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American Admiral exposes the treachery and treason of Barack Hussein Obama

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are planning a D.C. rally to expose the dangers of the Iran Nuclear Deal as cobbled together by Barack Hussein Obama and Executive branch minions. It is reportedly scheduled for September 9th and will be held near the Capitol Building.   TRUMP AND CRUZ PIC

A very prescient video has surfaced of a retired U.S. Naval Commander who is revealing his opinion about where President Barack Obama’s loyalties may really rest. “Barack Obama is anti-American, anti- West, pro-Islamic, pro-Iranian, pro-Muslim Brotherhood,” says Ret. Admiral James “Ace” Lyons. Lyons was introduced to a private meeting on 2-11-15 by of all people, Secretary of State John Kerry! (1)

Admiral Lyons continues to detail the many chances our military had to take out Iran’s monstrous Khomeini regime but failed to do so. The esteemed former Commander of the U.S. Pacific fleet gave one principle reason for these many failures, that being leadership going all the way back to Jimmy Carter.  

Admiral James Lyons
Admiral James Lyons

Even though President Reagan gave the go-ahead for a strike after the bombing of our Marine Barracks in Lebanon, then Secretary of Defense Caspar Wineberger WOULD NOT issue the strike order! From the Gulf Tanker War in 1987 to far-east island threats, “we failed everyone!” the highly respected U.S. Navy commander told his audience. Lyons was especially chagrined about President Carter’s refusal or reluctance to act in the face of the Iranian regime’s taking and holding innocent American citizens hostage.

“Islam is a political movement masquerading as a religion,” said Lyons emphatically to his private audience in this very important video. every American needs to view, as long as it stays up.

James Aloysius “Ace” Lyons, Jr., born 9-28-1927, served as Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet from 1985 to 1987. In addition, he served as Surface Warfare Officer, Senior U.S. Military Representative to the UN and Deputy Chief of Naval Operations.   

Admiral Lyons at the Press Club
Admiral Lyons at the Press Club

(2) A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy with post graduate degrees from the U.S. Naval War College and the U.S. National Defense University, this patriot served our country in the United States Navy for 36 years! How upset and how concerned must he be to find his beloved Navy has been cut back so severely by the current Commander in Chief. The U.S. Army has also been diminished to WWI levels!

For more information about the Donald Trump-Ted Cruz rally against Congressional passage of the dangerous Iran Nuclear Deal, go to and/or watch the news. Trump told his South Carolina audience this week that he and Cruz are going forward with this rally and that they are firming up details of time and place. He is warning us about passage of such a dangerous to America treaty!

America’s Schools, for Those Who Wonder Why Johnny and Shaliqua Can’t Read

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

As our nation’s public schools begin yet another year’s exercise in futility, read about the abject failure of the Pinellas County (Florida) School Board that is trapping black students in failure factories “within six square miles in one of Florida’s most affluent counties!”

An exhaustive investigation by the TAMPA BAY TIMES reveals that “Ninety-five percent of black students tested at the schools are FAILING reading or math, making the black neighborhoods in southern Pinellas County the most concentrated site of academic failure in all of Florida.” 

Continuing on, teacher turnover is so critical that “some children cycle through a DOZEN instructors in one year.” Some of the teachers just walked off of their jobs and over half asked for transfers out of these five schools: Melrose, ranked by Florida’s Department of Education as its worst elementary school; Fairmount Park comes in at No. 2; Maximo No. 10; Lakewood at No. 12, and Campbell Park at No. 15.

Black children are FAILING AT OUTRAGEOUS RATES say TIMES staff reporters in their outstanding news story. Their research traced and reviewed “tens of thousands of pages of district documents, millions of computer records and interviewed parents” to compare the Pinellas School Board’s effectiveness with other boards all over the state. “Eight in 10 [students] fail reading, nine in 10 fail math.”  For crying out loud, Mike Grego, school superintendent. Get your head out of its very dark place and DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING!

Grego carries advanced degrees in Educational Leadership. Hello. Erratic funding of black schools, ending integration, solid slippage in achievement scores over the past ten years make for a dismal achievement record for these elected officials and their administrative staff! The huge salaries paid to administrators who pile up degrees in education to get themselves out of the classroom is a big problem, IMHO. Why are these people drawing big salaries given their pathetic record? How would they like their own children to suffer in this educational fraud, year after year? Why is the State of Florida allowing any of this district’s supervisors to receive taxpayer funded dollars? Where is the Department of Education’s head in all of this? If Black Lives Matter, shouldn’t the left be yammering that the Education of Blacks does too?

But Pinellas County isn’t America’s only school district from Hell. Years ago, a long-tenured high school science teacher at a Chicago inner city school told me he and his fellow teachers always signed up for 8 a.m. classes. I was complaining because I, as a non-union teacher, kept getting skewed schedules. “Why would you do that?” I asked him. “We don’t care if they don’t show up on time,” he answered. In other words, he liked not having to teach. He said many of his black students just didn’t show up until around 10:30 a.m. and that was just fine with him.

The truant guard was so overwhelmed he wouldn’t get to the laggards for days and that was a good thing for these inner city teachers. But the teachers are not the problem. Can you envision for yourselves just what it’s like to be trapped in these classrooms day after day? You get little to no help from administration. Your students come into class with all kinds of electronic gear and if you say something they don’t like, they put you up on youtube or other social media. You have a literal fear for your own life, your car, your belongings. No matter how much or how little homework you assign, count on many students not doing a thing. They get their federal dollars and educational perks either way so they don’t care. Our students maintain so little knowledge in their “knowledge storeroom” that you have to reinvent their wheels of background data over and over.

Here, in my opinion, are just some of things that must be done:

1.) Get the federal government OUT of our schools. Stop their unfunded mandates, their money payouts for indoctrination of our young people with liberal, progressive mantras, many of which come right out of Communist playbooks for destruction of America. 2.) Stop with the social engineering, the political correctness, the silly academic mind games. 3.) Protect our schools from frivolous lawsuits that drain much needed taxpayer dollars. 4.) Get rid of outrageous administrative bloat, salary pay scales, silly, endless rounds of pointless, “make nice” meetings. Make these people do something for a change; make them go into the classrooms to help out our suffering teachers, at least with student discipline and control. 5.) Get rid of public sector unions for every public employee except police and fire. And NONE, police and fire included, may be permitted to elect their own lobbyists, i.e. elected officials who exchange union donations for union favors in our legislatures or local city and county councils. 6.) Get rid of do nothing wasters of our taxpayer dollars, namely those silly Departments of Education. 7.) Get rid of automatic union dues deductions. For decades, Democrats have maintained a death grip on our schools by exchanging political contributions raised from union dues for the votes of uncaring politicians who happen to be in bed with this toxic system known as American education. 8.) Stop grade inflation. Return the teacher’s imprimatur to student transcripts. Flunk them if they fail your course. Put pressure on the student, not the teacher, to satisfy the federal grade quotas for federal dollars, a dirty little secret no administrator wants you to know about.

Finally, yet another source finds that parents are responsible for American students ranking behind sixteen other countries. “In the U.S., kids from homes where there are more than two full bookcases score two and a half grade levels higher than kids from homes with very few books…the problem is that parents–and particularly poorer parents–aren’t empowered to make a difference.” 

One of the most important things I did in teaching 26 years full time at a Chicago area college was to require students work through the Little Brown Vocabulary workbook every day to receive grades in my composition courses. All levels of achievers received much benefit from this homework. While their vocabulary workbooks required enormous amounts of my out of classroom time, student vocabulary skills improved their overall success. BTW, this wonderful teaching tool IS NO LONGER IN PRINT! That shows you the current demand for one of the most valuable possessions in determining success in adult life—the ability to properly speak the English language.

Administrators use silly, cotton mouth “educationalese” to keep parents, especially poorer parents, well at bay. When one guy started that claptrap with me after I complained about my neighbor’s daughter walking in on her classmates performing oral sex in the girls’ restroom, I used some of those words of my own to tell him he and his other administrators needed to quit, leave, slip out the back or whatever and let someone else take over!

How often I would see these bloated, over-payed fat cats tear out of school at the end of the day, doing everything in their power to avoid their students, their stricken teachers and concerned parents. This has to stop, NOW. On our first day of school, the Palm Beach County School District had so many bus pickup failures that the local television station ran and ran missed pick-ups! Same old, same old.

As an adjunct at a well-respected area college, I had no desk, no phone, no computer, no office. I was paid $2,750 for one semester, two classes at two different campuses, four days a week, one class of turtles, one class of mainstream. Out of this enormous paycheck, the college deducted my pension, which I’ll never draw in Florida and my health insurance which I didn’t want, need, or plan to use.

Meanwhile, our local newspaper printed the salaries of the college president and his MANY administrators. President Edwin Massey is picking up an obscene HALF OF A MILLION DOLLARS every year from taxpayers, along with bloated administrators and their own six figure theft of our money. Now just multiply the effects of this cruel lunacy all over our state, our country and you can add up on you own why Johnny can’t read, write, add, subtract, get to school on time, treat his teachers with respect, etc. BTW, my pension as an English professor is with the State of Illinois’ pension system, the worst funded in the country. Nice, what? No, I’m not getting anywhere near the dough those Chicago Teachers’ Unionists are pulling in for their retirement. Nowhere near it!

Freepers Comment on “Sex Sold Bigtime for FOX, Until Megyn Met Donald”

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Comments by Free Republic readers (Freepers) on “Sex Sold Bigtime for FOX Until Megyn Met Donald,” concerning the hand FOX News is playing in the diminution of both females and the news, really hit the nail on the head. Many get to the real reason we have so many media abuses in our democracy.

By using the female’s form over substance in its reporting, Fox News is losing both serious followers and its conservative base. “Fox News Takes a Stand on Up-skirting” says one commenter to  “Sex Sold bigtime for FOX,” a Free Republic re-post from Coach is Right. A photo montage of four FOX anchorettes shows a white   

FOX News Blondes
FOX News Blondes

dressed female flashing CS exposure; Gretchen Carlson is seen revealing a high inner left thigh; Laurie Dhue gives left panties exposure and an unidentified female with both arms raised on high flashes a clearly visible crotch shot without the black modesty bar! (1) Another commenter warns; “He who contemplates the hot pink bodies of lustful females is sinful.” But if it’s on live air?

The funniest thread post came courtesy of a retail associate who said she was written up because of a comment she made back to a customer who didn’t like her rather low cut blouse. In fact her: “It’s a promo, melons are half off today!” so enraged a female buyer that she complained to management. However, this comment gleaned a lot of yes and LOL replies.

One sore head took issue with my prose when he saiTRUMP AND KELLYd, in sarcasm, “Thanks for your thoughtful writing on the subject.” He highlighted my non sequiturs at the end of the piece. Another critic along the same lines objected to what he called my stream-of-consciousness manner of written expression. Hint: Have we read William Faulkner?

Yet another guy came back at me with “WTF was this article about you or the (Chicago) Bears?” Homework: Why has Brandon Marshall faithfully supported Jay Cutler for NINE years? For Extra Grade Points: Develop a psychologically themed white paper explaining how Mrs. Jay Cutler’s tweet to her girlfriends when she left the multimillion dollar QB with their children interfered with his on field performance and with his locker room comfort zone?

But another commenter liked what I said about FOX News and

Roger Alies, FOX News
Roger Alies, FOX News

Females: “Your post is perfect. I too loved that they hired smart women who looked good. But the slut look took over several years ago and it’s distracting…As I said, the worst is when you have some babe wearing a low cut blouse, her boobs hanging out and a Christian Cross between them.” Some of this next comment may have been lost in translation: “Fox may have started as conservative bent but it’s basically stripper pole titular ion anymore.”

And I totally missed the shoe-styles details of Fox feminine attire. “Why do they all wear those stripper shoes?” said one Freeper. They are so ugly (the shoes) and most women are very particular about shoes. Shoe styles change constantly yet these TV news women have been wearing the exact same stripper shoes for about five years.”

In closing, here is the TMI bit of unneeded news: Britney Spears’ hair extension caught fire, repeat FIRE, when she was getting up from the massage table! English teacher’s advice: leave your hair extensions in the towel room before disrobing for your rub down! Advice from Businessman Donald Trump: “What separates winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of Fate.” One commenter wanted us to remember that statement.

SOURCE: all comments came from the thread after “Sex sold bigtime for FOX, until Megyn met Donald”

Sex sold bigtime for FOX, until Megyn met Donald

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Fulsome lung warts, crotch shots and gun-gun bras are the props Roger “Sex Sells” Ailes has used to boost the FOX News bottom line for its advertisers. And his strategy has worked, at least until Megyn met Donald.

The problem is, the female anchorettes are being exploited, used, objectified and stressed out. So what else is new? Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession and Ailes has just redefined it. FOX is in the hen house, big time! An old 50’s Advertising school dictum

Roger Alies, FOX News
Roger Alies, FOX News

which we saw in play on the recent “Mad Men” series is called “Sell the Sizzle,” because one steak is not all that different from the next. The attack by FOX and other news networks on journalistic principles involves abuse both of women and  of us, the cable news viewers. The workings of our American democracy are assaulted 24/7 by our alphabet media conglomerates, but especially by FOX in its strange march to the top.

Recently, we saw FOX News anchorette Arthel Neville, perched by her producers atop a high bar stool that forced her to flash her legs well above mid-thigh level! Her male counterpart was appropriately dressed in business attire. And do you watch “Outnumbered?” This show is Faux titillation on steroids. In the trade, this sort of programming is called “T&A.” Gretchen Carlson, former beauty queen, said she was happy to no longer have to   

FOX News Blondes
FOX News Blondes

always wear dresses when she switched to the afternoon FOX slot.

Are Ailes and other members of FOX corporate who demean females any different, really, from the gangsta rappers appearing now on “Straight Outta Compton?” Have you listened to these appalling lyrics and what they say about women? One rapper said, “I’m going on over to the a$$ department.” He meant he was going on over to visit a female. Prince’s “Nikki” lyrics discussed what some read into them as being incest. How much outrage have you noticed from mainstream media over these terrible slanders directed at women? “The Five” producers always place a female thigh flasher at the stage front left position. Noon and five p.m. are air times during which males are often available as viewers.

But now we have countless faux journalists having literal cows    TRUMP AND KELLY over Donald Trump’s counterpunch of Mrs. Megyn who was wound up, tarted up and sent stage center for one purpose only: to take down this very popular, political outsider. And guess what! Faux News’ attempt to use a female to do the men’s dirty work failed miserably. The basic unfairness of what FOX did was apparent to all viewers, except perhaps Meghan McCain.  

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain

Television show host Steve Harvey recently asked his contestants to think of another word for breast. On another show, a youngish female asked him: “What do men want?” Harvey said, “You’ve got it. . .whether or not we (men) admit it or not. . .if we ask you (some innocuous question), what we men really want is your SEX.”

So are Harvey and Megyn Kelly using the feMEGYN KELLY 3male body to enhance their bottom lines? You bet. But Mrs. Megyn’s recent debate debacle gave Roger Ailes a big wakeup call regarding the average viewer’s sense of fairness. She was sent center stage in blond hair    extensions and wearing a little black, club going dress. She was given very offensive questions to ask front runner Donald Trump, questions she never asked any of the other men. Was the fact that she was the only female in this pathetic stage play significant? Of course it was.

Excuse me while I go find my period somewhere; maybe I don’t have the guts to loot a hair extension store like black males did    next to the burned CVS in Ferguson, MO. But I sure can surmise   BLACKS RIOTS CVS PHARMACY what the Ailes media meme is doing to our democracy. So why do these women allow themselves, out of one side of their mouths, to decry the fact that women do not receive equal pay with men, yet let men exploit their bodies for ratings? Well, money talks.

And no, I never would have tried to breast feed my beautiful daughter in front of a business man. She was adopted and way back in the day when we boiled formula, my kitchen was in a constant fog of steam from pots of boiling water. Panic attacks, nerve spells, screaming fits-especially when ‘da Bears played    CHICAGO BEARS V GREEN BAY   Green Bay-gave our poor little Yorkie his own panic attacks! Not to brag, but I was in my classroom fifteen minutes before my class meetings, even in the worst of Chicago winters. And I was the only female to meet my night class when Chicago’s temperatures hit 48 degrees below with a wind chill of minus 80. I never called in sick for the Cubs’ opener either.

So I say to Roger Sex Sells Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, and Mrs. Megyn–lose the female exploitation meme used to score for your advertisers! BTW, Bears win: Bears 27, Miami 10. I told my women students that if they wanted to succeed in business while really trying, they needed to study how the Military and Sports were structured, because when the USA went to structure its business apparatus, those two entities were the ones that were modeled. I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Forget Hillary; Trump is Running Against the Media

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

America has had her period for nearly the last eight years and she needs to get that issue of detritus flushed out of her system. A members only website came up after the Trump wins-Kelly loses debate debacle with news that a 100% pushback from viewers communicating with Fox right after their farce threw the news station back on its heels.   DONALD TRUMP 6

The unexpected response to a media conglomerate so out of touch with its viewers provided a major wake up call to what was yet another attempt by media propagandists to control who we elect to the Oval Office.

Seen walking ahead of other blond headed female hair extensions, Kelly points directly at the camera in a photo taken the night   MEGYN KELLY 3 before her defeat. “Someone will be gone by 11 (p.m.) tomorrow night,” she allegedly said in her pointy heels and little black club going dress.

But what really made Roger “Leggy Blondes Sell” Ailes call up Donald Trump Monday morning had to do with how Trump took down FOX. Peter Johnson, Jr., Ailes’ attorney, allegedly advised against calling up Trump, fearing another Lindsey Graham telephone number expose. Other networks jumped on the Fox reluctance to give Trump all of the air time he wanted. Mika on “Morning Joe” praised Trump for his accessibility, citing how Bush and the Clintons have so many producers, schedulers, advance handlers that their air time strictly was restricted.

Not so with the leader of the pack. Trump’s phoners (call in telephone interviews) are welcomed because he brings them ratings. However, when Howard Stern reportedly called up Trump soon after the debacle to tell him about the filthy and disgusting   HOWARD STERN AND MEGYN KELLY vid he did with Miss Megyn five years ago, Ailes’ leadership quickly was called up for rectification, and he knew it. Mother and wife Megyn now is on a mid-week vacay, btw.

As Stern asks her about the size of her husband’s penis and how Mr. Kelly likes her “Killer B’s,” (as in bresticles), we see the Roger Ailes selling-women-for-news-ratings balloon burst. “I have no complaints,” the anchorette said. Yet voters were once again bombarded by an activist media trying to do the Democrats’ work for them. Think Connie Chung’s interview with Barbara Bush, Dan Rather ripping on George W, with “evidence” done on a type font not even in existence back them; of course, the painful Katie Couric take down of Sarah Palin, an offense conservatives never will forget or forgive.

And going way back, how about Anita Hill’s pubic hair on a soft drink can sound bite the media used to viciously attack now

Justice Clarence Thomas
Justice Clarence Thomas

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. And there are people still around-myself included-who remember how the media eviscerated the right honorable Robert Bork as they did Ted Kennedy’s ground work for him prior to the Senate confirmation hearings.

Hey, all of their take downs worked until Kelly met Trump on the battlefield of public opinion and was hoisted with her hair extensions. Here are just a couple of the detritus that America needs to flush out of its system: ISIS chopping off heads of Christians as Obama smiles in his golf cart and Benghazi burning as Bill and Hill trip the light fantastic.

Incidentally, these images are Trump’s latest InstaGram offering to the media gods who refuse to tell us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but. What about the mortal sin that is the Animas River?   TRUMP 7 Health Ranger Mike Adams is up now suggesting it’s another false flag by another rogue government agency seeking to grab even more money from the suffering taxpayers to clean-up a spill the feds may have caused. This take was suggested by a retired geologist prior to the disaster!

What about our dumb a$$ students at all grade levels, or their silly academics teaching in our defunct classrooms? One USA TODAY columnist said the homogeneity of what is taught in colleges is the reason for the disconnect in Congress. Our elected officials simply do not understand why their constituents are so fed up with them! Sheesh!

How about our doctors who write scripts for Big Pharma to get perks without giving us full disclosures? Big Pharma scientists are doing the drug tests and drug trials for those of you that take these pills and/or even worse, for those who give them to their innocent children! One in SIX, repeat, one in SIX, American children are now diagnosed with autism, something I never heard of when I was a child. Ask yourselves, why is this happening? Why is government, especially in CA, now forcing parents to subject their own children countless vaccines? In my day we were given at the max, five or six vaccines. But these days, “advances” in medical science are responsible for tiny babies, under six months of age, being jabbed with as many as 34 needles, from one report I read. This is outrageous!

What about two blond haired, blue eyed children somehow coming into this country for adoption through our Southern non-border? Why do black robed, unelected tyrants remain in office until they grow barnacles? Why are they allowed to forcibly “legislate” our country’s religious and moral codes, especialSUPREME COURTly when the lib/Dem political machine puts them in those robes? How come they get to force American citizens to give up deeply held religious and highly personal codes of behavior? Why don’t they go bake some cakes for a conservative wedding while trying to stay awake all the while? Could SCOTUS do for me a compendium on when a tax is not a tax?

The list goes on and on: Obama sealing his vital records immediately after he entered the Oval Office and even worse, our “Media” and our “Congress” letting him get away with it. Our media mocking Sheriff Joe and his investigators. The airline manifest which revealed when the young Barack re-entered our country, somehow gone missing! Where is his BC? What about    obama_lies Obama’s trade of five thugs for Bergdahl, closing Gitmo, on and on.

How come Barack protects the abortion industry when hospitals work like crazy to save premature infants of the exact same age? If Black Lives Matter, why doesn’t Obama do something about the very high kill rate of black babies in abortion mills in minority neighborhoods?

Joe Biden may now be plugged in to take over for the flawed Hillary candidacy because her E-mails just won’t go away like Lois Lerner’s did. So far, that is. Have we ALL really forgotten that Biden’s loose lips were directly responsible for the death of brave, Seal 6 team members who had coincidentally been sent airborne in an old, creaky copter on the day of the shoot-down? Were Muslim terrorists given advance notice of this “sitting duck” flight? Would the current Regime even DO such a thing? (That’s ONE question I can answer!) Why are all members of the media silent on this travesty? The list goes on and on. Our military has been “flushed” clean of hard line leaders for touchy feely types; the U.S. Army is scaled back to WWI personnel levels and the Navy severely reduced in size and strength.

Well, “whatev,” as females at State replied to someone who dared to question this administration. Nothing was done about anything because Congress, the Media, corporate interlocking governance and Wall Street didn’t want anything done. That is, not until The Donald came on our scene wearing a pair of very heavy loafers that are making huge imprints on a country that must become great again. So deal with it, Uniparty executioners of our American dream. A billionaire not intimidated by the rules of political correctness has placed you directly in the spotlight and you’re scurrying to the nearest dark hole, just like the cockroaches you are.