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Your Republican Senator wants a $1000 donation to act like a Democrat

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

A very deceptive ploy is being used by the National Republican Senatorial Committee that is at least rather unfair, at most a bit too over the top for establishment senators who might be getting the message that Republican voters do NOT want what they’re selling.
This writer received an official looking letter with a return address of “Saint Lucie County Area Assessment.” It had a black, bold type warning “Do Not Tamper or Destroy” above the homeowner’s address. Naturally, this letter was the first one to be opened because, frankly, it looked like some notice from the county assessor’s office.  But on closer look, the return address was the National Republican Senatorial Committee, 424 Second Street, NE, Washington DC, 20002.
“The National Republican Senatorial Committee has commissioned this AREA ASSESSMENT in order to get a detailed, highly accurate evaluation of GOP voter attitudes in every County, City, Borough, and District nationwide,” says page one of this letter. “You are the only citizen living in your unique Voting District to receive the enclosed ASSESSMENT DOCUMENT, so your participation and timely response are very important.”
The loaded verbiage and the slanted four page voter “assessment” are really just a money raising ploy asking for a $1,000 donation. BTW, if $1,000 is a little too steep after you’ve paid your Obamacare tax collection fees, you could give $500, or even $250.  An “other” box lets you put in a smaller amount.
Here are some of the slanted questions that any Conservative voter would recognize as some out-of-touch pollster’s attempt at exploitation:  “Do you think President Obama’s government-centric economic policies have slowed job growth?” Talk about a non sequitur! How about asking these pollsters just where Republican politicos were when our citizens’ wealth was flushed down the toilet in the failed, 2008 stimulus rape of our individual retirement funds?
Or how about this rhetorical chestnut: “Do you support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?” Huh? Maybe, I’d check their “Undecided” box if I felt like sending them a bag of pennies, because this old canard has been trotted out to prod Conservatives for decades now, and NO ONE does anything about it!  Or how about this nutty question in their list of 31: “Generally, is there too much government involvement in our free enterprise system?”  Can you answer who is buried in Grant’s tomb?
And what have your GOP senators been doing while President Obama and his in-country, bureaucratic SWAT teams have been weakening our US military? “Is it important for the United States to maintain the strongest military in the world?” seems like a question these people need to ask themselves. Filling up the positions of our rank and file and top generals with politically correct, social justice-seeking “fighting” men, and oh, women, too, may look great to the Muslim Brotherhood but maybe not so much if China decides to use its own military to collect on the debt we owe them!
This question is so stupid and so insulting, no box should be checked:  “Do you believe White House operatives (including possibly the president) are covering up how much they knew about the Justice Department’s spying on journalists and the premeditated terrorist attack on our diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya?”
Well, as their questions get more and more loaded with jabs to purposely provoke the reader into popping for a $1,000 donation, the National Republican Senatorial Committee closes with this: “”Will you help the NRSC achieve its goal by participating in this LOCAL AREA ASSESSMENT for Saint Lucie County and by making a special financial gift?” Sure I will, after you seat warmers refund to me what I lost six years ago when you kept warming your seats.  Sure, I will when you get your butts in gear and go out along the Southern Border and stand there with guns pointed south to stop illegal incursions into our once safe country, just as the Bureau of Land Management and other feds stood eye ball to eye ball, weapons at the ready to shoot American ranchers. You were silent when the BLM took aim at privately owned cows, just as you can’t bring yourselves to ask why Obama won’t take aim at our open borders?

So how about this for a question 32:  “Do you believe your actions speak louder than your words?”  How about you answer that one, then ask me for a $1,000 to keep your seat warm for another six years of empty words but no action from US Senate Republicans?

The Shroud of Turin

 by Suzanne Eovaldi

 Our Lord is risen.  Our God lives.  The Shroud of Turin is speaking to all Christians now more than at any other time in our current history when so many of our religious freedoms are under attack by the US government.  John C. Iannone is a Catholic writer and lecturer who is traveling throughout the South during our pre- Easter preparations to bring the story of the holy Shroud to us. 

One can only marvel at what this holy garment reveals to us about the suffering Jesus went through to be one of us and to suffer in such horrible ways to draw out our sins and weaknesses into his own Divinity.  The Shroud’s authenticity was attacked in the late 1980s by the New York Times which was doing what it does best– mocking the beliefs of Christians. 

 But Mr. Iannone has studied the issues surrounding this Holy garment since 1978. He tells any and all listeners that real time evidence exists of Jesus’ presence.  Invited by Shroud Custodian Cardinal Saldarini to analyze the Cloth, Mr. Iannone told a Fort Pierce Florida audience at St. Anastasia’s Catholic Church that the four soil samples he and fellow scientists examined from the cloth match precisely the four soil types at the locations where the Shroud was known to have traveled! 

And listeners were audibly moved when shown the marks of the six whipping points, called flagram, which matched the description of Jesus’ torture by his captors.  The “epsilon,” which is a small positive quantity that provides mathematical analysis, could be seen as a lightened area flowing out of the lips of our Lord as HIS very death was taking place! Other evidence shows how the traditional Jewish burial posture of knees bent toward the torso plus the hands being crossed over the body were explained by the lecturer to be consistent with markings on the Shroud.

But clearly the most transcendental part of the evening’s lecture came when the Catholic scholar explained the very exact analysis points to the location on the cloth when Jesus rose from death.   

The Resurrection of our Lord is revealed by a piece of cloth that survives today to bring spirituality and hope of the Life of Our Lord to us all!  “No cloth in history has been so studied as the Holy Shroud.  Nor has any cloth so caught the fascination and reverence of the world,” says the introduction to Mr. Iannone’s speech. 

 He even gave details about the pollen and flower image samples found by researchers and explained how these samples, along with the soil types, help to verify the Shroud’s authenticity.  Modern blood and DNA samples also are consistent.  The findings of pathologists and hematologists add additional verification of the Shroud’s authenticity. as do wound specialists examining wound patterns on the material.

Mr. Iannone has written three books on the Shroud, including his most recent, “The Mystery of the Shroud of Turin.”  He has done over 260 lectures to churches of all denominations throughout the US, Canada, and in Rome.  He is working on a film called, “The Shroud Conspiracy” which is expected to be released in 2015.  “As Jesus Christ entered Eternity, the atoms of His Body at the Resurrection accelerated dramatically.  At the Resurrection His body was changed from a dead Body to a Resurrected Glorified Body.” (1)  And the light of Jesus’ Resurrection even shows up in NSA analysis! 

So as our Christian faith is under an assault unprecedented in modern history, the Shroud of Turin speaks to us in a way that  detractors cannot and will not silence.  As Our Lord’s Resurrection nears, let us keep in our spirits the notion of our Lord’s light actually being in evidence on the Holy Cloth that covered his agony.

  Remember His words to us on this Easter Sunday, 2014:  “Love one another as I have Loved You.  I am the way, the truth, the life.” 

SOURCE:  (1) also,   The Mystery of the Shroud of Turin.  New Scientific Evidence.


Politics matter even on the Senior dating scene

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Tentatively I accepted the call to enter the senior dating game, and at age 78, I accepted the invitation of a very nice, clean cut, 80s something gentleman to be his passenger on a trip to a goat farm. 
He, in ranking order, was from the Midwest, as opposed to “the East;” was single by death of his beloved wife of 60 years, rather than being a traveler of a divorced nature; and we both liked the activities of the Slow Food movement here in Florida.
We met at the first stop on the farm-to-fork tour of sustainable organic farms and small, well tended vegetable gardens, one of which also housed the local nudist camp.  Of course, entering for the tours, guests were led specifically along lanes where campers were clothed during the tour.  Our next stop was a goat farm whose goat population rose significantly during a Florida energy blackout. We stood up close by the fence as the all natural goats grazed; colorful chickens ranged freely, and they laid their eggs at will.  “We’re engaged,” loudly said the male member of a couple next to me.  A sweet hen had laid her egg right in between his pointed boots.  He was beyond thrilled by this nature up close and personal event.  We saw the goats being milked, and even got to watch a male turkey display his gorgeous colors.  “He’s presenting,” said the owner of the farm, as she explained he was entering his “time.”  Well, time to move on.  The road out in front was packed with waiting farm viewers.
We drove back to the nudist camp in order for me to pick up my car.  My friends in the camp had given me free amaryllis bulbs for planting in hopes of blooms next Christmas.  All in all, very nice.  My Midwestern friend instructed me in how to exit the place, and as I drove out, I didn’t know whether to keep my eyes on the road, my car, straight ahead or what.  But sidelong glances did expose nudists lounging about the pool, adult campers of all ages, but very comfortable in their chosen lifestyles.  The sun was out.  I started to think this may be a little too big of a stretch for this Midwestern grandmother. “How do you feel about the nudist colony,” my friend asked? “I’m not taking my clothes off,” I said. “What others do, that’s up to them.”
Well, another dating experience involved a St. Patty’s somewhat great day, and then a 3 hour cruise to nowhere out beyond Florida’s waters into the international free zone of gamble at will.  All in all, everything went pretty well.  A new reporter friend with whom I’d been emailing about her Smart Meter stories met up with us, but she was literally incapacitated by the pitching waves and gave in to a full-blown case of seasickness from hell, making her coverage of the new gambling boat somewhat difficult.
So as we returned to the handicapped parking space after the boat docked, my male friend helped me around the back of his SUV, and there it was.  I just couldn’t get past that dating stopper.  No way.  I feel I have to go in front of my conservative Liberty Caucus, stand up in front, and say to all gathered: “Hi, I’m Suzanne, and I got in a car with a blue Co-exist bumper sticker on it!”  I just haven’t worked up the courage yet to admit to my conservative friends that not only did I get into a Co-exist bumper-stickered vehicle, I dated a man from Wisconsin, worst of all, a man from Madison.  He said the lab bomber even, take a breath here readers, BABY-SAT his children eons ago.  Well, that’s it.  No more dating.

Now, I’m content to sit around my pool, gaze out on the blue, chlorine thickened water, watch a  returning Cardinal bird flit back and forth between non nectar bearing red bottle brush trees, and be thankful that my no longer riskier self needs to conquer any more new experiences.  Only problem is, here in Florida, the pollen season is out in full bloom, and I’ve been up two nights in a row with the mother of all allergy attacks.

The New America a grotesque vestige of American the Beautiful

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

From Kim Kardashian’s butt to Miley Cyris’ obscene gyrations, clearly our American culture has popped, exploded, gone to hell in a hand basket, and is just plain offensive and out-of-control. Once again, the NATIONAL ENQUIRER tells it the way it is by featuring the re-release of the iconic art book WHITE TRASH UNCUT by outstanding photographer Christopher Makos. (1).  His first edition is available for a whopping $500 a copy, but this second release is selling at $50 each and includes 40 new pix of the decline and fall of Western Civilization in full disgust.
Makos is “the first photographer to record the convergence of the uptown and downtown worlds as Debbie Harry fondly remembers,” says Peter Wise who wrote the book’s foreword. (2) The punk scene that grew out of the miasma of the 1970′s collapse of New York City pushed forward the sea change happening in America that began in college and university classrooms of the 1960s.  The Hell No, We Won’t Go anti-war chants, while noble in the beginning, devolved into a cultural overhaul in America from which we may never recover.
Personally, I notice the decline and fall everywhere I go.  A friend took me to a lovely restaurant on St. Patrick’s Day so we could hear a beautiful singer straight from Ireland sing “Danny Boy” the real way. I began to cry as I remembered my kind father-in-law Grandpa Broderick sitting in his big easy chair and crying every March 17.  Well, in comes this beautiful young woman, seemingly also of Irish descent, in a “skirt” that I just could not help but stare at.  And believe me, the men there were doing the same.  She dishonored the orange of the Irish color banners with this spandex abomination that was so short, so tight, viewers literally could watch her private endowments move up, down, and all around.  This appalling sight was juxtaposed with two sweet Irish children, a brother and sister, as they did the step dances of Ireland.
What has happened to our women in America? Seriously. The flagrant boobs brigade of TV anchor babes reading “news” is offensive. Let’s don’t even talk about their rhymes with “watch” shots every night in our living rooms, photo ops cleverly and deliberately written in to the television shows by directives from management, IMHO.
The “I Heart Boobies” belt one of my students wore into one of my English classrooms took me by surprise, but coed after coed came in, of course, to “study” but really to vamp the males, and I guess even some females.  We often heard English department colleagues belabor the ENNUI citizens felt in France after they came up out of their bomb shelters and subways after World War II ended.  Their ennui brought us to existentialism.  But now, ennui has descended into the yearly No Pants Subway Ride, a ritual in 60 countries.  Not to be outdone by people of another color, bro Christopher Chase, 13 year NY transit employee, dropped trou, rode the rails without his pants on while on his day off, and now is upset that he got written up by his employer.  While his transit union wants his record expunged, what about the other riders who were clothed, but just maybe didn’t want to watch his daddy parts swing and sway with their slurps of coffee? (3) What about their rights?  What happened to having to dress appropriately for work and/or be cognizant of the fact that your appearance is a statement about your employer?  We used to have dress codes. Now anything goes, and here in Florida, look out on Fridays!
From the heroin “coke” doll looks favored by high fashion models to those out of control married women who don’t seem very real, whether in LA, NY, or Atlanta, clearly America needs a serious make-over and re-set. I don’t know what the heck is going on, but I don’t ever again want to listen to the lovely “Danny Boy” defiled by a frustrated spandex figure advertising her wares in pathetic ways.

SOURCES:  (1) National Enquirer, 4-4-2014, by Dick Siegel, online editor
(3) DAILY NEWS, Thursday, April 3, 2013, pg. 30

Former Gov. Blagojevich, sealed tapes and the Windy City that runs the Nation

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

“I’ve Got This Thing, and It’s F*king Golden. . .I’m just not giving it up for nothing,” said former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, speaking of his ability in 2008 to name the new owner of Barack Obama’s vacated US Senate seat.  And now rumors are swirling Blago just might be getting out of jail much earlier than required by the 14 year sentence which he is serving in a mountain Gray Bar Inn, forced retreat in Colorado.

Two Chicago Tribune reporters, John Chase and Jeff Coen, (who did not answer a CiR call to hear their side) are being lambasted for what they knew and when they knew it regarding the much heralded SEALED TAPES.  “So why did Blago and his attorneys let Chase and Coen’s public proclamation that the contents of the sealed tapes confirm his guilt go unchallenged?” (1)
Sealed, unsealed, just spent words in an ongoing stream of politics-as-usual in Chicago.  Whether the tapes hold the key to opening Blago’s prison cell to return to his wife and children is an ancillary codicil to the real reason the man was sent up.  In the People’s Republic of Illinois, everything now serves the One, and Blago had to be removed from waiting microphones to protect the Chicago gangster in the Oval Office.
We hear that Barack Obama is planning his return to the city and the Ayers salon that launched him onto the world’s stage while his beloved wife of over 20 years will remain in D.C.  So what do the tapes have to do with the price of eggs?  Well, they give Blago leverage, leverage which was already pretty well assured because his wife Patricia is the eldest daughter of Richard F. “Dick” Mell.  Mell retired after 38 years, repeat 38 years, serving on the Chicago City Council. Within one month, he began a new career as a lobbyist. (2)

Mell’s own career weaved in and out of his alliance with Fast Eddie Vrodolyak and the Vrodolyak 29.  Oh, those were the years.  Here’s a delicious sidebar; my friend lived across the street from the young male artist who drew the oft derided picture of Mayor Harold Washington in ladies delicate attire. The young man literally had to flee the Chicago suburb, I think by dark of night.  Black politicians were so enraged that a Black female politician, without court order, police protection, or legal authority walked up the steps of the Chicago Art Institute and summarily pulled the large painting OFF OF THE WALL herself. Dorothy “hats” Tillman was not the one who did this, as I got the story.

“How many of us read the stuff we get, OK. . .it’s small print. . .like your insurance policy,” Mell famously said of Mayor Richard M. Daley’s dictum to move forward on the parking meter privatization contracts, an issue which is now in the courts. (3) Mell and his son-in-law locked horns over a landfill flap that Blago shuttered but that somehow was tied to the family patriarch’s wishes. (4)  Now Illinois political blogs are rife with speculation that Illinois’ fourth jailed governor will soon return to the City that runs the country.  Maybe yes, maybe no, but let’s not discount the well liked former governor’s appeal to the common folk, many of  whom just happen to pay for the Democrat disease known as Chicago politics. 

I just can’t get worked up about those tapes, but they are a new chapter in what may be going on. They are grist for somebody’s political mill.  Those two Chicago Tribune reporters could have blown the Blagojevich case right off of Michigan Avenue, but they didn’t.  Compared to most Chicago pols, the former governor was not that bad and he did listen to the people.  My cousin thought he was cute.
Let’s not forget the real tragedy of the once lovely home state of the Fighting Illini. A pension system ranked 50 out of 50 states, economic ratios, Moody bond ratings and job creation factors numbering 47 to 48 according to Chicago Tribune and Wall Street Journal findings are creating a dysphoria that matches the Heroin Hell of Lower Wacker and Rambo’s closing of schools which many black children and their parents really liked.
Sure, the much touted FBI sealed tapes just may get Blago out of jail, but his stay-out-of-the-cemetery card is his silence at the microphones of Democrat political power.  Blago walks when Obama says he walks.

and to . ./nerves-fray-Blagojevich-explains-golden-quo
(2) (3) (4)