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Boehner’s Head Fake


By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

So what did we just see happen in our Republican US House?  Did John Boehner just do a head fake or what? His quid pro quo with the Democrats gets him and them amnesty along with a Christmas Wish List for Wall Street. In fact, wasn’t benefiting Wall Street the real lynchpin of the massive Omnibus bill, not executive amnesty?  Think about it.  Boehner now becomes the Wall-Streeter in Chief, not President Obama, whom the Speaker actually used to pass his legislation!  Wasn’t the wished for defeat of executive amnesty just so much political theatre, what with the media screaming about another government shut-down and earnest, anti-amnesty activists flooding the Congressional switchboard with their cries of NO AMNESTY? Didn’t Boehner already know the country didn’t want Amnesty?  And, isn’t he the real go-to guy now for the money types who fund DC and operate behind the scenes in those secret circles pulling the real power in America? Money still talks.

With the $1.1 trillion spending check float just passed, John Boehner stepped into the Oval Office, big time.  Not only did he manipulate his own team, he head faked uncertain liberals who feared the backlash of a “You voted against Amnesty” refrain back home.  What with the always principled Nancy Pelosi taking to the floor to ask “Where is the Moral Outrage?” the swaps bill her team passed back in 2012 just got wiped out. A Say What Just Happened touchdown run by her opponent’s quarterback who called his own number is what just happened.  Boehner just scored the Super Bowl, the Rose Bowl, the Sugar Bowl and the takedown maneuver of HS House power plays. Hey, blame the team, not the player, right?

Barney Frank, who now opposes the bill he helped to craft, “spoke angrily about the absolutely outrageous tactic of slipping such a controversial position into a broader funding bill.  Frank urged House Democrats to VOTE DOWN the bill. . .” (1) But Boehner said, “I don’t believe that to be the case at all.”  When pressed on “why big banks should have fewer restrictions on derivatives trading, Boehner reiterated that that description was inaccurate.” (2)  Changes to Dodd-Frank weren’t Wall Street giveaways.  What do you mean?  See, I’m the one who gets the job done for the bankers; you guys have my card! So all of the honest, hard working Americans who were wiped out in the Bush era 2008 crash, saved the world’s finance center because it was too big to fail.  We now have to fund Obama’s executive amnesty for millions of illegals who are just walking into our jobs, our neighborhoods, our schools, our hospitals. And, once again, we pay.  By now, the covert finance cartels have told Wall Street that the House of Cards known as derivative swaps is what’s really wrong.  So, hence, governance by distraction kicks in and we have the release of the CIA enhanced torture details to occupy a media which finds Wall Street goings on just too complicated anyway.  We had earnest voters last month give the GOP such a huge win that they ran the table.  But Speaker Boehner just flipped on them, gave the table back to Obama and the losers as he strides through the fog of DC politics to the top of the heap. Does anyone really believe the media will let Congress defund DHS?

So angry about what happened, Ken Cuccinelli II, President of the Senate Conservatives Action Super PAC, just sent an urgent web appeal for funds to out the nine Boehner water-carriers in their back home districts.  “These leaders betrayed their campaign promises as well as their oaths to support and defend the Constitution.  Now, they must be held accountable.” (3) Cuccinelli said the bill just passed “was so bad that Republican leaders had to rely on 57 Democrats to pass it.  President Obama even whipped votes in support of the bill.”  Here are the nine GOP leaders that voted for the “spending bill that forces American taxpayers to pay for Amnesty: John Boehner (R-OH); Kevin McCarthy (R-CA); Steve Scalise (R-LA); Patrick McHenry (R-NC); Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA); Greg Walden (R-OR); Luke Messer (R-IN); Hal Rogers (R-KY); Pete Sessions (R-TX).”

And wait, there’s more language that can be read, now that it’s been passed. Kevin Jackson says, “We expected the Democrats to do as much damage as they could before losing the Senate in January, but it appears some of the Republicans are on board with that. . .the skinny is that Congress will soon allow Obama FAST TRACK power for his administration to negotiate trade deals IN SECRET.” (4) Elizabeth Warren “grubered” this move by warning: “They have to be secret, because if the American people knew what was actually in them, they would be opposed.” So Jackson pretty well sums up what just happened when he says “our yellow-backed Congress will once again cave in to the heavy lobbying by Wall Street multinationals and outsourcers, all of whom have financial stake in a free-trade deal.”

Two web commenters on Free Republic’s Jim Robinson thread (5) are expressing the utter disgust conservatives have for Republican politicians by saying: “I will never vote Republican again!” “There is no 2016 for me.  Done, finished with the Republican Party.” And therein lies the rub.  Instead of four million conservatives going fishing as they did in 2012, six to eight million could just not show up to vote in 2016, and Hillary becomes the first woman, after the first Afro-American, in America’ White House.  A third commenter just said, “Jackasses.”

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The Destruction of America’s Pension Plans


 by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

The just passed $1.1 trillion Cromnibus (Continuing Resolution and Omnibus) check float that successfully got through the Republican controlled US House contains language that could gut pension plans, according to analyses by both conservative and leftist web writers.  “The pension provision was made public late Tuesday night,” says a web source that blasts efforts to write down public pension allotments.  (1)  Mike Adams of Health Ranger warns that “all the pension benefits that have been promised government retirees are about to be stolen back from retirees.” (2)

Quoting a WaPo article, Adams also points out that “the proposal would torpedo basic protections of the federal private pension law…that states once benefits are earned, they can’t be cut back.”  Spokeswoman Karen Friedman of the Pension Rights Center says this Cromnibus language would DEVASTATE RETIREES AND THEIR SURVIVING SPOUSES! (3)  Adams certainly is right by including this ominous pension threat in his blog about Natural News.  He sees these attacks on retirees’ income as outright WAR that spells financial disaster to the millions of pension dependents who served the public for decades.

Of course, the root cause of public pension controversies lies at the heart of this devastating news that will cost us all.  Year after year, large urban Democrat voting blocks were “given” what they demanded in the unions’ quid pro quo for turning out blue votes at the polls.  My pension deductions, as a non-union teacher, included funding of over 90% of liberal, Democrat initiatives. When I complained to a local unionist about having to fund abortion even though I was opposed to it, I was told “to shut up about it…there’s nothing you can do.” I learned that this was simply the way things were and as long as I worked at the college, that’s how my deductions would be assigned.  As a conservative, not only was I subjected to the negativity of rabid, pro left unionists; over the years, I learned I was funding causes that went directly against everything in which I believed!

Now, this week, WGN Chicago carried a brief news item which stated that in March, Illinois courts may decide the fate of the Illinois pension reform bill passed under threat of economic cataclysm earlier this year by the all Democrat, Illinois legislature in Springfield.  Illinois unions successfully mounted challenges that now would throw out what the state’s lawmakers passed under the warning that otherwise, “services will be cut.” Yes, the state’s retirement plans often are outrageous.  One poll worker last month raved about a friend’s wife in the Chicago Teachers’ pension system who was drawing a staggering $110,000 retirement income as a librarian.  Bumping up your last five years of retirement income while still on the job was par.  Use of ample overtime days, extra course assignments all meant more money later on.  But the decades in which these budget busting practices went without debate are now like Rev. Wright’s chickens.  They are coming home to roost.

A liberal blogger continues that a “steady drum beat of propaganda from conservative think-tanks” points to drastic reform initiatives. (4)  A conservative writer says all of this is “a declaration of war against the American worker.” Yeah.  Guess who will bear the brunt of this old timers’ war! Those highly paid unionists? The highly paid lawmakers at the federal and state levels? Or what about the lowly chemistry teacher downstate who taught Illinois children for 36 years and whose pension check amounts to a generous $1,000 for each year he taught?  Mike Adams sees America becoming Detroit writ large.  “As pension funds are increasingly looted and stolen from retirees, more and more of America is going to resemble Detroit, a city that once shined with innovation but now, thanks to outrageous corruption, taxation, and the endless expansion of government has collapsed into third-world status that even lacks running water for many of its residents.” (5)

Those of us that carried the unionists’ water, served as worker bees in the Democrats’ voter scams and were told to SHUT UP, now face fears, uncertainty and anxiety far worse than we ever did in the nations’ classrooms.  Illinois now has the nation’s most dramatically under-funded pension system.  Where does the fault for this misery really lie?  How can State Constitutions be squared with federal legislation that attacks public pensions with gung ho reforms snuck into bills that must be passed to be read?  What will become of the Democrat lockboxes on our country’s election results?  Is the down-sizing of our country’s vaunted Military–already in progress–going to be the real paycheck for pension reform?


2)(3) (5) . .12/12/2014


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Depend on yourself, not Doctors, for a long and healthy life

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

As my dear friends’ fifty something daughter faces up to five hours of surgery this week to remove leaking silicone breast implants, I just wanted to use up a few lines of type to express my shock and awe at what has become the PRACTICE of Medicine in this country.  And indeed, PRACTICE, becomes an apt word as I meditate on what is happening to my friends and relatives at this time of the year.

When she was twenty, my new friend was implanted with silicone because her breasts were “little.”  She wanted to be appealing to men, I guess. So some doctor did just that; put in her young breasts sacs filed with a substance very foreign to the human body, namely silicone.  Webster’s gives a chemical definition of silicone and ends with this amazing description of something far too often injected into the human body: (silicone) is “characterized by relatively high resistance to heat, water, etc, and (is) used in oils, polishes, etc.” Here apparently, the etc refers to things such as industrial products. And as for the human female breast?? Gee, wouldn’t you think many years of vaunted, American medical training would infuse you with the notion that something used in industry just may not be all that compatible with the female part of the anatomy designed to give nurture to another human being?

Well, in describing to my friend what she was facing, her plastic surgeon told her that the silicone becomes just like honey and attaches itself to everything in the body it finds.  She told me her mouth tastes like burning pepper, her legs move all of the time, she feels terrible, she feels like red ants are biting her all over!  She’s had bladder cancer and kidney stones.  The implants which were put in her were recalled five years ago, but she NEVER WAS TOLD to have them removed!

Now, moving on.  Another fifty year old, a dear cousin, has told me she had to have SIXTEEN surgeries in five years in the same hip for five defective hip implants plus the MRSA (Staph infection) that developed when another doctor gave her an injection for the horrific pain in the same incision made for the first implant. All told, my cousin is now on her fifth hip implant device!  She just doesn’t deserve this type of misery inflicted upon her by people whose oath to practice supposedly includes the statement “DO NO HARM FIRST!”  “They have to keep cutting back the grey skin,” she told me.  This refers to the skin that won’t heal around these implants, due to MRSA.  And where did she get the MRSA? At the hospital.

Now another cousin, age 84, is facing possible open heart surgery if she agrees to her doctor’s wishes.  She’s had bladder cancer, plus another rather esoteric, to me, procedure which “deadened her nerve endings.”  Forgive me.  While I may not be very knowledgeable to all things medical, I might have been a little reluctant to having all of my nerve endings deadened! BTW, I have had eye implants for cataract surgery which in five years have been outstanding and were done by an outstanding eye specialist. Yet another friend had an optical operation done by a rural physician who failed to diagnose her Fuch’s syndrome, a genetic disorder.  He did the exact opposite to her eye that a specialist in St. Louis later told her should have been done.  A friend many years ago lost her beloved husband because his hospital failed to sanitize his bacterial infected blood transfusions!

Having taught teen agers for many years, I began to see an overuse of psychotropic drugs, given them by learned medical professionals.  One older student, a mother of a “hyper active son,” stopped after class to ask me if I thought giving him one of the new drugs coming on the market for this “problem” was a good idea.  Of course, I said, “He’s just a young boy doing what young boys do.”  I told her to keep these drugs away from her child.  Now, it’s not uncommon to give these very dangerous drugs to teens and children.  I even read of a three year old being given some mind bending chemical!

Giving statins to older people is so common in Florida one would think they were replacements for candy.  Taking statins without the CO-Q10 is something I just would not do.  I got into alternative healing many years ago and found that the meditation taught by Yogi Desai at the Ashram in Salt Springs, Florida does wonders for mind, body, heart, and soul. 

Permit me to get even more personal to tell you this week the answers I gave a Gallup Pollster who called me.  I told him I took no pills, had no regular doctor, didn’t have any insurance beyond Medicare, laugh and smile every day, and had no cellphone.  When he asked me how old I was, I proudly told him 79.  And when he asked what I did for exercise within the past seven days, I noticed a perceptible pause on the part of the Gallup guy after telling him that “I painted my house.”  

In closing, may I suggest that empirical knowledge sorely was lacking in the instances of my friends and family and their relationships with the medical community described above.  Then again, maybe what’s really lacking is COMMON SENSE!  Please, become informed and take personal responsibility for your own medical experiences.  Your body is the temple of God. Take care of it, love it, honor it.

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Illegal Alien Insanity in California

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Sixty percent of occupants of HUD properties in California, a Democrat bastion of liberal insanity, are living there illegally according to an internet email making the rounds of conservatives.  While these illegals are enjoying free housing, gratis US taxpayers, about 300,000 illegal aliens in Los Angeles County live in garages.  Other illegals reside in the state’s large prison system at various levels of detention, comprising a 35% inmate total on the public dole because of their crimes, arrests, and other various nefarious behaviors.  Amazingly, this web report, which is attributed to local Los Angeles media outlets, says OVER 75% of PEOPLE ON THE MOST WANTED LIST IN LOS ANGELES ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS!

Other staggering statistics included in this ten point commandment list of the total breakdown of American’s governmental system at all levels include: “Over 2/3rds of all BIRTHS in this same California county are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal, whose births were paid for by taxpayers1.” Now these anchor babies are fulfilling their intended purposes of guaranteeing amnesty for their parents along with extended familial relationships.  An FBI-attributed report states that 50% of Los Angeles gang members “are most likely illegal aliens from South of the border.”  Off the books employment records suggest that as high as FORTY PERCENT of this county of over ten million work for cash, do not pay taxes, and, therefore, work without any documentation such as green card authorization.

Can you believe this?  Ninety five percent of Los Angeles’ murder warrants are for illegals! And does anyone out there care that in this same county, 5.1 million speak English, but a whopping 3.9 million speak Spanish with twenty one Spanish speaking radio stations?  This astonishing email concludes with this stat: “Less than 2 % of illegal aliens are picking our crops, but 29% are on welfare.” Remember the nation’s breadbasket, that central California region that supplied not only our own legal American citizens with an unbelievable wealth of fresh crops year in and year out?  Remember when the libDem regulations in the state that epitomizes EPA regs gone wild just decimated this precious jewel of our agricultural history?  Well, when George W. Bush touted immigration reform, he said these illegals are doing the work Americans won’t do.  Maybe not so much now.

 We are victims of the Democrat initiative to prevent valid voter ID cards.  Our media have corrupted their duty to keep the body politic fully informed.  Our welfare system has turned into an exchange of entitlements for Democrat votes each election cycle.  And now, President Barack Obama, true to his word to transform America, is giving a five million strong influx amnesty,  flagrantly violating our US Constitution whose articles state only Congress can control our immigration policies.  Oh, and by the way, latest border crossing stats say illegal crossings now surpass OTMs, (Other Than Mexicans) for the first time.  How can America survive?

SOURCE:  While this email lists a Los Angeles media outlet, specific quotes are not attributed to specific dates when these articles ran, and neither were attempts at verification by our national media outlets mentioned.

What the email did conclude with is this remark: “This is only one STATE.”

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By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

When TIME magazine recently banned the word Feminism because of its overuse, a deluge of libfems pounded the editor so roundly that he/she took down the word from the no go list.  This is the topic of the great blog piece by Kevin Jackson, an astute observer-writer of the American cultural scene. (1)  “A lot of us just don’t want to be associated with a supposed movement that has no unifying theme except being ANTI-MAN!” says one commenter.  The libfems may finally be getting the notion that being anti-man represents the basic discomfort rabid feminists have with their own personhood. In short, that it is an inability to succeed on their own merits without reliance on being a victim. 

Whining like little children, feminists gained nationwide attention to such an extent they were eventually provided Women’s History classes in academic syllabuses.  These offerings so devolved into idiocy that course titles now are laughable. Sexual intercourse was re-named PIV by one libfem professor who surely must have been struggling to fill up class time with something other than silly discussions about anatomy being destiny!

When a movement’s timing has come and gone, its end stages do just that, devolve.  When those libfems got their way in the workplace, they put on their high heels and strode off to do a man’s job for which many were very unprepared.  The nuanced atmosphere of high stake negotiations devolved into 15″ discussions of one’s female feelings, another’s lateness, another’s total absence “because my car wouldn’t start.”  These unspoken clues about total inadequacy transmitted to bosses, opponents, challengers for positions.  Part of being employable used to be getting the job done in spite of recalcitrant cars, an overnight snow storm, or a headache that resulted because of whatever.

When the feminists started stuffing those spike heels into their briefcases, feminism started to die off.  Comfortable sneakers worn to work on the “L” platforms furtively were changed out before getting into those glittering Michigan Avenue elevators.  And there’s the rub as a great literary figure once said.  Appearances in the end wound up being the tipping point that brought down feminism.  You only can make it so far while appearing to make it.  You only can rely on your feminine charm so long to cover up those 15″ lateness marks on your evaluations.  You only can hide your overt hatred of anyone or anything male so far when your own inadequacy points up the fact that the male at the table just let you defeat yourself.  The American man just got tired of covering for you, just got fed up with the false eyelashes that masked the failure to perform.  The American male’s ability to stand up to fierce competition, whether physical or mental, now seems to be the factor that is sinking feminism.

“Feminism is geared mostly towards middle class white females…it doesn’t represent women…no one requires a political label to help women succeed,” says another commenter to the Jackson essay. (2)  But, of course.  The libfems used harsh words, inflammatory roundtable topics, silly ploys to gain traction.  A long ago analysis of Mayor Daley the son said he answered the order to place women in high places by doing just that.  He put women in positions of power and left them to twist in the wind, alone.  No backup assistant covered for a pushy feminist who just wasn’t handling Loop problems.  He appointed no man whose only job was to get the job done for the boss that clearly couldn’t.  Mayor Daley then quickly moved to put in a competent male when the libber slid off of icy Lake Shore Drive that still needed to be plowed at noontime.  The Mayor never had to say, “See, I told you so.”

Look, the American workplace is so stressed now that it just can’t afford silliness.  The silliness of young female news anchors reading prepared news stories in dresses without sleeves and hemlines up the yin yang is the last example of the failure of feminism.  For all of its shrews, for all of its unproductive victims, for all of its once “I Am Woman: Hear Me Roar” ladies, feminism just can’t cut it.  The water cooler crowd, the basic training types, the ladder climbers in 20 degree weather had to get a grip.  And by the way, I got sick and tired of the unshaved legs in academia, the smelly clothing and armpits, the utter chaos when a water main break rendered the cafeteria off limits.  Sorry to get personal.

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