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The Amtrak crash, a perverse engineer and an iphone

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

WARNING: Images and language content herein are very disturbing and use of good judgment must be first consideration. This website does not seek in any way to harm the reputation of the young train engineer; however, the public’s right to know about a horrific news story already vetted online, in print, on air drives this account.

Did an iPhone drive the Death Train? This speculative question must be asked, the what if factor must be assuaged, the horror of eight dead innocent people, the injuries of 200 innocent other passengers also must be expiated. A website that located and published the online links for very graphic, very obscene images of homosexual sex asks at the end of the piece this mind shattering question: “What do you trust more to control a train, an engineer or an iPhone?” Are the authorities who own and put up this site putting this theory out there for us to connect the dots?  As of Friday, investigators were still said to be “…combing through phone records, locomotive data, radio transmissions and surveillance video to determine if [Brandon Bostian] was using his cellphone while at the controls…”

In a piece entitled “Here are Amtrak Engineer Brandon Bostian’s Disturbing D— Pics,” we scan down to upwards of ten links of pictures, allegedly of Bostian’s phallus. However, only one of the links works and by now can be viewed online. Clicking to bring the other images up is futile. “Page Not Found” says Flickr in an online black background with cobalt blue lettering. More photos on SKYPE have also been scrubbed! Bostian’s alleged d— pics are at, a pioneering cyberspace address that warns viewers up front what they uncovered is very disturbing.

Only one image remains at this breaking news site. An image of a male, seated rather far back on a white toilet seat with legs akimbo can be seen, and a black modesty strip hides the phallic symbol. The caption suggests that the seated male, allegedly, is flushing pubic hairs down the toilet. Now, since this toilet seat is white, a commode on a train may not have been the locale, since sleeper cars and other rail relief areas had or still may have stainless steel plumbing equipment on their rolling stock. One commenter said, “he (???) has a “well-photographed phallus.” Another commenter here stated, “No professional person would post what he did online.” What must be kept in mind here is that since all other links have been scrubbed from the web, we must continue to use the journalistic qualifying restraint ALLEGED.

Now out are other important details of this horror. The lead NTSB investigator is discounting the notion that an ill thrown rock caused this huge steel behemoth to crash. One commenter as well is discounting the rock-thrown-at-windshield scenario. He says by analogy that to suggest a tossed projectile caused this tragedy can be compared to sitting at the end of a 10,000 foot runway with a straw and a spitball, trying to bring down a 747 on takeoff! The PALM BEACH POST on Sunday already has relegated the Amtrak story to page two, above the fold, in the first section of its newspaper, a placement that journalism students are told is the “LEAST READ SECTION.” However, we can learn from this news story that federal officials are requiring Amtrak to “immediately expand its use of a speed restriction system” on this very section of their rail system where the death train crashed. (1)

If you review other media accounts of the catastrophe, you will recall over and over the phrase, “his cell phone was buried deep” in his carry-on. Why are the media fixating on placement of this wireless device?

These online monikers for Bostian include: “Comodude 1983;” “Comodude” which appears on youtube, Myspace, and on his old On train message boards, Bostian uses “bub6d6.” Online pics of phallic images “won’t appear,” however. Allegedly, photos of Bostian “on the platform” remind viewers of his love of train travel. One reporter in this groundbreaking news story on said, “After a careful study of his social media, we conclude that he is an exhibitionist who is interested in odd sex acts.”  Over and over, online analysis of the crash asks the question, “Why again was he going 106 mph in a 50 mph zone?”

For the purposes of this posting, I’ve written all I care to about the on-line perversions of Brandon Bostian and their presentation in various websites. Previously, the worst story about gay sex I had ever heard involved a gay man presenting at a large Chicago hospital’s emergency room. The attending ER doctor “had to work like crazy,” I was told. The only other images I care to get into include words such as “quick drying cement” and “Hamster.”

The heart wrenching description which two Philadelphia policemen gave in describing what they went through to extract a man from the twisted Amtrak wreckage moved me. “It was like walking in barbed wire,” one officer said, as they received the gratitude of the passenger with the broken spine, who, through his pain, was thanking them for saving his life.

The absolute pain of the photo of the young, eager, true naval midshipman who was killed; the smiling face of Mr. Gaines, the newsman whom his wife said took turkeys and other food items around all over town at Thanksgiving so no one would go hungry; pictures of the other deceased passengers, the maimed survivors compel the authorities and the media to tell the public the truth here!

SOURCES:  (1) PALM BEACH POST, Sunday, May 17, 2015, pg. 2, above the fold, “Install speed control now, Amtrak told”

Amtrak engineer a homosexual and therefore protected by the American media?

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

The engineer of the death train was a homosexual and a gay activist who “liked several LGBTI pages on Facebook,” a gay news site. “The engineer who was involved in Tuesday night’s Amtrak train crash is Brandon Bostian,” says  Interesting now is how the media are equivocating and blaming those old meanies, the Republicans. One site commenter to the outing of this 32 year old engineer says, “the fact is a gay activist is untouchable in the main stream media. Once his sexual preference came out, the story started changing and the blame will go towards needing more money in the transportation industry. We shall never know the truth because the media is a failure!”

Incredible is the comment of another poster on the gay site who says Amtrak received a whopping $1.3 BILLION dollars in the 2009 stimulus fund give-away of our taxpayer dollars. This huge amount is ON TOP of the one BILLION dollar subsidy it receives every year. How come Amtrak in 2012 had the money to launch an expensive gay PRIDE advertising campaign, but somehow it could not have found the money for the smart technology the liberal media fools now are saying the white elephant needs?

Consider the following advertisement campaign Amtrak ran on its website. “This summer Amtrak Ride With Pride hosted a contest to send four lucky winners on a getaway PRIDE week-end via the train. Winners headed to Chicago, New York, San Francisco, New Orleans for a fun-filled week-end. Couples enjoyed the comfortable seats, had cocktails in the Lounge car, and arrived at the Amtrak stations refreshed and ready to enjoy the festivities.” A happy color photo of Aaron and Marc provided a warm and fuzzy shot of the affectionate couple being thrilled by riding the rails. Other happy travelers appeared in the background, sporting rainbow colored leis. Amtrak said it wanted to create a discrimination free environment. The themes of Inclusion and Diversity infused Amtrak’s ad campaign.  Apparently it didn’t do much for the driving.

Of course it would be terribly insensitive to suggest that the sexual orientation of the young man who now can’t remember anything that happened during the accident would have anything at all to do with the horror for eight families who must bury their dead or for the misery the survivors and their caretakers now are facing. A question that doesn’t seem to go away is whether Mr. Bostian was a cashier at Target not long before becoming the death train’s engineer. One commenter said his own father put in TWENTY YEARS of extensive training before becoming certified as a train engineer. Something just doesn’t make sense here, unless Mr. Bostian resigned from Target when he was 12.

Why is it the fault of Republicans for failing to pass additional Amtrak funding when the white elephant had already received over $7 billion taxpayer dollars since 2009? Amtrak has received–and lost–over $40 billion in federal aid since its inception in 1971. “Amtrak will never be profitable,” said then Amtrak president David Gunn to a senate committee in 2002. And boy was he right, as Amtrak derails merrily along, losing over $1 billion per year. 

Did an unknown projectile somehow crash into the windshield to panic Bostian? Why would a train which was, according to some official reports, right on time leaving its point of departure, attain the incredible speed of 106 MPH, thereby launching itself off of reportedly clear tracks? Clearly the train was not running late.


We just had a terrible, large gas line break down here in Florida that easily could have caused an even worse death toll for members of the immediate community. In spite of silence about what really happened, anyone with a scintilla of common sense has to wonder about the driver of the SUV which apparently cut through a large, gas pipeline. How could driver and vehicle have been launched eight feet in the air to careen over a big gas substation and land upside down over the pipeline her SUV had just sliced neatly in two?

A living, breathing human being was behind the wheel of that 4 tire vehicle. A living, breathing human being was behind that bucket of bolts now being called the death train. A commenter on the gaystarnews site summed up the tragedy by saying: “To be certain that lifestyle and behavior doesn’t affect judgment is to be closed minded.”


Drudge Does the News

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Drudge really outdid himself the other day. He and his chief aggregator very effectively nailed America’s crisis in angst with their one page headline parse of the news. Just looking at America’s first couple, we see our First Lady giving her husband the SIDE EYE for which she now is famous among female pundits. Gotta love giving men the side eye. Hey, I’ve done it more than a few times when I didn’t feel very comfortable with what he was saying or doing. When we have Drudge showing Obama opening up on his fellow lib/Dems with friendly fire, we next see, right under that pic, a shot of Jebbie-he’ll never get my vote-Bush looking very dejected as he plans to skip Iowa.

Right next to that middle placement of news misery is the head, “Moody’s Junks Chicago…” Really, so they’re not the first? Not only that, we learn Drones are coming to my birth state of Illinois even as BIRD FLU attacks 16 other states while meat prices spike even for eggs and dumber than chickens, those turkeys. Read here: Drudge is warning Americans that you no longer can afford this administration’s attack on our cows and their cattle men, and because of that darn bird virus, chickens are being slaughtered in such huge numbers that we won’t even be able to “Have a Chicken in Every POT” as one Democrat President so famously promised many years ago. BTW, why don’t those miserable CDC vaxxers develop some vaccines for America’s un-vaccinated chickens and thereby, leave our little children alone?

Moving right along, we Americans are threatened even more by our OUT OF CONTROL IRS because Drudge tells us, “Feds Collect Record $1,891,601,000,000 Through April. That’s got to digest well with all of those dumb turkey burgers and cold, boiled eggs as you sit across from your broken and blown away, tornado damaged home in OK. Hey, it’s not OK to be an Okkie as the once loved song told us. We scan down Drudge’s misery index sheet for the day to learn that not only “Muggings HIT NYC Central Park,” but that Madison Ave was undergunfire; a worker was FIRED because he disabled a GPS that tracked him 24 hours a day.

Yeah, that bugs me, because in my Florida, Home Owner Association (HOA) policed and militarized home, I too am being watched. One of my neighbors, a handsome Black man, told me: “Everywhere I go, I feel eyes. . .eyes all over watching me.” Folks, this is low down, rotten, wrong up front. Why are you letting America’s ruling class and its worker drones, those miserable public sector employees, do this to you? You idiots in CA, what’s wrong with you? Why are you paying $35.00 to get your car washed with ONE CUP OF WATER while you pay the salaries of town bureaucrats who spill many gallons of the liquid spraying an expressway and its median early in the morning? Where are your heads? Drudge, also, is warning Las Vegas and the League that “Garoppolo Gets a Shot. . .” to replace Tom Brady during his 4 game suspension.

From DeBlasio stepping up to the plate to protect Asian nail painters to some unelected black robed tyrant releasing over 1k “illegals from detention due to overcrowding,” to lady love Hillary bringing in more damage control troops to provide cover and lies for her obscene pre-election run-up, we have to know something just isn’t right here anymore.

From that pathetic professor in a CA art class running around buck naked with his pitiful millenials, America is going off road here. With an 89% pop in police killings since America’s first black man took office to a woman driver launching her lumbering SUV EIGHT FEET in the air to land upside down between two large gas pole protectors at a major gas exchange substation, you’ve gotta sense something may be rotten, not in Denmark, but in Denali, Detroit, and Destin.

BTW, as this 57 year old female driver remains critical in hospital because she inhaled so many gas fumes while hanging UPSIDE DOWN looking at the very big gas line she just cut into, I MISS MY HOT WATER SHOWERS, guys. Yesterday, I heated a pot of water on my electric stove but couldn’t figure out how to get it into my hot water line and was too afraid to climb up on a ladder to somehow attach it to my shower head. The day before I donned my old Wal-Mart inspired bathing suit fashion statement to take a “shower” outside in Florida’s 85 degree sunlight; I, however, was too afraid to go into too many details of a lady’s washing routine, due to local neighbors from NYC nearby. (Could Kyle Busch or Junior please tell me in simple detail how a driver can launch a top heavy SUV eight feet in the air at 1:20 a.m. on a Sunday just because she wanted to park between two, thick gas poles next to a very large gas line? I didn’t know a car could do that. I didn’t know a driver could be that dumb determined.

Good golly, Miss Molly; we don’t need a walk on the wild side anymore. We are the Wild Bunch, and everyone else on the planet is ROFLMAO at us while making themselves rich at the expense of the good old US of A.

SOURCES: News Headline Sheet, May 13, 2015.

An English Teacher’s View of “Deflategate”

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Does Tom Brady have a target on his back because he’s a Republican? Here’s his agent’s analysis of the Wells Report. According to Don Yee, “…omission of key facts and lines of inquiry suggest the investigators reached conclusion first and determined so-called facts later.” You think? Consider this legal analysis the agent makes: the Wells investigators, who he says showed less than stellar knowledge of pro football, buried the report’s significant vulnerabilities in the FOOTNOTES…a key legal device. Additionally, Tom Brady’s full day of interview testimony by four League legal types “virtually was omitted.”

But the most trenchant point of Yee’s argument concerns the fact that the League’s front office let the Colts tip it off regarding the PSI problem right at game time in the big money maker of the year stakes, “but kept the Patriots UNINFORMED.” How do you spell STING? This is just unfair, wrong up front, playing with a stacked deck to use an analogy from another game. One thread commenter pointed out that Brady threw better after the big reveal than he did without his knowledge of what they knew but didn’t tell him. Oh, and how about the fact that the report for the League was done by the bought and paid for, League’s own legal guy, NOT an independent, outside investigator.

White guys–read very gifted, highly talented White guys–are targeted by the highly slanted, unfair sports media who mirror their biased reports on the views of the country’s politicos. Of the three black pundits discussing “Deflategate,” the two on Sports Nation and Michael Smith, all three said the White guy did it. Brady’s wrong. Only Jamele Hill cut Brady some slack, pointing out the “could a, would a” nature of the flawed Wells report. She rightly stressed the unfairness to Brady.

Let’s take a look at how unfair the NFL really is to White guys. “More than 2/3 (68 percent) of the NFL players are African-American.”  This stat is stacked against a nationwide demographic of a 13 percent African American component. Furthermore, the League only has six positions where there are more White than Black players. These positions are: “center, placekicker, long snapper, punter, quarterback, and tight end. (Love those tight ends, especially Chicago tight ends!) Of the 175 cornerbacks in the league, 170 are black, at running back, 107 of the 120 are Afro-American.”

But for an English teacher, (this term no longer is used in academia), trying to parse what went on this week comes down to watching the Yankees-Orioles game on one large screen to my left while scanning back and forth to the right screen of the Tom Brady story, while I’m sitting at the local sports bar.

Of course, I could hear no audio on either screen, so I had to do my own analysis of eye and facial features and other characteristics while paying close attention to the menu lists. One female, with very conflicted, unattractive long hair and dowdy attire, was sandwiched in between two white guys who, when not chewing gum, had their lips flapping. But she blinked her eyes at least three times to each of their eye movements, by my unofficial count. Why is this important? She was ill at ease, out of her element, transmitting a sexual come-on, i.e. long hair, but also evincing a very non-sexual female. Why would PC producers do this? To denigrate the White guy, to diminish Tom Brady! Huh, you say? Putting this unappealing female in between two, clearly more screen comfortable males, subliminally diminishes the entire Brady meme, IMHO.

If you really want to split hairs, why did Sports Nation producers give Brady’s defense to the female? When you now look at Brady’s eyes, in the composite of clips of him at play, you find not ONE positive, smiling photo of him, behind the metal mask, walking the sidelines, hair askew, frowning. How obvious can these biased, liberal TV producers be to the White guy they already have put on the menu list as being at fault? Will he be suspended? Will his legacy be affected? Will his actions cost the Patriots in the next draft? (Interestingly the Wells report just happened to appear AFTER this year’s draft.)

Sports in general to an “English” teacher: the Pacman fills out good to go forms, fights, loses, picks up his $80 million and schedules shoulder surgery, all within one week of the “fight of the century.” Ray Farmer settles his fraud charge but stays in Cleveland and a flap in Minnesota reflects NFL tough talk but no tough action. Jerry Jones opens his eyes wider at LaLa Collins four days after a paternity test absolved a questionable draft offering who now is a Cowboy. Famous Jameis, albeit from the media’s favored group, still can’t get their respect because he played for the Seminoles, a name the PC crowd loves to hate. But they do like Hawaii, green uniforms, the upper west, rainy, coast, even though the number two draft pick is White. Tom Brady, well, he’s White, Golden, and we’re going to take him down, in the court of public opinion. He’s unusually gifted, talented, rich, married to a gorgeous super model and a father of four. Brady is just what the media love to hate in America’s unfair and biased culture.

Obama is NOT eligible to serve and neither are Cruz or Rubio

by George Spelvin, staff writer

President Barack Hussein Obama is NOT eligible to serve as President of the USA because he became a naturalized citizen in 1983, and “as a naturalized U.S. citizen, Obama is ineligible to be President of the United States,” states Sven Magnussen, a longtime web researcher and dedicated writer. Publishing on line since March of 2013, Magnussen has revealed his research on this vital topic with detail and definition that no mainstream reporter, editor, or news anchor has equaled to date.

Not only is Obama ineligible because he is not a natural born citizen as required by Article II, Section 1, paragraph five, of the U.S. Constitution, neither Ted Cruz nor Marco Rubio meet the necessary requirements because all three of these men have parents who were born OUTSIDE of our country! Laws governing who sits in the Oval Office apply at the time of the oath of service and until such time as Congress should amend them. They carry the same sanctions against avoidance or failure to comply as any other US legislation.

Our Constitution states: “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of the President. . .” (Article II, Section 1, paragraph 5). Researcher Magnussen says the following, “Catholic Social Services of CT, under contract with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, was the sole financial supporter of BHO II for the next eight years.” (1)

The young male child was in the Federal Foster Care program beginning in 1971 because when he entered this country, the young boy “arrived at Hawaii International Airport as an unaccompanied minor with Indonesian Nationality,” and as such was not sped rapidly through customs because of fear that foreign nationals, especially young children, would wind up in the clutches of human trafficking rings. “Unaccompanied minors with foreign nationality arriving at any port of entry in the US are taken into protective custody and held until a child welfare hearing is held to determine what is in the best interest of the child,” says researcher Magnussen. (2) The question persists pertaining to Obama’s executive order allowing unaccompanied minors into our country without legal immigration processes. Is he trying to expiate the shame he himself felt at being cast adrift by adults?

When the Mother of BHO II married Indonesian citizen Lolo Soetoro, and the family moved to Jakarta, adoption proceedings by her new husband began and were “finalized in Hawaii” after the marriage. (3) However, when the marriage broke up, the young Obama’s formal adoption remained intact, and he still carried the last name of his adoptive father, namely Soetoro. “In 1968, Secretary of State Dean Rusk issued Barry Soetoro, a/k/a/ Barack Hussein Obama II, a Certificate of Loss of Nationality” so the young man could naturalize here as an Indonesian National.” (4) ICE took him into custody, and the child’s guardianship then was moved over to Catholic Social Services of CT (CSS of CT) and Madelyn Payne Dunham, his maternal grandmother was named as his legal guardian.

When his grandmother advised him to file IRS forms as a foreign national, explains Magnussen, he (Barry Soetoro nee BHO II) thereby forfeited his means for obtaining permanent US alien residency. “CSS of CT…was the sole financial supporter of Barack Hussein Obama II for the next eight years.” (5) Even though a legal name change took place–from Barry Soetoro to Barack Hussein Obama–“, his Indonesian nationality remained intact,” says Magnussen! Sealed long form birth certificates, COLB documents, airport entry manifests, social security and military service records have caused this conundrum to remain open and unresolved even as president Obama’s SECOND term comes to a close. How can this have happened? Do not the American people, indeed, our soldiers serving and dying daily in protracted wars deserve resolution and closure?

This drastic issue with all of its ramifications must be addressed and resolved NOW, even as Republican Presidential candidates Marco Rubio with Cuban heritage and Ted Cruz with his Canadian lineage are not being addressed. The US Supreme Court has ducked this open wound on America long enough. The time has come for answers NOW!

The soaring words of Alexander Hamilton are being mocked daily by these unanswered questions. Will someone read and weep over these hallowed words: “The sacred rights of mankind are not to be rummaged for, among old parchments, or musty records. They are written, as with a sun beam in the whole volume of human nature, by the hand of the divinity itself; and can never be erased or obscured by mortal power.” Alexander Hamilton, 1775.

SOURCE: all references and quotes and footnotes for this research belong to the outstanding and diligent work of Sven Magnussen. . .