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Texas Two Step and recusal refusal at Supreme Court

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

This week’s Supreme Court decision in regard to legitimacy of homosexual marriage just well may be illegitimate itself whatever way the Court decides. And because of this very fact, 2016 and its crucial election must include initiatives to institute TERM LIMITS for SCOTUS along with a swift and very definitive process for removal of any member of the U.S. Supreme Court!

Just consider the fact that their rabid feminism pushed both Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Justice Elena Kagan to “marry” two same-sex couples though they knew full well they were being called upon to give definitive judgment in the Obergefell case. Also, “Justice Ginsburg had gone so far as to strongly suggest in public that the time for same-sex marriage had arrived.” (1) Both female judges are insulting America’s highest legal authority, insulting ethical restraint in regards to conflict of interest, insulting the American family and, in fact, insulting the basis of our country’s rule-of-law underpinnings.   Kagan

This final step in the use of historicity to re-write our constitutional laws and legal process is a step that must be called out now. “If it didn’t happen that way, then it should have,” said an Afro-American teacher to me one day. She was referring to something that happened in the race-relations controversy and historical milieu in our country. In other words, she wanted the laws re-written the way she wanted them written and she wanted it done NOW.

Well, this version of Ginsburg-Kagan historicity is beyond anything the lib/Dem bulldozer through America has done so far. Their rabid hubris and out-of-control feminism have taken our country to a whole new level that in no way is America. But what is shaping up to be another slap in the face of honest rule-of-law has to do with how court employees manipulate “motion” versus “filed” to accomplish what the justices themselves really want done.   Ruth Gunsberg

“The Foundation for Moral Law had submitted a friend-of-the-court brief in favor of traditional marriage (and) had also submitted a motion in support of Justices Ginsburg’s and Kagan’s recusals. . .not only had the Court not ruled on the Foundation’s motion, but the motion had not even been POSTED (emp. added) on the Supreme Court docket. Did someone at the High Court not want to acknowledge that such a motion had been filed?” (2) In other words, docket clerks somehow did a Texas two-step to delay amicus curiae motions-filings.

Again, let’s repeat: “Did someone at the High Court not want to acknowledge that such a motion had been filed?” (3) The first motion to recuse was submitted on April 27, 2015, and so time-stamped–THREE ENTIRE WEEKS “before the Supreme Court claims that it was RECEIVED on May 21, 2015!” The Moral Law Foundation filed a second motion to recuse on May 21, 2015, after Justice Ginsburg “married” another gay couple. The docket titled this motion as merely a request. This reporter recalls similar Texas two steps that docket clerks danced in the Obama birth eligibility case facing SCOTUS.

Lowly clerks appear to be doing the Court’s work for it by delay and obfuscation and ultimately “deciding” its cases in the mail room! Same-sex marriage is not Kagan’s first conflict of interest case. As I recall, she represented Obama himself in his eligibility defense legal maneuverings. Payback was her appointment to the nation’s highest Court. This begs the question, did the Ginsburg-Kagan rule-of-law insult itself come from the White House?

These same-sex marriage docket clerks did not engage in either delaying effort without winks and nods from higher ups. IMHO, both of these critical issues, were, as they say in Chicago, “GREASED” from the git-go! Is America still a rule-of-law democracy? Is America still ruled by the impartial administration of justice? Is America a joke in jurisprudence? America is as the lib/Dem leftist rulers say it is. End of Story, end of country.

SOURCE: all footnotes are from . . 6/22/2015, at 6:19pm by Herbert W. Titus and William J. Olson/ go to or Constitutional law professor Herbert W. Titus & William J. Olson filed amicus curiae briefs in this recusal action.

BTW: Did Ginsburg and Kagan not take Anatomy 101 while undergrads?

Former Democrat Sen. Kay Hagan passed millions of tax dollars to family


by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Kay Hagan, defeated senator from North Carolina, may be gearing up to make a run at Senior Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) in 2016. She narrowly defeated Senator Elizabeth Dole (R-NC), and in turn was herself narrowly defeated by Thom Tillis (R) in 2014 in what wiki called “one of the toughest re-election bids in the country.” (2)

The Hagan-Ruthven family combine of real estate development and solar energy projects in central Florida and NC, just keeps finding ways to feed at the public trough! After serving in the NC state senate, Hagan launched herself into the national political arena where she promptly voted for solar energy projects. Ironic that this “apparent” conflict of interest along with her vote to help pass the 2009 Stimulus Bill—also known as American Reinvestment and Recovery Act—were never covered in any significant way by the mainstream media.

“Public records show JCD (Hagan’s husband’s business) paid Solardyne as a company and Tilden Hagan (son) and William Stewart (partner) as individuals for work on [a] project” of solar installation work, says Don Carrington, executive editor of the CAROLINA JOURNAL. (2) “CJ could not find any record of an ‘open bid process’ for the solar installation work,” done at JDC Manufacturing, a company co-owned by Hagan’s husband Charles “Chip” Hagan and [his] brothers John and David. (3)

It’s possible that Hagan’s ability to keep the family funded by taxpayer largesse was due, at least in part, to her U.S. Senate votes with the Democrat majority. Son Tilden Hagan co-owned Solardyne/Green State Power company, and that firm could have been looking to put those green dollars to work on a lot of rooftops. All of the Hagan males applied for and received $250,644 in federal stimulus bucks because they just had to replace all of those bad light bulbs and bad gas furnaces at Hagan owned buildings! A taxpayer-funded, rooftop solar panel project for a large Hagan owned building was also part of Barack Obama’s push to make America green.

Give me a break. A SoFla Conservative operative maintains over and over the Green Energy Push was just another Obama Regime slush fund designed to funnel public dollars into Democrat coffers for political reasons. “JDC submitted the grant request to the NC Energy Office under the category Energy Efficiency Projects for Commercial, Industrial and Large Nonprofit Sector.” (4) Part of a $76 million grant the Obama Administration doled out in NC flowed into Hagan family businesses. Madam Senator/Mom issued a press release “on the day the bill passed…and (cited) the stimulus bill’s promise to change the way things work in Washington to favor working families, rather than special interests.” (5) Right, that would be Hagan family interests, working diligently to maximize Mother’s golden seat in the U.S. Senate.

And get this. Dad/hubby Chip and son Tilden CREATED SONNY BOY TILDEN’s SOLAR ENERGY company in the SAME WEEK Dad’s company applied for the stimulus grant that Mom voted for! Political maneuvering for private gain doesn’t get much worse than this. Mom said she was protecting the interests of working families (hers) when she voted for the big Obama stimulus. But, of course, there was no conflict of interest involved. Huh?

Expect more of the same shenanigans if Hagan makes a run at NC Senator Richard Burr (R) in 2016. Is it just me or do female, Democrat politicians continue to protect hearth and home with a massive, gender imprint? Isn’t there a female senator in CA whose senatorial votes somehow never fail to support, but well, not really, well, maybe really, hubby’s business interests? Well, I’d be a female chauvinist if I suggested that a woman’s place has been and always will be in the home. Fronting for hubby-son-bro-in-law is just one way of protecting that hearth and home. You get to ride the media’s protected status template of political correctness because the alphabet media types sure aren’t going to interfere with the “projects” of a dependable, fellow Marxist.

(2) (3) (4) (5) On background, ck out

Florida Legislature must rein in power hungry Home Owners Associations

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Florida’s Legislature is poised to rein in that state’s out-of-control Home Owner Associations (HOA) and their legal and management firms with proposed bills in both houses of the legislature in Tallahassee. Passage of S 1308 and H 1263, sponsored by State Senator Alan Hays (R-Umatilla), 850-487-5011, and Representative Mike LaRosa (R-Saint Cloud) 850-717-5042, would put teeth in rules and regulations that govern just what these HOA Board of Directors (BOD) in gated communities can do and ARE doing to peaceful, law abiding middle class residents in single family homes.

This urgently needed legislation would bring single family homeowners the same protection which the legislature gave many years ago to Condo dwellers beset by punitive actions from their own association despots.

The Department of Business & Professional Regulation, headed by Ken Lawson, Secretary, 850-413-0755, would be empowered to: 1) “have the authority to enforce and ensure (HOA) compliance in regard to elections of BODs, financial management, records access, and MAY INVESTIGATE ANY COMPLAINT MADE TO DBPR; 2) “Arbitration, jurisdiction for HOAs,” in regard to rule enforcement, covenant disputes, rules and regulations; 3. Clarification “regulating the transition of association control from developer control;” 4. “Requires seller to provide prospective buyer with governing documents and operating budget.” Additionally, this bare bones summary of what is in these two vital bills includes language that would “provide training and educational programs for HOA members, directors, and officers.”

Here are the recommendations that I made to both Senator Hays and to our State Representative in St. Lucie County, Larry Lee (D-Ft. Pierce): 1) Cessation of arbitrary hiking of HOA fees; 2) Cessation of hiring of HOA BOD attorneys and management firms from outside of our local cities. Rules and heavy handed management practices and quota generation of large, urban polyglot professionals are out of synch with small HOA communities of middle class residents! 3) Cessation of intrusive surveillance of HOA citizens in their own homes. This is NOT the American way! One HOA requires citizens to do mea culpas in front of their own judge and jury in HOA “traffic court.” Florida has allowed unregulated HOAs to set up their own governance outside of official law enforcement control with virtually no oversight to protect average citizens.

4) Establishment of firm voting boundaries within HOA communities to ensure that residents are represented by their neighbors rather than by unfair, voting block coteries that return the same HOA BODs every year! HOA BOD Term Limits must be established by the Florida Legislature NOW. 5) Unkind, cruel warning letters, fines, liens, and other hateful methods of controlling residents with oft-times foolish, petty rules must be stopped.

One long time HOA Board member made her neighbor back his truck in his driveway every day because she didn’t want to look at his military style camo decal in his back window. She disrupted their engagement party celebration for their daughter by demanding attendees at their shower move their cars; “allowing” temporary and minor “rules” to be broken for a few hours would have been the kinder approach by this clueless individual.

Many HOA BOD practices intimidate older people, especially older widows not used to running household affairs after the death of their husbands. This is just mean spirited, IMHO. 6) Cessation of HOA placement of impermissible materials in individual file jackets of homeowners. Both illegal and very offensive, this dossier-building with, perhaps, legal overtones is just another mean-spirited method of HOA intimidation. 7) Protection of rule of law applying to property advertised and sold as “Private, Gated,” as a condition of sale. Many HOAs conduct garage sales and allow the public at large to enter without any documentation or registration check-ins. This violates the Condition of Sale real estate law. 8) Cessation of lack of HOA transparency. Hello, many older people do not “do” computers, and HOA management firms which take advantage of this fact are skirting the letter and spirit of the law here.

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts, absolutely,” said Lord Acton. This trenchant quote speaks volumes to the suffering that decent, middle class homeowners experience every day in Florida’s HOA communities. For that English teacher who no longer wants to teach her students Shakespeare because he was White, may she and the HOA BODs study this great quote from his play, “Measure for Measure:” “But man, proud man, Dress’d in a little brief authority, Most ignorant of what he’s most assur’d, His glass essence, like an angry ape, Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven As makes the angels weep.” Let’s hope Florida’s legislators stop our HOAs and their BODs from making us cry in our own homes!


you can E-mail the bill sponsors at and


Hillary an unethical, dishonest lawyer, a liar and conspirator says Watergate committee counsel

by Suzanne Eovaldi

Circulating throughout Conservative sites this week is information about Hillary being fired by her Watergate supervisor, US HOUSE Judiciary Watergate committee counsel Jerry Zeifman. A close analysis of this bold assertion puts the whole flap into real perspective. When asked in an interview why he terminated Hillary’s employment, Zeifman responded, “Because she was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer; she conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the HOUSE, the rules of the committee and the rules on confidentiality.”  A Rush Limbaugh transcript stays very close to this syntax. In an article written after a 2008 campaign appearance by candidate Hillary Clinton in Connecticut, Zeifman admitted his regret “…that, when I terminated her employment on the Nixon impeachment staff, I had not reported her unethical practices to the appropriate bar associations.”

But “Zeifman did not fire Clinton and did not have the power to do so,” claims the far left Retired Conservative radio talk host Neal Boortz did an interview with Zeifman on or about the time of the Rush Limbaugh April, 2008 program, and the Boortz transcript appears to be more precise. When Boortz asked Zeifman, “You fired her, didn’t you?,” the HOUSE investigator said, “Well, let me put it this way, I terminated her, along with some other staff members who were–we no longer needed and advised her that I would not–could not recommend her for any further positions.”  Then Boortz asks him, “Why not?” “BECAUSE OF HER UNETHICAL CONDUCT,” (emphasis added) Zeifman told Boortz’ along with a nationwide listening audience! (pg. 5 of Boortz transcript)

Boortz: “How do you feel about her candidacy for president of the United States right now?” Zeifman: “Well, I think that for any intellectually honest Democrat, her–it would be a moral imperative to vote against her.” Boortz: “Because of her lack of ethics when she was working for you?” Zeifman: “Well, no. Frankly I had hoped when she eventually became first lady, I had hoped that we had taught her a lesson. And I had voted for Bill Clinton, knowing that he was advocating a two-for-one presidency.”

The Limbaugh interview explained how “Hillary proceeded to write a legal brief arguing there was no precedent for the right to representation by counsel (for Nixon) during an impeachment proceeding. But in fact, there was. William O. Douglas was granted legal counsel at his Supreme Court impeachment trial, his legal right.”

In order to support her claim, Hillary simply removed the Douglas files to her office which at the time was secure and not accessible to the public or evidently to the US HOUSE hearings! “SHE JUST STOLE THE DOCUMENTS, (emph. added) then wrote a fraudulent brief and she tried to hide the evidence.”

Hello, does anyone recall how the Rose Law Firm documents concerning the Clintons’ AR land purchases just sprouted legs and walked off stage? Is anyone paying attention to Hillary’s E-mail server scandal while she was Secretary of State?

After all is said and done, this week’s cyberspace zip-around of Hillary’s performance as a 27 year old staff attorney at the Nixon Watergate impeachment hearings certainly has cache many years later. Apparently she can still pick up protected information and do her magician’s trick with it. In reference to Hillary and the Douglas files, Zeifman told Boortz: “Yes, she removed them. And she brought them to her office which was in another building and it was secured; it was not accessible to the public. In retrospect, SHE WAS CORRUPTED, (emph.added) and I think that was a tragedy,” said Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat.

Whether she stashes information owed the American people in her private offices or on a private computer system, can we trust Hillary Clinton with WHITE HOUSE documents? Zeifman’s statement that “it would be a moral imperative to vote against her,” is still good advice for American voters!

Donald Trump deserves our attention and our vote

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

As things stand now, Donald Trump will be getting my vote for President. Now a lot can happen, a lot can be said, a lot of media Trumpattacks can be hurled. But the man is the only one up there that I think can re-make America, close our Southern Border, restore our Military, return jobs to America and stop our race to the bottom. He’s paying for his run himself; he’s outside of the Washington swamp; he’s the plain speaking, larger than life candidate who presents actions that back up his words. He knows how to handle the media, something no other GOP candidate can do.

Keep in mind that Fox and the rest of the news peddlers merely parrot the talking points given them by their CEO’s who all are part of America’s vast, interlocking, media-entertainment swarm. Media will tell us who they want us to support, not who is best for our country or for us. They want what’s best for them, namely a Hillary or another Bush. Is that what we really want now– a third Bush or a third term for President Clinton, the impeached husband calling Hillary’s every move?

Another commenter spoke to the one real issue on many minds: “If Trump Builds a Border Fence, that is MORE IMPORTANT than [the promises of] any candidates combined!” On a recent Nat Geo program about the Border patrols in the Laredo, TX area, one appalling scene showed a “Stash” house, that is a way station where human traffickers stash, or park, Hispanic law breakers entering the USA illegally. A whopping 68 men from Central America and Mexico were lined up side by side along walls, in tiny spaces; one was even hiding in a kitchen cabinet.

Another raid showed Border Patrol drug busters hauling in $3 MILLION dollars of marijuana bound for America’s cities, rural streets, bound to ruin another generation of America’s young people. “I’ll build a great, great wall on our Southern border, and I’d make Mexico pay for it, “Donald Trump promised us in his announcement speech. He is speaking to us in common sense ways about the real issues upsetting us and ruining our America for our children, our grandchildren. And he is doing it without being guided by the Political Correctness which dominates leftist Democrats and toadying, liberal Republicans.

“I’ll be the best jobs president God ever created,” said Trump. Of course, the miserable media attack dogs and that includes Fox, really zeroed in on that promise. But Trump can cite real achievements to prove he means what he says. He’s employed tens Trump and wifeof thousands of people here and worldwide. He deals on a daily basis with labor and union problems, construction sites, marketing, the entire real estate spectrum from which he has amassed a net worth of nearly nine billion dollars, without government largesse!

Trump abhorred America’s rating of 26th in the ranking of world educational achievement, even lower than some third world countries. When I was in school, we were number ONE in every category. Trump would have our schools run locally once again. Calling Common Core a “disaster,” Trump chastised Jeb Bush’s support of this federal takeover of our schools and, more importantly, of our children. BTW, has anyone pointed out to you the money connection Bush has in promoting CC? He, along with Bill Gates and other wealthy types who need places to park their personal incomes for tax deductions, all enjoy Jeb Bush’s education PAC benefits plus the soft wear CC requires schools to buy from Microsoft and other computer companies.

Trump told the story of an anti-gun wife who lives near the prisoner escape region in New York, who did a big about face given the danger these killers present. “I’d protect the Second Amendment,” he said. From rebuilding our Military and Infrastructure, to saving Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security by making the USA wealthy again, only Donald Trump has the experience, know how, the courage to make it happen. Who else up on those phony “debate” stages has and can deal with China, with Mexico, with the Saudi kingdom?

We needed to hear the truth about how close we are to becoming another Greece and Trump respected our intelligence enough to tell us the stark facts about America’s finances. “We’re very close to the 24 TRILLION Dollar point,” he said as he explained that is America’s point of no return from its enormous debt load! He is willing to upend his wonderful family, his fantastic life to save America. I just don’t get that sense of real love for the USA from any other candidate, except, perhaps, Scott Walker. But Trump has so much more to offer than anyone else; how can we not vote for him?

“Well, I am going to vote for him. I am sick and tired of the same old BS coming out of Washington,” said another Breitbart commenter. “He stated facts which must be said,” said yet another observer. Donald Trump’s children, his wife, his family are remarkable and reflect his influence as a great Dad. “The American Dream is Dead; if I’m elected, “I’ll bring it back,” he concluded. He is who I want to protect My America for my daughter and husband and their five sons and daughter.

It appears that Trump will be the only president both able and interested in getting it done.