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By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

When TIME magazine recently banned the word Feminism because of its overuse, a deluge of libfems pounded the editor so roundly that he/she took down the word from the no go list.  This is the topic of the great blog piece by Kevin Jackson, an astute observer-writer of the American cultural scene. (1)  “A lot of us just don’t want to be associated with a supposed movement that has no unifying theme except being ANTI-MAN!” says one commenter.  The libfems may finally be getting the notion that being anti-man represents the basic discomfort rabid feminists have with their own personhood. In short, that it is an inability to succeed on their own merits without reliance on being a victim. 

Whining like little children, feminists gained nationwide attention to such an extent they were eventually provided Women’s History classes in academic syllabuses.  These offerings so devolved into idiocy that course titles now are laughable. Sexual intercourse was re-named PIV by one libfem professor who surely must have been struggling to fill up class time with something other than silly discussions about anatomy being destiny!

When a movement’s timing has come and gone, its end stages do just that, devolve.  When those libfems got their way in the workplace, they put on their high heels and strode off to do a man’s job for which many were very unprepared.  The nuanced atmosphere of high stake negotiations devolved into 15″ discussions of one’s female feelings, another’s lateness, another’s total absence “because my car wouldn’t start.”  These unspoken clues about total inadequacy transmitted to bosses, opponents, challengers for positions.  Part of being employable used to be getting the job done in spite of recalcitrant cars, an overnight snow storm, or a headache that resulted because of whatever.

When the feminists started stuffing those spike heels into their briefcases, feminism started to die off.  Comfortable sneakers worn to work on the “L” platforms furtively were changed out before getting into those glittering Michigan Avenue elevators.  And there’s the rub as a great literary figure once said.  Appearances in the end wound up being the tipping point that brought down feminism.  You only can make it so far while appearing to make it.  You only can rely on your feminine charm so long to cover up those 15″ lateness marks on your evaluations.  You only can hide your overt hatred of anyone or anything male so far when your own inadequacy points up the fact that the male at the table just let you defeat yourself.  The American man just got tired of covering for you, just got fed up with the false eyelashes that masked the failure to perform.  The American male’s ability to stand up to fierce competition, whether physical or mental, now seems to be the factor that is sinking feminism.

“Feminism is geared mostly towards middle class white females…it doesn’t represent women…no one requires a political label to help women succeed,” says another commenter to the Jackson essay. (2)  But, of course.  The libfems used harsh words, inflammatory roundtable topics, silly ploys to gain traction.  A long ago analysis of Mayor Daley the son said he answered the order to place women in high places by doing just that.  He put women in positions of power and left them to twist in the wind, alone.  No backup assistant covered for a pushy feminist who just wasn’t handling Loop problems.  He appointed no man whose only job was to get the job done for the boss that clearly couldn’t.  Mayor Daley then quickly moved to put in a competent male when the libber slid off of icy Lake Shore Drive that still needed to be plowed at noontime.  The Mayor never had to say, “See, I told you so.”

Look, the American workplace is so stressed now that it just can’t afford silliness.  The silliness of young female news anchors reading prepared news stories in dresses without sleeves and hemlines up the yin yang is the last example of the failure of feminism.  For all of its shrews, for all of its unproductive victims, for all of its once “I Am Woman: Hear Me Roar” ladies, feminism just can’t cut it.  The water cooler crowd, the basic training types, the ladder climbers in 20 degree weather had to get a grip.  And by the way, I got sick and tired of the unshaved legs in academia, the smelly clothing and armpits, the utter chaos when a water main break rendered the cafeteria off limits.  Sorry to get personal.

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Catholic bishops prefer the collection of money to the teaching of religion


by Suzanne Eovaldi

Don’t expect to see any breakout sessions on the bumper sticker “You Can’t Be Both Catholic and Pro-Choice” at the meeting this week of the U.S. Roman Catholic bishops in Baltimore.  And you probably won’t be allowed to take part in any discussions about clarity from the bishops regarding how Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Patrick Murphy can be both Catholic and pro-abortion.

The demoted Cardinal Raymond Burke, former St. Louis archbishop, is saying the church “is like a ship without a rudder” under Pope Francis. (1) The Illinois Catholic Conference of state church leaders called abortion and related issues of far greater moral weight than immigration and poverty at this same source.  Yet if one considers what Pope Francis is asking the bishops to do, who is really listening more to the lay people? Clearly, the Pope’s recent emphasis on gaining more input from average Catholics has NOT appeared on the agenda at this week’s gathering.  Rather, changes to the liturgy, a safe, non-threatening topic has taken center stage, followed by receiving the Sacraments for people with celiac disease and directives for health care services. (2)

Though one might object to the advance review of the left leaning, AOL News online report, perhaps AOL is correct when it says: “Bishops have been asserting themselves as the sole authorities in their dioceses and as the arbiters of what would be considered authentically Catholic.” (3)  And AOL goes on to point out that U.S. bishops “have conducted an increasing amount of work behind closed doors in recent years.  THE SESSIONS THEY OPENED TO THE PUBLIC FEATURED LITTLE DEBATE.” 

As the de-briefing by political pundits winds down after the mid-term drubbing of all things Obama, just how much have the bishops heard from the people?  Difficult to understand is the total silence emanating from well-appointed, diocesan quarters about the hypocrisy of the Biden, Pelosi, Murphy crowd of Democrat politicians who like trading off of Irish Catholic, Italian Catholic, traditionally safe surnames for gleaning the Catholic vote.  Yet these politicos sustain no sanctions from bishops who are pleased to consider themselves “the arbiters of what would be considered authentically Catholic!”

The 2014 campaign in Florida’s US House of Representatives District 18 is a classic example of the silence expected from the Palm Beach Diocese in the successful candidacy of Patrick Murphy.  Quoted by, Murphy claims to be a Catholic.  Yet later in its outstanding analysis, ballotpedia  reports that Murphy boldly favors “Abortion” calling it a woman’s unrestricted right.  The 31 year old proceeds to strongly favor same-sex marriage as he “opposes human needs over animal rights.” Huh?  The very revealing chart lists as “UNKNOWN” Murphy’s preference about “Keeping God in the public sphere.”  So from his response, we learn that Murphy says he’s Catholic, says abortion is a woman’s unrestricted right, is quite comfortable with same-sex marriage, but isn’t all that sure that God should be kept in the public sphere! (4)

This political theatre has left me in a bit of a spiritual quandary as I walk into church each week.  I had a tough time looking at a sincere parishioner’s bumper sticker about the hypocrisy of trying to be both Catholic and Pro-choice.  I had an even tougher time wondering why we heard nothing from our church leaders about such hypocrisy.  How can they remain quiet, yet still admonish us that the Right to Life trumps all other Rights?  One friend suggested that the church must remain silent lest it risk the loss of tax exemptions as a religious entity. 

But let’s look at what the bishops are really saying with their silence.  They want us to do as they say.  But they also want the government to permit them the collection of tax-free money every week. Tax free! Although abortion is anti-Catholic, tax free money is the real trump card here.

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Florida’s Bishop Barbarito says nothing as liberal, Pro-Choice Democrat claims to be a good Catholic

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

How weak and hypocritical is Palm Beach diocese Bishop Gerald Barbarito for refusing to respond to the conflicting claims of Democrat Congressman Patrick Murphy that while being “Pro Choice,” he is also “CATHOLIC.”

With a $FIVE million campaign war chest, the 31 year old Murphy moved into District 18 just in time to take advantage of a shameless voter fraud scheme which unseated Lt. Col Allen West in 2012. Now, Murphy is hoping Irish-Catholic given and surnames will convince gullible  Catholics to vote against a great Italian American, Republican Carl Domino, a 27 year career Navy veteran of active duty service in Viet Nam and now in the Reserves. Domino’s vast experience both as an investment manager, small business employer, Florida legislator, better qualifies him for this office than the carpetbagger from Fort Lauderdale who was arrested in a South Beach episode several years ago just at Lt. Col. West was preparing to deploy into a hot war zone.

Is Murphy thinking that voters will choose him him, even though he is nothing but a poseur? How disgraceful that Bishop Barbarito and the diocese should remain silent and let Murphy get away with his deceptions.

This is pro-life month in Catholic churches.  As I drove into our church parking lot yesterday morning, hundreds of pink and blue flags were waving on both sides of the entry to represent the thousands of innocent babies whose lives were snuffed out by abortion.  As Catholics we are organized, solicited, warned to be pro-life; that the RIGHT TO LIFE is the one right that trumps all others. In fact, this notice appears every Sunday in our bulletin:  “October is RESPECT LIFE month and is also the month of the ROSARY.  THE RIGHT to LIFE TRANSCENDS ALL OTHER RIGHTS COMBINED,” as quoted from the writings of Bishop Felipe J. Estevez, St. Augustine, FL.  So why are we hearing nothing from the Military Trail Diocese?  Why does Bishop Barbarito remain silent, allowing Murphy to play an evil trick on District 18 voters?

Though praiseworthy, posting esoteric notices in church bulletins once a week hardly has the same effect as actual words and statements from the good Bishop.  Listen to this double speak in our bulletins:  “Candidate Positions on Catholic Issues…Gubernatorial race and US Representative race District 18: there is one candidate who agrees with the Catholic position on the 5 important issues and ONE WHO IS AGAINST the Catholic position.  Please research.  For information on where the candidates stand on important Catholic issues, you can go to the Florida Catholic Bishops website at www.flccb.or and click on the Candidate Questionnaire Project.”   Huh?  Does this Texas, two-step rhetoric take the place of honest, sincere words spoken aloud to everyone in hailing distance by the leader of Palm Beach Diocese Catholics?  I don’t think so.

So not only is Republican Carl Domino being outspent by the special interest millions at Murphy’s disposal, Domino is not getting a fair shake because of the code of omerta from the Diocese.  The forty days for Life ends just two days before this crucial mid-term election on November 4, a scant few days away.  Prayer and witness sessions are being held in front of local abortion mills.  But statistics quoted in our church bulletins are yet again, just so many words.

What we really need here is some face time from a Bishop who is remaining sadly silent on liberal Democrat Patrick Murphy; a politician   who calls himself a Catholic while declaring “I Am Pro Choice” all over the Sunday political talk venues.  Murphy entered Congress just two years ago with a personal income of his own (not his rich daddy’s) of $205,682. Today, Murphy has admitted to a staggering hike in income and net worth of $3,185,011. (1)  This huge spike represents a “1,449% increase while in comparison, the American citizen’s median yearly income features a net worth DECLINE of 0.94%!”   Murphy now ranks as the “102 wealthiest representative in 2012.”    You can find this information at this same source in which Murphy boldly claims his religion to be “CATHOLIC.”

Murphy ads are running ad nauseam in the Treasure Coast of Florida.  Many of these slick productions are gratis area Realtors.  Maybe the fact that the hypocrite sits on the very powerful US House Finance committee, which puts him in direct contact with Realtors, lawyers and wealthy PACs has something to do with Murphy’s huge ad buys.  You think?

So here we have a candidate openly seeking to trade on a typically Irish Catholic name, openly listing his religion as Catholic, openly saying “I am Bi-partisan, independent” while statistics clearly reveal him to have voted with Obama-Pelosi over 82% of the time, (2).  And we have this same hypocrite telling all of us, “I AM PRO CHOICE.” 

In November, voters must remember that Silence is Consent!

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How many American lives will be threatened by 7th Century ignorance and agenda driven politics

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

The cleansing of all bodily orifices of dead Ebola victims by relatives of the same gender is a big factor in the uncontrollable spread of this deadly disease in West Africa. Yet our corrupt media refuse to fully vet this principle cause of contagion thereby allowing silence to spread the hemorrhagic disease.  Ancient burial traditions, so deeply rooted in the native culture that government authorities are unable to bridge the gap of distrust, really are big factors because healthy relatives are required to put their hands into the Ebola bodies, still warm, just after death.  And commonly known is the fact that a just deceased body, still holding warmth as life’s last vestige, is highly contagious!

“In many areas of West Africa, ritual cleansing of the corpse prior to burial is a sacred/sacrosanct tradition,” says Dr. James Childs, Yale zoonotic specialist. (1)  “Irrespective of the risk posed to family members, it is difficult for authorities and public health officials to intercede on established cultural customs.”  Even the politically correct WASHINGTON POST is reporting that a still warm body right after death is highly infectious. (2) 

Family’s cultural practices and religious beliefs require that a family member “of the same gender should WASH the body” before the family and villagers can bury their dead.  Bleeding from bodily orifices is a characteristic of Ebola; however, the relatives continue to follow ancient prerogatives that conform to centuries old cultural imperatives.  Naturally, you can deduce how such customs contribute to the spread of this pandemic, now estimated to be claiming at least 10,000 lives each month in certain West African regions.

What needs to be noted here is the fact that President Obama has ordered US Army line troops, on alert for instant call up, into these deadly regions.  Is this being done to once again prevent members of the military from voting?  This theory is out on the web.  One retired military officer told Fox News this week that the Army has many highly qualified medical troops, units, and personnel that could have been activated for this very mission.  But speculation on the web suggests that, perhaps, these on call troops, 4,000 strong, are being sent over to prevent their votes being cast this November. It is very like Democrats to engage in such blatant corruption.

Also, a not widely reported fact concerns the highly sophisticated Army device known as FILM ARRAY, an instrument that within minutes could have detected the Eric Duncan Ebola infection. The treating hospital had it.  So why wasn’t it used? The military news site Defense One says, “Doctors could have simply turned on a toaster-sized device called the Film Array and gotten a diagnosis within minutes!” (3)

Apparently “Federal regulations” stopped medical personnel from using this invaluable device, developed by the US Army for just such need.  Guess who is taking all of the heat now for not catching the Duncan diagnosis?  Certainly not the federal government, but rather, the over-worked and under-valued hospital employees.  The two infected nurses themselves even have been blamed.  And why was the second nurse so quickly moved into the federal treatment center?  Would the feds be better able to control the messaging if they had her under their control?

So in an odd sort of way, average Americans are in a similar position to residents of West African villages who refuse to listen to   government officials who tell them to give up their ancient burial practices.  When the citizenry no longer trust their own government or its media propaganda agents, even though lives are at stake, who really is to blame?





A Letter to TC Palm, Florida’s Treasure Coast News Paper

by Suzanne Eovaldi, Coach is Right–staff writer

Nothing in my journalism training, career, or credentials approves of the unfair manner by which TC PALM uses its power to endorse some candidates while refusing to cover in the news section the obvious failings of their darlings.  The Patrick Murphy endorsement, while predictable, certainly cements in my mind the lack of fairness in journalism here on the Treasure Coast.  An outstanding 18 page analysis of the 31 year old Democrat, done by, reveals this staggering statistic which our heavy handed editorialists will never tell you.  “From 2011 to 2012, Murphy’s yearly net worth jumped from $205,682 to $3,185,011, an unbelievable increase of 1,449%, while at the same time the American citizen’s median yearly income features a net worth DECLINE of MINUS-0.94%.” 

Murphy sits on the powerful US House Finance Committee, placing him in direct contact with special interests, lobbyists, lawyers, law firms, real estate, securities and investment and leadership PACs! He amassed a $4,752,054 campaign war chest in the 2012 cycle. Murphy voted, according to ballotpedia, over 82% of the time with the Obama-Pelosi-Democrat party line, in spite of the hypocritical campaign ads saying he is bi-partisan, Independent.

This past Friday, Murphy failed to show up at a SEVENTH voter forum! He refuses to meet his constituents, yet this newspaper says nothing, and rewards him with their endorsement!  Murphy calls himself a “Catholic,” yet ballotpedia shows this Democrat has a 100% approval rating from Planned Parenthood! This means every time, Murphy has voted for abortions.  Hello, Palm Beach Diocese!

Murphy never rescinded his 2013 letter to the US DOT supporting All Aboard Florida.  TC Palm rudely ignored and dismissively refused to report on Carl Dominos’ many achievements and experience.  While in the Florida legislature this highly qualified candidate pushed through the all important PORTABILITY legislation which is saving thousands of Floridians their homes if they move within the state.  Why won’t TC PALM run Murphy’s mug shot for his 2003 South Beach arrest?

The abject disdain to which this paper subjected Mr. Domino is unforgivable! No mention of his distinguished 27 year US Navy and Reserves career.  No mention of his military service in Viet Nam, of his being a highly successful business and family man who understands why families need jobs to support their children.  The single Democrat just may not quite understand the sacrifices that must be made when one becomes a parent.  Your life forever changes.

Yet, this newspaper’s editorialists chose Patrick Murphy.  Is he a District homeowner?  Is his CPA license registered in Colorado, not in Florida where he is elected to serve? Please.  My 50′s journalism training cries out for an honest, fair unbiased print outlet with a principled editorial board that just once may see fit to endorse without hidden agendas. Better still.  Why should you endorse anyone?  Let the people decide.

Thank you.

Suzanne Eovaldi, Saint Lucie West  


From:  Suzanne Eovaldi, BS Journalism, Univ. of Ill ’57,/MA English DePaul Univ. 1970/ MS Media Communication  Governors State Univ. 1980/ ret. tenured English Professor, 26 years, Prairie State College, Chicago Heights, IL/ wire editor, reporter, feature writer, news correspondent, four newspapers in IL and IN/ current: staff writer

DISCLAIMER: I am a small donor to the Carl Domino for Congress campaign/ I am under no contract to any media outlet/I receive no compensation from

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