Why do “Catholic” colleges maintain Gay and Lesbian Club occasions of sin?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Recently Norte Dame University, a putatively “Catholic” school, denied certification as a sanctioned on campus club to a group of students who wanted to come together to defend marriage.  Father John Jenkins’ administration ran the students in a circle with technical objections of the type that it would never hold against a Pro-gay marriage club or any Gay Lesbian or transgendered club.    

Because it has long since abandoned any pretense of caring about Catholic doctrine, Notre Dame like dozens of other non-Catholic Catholic schools, has a Gay Lesbian and Transgender club.

Panting after acceptance by the secular world, Notre Dame’s President John Jenkins has often overtly pushed aside Catholic Doctrine such as the requirement that he not cooperate with evil. During his first year in office, Barack Obama the most pro-abortion president in history, spoke at Norte Dame’s commencement and was awarded an honorary J.D.

While this was happening a group of actual Catholics were on their knees praying for the cleansing of the school named for Our Lady. Father Jenkins ordered their arrest and never withdrew the charges against these “criminals.”

It is sad but true that even among some Catholic priests,  anti-Catholicism seems to be accept and practiced.    

In December 2012 the evil seed planted by the most anti-Catholic president in American history brought forth evil fruit.  Notre Dame caved into sin and sanctioned a Gay and Lesbian club on its campus.  

Notre Dame’s arrogant disregard for Catholic belief in the need to avoid the occasion of sin has now been codified.  Father Jenkins has provided a near occasion of sin for his students who are fighting to resist the temptation to engage in homosexual sin.

A near occasion of sin is a person place or thing which leads one to commit a sin. Those who want to fight the temptation to sin are instructed to avoid circumstances that put them near an occasion for sin. 

The establishment of a Gay and Lesbian club by Notre Dame demands an answer to a few simple questions: Why would Norte Dame arrange for a convivial atmosphere for those who may be fighting against the sin of homosexual conduct? What righteous purpose can Norte Dame claim by doing this?  Why isn’t Notre Dame guilty of aiding in the spiritual destruction of those students who are homosexuals and are fighting to avoid the temptation to engage in homosexuality?

Would the University of Our Lady offer a Texas Hold’em Club in disregard for the moral and spiritual welfare of students struggling with gambling addiction?

How is Father Jenkins different than the “modern liberal” parents who provide clean sheets and Barry White music for their teenage daughter while she has intercourse with her current boyfriend in their home, because “at least we know where she is and who she is with?” Why isn’t knowingly bringing people together whose lives revolve around sinful sexual gratification also sinful?   

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  1. @Coach–

    Bishop Rhoades should threaten an interdict on the entire campus. But, such things are touchy in that the college is run by an order. Still, the bishop has the ultimate authority here.

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