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Drop the gun or forget sex forever

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

April Lawson

When all else fails, try no sex. Chicago’s street violence is so bad that a very brave and self-composed South Side woman, April Lawson, is organizing black women to vow no sex until the killing stops, like now! “Make sure these fools put down their guns,” she’s telling her lady warriors. And her sex strike mission is based on Aristophanes’ classic Greek play, “Lysistrata!” To stop the perpetual war between Athens and Sparta, a strong Athenian   woman “explains to the other women: They are to withhold sexual privileges from their menfolk as a means of forcing them to bring an end to the war.”

What set Ms. Lawson off was seeing long lines of black males camped out in front of a new Chicago shoe store. “You’re watching these guys just like buying gym shoes and carrying on like life is normal,” Lawson said. “I saw the trailer to ‘Chi-Raq.'” Both Spike Lee and mother and activist from Auburn Gresham depict sex as the real change agent, and they mean business. “I vow to stay celibate until black men organize and create a strategy to keep the peace in our neighborhoods.” Lawson is saying! A gorgeous, young, Black female stands front and center in the video trailer surrounded by her other frustrated female cohorts. She’s wearing a black under bra with an over bra in purple. She’s mad, and she’s not going to take it anymore, no pun intended!

The Peloponnesian War between the two big city states had grown intolerable and endless. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, Lysistrata, “a strong Athenian woman with a great sense of individual responsibility,” convenes a large meeting of only females and outlines her sex strike to end war. “They are to LYSISTRATAwithhold sexual privileges from their menfolk as a means of forcing them to bring an end to the war,” she details. “The women agree to abjure all sexual pleasures, including various specifically mentioned sexual positions,” to bring Athens and Sparta to peace.

Other stage action in the Greek fable involves the older Athenian women’s seizure of the state treasury in the Acropolis. So without sex or money, the young guys are in a world of hurt. The women’s oath was solemn and sealed around a wine bowl! A state judge comes on stage to chastise the men for being unable to control their womenfolk. When his constables try to break into the Acropolis to seize the needed war funds, they “quickly are overwhelmed by groups of unruly women with long, strange names.”  While peace talks between Athens and Sparta eventually were solved after a naked figure of Reconciliation dances provocatively in front of the men, solving Chicago’s gang wars may not be so easy.

Jesse and Uncle Al have ginned up more Black crime than any White accused of racism

More people are being killed on the South and West sides than in Afghanistan, according to some reports. The recent revenge killing of a little 9 year old boy to get back at his father is beyond horrific! South side violence is so bad that reportedly Comcast has pulled its technicians from the area! So with no sex and no television, what are the gangs to do! One observer even said when a gang  shoot-out took place on either side of the Dan Ryan Expressway, the gang bangers were just left to sort themselves out with their own guns and bullets.

How ironic that Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the country. The city of broad shoulders is full of the Obama-Clinton-Alinsky philosophy of “rubbing resentments raw” to bring change for the oppressed. The Democrat City Council and succeeding Democrat mayors continue the cycle of progressive politics that is killing the GUN CONTROL 5city and its inhabitants. Who knows, maybe April Lawson’s plan of no sex will work. “I vow to stay celibate until black men organize and create a strategy to keep the peace in our neighborhoods,” she says.  She’s suggesting the silent no sex protest “might get them to think.”

But kidding aside, this Chicago street violence must stop. It’s a very bad scene. Why doesn’t

Mayor Emanuel ask the Governor to put Illinois’ National Guard on the street? Those innocent Chicago children and families do not deserve to live like this. If the Democrat political cabal really cared about their traditional voters, they would stop the violence now!


A Nation of Pill Zombies

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

“I’m paid to dispense a little poison every day to people,” said a well-trained pharmacist recently. We began our conversation at a Treasure Coast GOP forum for candidates running for office. There was nothing new being said so I welcomed this conversation with a real American who was unafraid to tell the truth about a tragedy he sees every day. “Forty four out of every 100 middle aged white Americans are taking anti-depressants, more than 1 in 3,” he went  OBAMACARE AND PILLSon. When you multiply out his figure of 495 prescriptions for pills he fills every day at one corner, corporate chain drugstore, you get 3,465 pill popping poisons a week, or a staggering 180,180 pill prescriptions filled each year by one pharmacist on one corner of one city in one state in America.

Just think what the figures must be when you compute this out to the thousands of dispensaries in our 50 states. Am I being too cynical to suggest that street drugs may not be our worst medication issue? Or dare I ask if our government is deliberately medicating us into submission? My great American interview subject went on in frustration, “White middle age (Americans) are dying at higher rates…the economy and men…not enough opportunities.”

Insurance companies and the huge amounts of cash they’ve received from Obamacare’s largesse appeared to be this pharmacist’s culprit as he drew connections with Big Pharma, the AMA, our federal government and insurance companies. He added that when he had arthroscopic procedures done on his knees ten OBAMACARE 1years ago, his own doctor only received $5,000 for each knee. Each operation cost some entity $16,000. “Wow,” I said; “I hate to think what those operations would cost today!”

So what is to be done? Donald Trump’s great new book “Crippled America” really tells us what’s wrong with just about everything, and he speaks truth to us in easy to read and understand language. “I’d like to see a private insurance system without artificial lines drawn between states,” Trump says. (pg. 75) “The government should get out of the way and let insurance companies compete for your business.”

Trump talks about letting good old American competitive spirit deal with and heal our nation’s medical quandary. “The government doesn’t belong in health care except as the very last resort,” he adds. He believes insurance companies should be monitored by federal agencies only to the extOBAMACARE 3ent that they are financially strong enough to handle a catastrophic event or a miscalculation. One thing I like about candidate Trump is that he actually goes around on the ground and talks to real Americans to listen to what they tell him, just as I took in the things the pharmacist told me.

One doctor friend of ours summed it up when he said, “I have more accountants and computer programmers working for me than I have nurses,” writes Trump. (pg. 71) Unbelievable to me is modern medicine’s proclivity for putting patients on machines almost as soon as they walk into the office. Then, based on What the Machine Says, doctors, or their surrogates, take out books to look up ominous sounding codes that can be translated on endless forms by insurance companies who then slice, dice, and spew out “dif” reasons for paying or not paying. That’s not mediciOBAMACARE 4ne.

“Crippled America” goes on to warn about the burden young, healthy citizens face. . .”there’s no way out of it without paying a  fine.” What is wrong with Obamacare is its complexity, its concessions to the insurance lobby, (who very well may have written most of Obamacare) and the fact that it ties the hands and wastes the time of doctors—the people we actually want to treat us. But, wait, isn’t Obamacare’s real aim to control us? When I listen to my Florida neighbors, I am appalled at how medical concerns have taken over their lives.

Liberal Democrat John Dingell of Michigan spent 60 years in the House and admitted the purpose of Obamacare is to control the people.

“My doctor told me. . .”; “I can’t drink a glass of wine tonight”. . .”I have to take my pills.” This is ridiculous. When on average five or six goofy pills are needed by the most magnificent organism ever created, just to get through the day, something is wrong  somewhere. Can you say corporate greed, liberal policy, federal government overreach? Or do you point your finger at the unholy alliance between doctors and their drug reps?

I lost much faith in our medical profession when I learned Big Pharma “pays” doctors to push their pills, when drug companies do the research for pills, for diseases, for treatments. Unscrupulous! The mother of a drug rep explained to me her daughter used one of her (mother’s) credit cards to fund the myriad of perks she had to give doctors on her list of calls each day. The daughter couldn’t afford the daily hit on her own income until she got her paycheck at the end of the month. These charges were loaded up front, and once again, a senior citizen paid.

It’s simple. Government has all of the rights and as patients, we get to pay the bill.

When that patient’s bill of rights was formulated, why didn’t it include a doctor’s disclosure statement? Writing out scripts for goofy pills that will bring your physician a stay at a fancy resort or a free round of golf should not be considered good medicine. And the Democrats’ morgue gurney has thrown us yet again under the xray machine of code driven algorithms that are our real doctors.  Not good! What’s even worse, these goofy pills are rendering us into a somnambulistic state that prevents us from challenging what our government and its insurance companies are doing to us. We’ve become a nation of pilled-up zombies.

–and btw, even though you didn’t ask, I am 80 years of age and take NO pills, no surgeries, no goofy flu shots, no vaccines/ last time someone checked, my BP was 116/68, but I don’t really watch it/ I take supplements, cod liver oil every day, ride my bike at least 1 mile every 2nd or 3rd day, religiously do Yogi Desai’s mindful meditation and rip on any and all government cruelty, every chance I get. Once in a while I pop a Benadryl if the palm pollen gets to me/may I continue this healthy lifestyle unless a Florida gator crawls up to my door and bites me on my irreverent butt.

Cheers, all/SE

SOURCES: interview on 11-10-15 at Martin County, FL GOP Christmas party, Stuart, FL, and Chapter 7, “Health Care is Making Us all Sick,” pg. 69,

CRIPPLED AMERICA, Donald Trump, Simon & Schuster, Inc.., NY, NY, 2015, by Donald Trump.

MSNBC Lightweight decides Trump can’t handle foreign affairs

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Chris Jansing, MSNBC lightweight and self-professed authority on America’s foreign affairs, recently had the embarrassing hubris to say she didn’t think Donald Trump had the chops to wade into the turbulent waters of foreign affairs. (My adjectives, not hers). Can you believe this? Here is some poker faced female news-reader with the abject gall to criticize America’s self-funded, billionaire presidential candidate whose name and organization own, develop and manage 37 properties, 16 of which include foreign  TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT  establishments. Only some airheaded, MSM type would embarrass herself to this degree.

Mr. Trump not only negotiated and built a lovely tower in America’s bastion of foreign existentialism, namely Chicago, but he got his huge sign up before city hall could prohibit and/or fine the Trump name off of its large display. Foreign golf courses and hotel properties are spread all over the world, all done by Trump, namely The Estates at Trump International Golf Club in Dubai, the Trump Hotel Rio de Janiero, Trump Towers in Istanbul and Trump Towers in Pune, India. The Philippines, St. Martin, Mumbai and Panama are sites of the huge Trump gold sign.

Trump Tower, Dubai

Golf courses in Ireland and Scotland bring together international movers and shakers who cut and implement world economy. How can Jansing make such foolish remarks on live air? By running her mouth, she not only exposed her own ignorance, but magnified everything Donald Trump has accomplished. In his Trump Tower, NYC, he casually mentions the large world bank of China “just a few floors up,” even as poorly educated reporters try to trap him with their obvious “gotcha” questions.

Trump Tower, Panama

Toby Keith has a great but overlooked song entitled “The Critic.” Its lyrics include: “He flunked junior high band-he couldn’t march on time. He tried to write a song once- he couldn’t make it rhyme.” . . .”Yea, It’s the Critic.”  Keith takes well deserved jabs at those pathetic entertainment writers who attempt, and sometimes do, derail a musician’s efforts. How many Broadway shows have been cancelled because they were panned by some critic’s double talk? Here, Jansing is trying to pan Trump. It’s always the same  story—those who can’t do either teach or criticize.

Mar-a-Lago on toney Palm Beach Island is magnificent, gorgeous by any measure. Gold fixtures, gold décor everywhere. Valets are courteous, efficient, provide impeccable service. This Trump property is booked solid around the South Florida calendar of charity balls and private meetings. The large American flag still waves after a considerable flap with the PB town council. The Donald took the grief the council gave him and turned it into his positive. 

Yeah, and Dewey Defeats Truman. Wishful thinking and foolish claims by media liberals are unlikely to stall the Trump campaign

“I do, however, think we need to bring some business acumen to the White House,” says Mr. Trump. (2) pg. 135. “I stand up for this  country, proudly and loudly. . .a cheerleader for America-the America that won rather than constantly lost.” Until Chris Jansing figures out how to properly polish this man’s shoes, she needs to   shut her silly mouth. Those that can’t, talk; those that can, do.

Hillary Clinton remains little more than the dark disciple of Saul Alinsky

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Saul Alinsky

Rubbing Resentments Raw is a main theme of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s analysis of the Alinsky model of community organizing and political activism to gain power by conflict over the establishment. Her senior dissertation on “There is Only the Fight” not only reveals the continuing, enormous effect of Saul Alinsky on Hillary Rodham today, but also shows the immersion in his   philosophy that directs her drive to become America’s first woman president.  She says of her role model: “Saul Alinsky is more than a man who has created a particular approach to community organizing; he is the articulate proponent of what many consider to be a dangerous social/political philosophy.”

Gang Members in Chicago
Chicago’s “underprivileged” gang members

The irony seen here-as her lengthy senior academic dissertation develops-is that Chicago, home of both professor and student, is every bit as bad and perhaps far worse than it ever was when they envisioned a social justice paradigm to rescue its underprivileged residents from poverty. Rubbing raw resentments is now the meme used by academics and their gullible students to effect what they feel will be beneficial change. But are their empty words a false symbol of lack of beneficial action?

Islam will dominate world
Hillary’s New World Order

Hillary Rodham’s student paper cites the Alinsky dream of a bridge from nationalistic chauvinism to a horizon of a New World Order for mankind. We now begin to see how she has steeped herself in this Chicago, political organizer’s fanciful theme of having “this feeling for and with the people.”  Of course, the hypocritical Clinton will occupy a station of importance far above that of “the people,” given that she considers herself better than those she was born to lead.

Is changing America into just another New World Order satellite nation what we really want?

At the U of Missouri, it’s Alinsky’s “route to power”

Alinksy’s theory that power, rather than good will, is the engine that drives societal change, is a subtle attack on Christianity’s beneficence. “Be prepared for Conflict; Conflict is the route to power,” says Alinsky. So let’s couple the idealistic musings of both Mrs. Clinton and her mentor with what we are seeing in real time and we have to wonder if what they evince is just more academic double talk. If we consider this week’s events at the University of  Missouri along with the Ferguson effect, we need to ask ourselves just what is being accomplished.

Some of Hillary’s “healthful societal conflict”

“Social conflict is both healthful and necessary to precipitate and direct a community’s conflict pattern,” says Alinsky. Wanting to serve as an “abrasive agent to rub raw the resentments of the people of the community,” now becomes chaos for the sake of chaos with no positive result anywhere in sight. Other aims HRC cites include “fanning latent hostilities and being a channel to pour out frustration” so Alinsky can “agitate to the point of CONFLICT.” Just what is being accomplished by the constant turmoil the Obama years have brought? Will Mrs. Clinton give us more of the same?

“Anti-authoritarian.” “Anti-oppression.” Wait, What?

What societal change is coming as a result of those inflamed classroom discussions? How is constant conflict helping America solve its many pressing economic problems? Can we truthfully say we are better off now after the Alinsky/Obama/Clinton push to “fundamentally change” our American way of life? “Alinsky’s anti-fascism, built around anti-authoritarian, anti-racial superiority, anti-oppression (are) his ideological justification for his move into organizing.” 

While all of this conflict and turmoil are going on with the right hand, what is Mrs. Clinton planning with her left? Commenters on conservative threads keep pointing out the nature of governance-by-distraction that has gotten Obama the shroud of confusion he needed to implement all kinds of new laws, regulations and Executive Orders that affect us in varied and dangerous ways. Is Mrs. Clinton taking what she learned as Alinsky’s ardent admirer to start her own march through our way of life?

illegals criminals 2
“Altering the causes of societal conditions” by providing illegals to rape and murder American women

Hillary says “a radical is one who advocates sweeping changes in existing laws and methods of government in Marxian terms. . .(to) drastically alter the causes of societal conditions.” Yes, these are Saul Alinsky’s words that she is quoting. But are these same words forever imprinted on her own philosophy? Did not entire segments of voters look to Obama as the young idealistic change artist who   would solve our country’s social strife? Does strife solve strife?

Our country is more racially divided, more violently corrupted, more drug addicted, more at risk from our foreign enemies, more in debt than ever before in our history. Is this what following Saul Alinsky has brought, not just to Chicago, but to America? Chicago’s murder rate is at all-time highs among its minority populations and no liberal politician seems able or willing to fix this city’s problem.

The “power to compel negotiations.” The American people own more than 300 million firearms. We don’t have to negotiate with traitors.

Alinsky saw Chicago as his home and indeed, he has made his Chicago school of community activism the driving force for his acolytes, Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. “No individual or organization can negotiate without power to compel negotiations,” he says. We must face the fact now that Hillary’s academic studies fundamentally have imbued her with the notion of social conflict and power mobilization for America’s future. How much of this woman do we see on her debate stage? It is the dark  shadow of Saul Alinsky that follows her everywhere.

Journalism is a thing of the past

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

“Who did you vote for in the last election?” a senior female colleague asked me when I first entered the English Department of a Chicago area community college! Thankfully, in this case, I just had received tenure, because had I not, I very well would have been drummed out of their University of Chicago ghetto of political correctness when that crap all started, way back in the late 1960’s. “We don’t teach that any more. . .that’s old fashioned,” a minority female professor told me late in my teaching career. Horror of horrors, I still required my students to spell and punctuate correctly, write book reviews, develop literate 500 word essays that centered on non-social or culturally flamed theme statements.

We no longer have a “Journalism” profession. Only hubris permits the Democrat media to thinks we have and here’s a breaking news bulletin: No One Cares. Spending four years in today’s requisite left leaning colleges being taught such hateful things as Military Bad, White Men Bad, America Bad, George WashMEDIA LIBERALSington Bad, Founding Fathers had slaves, Women Good, People of Color Good, Killing Babies Good, Men “Getting Married” Good, our “journalists” naturally perform on cue. “You have a power stronger than a bullet,” one of my 1950’s Journalism professors said. “You   can kill a man with your pen; use it wisely, carefully, truthfully,” he continued. The larger transgression of left leaning bias is the uncomfortable truth that our national election results have been manipulated by liberal, agenda-driven reporters. Here on Florida’s Treasure Coast, Republican candidates have no print outlet that covers them fairly, IMHO.

Now, for the last fifty years, America’s main stream media have used their enormous power and very obvious Democrat theme statements to control our national elections. America’s Supreme Court now is our biggest political power train followed closely in consort with a failed US educational system. Using “precedent” and discovered “penumbras,” our legal types have found reasons to prostitute the US Constitution in ever new and destructive ways.  MEDIA LIBERALS 3 And never forget, when a “democracy,” or rather a “republic,” fails to educate its young, it condemns itself to its own demise.

Here are some of the ruinous ways our country has been destroyed by our Democrat “journalists:” the stain on our national soul of killing babies legally; the abomination of affirmative action that has morphed our minority students into anger battalions who now feel they “are owed;” the elevation of women over the strength, courage, persistence and divine ability of our males to protect themselves, their families, their own nation. Now, our stupid media tell men to “marry,” bring home the bacon, cook it and do a load of laundry with one of their babies under their arms. (Have any of you really watched our sit coms recently?) Our women don’t want to nurture; our men face loss of their guns. Black men are paid to abandon their children, our young people are being destroyed in urban warrens of drugs and murder, and suburbia is just as sexually promiscuous as Hollywood.

Contrast lead story segments featuring Lymar Odom, Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson with not leading with the jihadist threat to America. This is not “journalism.” Leading with Taylor Swift or “Bee” while not investigating why Muslims dictate White House policy, why our nMEDIAational parks were closed to our Veterans and why a fake video issue was used to explain Benghazi is not “journalism.” Celebrity interviews, “Holiday” trees and how to paste processed cheese on processed donuts for Trick or Treaters are not “journalism.” Why must “reporters” actively shun Jerusalem and our Judeo-Christian heritage?

“Two things will get you an F in this course,” a ’50’s journalism professor told us at the University of Illinois on Wright Street. “Misspelling a word or writing bias in your news stories are not permitted,” he concluded. Today, I could not (and would not) give one main stream media actor a passing grade on anything they throw at us each and every day and that includes Fox News. Dressing females up like tarts to “read news” denigrates what they say every bit as much as their Democrat Party counterparts on the Alphabets. Megyn Kelly’s cruel attack on Donald Trump and Bret  BUSH AND MEGYN KELLYBaier’s kick off of the Fox Debate with the one question aimed at Donald Trump’s enormous political success were just as despicable as the bald abuse of “journalism” during the CNBC debate! Muting sound at Trump’s mega rallies and failing to pan around his huge audience in Jacksonville, FL are visual bias examples that will throw our next election, if we continue to allow such unfairness.

Why doesn’t our “media” ask President Barack Obama what gave him the authority to end run Congress or violate our national laws by letting millions of illegal aliens flood our borders? Why is Loretta Lynch not asked the reason she continues to permit the IRS to make an obvious target of the Tea Party? WPORKY PIG AND THAT'S ALL FOLKShy isn’t Hillary Clinton asked why she ignored the many pleas by Ambassador Stevens for better security? Why does our Commander-in-Chief force our brave soldiers to follow Rules of Engagement that their enemies do not follow? Well, does anyone even watch the goofy “media” any longer? We don’t have an objective Journalism profession and have not had one for the past fifty years. Disgusting!