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Andrew Cuomo on the hot seat as big time Dems are slated for the slam

by Suzanne Eovaldi

Andrew Cuomo, who received $150,000 from developers looking to build out billionaire towers of new condos, was the biggest recipient of cash donations to his political pockets in Albany horse trading. (1)  “Overall, …four companies gave more than $1.5 million to state elected officials, political parties, and real estate PACs between 2008 and 2012.”  The question must be asked: Was an uncomfortable discussion of politically connected cash cows the real reason the Governor shut down his own, appointed group of state investigators called the Moreland Commission?  As Sheldon Silver slides out of Albany this week, will Cuomo’s currency take a hit as well?

Two years ago the Cuomo, Silver, Albany group “‘quietly passed” huge tax breaks for a new, big bucks real estate expansion of luxury condo towers, real estate and commercial enterprises using the 421 passageway, even though New York’s homeless may never see any affordable housing. Yet very wealthy types and coincidentally, generous donors to important politicians, may get subsidies they don’t actually need.  The program, originally touted as a vehicle to require developers to set aside 20% of their new units for “affordable” housing for NY needy, is now said to have “outlived its usefulness and effectiveness, and now essentially subsidizes luxury housing.” (2)  The staid WALL STREET JOURNAL is asking its own questions about the abruptly disbanded Moreland Commission:  “Did Cuomo and/or his staff direct the Moreland Commission to not refer cases to the district attorney for prosecutions?” (3)  The convenient device of attorney-client privilege precluded outside scrutiny, thus political steering, pay-play, and donor largesse remained hidden for many years.

Following are the five companies allegedly under scrutiny:  One57, known as Billionaires’ Tower.  “Extell and its principals, owners of One57, accounted for $229,262 of the 2012 total of “campaign contributions” to NY politicos.  Owners of the two penthouses each selling for $90 million, will pay $2.4 million LESS in city taxes for ten years! (4)  The Larry Silverstein Tower at 99 Church Street, 30 Park Place, and Thor Equities at 520 Fifth Ave. are also hoping to pick up on these huge tax breaks. But so far, not every developer has utilized 421. The fourth mega development involves sale by the NYSE of property it owned at 78-86 Trinity Place and 18-22 Thames Street, the latter slated for a tear-down to erect a 60 story luxury condo tower. (5)  No information about building plans or tax benefits is available for the 109 Nassau Street property, being financed by NYS Housing Finance Agency. (6)  Total lost property tax revenue on these ventures is not available because construction is not complete.  But safe to estimate, for the next ten years, NY taxpayers will be picking up the tab by way of tax increases, decreased services and lost opportunities.  The state is number one for highest taxes in the country.

Sheldon Silver was in Albany when all of this stuff walked through chambers, but as his fate now is in the hands of federal prosecutors, does the attention shift to Governor Andrew Cuomo?  Shutting down the never before shut down subway system may not be as hard as shutting down scrutiny into how he conducts his business. Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara’s team allege Speaker Silver “used his secret affiliation with a small real estate legal firm, whose lead partner is his former Assembly counsel, to pocket at least $700,000 for steering property tax cases its way.” (7)  Stay Tuned says the federal lawman as he has merged his investigation with Cuomo’s shuttered Moreland Commission.  (Coming from the Chicago area, I might also suggest that the lawman ask for his own office stipend to re-locate to Mumbai for the duration; IOWs stay out of dark alleys, dark stair wells and by all means, hire a food taster.) “Very big people” now are in his crosshairs, and since Silver was the biggest guy in Albany, any and all other “people” must fall in line behind him. What an unbelievable hot mess, and the names of Democrat Party elites are all over it.

SOURCES: (1) (2) (4)  (3)   (5)   (6) and    ( 7)   NEW YORK POST, January 23, 2015, pg. 2.4      this file also provided info: . .pdf


New York’s most powerful politician taken away in FBI handcuffs

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

No words exist to fully describe the abject wickedness which has consumed Albany, NY as it fails in its sworn duty to protect and honor the public trust! “It is a cesspool unworthy of respect or trust and now stands naked in disgrace,” says NY POST editorial writer Michael Goodwin.  (1)  The “three-men-in-a-room” scenario of Governor, State Senate Majority Leader and Speaker of the State House has ruled for decades, often in total disregard of legislators and ordinary constituents.

But one man and one man alone in that room ruled New York, both state and city. His fiefdom of pay-to-play, show-me-the-money alleged foul play makes Sheldon “Shelly” Silver the guy who has pocketed millions from alleged scams so convoluted that trying to trace their rabbit warrens of corruption can become a near exercise in futility.

And now, this man must face the law’s sour notes in a five count, FBI indictment alleging four million dollars in bribe taking, influence pedaling, fraud, and misuse of honest service.  Speaker of the New York House Sheldon Silver, “… monetized public office,” says Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara who heads up an 11 year investigation now bearing fruit. (2)  From taxpayer money passing palms for whale watching in an upstate NY lake to thousands of lobbying dollars pouring in from Big Booze, Big Oil, Big Union, Big Real Estate, Big Pharma or Big whatever, if you did business in the world’s trade capital, you paid THE MAN or you didn’t play. “He would make money orders and just ask us to put our name on it,” said one woman who was part of the vast array of faceless shell givers who let their names be used for political gain. (3)  And why did Governor Cuomo shut down his own investigation of corrupt politicians called the Moreland Commission?

But as the Democrats’ main go-to man fights for his political life, what will this massive fraud investigation do to the woman who would be queen?  That carpet that flew Hillary Clinton into Albany from Arkansas might not slide as easily into the White House, nor may her bags stay as full! As some observers are calling this scandal the biggest, the worst that ever happened in NY, Clinton’s cushy contributions conduit may not be as engorged as it once was.  She, herself, may shed some Teflon thanks to Silver’s slide from political grace.  “Everyone saw it, and no one cleaned it up,” screams a NY POST headline. (4) “Speaker’s a keeper, loyal Dems insist,” says another media talking head.  Mayor de Blasio described Silver as “a man of integrity even on the DAY he was charged with taking bribes of nearly $4 million.”  Incredibly, as some in Albany are calling for Silver to quit, many politicians and their operatives either are remaining silent or maintaining support for the man. Will Silver sing like a canary to save his own hide if/when prosecutors take push to shove here?  “All I can say is the speaker has the full support of the conference,” said Queens assemblyman Democrat David Weprin! (5)

A 325 page opposition research (op-re) document on Silver slime concludes with Albany’s most serious transgressions.  The majority of legislators and voters NEVER get their legislation to the floor in the NY capitol, or experience needless delays, or consistently are shut out, says the confidential op-re doc. (6) PACs for special interests across the board and their lobbyists poured huge sums into Sheldon Silver’s alleged political goals.  But even he had to do an about face on law that would have protected landlords who were harassing tenants when pressure from the little people finally got to him. This amazing op-re doc amasses staggering arrays of donations from Big players of every description.  Virtually no segment of life in New York escaped the reach of the state’s most powerful politician.  We all know what happened when Client #9 vowed to stop Albany’s pay-to-play schemes.  Eliot Spitzer went down in the flames of his own lust.

Now, Shelly “Slither” who was led away Thursday in handcuffs may have to stand in front of the judge to give account of his stewardship, or lack thereof, of millions upon millions of hard earned taxpayer dollars.  But don’t count this guy completely out. Unbelievably, his insouciance broke through as he stopped to autograph some artist’s drawing of him when he exited the courtroom of his life.  Lobbyists, lawyers, legislators, all who bear guilt in this scandal may, too, find themselves on their own dockets of fear and remorse.

SOURCES:  (1) (2) (4) (5), pgs. 6,7 NY POST, January 23, 2015   (3) (6) confidential opposition-research document provided to CiR

NOTE:  for a text of US Atty Bharara’s speech, go to   **read the comments!

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The Uniparty working to own DC

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

As Mitt Romney prepares to run a THIRD time for President because Jeb Bush is pre-empting the third timer in big money enclaves controlling the Uniparty’s political machinations, word out of Raleigh, NC is that the Conservatives’ challenge to tan man’s Speaker of the House position may have done more good than our left leaning media would have led us to believe.   

“The word from Washington is that our efforts to go after John Boehner have generated a stronger piece of legislation designed to shut down Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty,” says William Gheen, head of Americans for Legal Immigration. (1)  With some observers opining that the Boehner revolt was the highest, the biggest since the Civil War, perhaps the Ohio man’s seat at the table of lobbyists for banking cartels isn’t quite as imposing as first thought.  Did you see Boehner pull his hanky out of his pocket as Nancy Pelosi gaveled him in again?  If he can’t—or won’t–get a piece of conservative legislation passed, what good is he anyway.  BTW, why does this man cry?

Gheen tells his followers that “we don’t quit fighting if we don’t win;” we fight because it’s what Conservatives do, that is, stand up for America, her Constitution and her average citizens even as they are forced to the back of the Uniparty line.  Obama’s push to implement legislation by executive decree is a stark reminder to Jeb Bush–as is Romney’s Massachusetts paradigm for Obamacare–that even though it’s been run hard and put to bed wet, the old Conservative horse still lives to fight them another day!

Make no mistake.  For the Uniparty to keep returning the same old hired hands to Congress, both Democrats and Republicans now holding power have to keep on fighting too.  On Florida’s Treasure Coast, word bubbled up from a staunch Conservative that certain longtime GOP incumbents were in so much fear of losing this last November that they actually went to BLACK CHURCHES to campaign.  Whether this rumor is true, not true, or somewhere in between, shocking enough is its mere mention as a campaign tactic! Another rumor centers on the fear that Tallahassee GOP party hacks had to pull a promised $250,000 from an honest, decent, well qualified newcomer’s race to dump into the Rick Scott battle when the one-time Conservative was being challenged too heavily by another tan man, former Republican Governor, now Democrat Charlie Crist.

Another former Republican turned Democrat, Patrick Murphy, sailed into US Congress again.  Aided by his declaration of being “Catholic,” in spite of his pro-abortion, pro same sex marriage positions, Murphy clearly was helped back into his finance sub-committee seat by the silence of the Palm Beach Diocese’s Bishop and by far left media outlets on the Treasure Coast.  Many Eastern seaboard liberals have made the trek down the I-95 corridor to the Treasure Coast district, and their religious affiliations may become blurred when a propitious political choice becomes imperative. 

Blurred political lines, blurred party affiliations, blurred cross-over supporters are aiding and abetting Uniparty fossils in DC who now recognize the threat they really are under.  Winning America back to her roots is the real reason true Conservatives fight.  And fight they will.  Gheen is asking for Conservatives to go to to learn how to ramp up their biggest Amnesty fight of all.  Exposing and defeating the Dem-Rep Uniparty members and the sell-out, elected officials in their DC communes, these are also on the Conservatives Honey-Do lists.  For if rumors are true that certain of Florida’s fossilized GOP candidates had to sleep with the enemy to get re-elected, then the quid pro quo relationship of the entrenched parties might just be more necessary—yet in many ways more tenuous– than their media flacks will ever tell you.

SOURCE: (1)    Americans for Legal Immigration, PO Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622


Cuba’s Communist influence on Bill Ayres and American terrorists

By George Spelvin, staff writer

Was the real reason for Obama’s executive order opening up Cuba to the United States his desire to fulfill the imprimatur of the Weather Underground Organization (WUO) to establish Communism in America? A FOIA request forced the FBI to open its top secret archives on the Weather Underground movement.  Founded by several urban 1960′s revolutionaries including the husband-wife team of Bill Ayres-Bernardine Dohrn, the WUO grabbed the nation’s attention with its acts of domestic terrorism including bombings, attacks on police, police headquarters and bombing of a statue of police in Chicago’s Haymarket Square.  “The example of the Cuban revolution became the guide for the emerging American student revolutionary” states this FBI vault file. (1) p 26

The goal is the destruction of American imperialism and the achievement of a classless world. World Communism, “is the stunning theme of the 70 page, Part I FBI document, one of six parts titled the WUO, which evolved from Students for A Democratic Society. Dohrn is an adjunct professor at Northwestern University’s Law School; Bill Ayres retired, without emeritus status, from his professorial position at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

According to the FBI, “…the influence of Cuba on the developing WUO was enormous.”  Dohrn was one of six WUO organizers who traveled to Cuba in July, 1969, to meet with representatives of the Vietnamese and Cuban governments.  Twenty pages of heavily redacted documentation follow the FBI’s study of these four topics:  What motivates the WUO?  With what world center of revolution did the Weatherpeople identify?  Where did they travel and what international contacts did they have?  How did international revolutionary activism influence the group’s activities here in the US?  Finally, the FBI wanted to find out “who are the main adherents of the WUO?” (pg.4)

The recent executive order ending an embargo against Cuban-US travel, cigar imports ($100 limit) and other exchanges was supported by White House propaganda spin.  Opening up free trade, “[is] the moral thing to do,” claimed the White House, as it will help the Cuban people escape fifty years of economic depression caused by the embrace of Communism.  But close study of this archive reveals just how closely the student radicals that initiated Chicago’s Days of Rage were beholden to the philosophy of the Cuban revolution. 

“Ideologies from Moscow, Peking and Havana formed much of the basis of the birth of America’s native born revolutionary.” (pg. 27) The WUO obtained its revolutionary methodology from the Cubans and Vietnamese and importantly, put into practice what they had learned.  Anecdotal web data continues to point to the Ayres-Obama connection and the distinct possibility that the political career of the country’s first black president had been launched “from the Ayres salon.”  Obama once said he only knew Ayres because their children were in school activities together.  That remark was debunked when it was pointed out just how far apart in age are the Ayres and Obama children.

Opening Cuba to American interaction gives effective cover to the exchange and spread of that island’s form of Communism here in the U.S.  To obtain US state power, the Cuban communists and other revolutionaries acknowledge they must break our military might by over-extending our forces to defeat them on a piecemeal basis.  If this quote doesn’t shake you to the core of your American citizenship, nothing will:  “Our final goal is the destruction of imperialism, the seizure of power, and the creation of socialism.” (p 51) The WUO tactic of fomenting unrest among minority sectors has reared its ugly head this past year in ways we haven’t seen since the 1960′s and 70′s.  The New Black Panthers were shown on television using their batons as visual aids as they stood in front of a polling place. Nothing was done about this scary form of voter intimidation by AG Eric Holder who stated he didn’t want to move against “his people.” Attacks on the NYPD parallel what was done to Chicago police in the WUO uprisings of more than forty years ago.

These remarkable WUO archives in the FBI vault should be required reading for Americans.  Perhaps the opening of Cuba’s borders will allow Americans to see the true extent of the damage done to this island by Communism and the brutal leaders who employ it as a means of maintaining power.

SOURCE:     all references are from Part I of the FBI vault file on the WUO.


“We’ll give them a gun fight…they’ll never forget,” says Sheriff unafraid of the PC media


By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

“We’ll give them a gun fight, one they’ll never forget,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd told a gaggle of reporters, one of whom even taunted the courageous police chief with a politically correct question about the optics of a gun fight.  Four black males were apprehended by law enforcement teams from Polk County, Florida, Auburndale, and Haines City after committing  alleged atrocities “much too graphic to detail” on two adult mother-daughter victims in their own home! (1)

One suspect burst out of a home’s closed garage door, and all four thugs apparently were ready to fire on police surrounding the home after a neighbor’s 911 call. Canine officer Turbo took down Devonere “Devon” McCune, age 22.  Other suspects apprehended were Jovan Lamb, 29, Terrell Williams, 29, and Michael Gordon, 34, all of the Haines City area.  This brutal gang of four came together initially for the purpose of an alleged robbery of an Auburndale, FL pawn shop but fell into savage brutality on the two innocent, unsuspecting women.  Patricia Moran, 72, and her daughter Deborah Royal, 52, were so brutally murdered that finding out what the suspects did to them to date is not available on regular web crimes sources.

“The suspects (were) shooting out of the windows at them (the police).” Sheriff Judd went on: “If they pull guns at us, make no mistake we will shoot them–a lot.” (2)  When one of the young, black males charged cops with a car stolen from a home, Turbo was then deployed, taking down the violent, young black male.  After Haines City still tries to come to terms with what was done to these two white women, unbelievably, a politically correct reporter (FOX NEWS replay) appeared more concerned about police tactics.  Sheriff Judd responded in real time, non-politically correct terms! The psychology of identifying with the young black males is being taken to entire new levels by leftist, progressive media products of America’s academic contagion of PC journalism schools.  Where is such understanding given to the victims, their family, friends, central Florida residents or the police?

Just two days later, following another shoot-out, a black male was in custody “charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.”  (3)  When two groups of males opened fire on one another, a woman, Marsha James, merely sitting outside of her home, was shot in the crossfire.  She said she was “enjoying time with family and friends” after celebrating the MLK parade.

Where are the feature stories we used to read describing the brave police and the efforts they went to in securing neighborhoods, apprehending vicious criminals?  Where are psychological studies of the PTSD symptoms the cops go through, the high level of divorce rates for police families, the compassion for officers sworn to serve and protect?  This reporter’s experience cannot recall one actual word of kindness uttered for police, one word of understanding, in news stories describing terrible crime scenes.  Although firemen and first responders receive many, well deserved kudos, none come to mind for the police. 

We have to ask.  Where is billionaire Oprah?  The many dollars she and other Selma marchers spent over the weekend really would help the residents of Haines City who have only collected $3,500 so far for the white victims’ burial funds.  Where is Rev. Al?  Until the media admit and print the role that young, black males play in America’s crime statistics, white victims will continue to be the do-not-go-there subjects, ignored by leftist reporters and their editors.  And grandstanding black activists will continue to ignore the grotesque, criminal activities of fellow Blacks.  

The reporting of hate crimes committed by Blacks against Whites just doesn’t pay! Uncle Al wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the fame, power (and riches) that accompany his whining laments about the perpetually unfair treatment of “his kind.” A fawning media and hypocritical politicians will never buy into the existence of White victimhood. After all, White victims can’t be made to feel guilty, can they!

SOURCES: (1)   (2)    (3)  Jan. 18,2015/  FOX NEWS “The Five” featured this horrible Haines City murder event with proper regard for Sheriff Judd and his police, SWAT, and canine teams.