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Never mind those thugs in the NFL cause it’s all Roger Goodell’s fault


By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

How quickly our despicably dishonest media turned the theme of black male violence into an uncaring white guy scenario which blames the depravity of NFL thugs on Roger Goodell.  Just consider the fact that Ray Rice punched his wife so hard that her head was driven THREE FEET backward and into the wall of a casino elevator.  Take a second look at this young lady being dragged out of the elevator, UNCONSCIOUS, while her feet are left across the track of doors that could quickly close.  Janay Palmer Rice went back to her abusive husband.   But the violence of Black males, especially of black football players, has been dropped by a media spin machine that protects blacks and blames whites, especially white males, nearly every time.

Now comes the push to demand the resignation of Goodell, the white guy, in order to replace him with Condoleeza Rice, a black female.  The politically correct quotient managers can get a two for one up-tick on their own sick lever of remaking American society.  Let’s take a look at the Adrian Peterson lashing of his own child.  Or what about the 1999 conviction of the “Carolina Panthers’ Rae Carruth for conspiring to kill his then-pregnant girlfriend?” (1)  Other jaw dropping examples of violent, black football players and their treatment of  women and children are out there, but somehow not in the MSM.  These examples certainly never received the media play that is being heaped on the old meanie Roger Goodell.                     

Let’s take a look at underlying causes of the NFL’s hypocritical stance.  Money talks, right?  Well, how about “cheerleaders from nearly a half-dozen NFL teams (who) filed lawsuits alleging they were paid dismal wages, harshly examined through physical “JIGGLE TESTS’ and demeaned in public appearances in which they would be expected to sit on strangers’ laps.” (2)  Everywhere you cliq on your remote, sex is being sold along with the uber violence of football that endangers young males’ bodies with every hit they take. So viewers are getting double doses of the pain-gain-pleasure syndrome sung about by Rihanna who herself took it on the chin when she went back to her abuser.

According to the lyrics of the pain-pleasure theme prevalent in today’s hyper-sexualized culture. “…that’s alright Because I like the way it hurts.” (3) What the media aren’t telling you is that Eminem, along with two other males, wrote this song which also expresses how males feel in this culture.  He sings, “Life is no Nintendo game But you lied again It’s the rage that took over.”  Never giving the full side of any story they tell, our media just grabbed onto the “I like the way it hurts” of the female, but not the lies (no justification, however), the rage, the hurt the male feels.  For years, males in our country were reared with Christian values to never hit a woman, no matter what.  But our PC media have successfully wiped Christian values out of their spin zone.

And why won’t the media expound with chagrin over the generational damage heinous black rap music has done as it denigrates and defiles women?  But Roger stands for the badness that is named white guy, and out he goes.  One pundit even said Ray Rice did it because “slavery was full of violence” and that black males learned to be that way because of slavery!

Well, as a teacher that saw black male violence up close, let me just say it is shocking.  I asked one of my female students to stay after class one day when I noticed the pretty African-American woman was limping and had injuries all over her arms.  She told me her husband picked her up and threw her against each wall in their living room.  He had re-played the phone answering machine to hear a message a visiting cousin’s male friend had left for her.  The abusive husband just assumed that the message was for his wife and without checking further, he beat the daylights out of her. “Oh, your voices sounded alike,” he said. Of course, she went back to him. 

At least Eminem is honest when he tells us, “When it’s going great, I’m Superman with the wind at [my] back.  She’s Lois lane.  But when it’s bad, it’s awful.” (4) As expected, America’s media are just repeating the tried and true, politically correct mantra that the white guy made the black guy do it; that women can be sexualized over and over for media’s bottom line; that the elevator wall can be fixed, that the colonial male must go and the American Woman is society’s answer to the sick world created by a hypocritical, media-entertainment sex-sells culture.

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Porn star making campaign ads for Pennsylvania Democrat and would-be Governor Tom Wolf

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

The most heinous depictions of evil perversion to and upon women are the themes of a torture porn film made by an actor who also starred in campaign ads for Pennsylvania’s Tom Wolf, a Democrat who is running to become that state’s governor.  Porno film actor Alan Benyak had the lead role of “Mr. Cannibal,” in a horrific film which describes how four friends are kidnapped by a man only to realize they are part of his BREEDING FARM!  “These women are milked, bred, and sold for a psycho’s pleasure,” says the promo on the front of the porno vid.  The sick, twisted, freak collected money for making this outrage, but he also was paid by the Wolf campaign to advertise the candidate’s message of I Stand With Women.  (1)

Somehow, this challenged Democrat politician sees no comparison between a law signed by Governor Corbett that gives women the right to make their own health care decisions and his make believe subjugation of women as pitiful creatures subjected to the vilest types of abuse and perversion.  In the video entitled “Breeding Farm,” Benyak’s character “tortures a half-naked woman, buys another, force-feeds yet another, cannibalizes a fourth.”  This disconnect between the message this actor’s employer, Candidate Wolf sends about women and what this porno film depicts is stunning, to say the least.

In typically hypocritical, Democrat rhetoric, Wolf is quoted as saying, “equal work should be rewarded with equal pay.  And Tom will fight salary discrimination based on gender and work to ensure that women are treated and paid fairly and equally in the workplace.” Can you believe this?  A terse disclaimer says, “Wolf’s team has deep-sixed the ad.” (2)

How about promising to pass measures which will block vile pornography in Pennsylvania!  How about blocking images of young women being abused in the most grotesque ways imaginable. How about outlawing videos of women being used as “breeders.”  Well, so much for the War on Women which according to the Democrats’ play book is all the fault of the Republicans.   What about Democrat party chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz remarking something to the effect that the GOP want to grab women by the hair and drag them off stage.  Gee, at least the “girls” would have their clothes on, own their own lady parts and maybe even be able to hurl some epithets at those old meanies who oppose the DW-S-Pelosi line of BS.

One need only spend thirty years in academia to realize that Democrats truly are mental and Democrat females have never moved out of their kitchens and bedrooms.  How can those silly “Haavahd girls” have the temerity to claim their feelings had been hurt by some non-remark from Bill O’Reilly while attempting to discuss national security or some other truly important topic? Ladies, are we in over our head here, or at least to the upper limit of our pay grade?  How can ostensibly educated female academics stand in front of impressionable young people and run on and on about how bad men are (especially those awful white males)?  Have you ever read the titles and descriptions of “Women’s Studies” courses offered at these bastions of male income re-distribution?

How can fathers write checks or help their daughters and sons fill out student aid forms to pay for classes that teach all intercourse is rape, that lesbian lovers are preferential to those guys that bat for the other team and that anything a woman does to a man can be excused because  ”he did her?”  From a personal perspective, after about thirty years of listening to this stuff–twenty of which were spent rearing a girl child without a strong male presence–this writer is beginning to come to the conclusion that maybe men aren’t all SOBs after all.

Well, Pennsylvania, you’re doing your country proud.  You busted open the Good Old Boys network formerly known as the Big Ten; you’ve given us the Jerry Sandusky saga of a white guy as major pervert; and now you just may elect a Democrat governor who paid some man to tell us equal pay means describing women as breeders, but maybe not as Haavahd foreign policy experts.

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Illegal alien children being quietly dumped into schools across the country

By Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

Avoiding another Murrieta is the driving reason behind the Obama Administration secretly inserting thousands of illegal children (UACs) into school districts nationwide as a new school year begins. The fact that many districts are hard pressed to handle their own children is of no particular concern to the Regime.  Four states– TX, CA, FL, and VA show up on a Numbers USA code map as having received the brunt of the 37,477 UACs so far this year. (1)  Transparency, an empty campaign word Obama used way back in ’08 to vault into America’s White House, is a joke.  Children entering illegally,  mainly from Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua have been moved about the United States surreptitiously in the run-up to the new school year, even as school districts scramble to find native dialect translators and increase school nurse capabilities.  “HHS data indicates taxpayers will cover $761 million in expenses related to educating them.” (2)

Receiving 5,280 helpless pawns in the Obama drama to flip red states blue is TX, yet again the battleground for epic struggles to save our democracy.  CA and FL each had 3,809 UACs inserted into classrooms as what appears to be a deliberate effort to hide enrollments takes shape.  “The Obama administration is silent on how many are still housed in what have become third-world orphanages,” and the media are comatose on the release of these pitiful little human beings into the “care” of “guardians.”  One local Arizona TV station actually followed up on identities of the “guardians” receiving these kids, only to hit dead ends over and over.  One reporter said no effort was made by authorities to verify identity as the kids were handed off at bus stations and other drops and that was that.  Only about 500 have been sent back home.

In Patrick Murphy’s 18th Congressional District of Palm Beach County, the drop of 1,000 UACs is taking place well under the local radar.  The brain dead, 31 year old politician is running back and forth erratically, making silly TV ads begging voters to send him back to DC even though local TV announcements this week revealed a short fall of $100,000 in his Palm Beach school district revenues.  Murphy smiles while school doors swing wide open for his party’s experiment to shove amnesty down the collective throat of Florida’s Treasure Coast.

Approximately $67,000 in much needed school infrastructure repairs are NOT being performed pro-actively in this Murphy district.  Was he part of the Obama HHS plan to unload these kids under the radar just as the school year begins?  Students in one school this week had to sit in plus 90 degree classrooms when the AC in their school broke down.  One African-American female student told a TV reporter her mother was picking her up to go home and change from her long sleeved shirt because the room was just too hot. She was planning on coming back into the classroom.  So much for the educational experience in Palm Beach County.  One school official just shrugged his shoulders and remarked that maintenance repairs will not be performed until something breaks down. 

How about media reports of the 1,000 UACs each going into Broward and St. Lucie County schools?  Nothing, no coverage of how St. Lucie County School District is dealing with all of this.  Our liberal district elected officials and the local progressive rag remain strangely silent on all of this. However, their British born, socialist-leaning columnist told readers a month ago that this district had four “F” rated schools and three “D” rated schools. Where are the journalistic outrage, follow up and questions being asked of people in charge?  Apparently the Democrat mantra, “It’s for the Children,” still matters when silence is golden. And Murphy remains the Democrat Party’s guy in newspaper story upon story.  Note: a local TV anchor told this reporter over one month ago that the 3,000 figure for the three Murphy district schools was happening.

“Adult relatives can claim the children from the temporary shelters run by private agencies–funded by US taxpayers. HHS DOESN’T ACT to determine whether those claiming the minors are themselves in the U.S. legally.”  (3)

Hard to forget is the open closet at the TX intake center that lets each child go in and pick out SIX different outfits from new clothing just purchased, again by U.S. taxpayers.  According to the UK online print outlet’s reporting, “the feds propose 46 shelters in 27 states-using tax payer dollars- to help cope with the influx.” (4)  Such facilities are receiving 8-9 figure tax dollar outlays to educate the children, yet an African American student in Palm Beach County was so hot and so uncomfortable her mother had to pick her up and take her home to change into a cooler outfit just so this young woman could finish our her school day.  There is just no way this amnesty-in-disguise is fair to America’s children or to children of other countries.


ISIS expands its power while Obama makes empty threats

By Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

According to a new web piece, President Obama is using “code speak” to send a message to his Muslim leaning contacts, assuring them that he does not recognize the State of Israel.  “In one press conference after another, when referring to the Muslim terror super-group ISIS, [Obama] will use the term ISIL,” instead of Islamic State of Iraq, or the current designation of Islamic State. (1) 

In an article entitled “Decoding Obama’s Speech Reveals Some Startling Revelations,” we are directed to analysis of the geographical term “Levant,” a land bridge between Turkey in the North and Egypt in the South.  Included are the following countries, now in the cross-hairs of the radical takeover of the Middle East: Southern edge of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Cyprus and Egypt.  “In the near middle of the nations that comprise the Levant, guess what you see?  It’s Israel.” (2)  To us, Obama’s dithering appears as academic impotence.  However, according to the article, “the plan is to buy ISIS as much time as possible to make as many gains as they can.  It’s working.”  So although Obama sent the Sunday morning airheads into ratings bump paroxysm when he said he had no strategy, he actually has “a really nasty, diabolical one,” says the BeforeItsNews essay.

ISIS refers to a Middle Eastern, Sunni jihadist group which has assumed “self-proclaimed status as a caliphate.”  (3)  Wiki goes on to say that ISIS radicals aim to “bring much of the Muslim-inhabited regions of the world under its political control!”  And the Jihadi takeover is being expedited by an American president who is satisfied to emulate the worst moments of a tragically equivocal Hamlet.

Is Obama now part of this world wide takeover of Western Civilization?  Let’s look a little deeper.  Abu-Bakr al Baghdadi was proclaimed Caliph on 29 June 2014 and even the most brain dead, low information American citizen could not ignore the fiendish beheadings of two journalists, wanton assassinations of Syrian soldiers and the fierce, quick march toward Bagdad (albeit halted for the time being.)  Wiki tells us that ISIS is successor to TanzimQaidat-al-Jihad-fibilad-al-Rafidayn whose motto is “Remaining and Expanding.” (4)  A commenter further clarifies Middle Eastern code-speak by telling us the Levant in most ancient and current languages means “rising” or like “sun rising” in addition to referring to the geography of the entire area.

A recent warning by the US State Department tells us, “The signing and donation of radiation detection equipment reflect the common conviction of the US and Iraqi governments that nuclear smuggling and nuclear and radiological terrorism are CRITICAL and ONGOING global threats.” (5)  Continuing on, an unidentified official said, “This is the kind of thing where if ISIL got its hands on enough radioactive sources or radioactive sources of a sufficient radioactivity level, and they decided to turn it into a bomb and blow up a market, that would be a very unpleasant thing.”  Note the use of ISIL here. 

In this same article we learn of the recent theft of about 90 pounds of low-level uranium stolen from Iraq’s Mosul University by terror groups.  And what was that rather quick sound bite that barely made the news cycle involving a takeover of eleven planes in the march to Bagdad?  These crucial bits of information may have meant something to some Americans in between coverage of Joan Rivers’ death and the hacking of nakedness of nubile Hollywood stars, along with other inanities read by the cable parade of brainless females as sex symbols doing T&As while reading non news.

You need to pour yourself a stiff cup of coffee and, perhaps, pick up the taste a little with your favorite additive, set aside 45 minutes and watch the Stephen Pidgeon YOUTUBE video. (6) Pay close attention to the second half.  The first half details the Obama nativity story, now firmly tossed into America’s dust bin of history.  However, pay attention to violations of the Logan Act, “I Am One of You” in Arabic and Tim Osmond, BHO’s CIA name, allegedly, of course.  Rewind if you have to, but listen to what the Seattle, WA lawyer is saying about the campaign dollars collected, anonymously, by Hamas, for the Obama’08 presidential campaign and the subsequent $20.3 million sent allegedly by Executive Order to this Israel hating outfit.  Bakshish (Baksheesh), perhaps?

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Note: the acronym ISIL is all part of the ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State progression of the re-direction of the Levant aimed takeover.

Florida politics getting even uglier than usual

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

From hurling the vilest of racial epithets at African American children and teens who had volunteered for the Port St Lucie, Florida re-election campaign of Mayor Joann Faiella, to smear attacks on a patriot and Viet Nam War Commander, the behavior of people who disagree with what these candidates exemplify has reached lows that I never witnessed even while living in the Chicago metropolitan and suburban scenes for 40 years.  Yes, I’ve been retired here in Florida for over ten years. But knowing the Midwestern mind set I believe in my heart that no such meanness would find its way to the streets of a small town there or be introduced in robo calls.  From having my garbage stolen to a shout out from a homeowners’ group I suspect is pulling for the other side, I too was the subject of attacks. 

My cousin, still living in Illinois, has chastised me for even getting involved in politics.  And after being bone tired, exhausted beyond capabilities, I must agree with him.

Sweet, young children and a young mother stood along a busy intersection where three different campaigns were waving signs and practicing the freedom of speech we were once promised in this country.  Then, along comes an “adult” contingent wearing tee shirts for the other side and five witnesses told me of the disgusting, hurtful, vile nature of what was yelled at these children and African American woman.

From another campaign, a day and a half of robo calls smearing a Republican candidate for national office just left me speechless. Here is a dedicated, honored Viet Nam War veteran who is the ONLY candidate in either the Republican or non-contested Democrat field who served our country in America’s military. Ignorant and classless opponents attacked him in ways I bet he never even encountered in the hell of Viet Nam.

Just from hearing my students talk about Nam, I recall how distraught and hurt returning vets were they when they came home to the vicious attacks that fueled Chicago’s Days of Rage.  Some of the veterans I had as a young teacher would not even talk about what went on.  Now, all these many years later, a family man, a wonderful husband and father, a man still serving in the Reserves and a man who sincerely cares about his country is using his own money to fund a campaign which he hopes will take him to Washington, D.C.   

Here in Port St. Lucie we have a much maligned grandmother from Brooklyn who has given up her salary and traveled to Florida’s state house and Congress to get much needed relief for her constituents who face having a drug detox center planted within their neighborhoods.  “It’s because she’s a woman, because she comes from UP NORTH,” one of her volunteers told me as I proclaimed my utter disbelief at how Mayor Faiella has been treated.  Well, maybe so,

What bothers me is the unfair and biased way the local media outlet has treated the Mayor for the past four years.  Attacks on her have been relentless. Yet her opponent enjoyed the non-reporting of his failings as a city employee.

From a Berkeley grad, to a North Carolinian who has angered Conservatives for years, to a progressive British ex patriot, our local print media called mayoral candidates in front of its editorial “firing squad,” only to put on such a performance that their endorsed candidate nearly won a run-off. Get this, only ONE female was on their election night chat room board.  As this outlet gloried in the optics of their newly revamped digital print experiment, only one female appeared in those optics.

So fasten your seat belts.  Get ready for unfettered attacks on women, our Veterans, every coalition in our country that cares enough to stand up to keep fighting for America.  But if you put your newly purchased hip waders on and step into our political swamp, put that clothes pin on your nose, keep your women and children at home in the kitchen and be prepared for what could be the ugliest political fight ever to grace the Sunshine state.  Oh, and the Governor’s race? Let’s leave those attacks on Rick Scott out of this piece. Nancy Pelosi told us all that the road to the White House leads through Florida. What better example do we have than Tuesday’s primary.