2014, pg. 18, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS   (2)



Why does Obama really want to open Cuba to the U.S.?

by George Spelvin 

Was the real reason for Obama’s Executive Order opening Cuba to the United States his desire to fulfill the imprimatur of the Weather Underground to establish Communism in America? A FOIA request forced the FBI to open its top secret archives on the Weather Underground movement. Founded by several urban 1960′s revolutionaries including the husband-wife team of Bill Ayres-Bernardine Dohrn, the WUO grabbed the nation’s attention with its bombings, attacks on police and police headquarters and various acts of domestic terrorism.  “The example of the Cuban revolution became the guide for the emerging American student revolutionary” states this FBI vault file. (pg. 26). (1)

“The goal is the destruction of US imperialism and the achievement of a classless world: world communism.” This is the stunning theme of Part I of a six part FBI document concerning the WUO, which evolved from Students for A Democratic Society. Dohrn is an adjunct professor at Northwestern University’s Law School; Bill Ayres retired, without emeritus status, from his professorial position at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

How closely linked was Cuban communism to the WUO’s ideology? According to the FBI study, “. . .the influence of Cuba on the developing WUO was enormous.”  Dohrn was one of six WUO organizers who traveled to Cuba in July, 1969, to meet with representatives of the Vietnamese and Cuban governments.  And where was Ayres? Twenty pages of heavily redacted documentation are inserted in the FBI’s study of these four topics:  What motivates the WUO; With what world center of revolution did the Weather People identify; What were their destinations of international travel and who were their contacts?  How did international revolutionary activism influence the group’s activities here in the US?  Finally, the FBI wanted to discover the identities of the main adherents of the WUOT? (pg.4)

The recent Executive Order ending an embargo against Cuban-US travel, cigar imports ($100 limit) and other exchanges was supported by White House propaganda spin.  Opening free trade, helping the Cuban people escape fifty years of Communistic economic depression were various reasons given for the Order. “It’s the moral thing to do,” claimed the Administration. 

But close study of the FBI archive reveals just how beholden the student radicals that initiated Chicago’s Days of Rage were to the philosophy of the Cuban revolution.  “Ideologies from Moscow, Peking, or Havana formed much of the basis of the birth of America’s native born revolutionary.” (pg. 27) The WUO obtained their revolutionary methodology from the Cubans and Vietnamese and importantly, put into practice what they had learned from them is more FBI paraphrase. 

Anecdotal web data continues to point to the Ayres-Obama connection and to the fact that the political career of the country’s first black president may have been launched “from the Ayres salon.”  Obama once said he only knew Ayres because their children were in school activities together.  That remark was debunked when someone pointed out just how far apart in age the Ayres and Obama children happen to be.

Opening up Cuba to more American interaction gives effective cover to the exchange and spread of that island’s form of Communism to the United States.  To obtain US state power, Cuban communists and other revolutionaries acknowledge they must break our military might by over-extending our forces to defeat them on a piecemeal basis.  If this quote doesn’t shake you to the core of your American citizenship, nothing will:  “Our final goal is the destruction of imperialism, the seizure of power, and the creation of socialism.” (P 51)  Fomenting unrest among minority sectors, a WUO tactic, has reared its ugly head this past year in ways we haven’t seen since the 60′s and 70′s.  The New Black Panthers were shown on TV using their batons as visual aids while they stood in front of a Philly polling place. Nothing was done about this scary form of voter intimidation by AG Eric Holder who stated he didn’t want to move against “his people.” Recent attacks on the NYPD parallel what was done to Chicago police in the WUO uprisings of over forty years ago.

These remarkable WUO archives from the FBI vault should be required reading by Americans.  Perhaps, opening up Cuba will be seen in its true light.

SOURCE:     all footnotes come from Part I of this FBI vault of the WUO.

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By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Many Montana residents are being threatened by what they see as a statist takeover of their long protected water rights, now under siege by a Democrat generated water compact and sponsored by Republican State Senator Chaz Vincent of Libby who was against the bill before he was for it.  “The water compact is like ObamaCare on MT water,” says a Wisconsin opponent who vacations in and around Montana’s  Flathead region. He has posted a video on YouTube urging every MT resident/voter to call Democrat Governor Steve Bullock in Helena, toll free, at 1-855-318-1330 to say NO to the Flathead Water Rights takeover bill (CSKT). (1)

Senator Vincent is from a severely polluted region in Northwestern MT, an area that has been virtually taken over by governmental forces which for years heard nothing, saw nothing and said nothing about what was going on up there in the wilderness.  Perhaps the left got to Republican Senator Vincent and he had an Oprah Ah-Ha moment of liberal satori. “I’m asking (legislators) for their time to evaluate it,” says the senator of the 1,500 page Water Contract, a document so complex, so confusing, so controversial that one begins to recognize in it just how Democrats govern: by complexity, confusion, controversy! “It’s the only tribal water agreement that remains un-ratified in Montana, and it has generated strong opposition because it’s long, it’s complicated, and it deals with water rights both on and off the Flathead Reservation,” says a MT Public Radio news story. (2) 

 Vincent organized a Saturday morning workshop, lecture, and talking points sharing session for about 40 of the state’s solons who asked a state negotiator, Ms. Melissa Hornbein, eye glaze-over questions involving the Unitary Management Ordinance and “the relationship between the tribal and irrigation project priority dates and what that means for the reliability of water to the project.” Huh?  This, admits one lawmaker, is “a very big complicated document.” (3) These governmental tactics are reminiscent of the way in which ObamaCare was sold by then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who famously told the American people that Congress had to pass the bill to find out what was in it.

Big Fork State Senator Bob Keenan gave the most revelatory assessment of what Helena is trying to foist on MT residents.  “I was in the legislature in l997 when we did the electric restructuring referred to as energy deregulations and it TURNED OUT VERY BADLY,” (reporter’s emphasis) said Keenan.  “And I fear that this big a move could rival that type of a decision in its scope, and I don’t want it to turn out badly.” (4)

The left-leaning blog Montana is using mockery to label those opposed to this governmental takeover of water rights, claiming it to be just more right wing foolishness.  (How have opponents of ObamaCare, of amnesty, even the anti-vaxxers been mocked by Democrats and the liberal media over the years?)  But earnest letters from Montana Voter are giving very poignant reasons why CSKT is to be feared.

One such letter sent to Gov. Steve Bullock (D) tells him: “Your support is a clear violation of Article II, Section 4 of the MT Constitution regarding EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW” (emp. added). “You are refusing to recognize the pre-1973 Water Rights and are ignoring all the hardships and sacrifices that the early settlers endured when MT Territory was settled in GOOD FAITH” (emp. added). (5) 

Maybe Democrats can call in Elizabeth “Lie-a-Watha” Warren to channel Pocahontas, undoubtedly a distant relation of the Massachusetts senator.  Maybe both ladies can take a long walk/ride into The Bob (Bob Marshall Wilderness Area) to fully discuss CSKT!  When I just try to paraphrase a water compact which will overturn long established western constitutional rights and privileges, I get a little queasy.  Early one morning I remember sitting at a breakfast bar out east of Big Fork with the restaurant’s regulars when in comes a perfectly coiffed blonde wife with her real estate developer.  Her husband was not around, so this trophy wife surely was calling the shots in a way antithetical to everything MT was and still is.

She was wearing an obviously just purchased, long leather slicker, expensive boots, the whole nine yards of what to wear if you come to MT from CA, that deeply blue state.  Relocating to America’s last, great place requires the “western” look of course!  Keep in mind that these duds are the last thing native Montanans would wear. The fact that no wrinkles, no baby throw-up, no straw flecks could be found on this offensive slicker gave away the woman’s aim for being in this lovely state.  When I looked around at the faces of the regulars there that morning, I saw the typical stoicism but also a melancholy disgust for what was being done to their land.  Perhaps this little vignette of lib/Dem pollution was meant to foreshadow the inevitable effect of this governmental water war on one of America’s last great territories.  Wake up, MONTANA.  Contact, call, send faxes to the following: Governor Steve Bullock, (D) P.O. Box 20081,Helena, MT 58620-0801, PH: toll free 1-855-318-1330, 1-406-444-3111; FAX: 406-444-5529.  Also:  Atty General Tim Fox (R), 215 North Sanders, 3rd Floor, P.O. Box 201401, Helena, MT 59620-1401, PH: toll free 1-800-498-6455, 406-444-2026.  State Senator Chaz Vincent (R), PH:  406-293-1575; FAX 406-293-4739


(2) (3) (4) . .


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