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Questions about Barack’s background never seem to end

by George Spelvin, staff writer

Was Stanley Ann Dunham in actuality Jo Ann Newman, the baby mama of Malcolm X/s love child? Radio talk host Martha Trowbridge (1) says President Barack Hussein Obama actually was born in New York City, the love child of Malcolm X. Indeed, several sites are up with split screen images of both BHO and Malcolm X, and the similarities are striking.

Documents at this website (2) show BHO’s real name is Bari Shabazz, born in NYC, 1959, the child of JoAnn Newman, and a black man named Malcolm Shabazz, (known as Malcolm X). But how does Jo Ann Newman become Stanley Ann Dunham? In an edition of Muhammad Speaks, dated April 4, 1962, is the following caption: “More than 12,000 people on February 23 gathered in Chicago’s International Amphitheatre to hear Messenger Elijah Muhammad speak on ‘The Future of the American So-called NEGROES.’ ” (3) Continuing, on page 18, Ann and baby Barack are placed just below and to the left of a photo of Malcolm X with the caption, “the Young Listened.” Today, the Trowbridge website is a members only link after having been full access several years ago. The implication seems to involve Jo Ann Newman being, perhaps, a moniker for Stanley Ann Dunham who may or may not have had an affair with Malcolm X. Or was the moniker a vice versa? Who knows? The young woman holding up a tiny baby in her arms is included in a picture at this rally.

While Stanley Ann Dunham and Baby Barack are placed at the Nation of Islam Annual Rally in Chicago, in a photo allegedly taken on February 23, 1962, “…the date is coincidental with Stanley Ann’s alleged enrollment at the University of Washington in Seattle.” (Martha Trowbridge website as cited in the beforeitsnews link.) A photo that circulated on the web right after BHO took office in 2008 showed him falling asleep on a sofa, and the eyeglasses that he was wearing had fallen to the floor. Another picture showed eyeglasses that appeared similar that were left on the stage after the Malcom X assassination. Again, more question marks.

Attorney Stephen Pidgeon, in an interview with radio talk host Rick Wiles (4), detailed the research for his book entitled THE OBAMA ERROR. Pidgeon told Wiles that he found a birth certificate registered in Skookumchuck, British Columbia, a small mining camp in Canada that involves the Obama birth! Sheesh!

In conclusion: For even more details, go to Mia Marie Pope’s account of her alleged childhood friendship on beaches in Hawaii with the man now known as BHO. She told Pastor James David Manning of Atlah Ministries that she knew this young man as “Barry,” and that “he always portrayed himself as a foreign student…that’s just what we knew about him.” (5) However, the fact checking website declares the foreign student ID of BHO circulating on the web really belongs to a German student named Thomas Lugert. (6)

SOURCES: (1) (3) Martha Trowbridge website as cited by . . (2) . .(4) and (5) (6)


by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

As we approach the seventieth anniversary of the German surrender to the Allies on May 7, 1945, it’s time we take a few moments to reflect on the superhuman efforts our great American military force expended to assure that victory. General of the Army and Supreme Allied Commander Dwight David Eisenhower brought about the cooperation of quarrelsome and oppositional Allies who gained reputations for fighting among themselves, America’s Joint Chief of Staff, George Marshall and Eisenhower himself nearly as much as they did the enemy!

When Eisenhower cabled Marshall that Germany had surrendered at 0241, local time, May 7th, 1945, Marshall responded with this message, directed to Eisenhower at his Reims headquarters: “You have completed your mission with the greatest victory in the history of warfare. You have commanded, with outstanding success, the most powerful military force that has even (sic) been assembled. . .You have made history, great history for the good of all mankind, and you have stood for all we hope for and admire in an officer of the United States Army. ” (1 pg. 358)

American troops took horrific casualties during Operation Overlord, the Normandy invasion of June 6th, 1944. “In spite of the enormous casualties suffered by the Americans in the first two landing waves at Omaha, the beach was finally secured…” “The eventual Omaha victor was a classic example of tenacious small unit action.” Author Perry said that “it was only through the courage of American privates, corporals, and sergeants that the Germans were finally routed from [their] defensive positions.” (Pg. 303).

But why are American school children never taught about this and other extraordinary feats accomplished by our soldiers during WWII? Why are the attitudes of the American media so corrosive that its members fail—indeed refuse–to give our military the praise and honor it deserves? Empty stories about Memorial Day events can in no way properly represent the debt owed the United States Armed Forces and its Greatest Generation!

Eisenhower had just walked through the death camps, “knowing that at some future date some might question the fact of the horrors…he visited one camp and then another…saw bodies piled to the ceiling…in order to give first-hand evidence of these things if ever, in the future, there develops a tendency to charge these allegations merely to ‘propaganda.'” (pg. 356). Then, on the evening of May 6, 1945, he refused to meet with Generaloberst Alfred Jodl, the German commander who arrived in Reims to sign his country’s unconditional surrender. The death camp scenes were so horrific Eisenhower wrote to Marshall that “what he had seen was beyond description…the fact of the horrors.”

Early the next morning on May 7, Jodl bent over to sign the surrender document… “Ja” he said to General Eisenhower who had asked if the German commander understood the terms of the surrender and would implement them. The same German general would soon appear in the dock at the Nuremberg war trials.

Of the estimated 72 million men and women who served in World War II, more than 16 million had been killed and buried ‘from Murmansk to Morocco, from the Arctic to the Pacific…nearly one in four had died” (Pg. 361). The Russians suffered the most deaths and United States casualties numbered 407,318 combat deaths.

Eisenhower was continually beset with the quarrels of English generals who sought to win media accolades at the worst possible times, often just before the most dreadful of battles. Winston Churchill, so praised by the media, never gave up his desire to use our resources to help England re-constitute its colonial stretch; “I hope…we shall realise (sic) that we (England) have only a quarter of the forces invading Germany, and that the situation has thus changed remarkably” he said. (pg 355)

What has happened to the American educational system that these facts are no longer impressed upon children even though they are able to sit in our classrooms only because of the sacrifices made by America’s Armed Forces in just this one war? Where are the songs of patriotism we used to sing as we saluted our beloved American flag? What is so wrong about giving our Pledge of Allegiance to the USA? Have the lies which make up the agenda of far left academics been so damaging to American history that our children just don’t care, just take for granted all of General Eisenhower’s sacrifices? Do they even know who he was?

One observer on the ground at President Obama’s recent visit to Florida’s east coast said, “About 80 % of what is wrong (with our country) is because of the media.” He really spoke the truth. Our media, no matter what good America or Americans do, say, accomplish, or resolve, will continually find ways to denigrate, besmirch, trivialize and insult our country. And the radical left which owns–which ARE–the American media, also decide what schoolchildren will learn about their nation and its history.

What is wrong, America? We seriously need a “reset,” and we need it NOW!

SOURCE: All quotes and footnotes are from a great book by the great historian and JOURNALIST, Mark Perry. Perry, Mark. PARTRNERS IN COMMAND, George Marshall and Dwight Eisenhower in War and Peace. New York: The Penguin Press, 2007. Why won’t our “professors” bring this real message of America’s greatness to our young people who must replace those who have died for our history? Never have I been so ashamed of the two “professions” to which I dedicated my life, namely “journalism” and “academia!”

New York City Sex Club “Killing Kittens” makes its debut

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Killing Kittens, a roving international sex club, is making its filthy debut in NYC. It is an import from the UK that is sinking American culture to the very bottom of the deepest ocean trenches, the Marianas included. Must we be awash from across the muddy pond with such as “In a matter of minutes, pants are off, bras are unhooked, and a tangled web of nude revelers go at it”, according to reporter Dana Schuster. (1)

Schuster is detailing in raw descriptions just what goes on in this international hook up club, inevitably destined to reach America’s shores. This debauchery is “for the sexual elite,” she adds. Opening last week in the Big Apple, this deplorable sex mash event is collecting $100 for each woman, $250 for each couple so complete strangers can have at it in an expensive rental loft. Wearing masks, cocktail attire, and costly duds which quickly are shed in candlelit rooms, the pitiful attendees at this meet and greet must defer to wishes of the females. “It’s a place where females can try whatever they want,” says Emma Sayle, founder. This person calls herself a friend of Kate Middleton. Men may not approach women, may be expected to help themselves to items in the “bowls of condoms strewn about,’ and hopefully will “look nice” while doing all of this stuff. Sayle is the mother of a five month old baby boy with her hockey player baby daddy James Tindall. Apparently, taking care of their precious baby isn’t giving her enough satisfaction, because she is spending an awful lot of time setting up these decadent scenarios for the bored upper crust types.

She claims she was troubled because for a very long time, “everything was being run by guys.” (2) So this bored genius decided that the best way to assuage her shattered feminine ego is to celebrate females as $100 hookers! Hey, now there’s a way to earn—or rather, demand– some long overdue respect, right! But why prey on NYC? The Sayle reason for implementing this decadence involves New York’s nervous tension, the New Yorkers’ need to decompress in someone’s perception of a kinky, New York atmosphere. In other words, she’s making up excuses for creating a truly perverse scheme of skimming dough from the truly perverse.

But this filth is coming out of America’s generalized moral decay. A current movie entitled “The Loft” centers on the murder of a female in an apartment rented by five up and coming married business men. A prime time TV sit com, “The Swingers,” along with the furor over “Fifty Shades of Grey” come to mind.

Horrific black rap lyrics that denigrated women of all types are disgusting enough to hear, but with Killing Kittens, we now have reputedly grown American adults paying money to wallow in the lowest of the earth’s swill. Years ago we may have been shocked by the younger generation’s RAVE parties held in dimly lit warehouse sites that featured sex, drugs, and rock and roll. But the Emma Sayle members only sex orgies just may be a pond too far for American families to swim around in. Can we not see that sex weeks at our universities, academic classes on porn, adult entertainment, pornography streamed into over 50% of U.S. homes by one estimate, are contributing to moral decay which exists to the detriment of each and every one of us?

“They can come and share the men,” says this Brit. A higher than usual female to male ration in NYC, she suggests, is making for the “success” of her orgies. She’s even looking to invade the toney Hamptons this summer for an ungainly, member’s only private party at an estate out there.

“It’s like a buffet,” said one female orgy attendee after experiencing her swim in swill. But what about Emma Sayle’s young son who one day may grow up to be a web surfing teenager who happens upon these Killing Kitten parties his very own mother organized? He just may realize and be shocked by the role model for women given him by his very own mother. She may see him ruined, not by love, but rather by lust she placed in his psyche.

SOURCE: all footnotes are from pg. 29, 30 NEW YORK POST, dated Wednesday, March 11, 2015.

How dare Indiana Governor Pence listen to normal people rather than to the left

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

What’s really going on with the media’s hit job on the Hoosier state? When I retired from my tenured teaching career at a suburban Illinois college just across the border from Indiana, I was hired as a news correspondent for a large daily newspaper, located at the time in Gary, IN. I was hired, I later found out, because a very leftist editor had so alienated readers with his attacks on Republicans, especially in and around Crown Point, that readership figures had plummeted and changes had to be made at all levels. This editorialist took after the beloved mayor of Crown Point and the citizens responded by dragging an oil drum in front of the newspaper office, stuffing it with newspapers and setting it on fire.

I sat in the Mayor’s lovely home and talked with him and his wife for well over an hour. The pain of how hurt they were welled up into tears at one point. As I recall the details, this beloved elected official was a veteran, truly a kind, caring man who even took into their home needy citizens down on their luck. The couple looked at me and asked why they were being targeted like they were by this leftist journo, why was the newspaper “after” them like that? I listened, told their story, and moved on to cover the greatest scoops of my life. I learned so much chasing pole barn fires over icy roads in the middle of the night, telling about the plight of a wild deer trapped out in the middle of an icy lake, about the horrific ice hut tragedy, the cheerleader’s terrible crash, and on and on. For you see, I, at the time, was chided by the other reporters because I had a lot of journalism credentials but “you don’t know the street.”

In short, they felt I was a nerdy English teacher who needed to fit her syntax down to the level that the “street” could understand. I also had to prove that I could get the story as well as many younger reporters were doing every day.

As a political writer interested in our deeply divided, right-left America, I realize that the years I spent covering a red state that the media were “after,” exemplified what the media now are trying to do to every red state in our country. In my opinion, the media hit-job on Indiana’s just passed Religious Freedom Act is leftist political theatre because, as a right wing bastion, Indiana must be attacked with all of the fury we are now witnessing. Indiana’s next door neighbor, the far left state of Chicago, has lost more population than any state in the country.

The roads just inside northwest Indiana are clogged with new home developments for Illinois border jumpers. These former Illinois residents are escaping the Chicago way of taxation, the liberal ideology, community activism, and racial divisiveness. Yet outside of the Chicago contagion, Illinois contains many conservative, down to earth, ordinary Americans who are so sick and tired of what has been done to their beautiful state by Democrats that they are seeking to recreate and remember their roots by jumping the border.

Watching Governor Mike Pence explain how he, his wife and children walked the Freedom Bridge route with other caring Americans had to impress upon any viewer that the man is not discriminating against anyone. But you’ll never hear leftist journos or their race baiting hustlers present the real side of the kind, true, caring man and his Indiana citizens. What the Religious Freedom Act wants to protect is the right of sincere religious believers who want to earn a living and honor the tenets of their religious beliefs. Let’s juxtapose what Governor Pence is saying with what Palm Beach Diocese Bishop Gerald Barbarito is not saying. While Gov. Pence is acting on what his public trust, i.e. his voters, his Indiana residents, want him to represent, Bishop Barbarito is keeping silent in the face of a Democrat US House of Representative who is gleaning Democrat votes by declaring himself to be both Catholic and pro-choice, pro-same sex marriage, in direct conflict to the Catholic teachings the laity hear constantly!

The media position remains consistent in each example, namely to ride the leftist journalism mantra right over top of honest, sincere Republicans, but to ride their mantra the other way for a religious leader whose silence lets fellow liberals grab votes off of a religious voting block. I’m very pained and hurt to see my fellow “journalists” yet again hound a Republican governor and the citizens of his state with the skein of “discrimination,” “racism,” anti-gay bias yet refuse to hold another leader to the same standard. Indiana is NOT discriminatory and it is NOT against gays getting served by small business. When it comes to thinking a great deal of bibles and guns—even if it’s described as hugging, toting and clinging—well I can’t find much wrong with that anyway.

I met some of the kindest, most sincere, helpful people I ever knew in the nine years I lived on the south end of Lake Michigan. Since I moved to Florida, I have taken some of the most hurtful slings and arrows I ever had to take, and each of these barbs came from east coast Democrats. The attacks on Indiana are just another notch on the empty holsters of Democrat operatives, hell bent on flipping another Republican state. As an aside, ask yourself why the feds just had to name Texas their “enemy” in the Jade Helm domestic terrorism military exercises set to take place this summer. Why are the Executive Order imprimaturs flooding America with expected Democrat voters in a quid pro quo of gimmies for their potential blue voting blocks? In my opinion, the reason for the bitter attacks on Indiana is to flip the Red State into the Blue column. By using the very reliable gay voting block for the Democrats lefty journos can carry their agenda into America’s heartland which, to date, has stood solidly for fairness to all voters AND for religious freedom.

This law is nothing new; Pence said President Clinton and then Senator Obama signed onto similar legislation. How else, then, can you explain this rabid attack on Indiana, other than to admit it’s all about politics?

Harry Reid pays the price for double crossing his exercise equipment

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

edit note: I could NOT find an authoritative source to cite in re a mafia ordered beating of Reid so I leave it up to the reader

“Very suspicious,” said a Florida sports medicine surgeon who qualified his remarks by saying, “I’m not an expert in this area. . .the orbital or peri-orbital or eye problems.” He wanted to reiterate that his area of medical expertise is “from the neck down,” and “I’m speaking as a lay person in this area.” But he said when he saw pictures of right eye injuries to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, the surgeon said, “He certainly looks beat down.”

The esteemed Florida sports surgeon was responding to a reporter’s question, “Are the injuries of Harry Reid the result of injuries from a broken exercise belt that sprung back and hit the Democrat Senator in the right eye?” Reid’s injuries include “multiple broken bones around his right eye, damage to the right eye, severe facial bruising, broken ribs, and a concussion.” (1) A Naples sports clinic staff member who didn’t know who Harry Reid was declined to comment. A spokesman in Reid’s Capitol office said he could not comment on the record or off the record about what happened to his boss. “I’m not authorized to speak on the matter.” “We know… what’s on the web,” he said. “He and his staff are in Nevada,” the press office representative added.

Reid’s injuries are so severe that he has yet to regain sight in his right eye. The senator has also decided to step down as Minority Leader and will not seek re-election after his 30 year Congressional career. Though the American people deserve some specific answers about this situation, they apparently won’t be getting them any time soon. According to the Powerlineblog, (2), Reid showed up at a Las Vegas emergency room on New Year’s Day, 2015 with these very serious injuries and told attending ER doctors a broken exercise belt had done it. However, speculation on the web is reaching nearly 4 million “hits” on the story title, “What really happened to Harry Reid?” Another report claims over 90,000 google searches want to know what happened.

Trying to run down the background of Obama’s Senate big shot is like trying to find one’s way through a maze of political connections with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Nevada Gaming Commission. Perhaps the most important—and shady– Reid connection involves the Seeno brothers, each holding 30% of the shares in the Coyote Springs real estate development, now on hold, about one hour’s drive from Las Vegas. The Clive Bundy grazing showdown in the desert may have merely provided cover for the liberal media which of course will not investigate what Reid is really up to. “Liberal oriented media, along with their neo-conservative counterparts on the right, are once again reading from the same web page and [are] over concerned with Cliven Bundy’s alleged racist comments.” (3)

A former Nevada Gaming Commissioner, Reid is coming under fire because of “highly questionable connections to the Chinese energy corporation ENN, through its Nevada counterpart ENN Mojave Energy,” says web researcher Shawn Helton. (4) “The land deal was reportedly a steal for Chinese business investors who were set to receive a sweetheart deal of 87 PERCENT discount.” Using the supposedly endangered desert tortoise as a reason for the fast track federal takeover of expanded habitat, the BLM was subsequently sued by grass roots watchdogs who questioned other land grabs by the federal government.

Another moving part in this Reid maze involves his son Rory Reid, a lawyer heading lobbying efforts for Las Vegas hotel and casino connections. The Reid Oligarch themed blog says, “Harry Reid, the highest ranking Democratic Senator, is said to have been busy brokering a $5 BILLION dollar deal to secure a solar farm site in Laughlin, NV…” (5) During Reid’s trip to China in 2011, he reportedly pushed the ENN Group CEO to take on development of a huge solar energy project in southern NV “to provide 30% of CA’s energy needs.”

Hang on, it gets even more convoluted. Harvey Whittemore, former lawyer and lobbyist for the law firm which employs Reid’s son, was brought in front of a federal grand jury for, among other things, donating illegal funds to Reid’s re-election campaign. Whittemore then allegedly sold his interests in the Wingfield Nevada Group and its affiliate Coyote Springs to Thomas Seeno and his brother Alberto Seeno, a 70 year NV family dynasty which is also under federal investigation. (6) “The Seeno family reportedly contributed $38, 800 to Reid’s re-election bid.”

An illegal land swap for the victimized desert turtle was the subject of legal action filed by public lands groups who went up against the BLM. Reid, Coyote Springs, environmental waivers for endangered species, NV desert land development, Chinese solar energy projects in America, the NV Gaming Commission; well, connecting the dots here becomes difficult, to say the least. Are the Bundy dustup and the turtle tale merely cover for this unbelievable web of political maneuverings by the Democrat leader?

At the end of this piece, we still are left with “What really happened to Harry Reid?” That must have been one hell of a strong elastic band that slapped the Senate’s most corrupt member upside the head, right?

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